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«. N 67 YAMAHA sgt , 100cc $100 wor th of extr as $350 . (213) 866-7908. TRADE 1964 Honda scrambler 250cc . Jim Guyser (213) 425-4746 . 64 MONTESA 175cc , 4 hr s , on new engine, new pa int, ex . cham be r & Bates sea t $325. Ph . 434-9520 or 597-7335. ARIEL squa re four . J us t ove rhauled, mint cond o $1350. Call 839-9000. HAVE '66 BSA Victor-top condition. Full desert r ace! Will trade for Ford or Chevy Van. (2 13) 345-2216. WANTED-Magneto for BSA 500 single ( B33- B34) also need BSA 125-150-1750r HD 125-165 eng. E or sale HD Sprint (H) '6 4 ( 805) 946-1421. 64 YAMAHA 80, dir t bike, plus s t .equit , oversize tir es, expa n. cham ., big seat, rake plate, skid plate, real dependable $175.00. (714) 538-1987. TRADE: Hus qvarna 360 Viking for '63 Allstate Mo- Ped, or Montgomery- Ward Riverside 50. Bob Osterman (213) 3524329 . '6 7 HONDA 160 scrambler, 1100 mUes, xlnt . condo $415.00 cash. (714 ) 549-2045 . ' FOR SALE: 66-1/2 Bultaco 175, desert or trail, new tires, bottom & top end, Q cleaner, compression release , Bates seat, new, perfect condition. (2 13) 881- 2386 anytime . ROAD RACER 1967 Yamaha T DI- B, al l new, fa iring, plus sp a res, set up by Boston Yamaha $850.00 . ~21 3) 675-5140. ' 58 B.S.A. 650 desert. Some modification needed $275. (213) 255- 6613. ALLO Y Bash Plate (used) for unit Trl. $10. Chrome oU tank '66 Tr f, $20. Huge ga s tank $25. (7 14) 448-0114. FOR SALE 65 Matchless Single - New engine, ,ti r es , fo,rks, Bars , pa int, extra tires, complete wbeels, seats , des er t or TT, Bike perfect, I will set up. (213) 881-2386 anytime . TRADE: Have parts for 175-250cc Montesa, also 750cc Royai Enfield. Will trade for guns or ? (213) 372-2935. GRE EVES .. 250" square barrel, cl ean , excellent me cha n ical condi tion $375. (714) 496-9389 . 1965 TRIUMPH T100-C desert ready. Cer ianls fron t & rear, special twostage air cleaner, new knobby. F ull lighting included $875.00. Never raced 1/92109. (714) 274-8401. " r ' 64 GREEVES 250cc, xlnt, $400. (213) 893-33 97. 1961 TRI T120C ,TR6 head, big vales 10. 5:1 ptstons , H & C Tor quer s , fresh engine . 7"travelforkslenghtened,svrtng arm, new shocks , Bates s ea t, Q/clea ner , Bash plate, clean. $550.00 cash. Wk. days after 12:00 a.m , (nlte), wk./ ends anytime (213 ) 750-4872 . 67 GRE EVES Challenger 250Cc $600.00. Call 735-5600 or 735- 5479 Corona. SWAP even. Late model, a-carb head for 1- carb head. Front wheel of! 66 Trl. for front wheel off 64 or newer sportster, (714) 448-0114. 1966 B.S.A. LIGHTNING650cc,llkenew250 or iginal mUes . Late point cam megaphone s plus s tock exhaust $850.00 . Call Pete a t (2 13) 396-7581 - Late scrambler trade? TRADE: 3 rail bike trailer for ' single ra1l trailer (213) 444-4291. TRADE: Am tired of sitting around 8 hrs, at Perris for 15 min. r acing. Would like to trade 650 rrr, TT equipment for desert stuff. Down sweeps, fiber glass seat & tan k, comple te front end, twtn carb head, K70's, need high pipes, desert seat & fend er, s ingle carb head, old style TRI gas tank, knobbies , etc. (714) 735-4 641. 66 MONTESA Scorpion 250cc, 2800 mr., xlnt. condo $475.00 . (213) 784- 5001. ZUNDAPP 250, desert r eady, fast, dependable, must s ell $100.00. (213) 830- JI77. DID YOU K OW? TRADE: Silvertone dual pickup gui ta r , Solid body in sunburst yellow and 7 watt amolifer, excellent condoTrade for chain saw or mini bike. George aft. 6 p.m , (213) 329-7992. TRADE: Yashlca 35mm Sir Pe nta J wide ang le lens litemeter and acess . For good chain saw or mini bike. George after 6 p.m . (2 13) DA 9-7992 . ' TRADE: 30mm . Amal for 24mm FR Z (Matador), one 4:oox19 class 'C' Plr elll for one 4:00x19 trials Universal, one pair adj. Ducati rear spring/shocks for Matador or equivalent. (213 ) 454-312 6. HALF-MILER Yamaha TD IA/B complete. Suzuki X6 in basket. $450.00 for both. (213) 964-3233 after 6 p.rn, 67 GREEVES Challenge r 250 spri nger forks $595.00. (213) 670-6347. TRADE: 1967 Tri umph TR 6 head complete wtth carburetors for '67 Bonneville head vrtth carburetors. Call (71 4) 6424343, ask for Jim Berry. 1967 SUZUKI 250cc Production road race r. Super engine, Goodyear motor racers , 5 r ac es-a firsts , 1 second . Street legal (714 ) 675-5949 evenings. 1965 BSA HORNET . Se t up for di rt. Excellent condl uon, Has all s treet equipment. See to appreciate . (213) 359-9422 . 67 YAMAHA Trallmaster 100 - like new 700 mi. $300. (213) 442- 3333. tJEXT WEEK - MORE DAYTONA PICTURES including Short Track & Enduro ...That Eve i Knlevel has engaged Eddie Mulder to do a series of 66 jumps a t ci r cus pe rformances In Los Ange le s and Long Beach, Calif . *****• **•••**• •• *•• ... Tha t Mike Pa trick Is now a contracted r ider for Yamaha, and will ride the new Enduro 250 In upco ming desert events? ** *• • *• **• • •*• ***** ...That Harley-Davidson Is only 4 years away fr om anno uncing the ir 1,00OCc 4cyli nder mode l ? ••• • * • •• • • • • **.** •• Jus t Arriv ed N ew 350 & 175 SCRAMBLE S R Long Beach Honda (213) 423·1433 WEST S .... .... .. - BAY n~' Q, Antho ny He rbol d What is a tuner? Well, he 's a guy who does lots of work a nd gets little credi t. How about you and me, are we tune r s? In your case, the answer is probably no. In my case, e mphatically no. Such a definition would inc lude too much . Who Is a tuner, then ? Only fellows like Han sen in Wisco nsin, or K1bblewhlte and Young in San Bruno? No, that would exclude too much. " Tuner " Is a conttnum, one that 's pans two poles: from thos e who can only get the " mus ic" out of a ma chine that was designed into It, on the one hand, and, on the other, those who can " compos e a music" of their own Into a motor, a tune never heard on the designer's drawin g board. One thing is clear. Without a tune r, no one would be anyone as a rac er. Hall wood, ! am told, has half a dozen of th e m. (Take a handful, they're s mall .) Now in the San Fr an cisco area there are several pretty fam ous racers: La wwill, Grant, Odom, Baumann, Ranc ourt, and the res t . But how ma ny Cycle News r ea der s know thei r tuners? ( In Lawwill 's case , It' s easy: he tunes hlw own.) At one end of the s pectrum, you have a tuner like Frank Diaz , who wor ks days out of Cyc le Town in San Rafael, and nights out of a ti ny shack "out ba ck" in Rich mond. Frank has no exotic machiner y, no dr a wing boa rd, nothing fanc y. So far as I know he ' s never tested a machine on a dyno, and most of his plstonnotchi ng, compression Increas ing, lightening work, an d cam fitting has be e n of the empirical, trlal-and- error kind. But Frank - himself an expert s c r a mbler is well known for his rapid, oft en brllliant work by a select few , boys who gr ind out trophies on the rough. His reputation has been earned with Triumphs a nd BSAs, and in more recent years with Bultacos and Montesas . So here you have primarily and racer and a mec hanic, only secondarily tuner. But a good one . With Rich Schell of S & T Sportcycles In Lafayette, you must combine road racer with tuner . Rick is a " clas s ical " heli - arc welder , known for his "supersanitary" engine and frame modi fications, and for machines that only have trouble quitting. He has built winners for the drag strip, for the dirt, and for r oad circuits . His own, modified CR-93 Honda 125 won 42 races, Includi ng Sebring in 1965. So s uccessful ha s he been on his bikes that the y have been protested often, and aiways found legato He Is not a radical tuner, but one who " tunes a ma chine to its fines t edge ." Then he s it s right there, until he has to move al ong. He is now working on the s-port design s o successful in go- carting , and has a 4- cyli nder water- cooled Suzuki X-6 planned for the s treet . ("I'm going to make it, too. " ) His expa nsi on chambers are 'efficient, an d' you can look for a Sche ll twin- port single c hambe r pipe on the Suzuki scram bler he s ponsor s Pau l Jo hnson on , a de sign which s houl d give Paul a better over al . torque curve and, eq ual ly i mportant, keep the exhaust out of his way and off the ground. a ...; Fred Muhlbe rg at Honda of San Francisco is ye t ano the r variety of t une r . An Austrian, he only carne to this country in 1958 and did not switch from l\Iercedes Benz to Honda until 1962. Fred Is always the wittiest, and usually the ahpplest, racer at the track. He Is famous hereabouts for his generous and phil osop hical atti tude - something pre tty rare among the surly animals often found In this trade. He'll help anyone, he'll try anything, and he 'll try It again. He says he is known mainly for cams « that corne on bard at 9,000 and go off harder at 9,600." But his l75s a nd 350s prove his more mode st than ingenuous in tha t claim . He has built a co mpeti tive 250 gr an d pr ix machine from a 160, and although he says he's "broken more primary chains than anyone in North America - perhaps even South America" - he has designed, built an d ridden to victory an ex -Hawk 350 grand pr ix bike which still gives the new two-strokers hell. Now he plans a 250 from the new Honda 175, a nd a 350 from the new 325cc Honda. He was the first to coil-spring a 450, and his port jobs kept his productionfour-and- a - halfs In the winner 's ci rcles all last yea r and the year be fore. With Dough Schwerma at Cycle Ser vice In Hayward, you ' move on to the selfemployed tuner, the tune r " who ll ves on speed alone." Doug, in fact, has no other visible means of support . He was trained in part by Milne Br os . in Pasadena, in part by the skills and execu ti ons of Erv Kanamoto In San Jose. ·These are no mean tuners to learn from! Dong is not aims a t constant success, that is, reliability. His 350 Yamaha has proved an almost incredible su ccsss. . in its many transm utations it has won e n d u r 0 s , scrambles, and road races - in the 500 class . Dick Ham mer and Ron Grant have been 'on it. Ask them. Schwer ma atso built, tuned, and r ode a record 250 Yamah a dragster which turned a 12.14 and 105 mph in the quarter. He Is an expert ba ck-porter, as Tony Murphy can testify , and if he ever ge ts his s uper dragste r going, it wlll be fast. This machine, which Doug has been working on (or off and on) for three years now, has a 102" whee lbase , contai ns a 1000cc 4- cyli nder NSA Prinz engine, coupled to the rear wheel by a fl.uid tor que converter of his own des ign an d manufactu re, and Is to be blown along by a Roots s upercharger . It may be headed for the eight-second bracket. lAuch 31st at Vaca Valley The AFM and John Renes ch are co rning up with another road race, this one wt th a pur s e of $1,000 . Rumors have it that al most two hundred entries are expec ted, Includtng the likes of Gr ant, Bauma nn, Nicholas, Ham mer, Vesco, Pi erce, Pa r riott, Rayborn , an d all the r est of the hot AMA "shoes ." Rene sch is hoping for a big crowd, the track is being r e-pr epared, and the AFM ' 5 Bay Area Chapter is working days an d nights to put on thei r best s how .ever , Things are Indeed looking up! MOTO-CROSSIN' IN CRESCENT CITY In the beg inn e r s ' clas s , Cresce nt By Linda Hi l:ham The Moto- Cross event on Sunday Mar . 3rd in Cr es cent Ci ty, Call1ornia proved to be a big s ucc ess willi a tur nout of 40 rider s and more than 100 s pe ctator s. It was a good day for the eve nt. The mud puddle was muddy, the track hard, and there we re tots of curves and hills. Bob Duncan, fam ed desert rider from Fontana (Orange County), honor ed us with his presence. Not only tha t but he took horne the fir st place trophy for the 250 class with Tony Danztrnan of Cr escent City taking s econd an d Rodney Ship of Brookings, Or egon third• Honda G 4421 Se ulveda City' S Leon Bumby wound up first with Tommy Earl (al so of C .C.) following close behind. Loran Sauer of Medord, Or egon was pleased to take first In the 100 class on his odd- looking Sac hs with Randy Bigham collecting the second place trophy. The 200 class had only one trophy winner, Steve Bigham, who rod e a 160 Honda . In the 251- 0 pen clas s Buck Pr esle r of Cr escent City fought hard an d won first place . As Lor an Sauer and friend Ji m Plumley from Medor d, Or egon left, Lor an Said , "gr eat race, don' t forget us nex t tim e ." That ended a long, satisfying day and a r ide that won't soo n be forgotten. ~O\N~tl ~~tlC\-\d tl~S an I devel op ment co. .o!6 9 O RANGE AVE . , G OL. E T A , C AL. I F " PH . 8 0 5 -96'"'-! 9 I 9 93017 CI) :it: Col ~ Col t5 ~ U

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