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,' MAKES THE "I WORLD BETTER ~ .... .... - .... .... RACING· IT Q. "'C • ~ [oJ :i!: Reade.. are advl sed that IIstlne In this cal· endar I s a free Service. Cycle News dis...::I claims any resplXlslbl lity for cancellation or ~ chanel"e of events by promoters wi thout C,J notice. . [oJ EVE RY FRIDAY NI GHT INDOOR SHORT T RACK at Po r tland, Or egon Exposition Cente r . Paved track, classes 0- 25Occ, Class A & C. TIm e trials at 8 p.m. , fir st hea t at 8:30 p.m, Reg ula r s hort trac k p r o g ram plus handi ca p e v e nt , fast time attempts , ma tch races , etc. WlIl run eve ry Friday night for r est of winter . LIGHTWEIGHT TT & SHORT T RACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA sancti oned. Located corner Long Beach Fwy, and Firestone Blvd. Take Firestone to Garfiel d, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. 100cc and 250cc classes in both TT and short track. Points, trophies and money . Starts at 8 p.m, every Fr iday night until April. EVERY SATURDAY ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES TRACK, practice ' at Re dding's 8/1O-mile course on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto, CalIt. $1.00 pe r rider , spectators $1.00 per carload. Cal l (213) 861-5189 for more info. EVE RY OTHER S ATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St ., Pa colma(corner Pierce St. and San Fernando Rd.L .Street bike preferably, 9 a .m, start, $10 per student. For info call Bob Br averman at (2 13) 785-242 1. EVERY S ATUR DAY tU G HT TT RACING under the lights a t Elsinore Rac e Track. J us t off Hwy, 71, east of Pe r ris, Cal if. turnoff. Sports man trophtes for all clas s es . Spec tators welcome . EVERY SUNDAY ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES at ReddIng's 8/1 0-mil e on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto, canr, 0- 250cc practice at 8:30a.m., big bikes a pprox. 11:30 a .m, Admission $1.25 each person, $2.00 entry fee . Class C ru bber. Call (213) 861-5 189 for further Info. MARCH 6th THROU GH 24th "SPEED SCULPTURE" sponsored by the Pomona (Cal if .) Coll ege art department. Exhibit of motorcycles selected by artist/r ider Billy Al Bengston . 'Theme is a blend of uti lity and aesthetic value in machines . At Montgomery Arl Center, corner of Bonita & Coll ege Aves. in Claremont, Cal. Open daily 1- 5 p.m , S Utm AY, MARCH 24th THREE STAR PROFESSIONAL AMA TT presented by Hill & Gully M.C. at TriCity Raceway, West Richland, Wash. For more info con tact HlIl & Gully M.C., c/o Jack Cam eron, 3403 W. Imnaha. Kennewick. W ash. 99336. SUNDAY, MARCH 24th TT SCRAMBLES pres ented by Mesa M.C. at Mesa Speedway. Just east of Brl'wn Field, ta ke the Maln St. tur noU from CalIt. Inte r s ta te 5 at Chula Vis ta and follow the lime . No concessions; bring your own refres hments . Practice at 10 a .m.; firs t race at noon. AMA sanc . , Class C traction. Call W.A. Wilkinson, sec'z, Mesa M.C. a t 477-4539. MOTO-CROSS, European-type presented by the Visalia Ramble rs M.C . Limed from Kettleman City, Calif. (be tween Paso Robles and Fresno). Dis t . 35 cross co untry points . Race starts at 10 a .m., stgnup a t 9 a.rn, Eac h race will run for one hour . ' Class 1, 0- 120cc; Class 2, 121-25Occ; Class 3, 251- 0 pen. Entry fee $3.00, concession stand and restroom facllities . No play r iding In the area; ei ther r ace or watch. :\IOTO- CROSS, European styl e present ed by Calif . Moto - Cross Cl ub at saddleback Park. Four class es , Jr . & Exp.; 0- 125cc, 125-250cc , 251- 5OOcc, 501- 1000cc . Competi tio n lic en se r equi r ed, AF~I or FIM afflliate. Pos t entry $5.00 . Gates open 7:30 a. rn.; practi ce 10 a. m, Dri ve east on Chapm an Ave . off Xewpor t Fwy . to Santiag o Canyon Rd., go r ight to Pe te rs Canyon Rd., le ft to the entrance gate . Fo r fur the r info call (il 4) 6298642. HARE SCRAMBLES by 'Gr ounds hak er s M.C. of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pick up the lime from Jean, Nev. and come early. HARE SCRAMBLES, "Annual Saucer Run" by Invaders M.C . AMA sanc., Dlst. 37 points and finishing pins. Limed fr om Luce r ne, Calif. Rider s meeting 9:30 a.m ., starts a t 10 a.m , Three 30mile loops , trallblkes 2 loops. LQ Mans s tart. Entry fee $3.25. AFM NATIONAL THIALS organized by St. Louis, Mo. AFM chapter .A tCastro's on Buller Hlll Rd. wes t of Hwy, 21 in St . Louis County. Tech, Inspection a t 10 a .m., fi r s t rider s ta rts at 1 p.m, For Info write AFM-S t. Louis, 3853 Holly Hills BlVd., St. Louts, Mo. 63116. MOTO-CROSS by Lions M.C. at Miramar, Calif. area . Limed off Miramar Rd., can be approached from either Hwy. 395 or Interstate 5. All classes, 10 a .m, start. AMA Dist . 38 point run . For more info call Nor man Niles at 222-1058 In San DIego, Ca l . TT RACE by Shasta M.C., AMA sanc ., s mooth TT track, all class es . Track location: take Business Loop, Inte r s ta te #5, between Reddi ng and Anderson , Ca lif. Turn west on Happy Valley Rd. an d follow signs to track. Pr actice and slgnup 10 a. m, to noon, race s ta rts a t 1 p .rn , In case of inc lem ent wea ther or for fur ther info call (916) 241-4008 In Redding . SATURDAY, MARCH 30th 31st ANNUAL TRAIL BLAZER MEETING & BANQUET at Rodger Young Auditorium , 936 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. Reception and visiting a t 6 p.m.; dinn er promptly a t 7:30 p .m , Excellent movies, talks. Wives or gi rlfriends welc ome. All r iders , enthusiasts . or those with past M/ C experience Invited. By r es ervation only, $6.00 for dinner and ba dge, kit an d program . Send remittance to Floyd Cly me r, Trail Blazers P residen t, 222 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, Cal . 90004. No tic kets so ld a t door or mailed . Must be picked up at banquet and paid for In advance . SUNDAY, MARCH 31st HILLCLIMB by the Ca mpbellM.C .,A MA sane, Loca tion: "Cycle Hllls" at Hall 's Ranch near Morgan Hill, Ca li f. There will be plenty of spec tator r oom and r efreshm ents. Pr ac tice a t 9 a. m. , s tart 11:30 a .m, s harp, Fi r s t area hlllclim b of the year a nd the fastest riders in Callf. will be dem ons trating the ir skills. $1.50 for riders or spectators. For further Info con tact Blll Landsborough (408) 241-6443. 11th ANNUAL POKER RUN by HI- Way KIngs M.C. Start 8-9 :30 a .m ., deadline 4 p.m , Donation $1.50. Sta rts fr om Long Beach Harley -Davidson, 3654 Long Beach, canr, Western jam session, Ilve music, da ncing, coffee, games, trophies, donuts and fun . Scenic highways, AMA sanctioned. AFM CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE at Vaca Valley Raceway, just east of Vacaville, Cal . on U.S. 80, between San Francisco and sacramento. $1000 purse to Gp · classes , trophies to Production classes, plu s $100 to over al l Prod. winner If Honda owner, from Stan Miguel of S.F. Honda . Pre-race info fr om AFMSF Chapter , 4810 Daisy #B, Oakland, Cal. 94619. Sign -In at 8:30 a .m. , pr actice at 9 a .m .; flrst hea t at noon. There Is an a dditional charge for late entry so wr it e now. TT RACE by Shas ta M.C ., AMA sanc., sm ooth T T track, all classes . Track loca tio n: ta ke Business Loop, Inter s ta te #5, betwee n Redd ing and Anderson, Callf. Turn west on Happy Vall ey Rd. and follow signs to tr a ck. Pr ac tice and stgnup 10 a. m, to noon, race starts a t 1 p .rn , In case of Incl ement wea the r or for further info call (9 16) 241- 4008 In Red ding. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE at San Angelo , Texas presented by Southwes t M.C. Racing Assoc . Seven clas s es , point system for SMRA 9- event season, higbpoint trophy , banquet at end of year . For more Info write Races, 2507 T.C.U. Ave ., San Angelo, Texas 76901 or call ( 915) 949- 1030. MOTO- CROSS presented by the worldr enow ed Kern County Trailblazers at n the all-new and fan tastically fun to ride Ker n River Moto- Cross circuit. Gates open at 8 a.m , Practice at 11 a.m, and race at noon. All classes . Three number plates mandatory. Limed west on Hwy, 58 from Fwy . 99. For fur ther Info call Jack Ogle at (805) 746-4 058. SUNDAY, M ARCH 31st MOTO-CROSS pr esented by LompocSloPokes M.C . at Santa Marla Speedway, jus t off Hwy. 101, Santa Marla , c ant, Li med from Bakersfle ld exit on HwY. 101. Entry $1.50 , specta tors fr ee . Pr a ctice 10 a. m., fir s t race a t noon, r ai n or shine. Minors mus t have parents s tatement of release . Camping, clean r estrooms, and conces s ions available. For mor e info wr ite Slo- Pokes , Box 2177, Or cutt , Ca lif. SCRAMBLES by Mt. St. Helens M.C. at Cas tle Rock Fai rgr ounds, Cas tle Roc k, Was h. Fo r further Info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C. , P .O. Box 51, Castl e Roc k, Wash . 98611. .' HARE SCRAMBLES by Lost Coyotes M.C. Dlst. 37 point r un, AMA sane , Limed from golf course In California City, CalIt. Three 28- mil e loops for big bikes . Two loops for trall bikes . 10 a .m, Le Mans start. Fo r Info call (805) 9427603. SCRAMBLES by HI-Jinx M.C. a t El Mlra"ae. Cal. Riders me et at 9:30 a.m ., r a ce a t 10 a.m, 100cc max. Gear for dirt. 1-1 /2 hour r ac e, $3.00 entry fee. Take Bar stow Fwy. north to Summit Inn and follow Hwy. 395 to Adelanto, CalIt. Take EI Mirage turnoU to the dry lake bed . Foll ow lime from Adelanto. • APRIL 2nlHth, l!liB " THE MINT 400 DEL WEBB DESERT RALLY" at Las Vegas, Nevada, an offthe - r oad cross-country even t with a total pur se of $15,6 00. Li mited 10300 vehicle s Incl uding moto rcycles, desert buggies, productlon cars and 4- wheel drive vehicles, NASCAR s an c t Ion ed , Rocky areas, sand dunes, brush, washes, moun- ta inous regions . winners In each divi sion guaran te ed $2000 for Lst , $1000 for 2nd, $500 for 3rd, $250 for 4th & $150 for 5th. Headli ghts and taillights r equir ed . Entry $175, Incl udes 3 nights at the Mint Holel for two, two ti ckets to Awards Banquet. For more info and en try blan ks wri te Race Coordina tor Nor m J ohnson, Mint Hotel, Las Vega s , Nev. or call (704) ?85-7440. . FRIDAY , APRIL 5th AMA PROFESSIONAL FLA TTRACK on the Ascot Park half- mile di r t track, promoted by J .C . Agajanlan. Practice a t 7 p.m., flrst race 8:15 p.rn, Nov., Am ., Exp, Class C riders . Track location 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, CalIt., just off the Harbor & San Diego Fwys . SATURD AYI APRIL 6th AMA PROFESSIONAL TT STEEPLECHASE at the Ascot Park twist, turn an d jump course, promoted by J.C . Agajanlan , Practice at 7 p.m .; fl r s t race 8:15 p.m , Nov., Am.. EXP . Class C r iders . Track loca tion 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Calif ., jus t off the Harbor & San Diego Fwys . ....... SU BSCRIB E TO CYCLE NEWS .•••••• .~ : • • D (V IA 2n d CLASS M AIL) $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D • • • • This is a renewal I enclose check or money order please bill me later •• • • NAME AD DRES S · CITY Via 1st class mail for one yea r S18. Via Air Mail for one Year $26. 0 : 0 • This is a new subscription • • 0 (pl ease check one of the above) • . 0 • 0 0 or • S TATE • ZIP (due to postal reculallons we must have Zip codes on all SUbscriptions) • • • = M AIL TO: CYCLE NEWS,BOX 498, LON G BEACH, CALIF. 9 0801 : • PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS fOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. : !I. •••••••• •••• • ••••• • .. J

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