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. Really, bonest NO FOOL IN' , cross our lIeans RACING· IT Readers .e advi sed that endar Is a free Ser vic e. claims any resp ... slblllty ch nllne of e vents by Usllne In this eatCycle News dl .. for c.. cella tlan or promoters withou t notice. EVERY FRIDAY NI GHT INDOOR SHORT TRACK at Portland, Oregon Exposition Center. Paved track, classes 0-250cc, Class A & C. Time trials at 8p.m., first heat at 8:30 p.rn, Regular short track p r o g ram plus handicap event , fast time attempts, ma tch races, etc. Wlll run every Friday nigh t for rest of winter . LIGHTWEIGHT T T & SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA sanctioned. Located corner Long Bea ch Fwy, and Firestone Blvd. Tak e F irestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. 100cc and 250cc classes in both TT and short track . Points, trophies and money. Sta r ts at 8 p .rn, eve r y Friday night until April . EVERY SATURDAY ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES TRACK, practice at Reddi ng's 8/1 0-mlle course on Hwy. 395 near Adelan to, CaJ1t. $1.00 per r ider , spectators $1.00 pe r carload. Call (213) 861- 5189 for more into . BAY MARE RACE T RACK, off Hwy. 118 between Somis and Moor pa rk, CaJ1t., is open all day for practice. EVERY OTHE R SATURD AY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at White man Air Pa rk, 12030 Pierce st.; p acolma(corne r Pi e rce st. and San Fernando Rd.L . Street bike preferably, 9 a.rn, start, $10 per student . For Into call Bob Braverman at (213) 785-2421. EVERY SATU RDAY tU GH T TT RACI:"G under the li ghts at Elsi nor e Rac e Track. Just off Hwy. 71, eas t of Perris , Calif. turnorr, Sportsman rro phies for al l class es . Spec tators \I'elcome . EVERY SUND AY ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES a t ReddIng's 8/ 10-mlle on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto, Cal if . 0- 250c c pr ac ti ce at 8: 30 a.rn.; big bikes approx, 11:30 a .m , Adm ission $1.25 ea ch person, $2 .00 entry fee. Class C rubber . Call (213) 861- 5189 for further i nto. TT RACES at Bay Ma r e Track. Directions: Off Hwy. 118 between Somis and Moorpark, Calif . Track open for pr acti ce at 9 a. m. , r aces start a t ll :30 a. rn, Call (805) 495- 8928. MARCH 6th TH RO UGH 24th "SPEED SCULPTURE" s ponsored by the Pomona (canr.) Coll ege art departme nt. Exhibit of motorcycles selected by artis t/rider Billy Al Bengs ton. Theme Is a blend of utility and a estheti c value In mac hines . At Montgomery Ar t Cen ter, corner of Bonita & Coll ege Aves. In Claremont, Ca l. Ope n dally 1- 5 p.m, S UNDAY, MARCH 11th 200-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACES at Daytona Beach , Flor ida . HARE SCRAMBLES by Jackrabbi ts M.C . Starts t o a .m . s nar». Fo ur 18- mil eloops , plus the fam ous Jackrabbit Hlll. Li me d nor th on the Tehacapl Rd. fr om Mojave, caur. SCRAMBLES prese nted by Bakersfield Sprockets M.C. at Sprocke ts Park in Bakersfield, Callt. Signup clo ses at 11:30 a .m, with fi rst r ace at noon. NOTICE TO DlST. 35 RIDERS - All King City, Calif.(Monterey County) races have bee n cance lled until further notice . SCRAMBLES by the Cal if. Gopher s M.C. at Pe rris r a ce tr ack. J ust of! Hwy. 71, east of Perris, Ca li f. turnoff. AMA Dist. 37 point r un. Trophies given at track. All classes should run plenty of laps. Bii: bike s will have a .sbare.or the. trac k when It's in good shape! 250- open classes r un at 8 a .m ., 50-2 00cc from 12 noon. MAKES THE Ii WORLD BETTER' SUNDAY, MARCH 11th SUNDAY, MARCH 24th TT SCRAMBLES by Simi Valley M.C . at brand new Little Rock , CaJ1t. halt-mile track. AMA sanc ., Dist. 37 poi nts. Limed from Pearblossom and 77th St. Lig ht weights at 8 a .m , and big bikes a t noon. Concess ions and beer . For into call Del Hunt (805) 527-4874 before 3 p.rn, Donatio n $1.25, entry fee $2.00. HARE SCRAMBLES, " Annual Sa u c e r Run" by Invaders M.C. AMA sanc., Dist. 37 points and finishing pins. Limed from Lucerne, Ride rs meeting 9:30 a. m, Starts at 10 a .m, Two appr ox, 40-mile loops. Trail bikes one loop. Le Mans start. Entry fee $3.25 . ACA PROFESSIO NAL TT SCRAMBLES at Cralg Rca" Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada. 100cc, 250cc and Open classes. Also sports man classea , Gates open 10 a.m, All events start at 1 p.m, Professional class has guaranteed purse ot $250 per event. SPR ING SCRAMBLES by the Lodi M.C. AMA· sanc ., hel d on the big track a t Ladi Cycle Bowl, Lodi, CaJ1t. Signup 9- 11 a.m., race at noon . All AMA classes, many beautiful trophies. Admission $1.50 to r ide or watch. For Into call 368-7182 In Ladl , Cal. MOTO-CROSS by HI- Jinx FMC a t the Canyon Cres t area near Riverside, CaJ1t. Three halt-hour races with halt-hour breaks between each one. Meet at 9:30 a.m., race at 10 a.m.aooce maximu m. Entry fee $3.00 for entir e eve nt . Take Riverside Fwy. to Central Ave . Pi c k up the lime on Central Ave . s outh andfoUow for approx, 8 miles. SUrm AY, MARCH 24th HARE SCRAMBLES by Jackr abbits M.C . Sta r ts 10 a .m, s harp. Four 18-mlle loops , plus the famous Jackrabbit Hill . Limed fr om Mojave , Callf. 8th ANNUAL POKER RUN by Napa M.C. at Napa Fairgrounds , Napa, Ca lif. Entry $2.00 per rider. Signup 9 a. m., leave 11 a. rn, Coffee and donuts, food and trophies . ENGLISH TRIALS BY Trials Assn. at Ca nyon Cr es t area near River s ide , Cal . Limed fro m Cent r al Ave . turnott ot Rivers ide Fwy. , overnight camping sat. night. Sta r ts a t 10 a. m, Come out sat . and help layout the co ur s e . Maybe we can kee p out of the rocks. For more Into call Ray Moreau, SCTA Sec'y, a t (2 13) 370-8491. PRE- EASTER EGG HUNT by Te rrapins M.C., AMA san c., RRA point run. Starts at Holiday Honday , 249 Broadwa y, Chula Vis ta, Calif. Signin 10-11 a. m, Trophie s, fun, award for best dress e d egg , bri ng your own. Coffee an d donuts at start. Dona tion $1.50 , food avanabte, For Into call 281-21 50 In San Diego or 835- 0778 In La s Angele s . SCRAMBLES sponsored by the Spor ts men M.C. at Perris track, 1-1 /2 miles southwest of Pe r ris, Callt., ott Hwy , 74. AMA sanc., Dist. 37 points . Safety check for all bike classes 7 a.m, Lightweight practice 8 a. m., si gn- In clo ses 8:30a.m. Big bike pr actice 11:30 a.m., s ign- In closes at noon. ACA CHAMPIONSHIP ROADRACE, Willow Spr ings International Raceway, Rosa mond, Calif. Pi t gates ope n 8:00 a.m, Fir s t event 11:30 a .m, All GP and Production classes plus sidecars. Trophy presentation at the track. For Into wr ite ACA, P .O. Box 247, Fu llerton, Cal . 92632 or phone (714) 528-4290. Gener al admission $2.00. all children free when accompanied by adult. Conces sion s , sanItati on fa cilities, and a mbulance. SCRAMBLES by Modes toM.C .atModesto, Cal1t. Tak e Fwy, South to Cr ows Landing Rd. out of Modesto to Taylor Rd. & turn right. Limed from Modesto. Or from Hwy. 132 tur n right on Ca r pente r Rd., follow lime . $1.50 r ide or watch. All classes, food an d dr ink, fun for al l, children unde r 12 free . Stgnup, practice 9-11 a .m, Race at noon. AMA sane. HARE SCRAMBLES by Los t Coyote s M.C., Dist. 37 point run , AMA sane, Limed fr om ga l! cour se In California City...·Callf•. J\pproi<• .8.0 miles .. separate tr a il bike course. Starts a t 10 a .m , Fo r Into call (805) 942- 7603 . e THREE STAR PROFESS IONAL AMA TT presented by Hill & Gully M.C. at TriCity Raceway, West Richland , Wash . For more into contact Hill & Gully M.C ., cia Jack Cameron, 3403 W. Imnaha, Kennewick, Wash. 99336 or cal l trac k, ci a John Rector (509) 943-3391. TT SCRAMBLES presented by Mesa M.C. at Mes a Speed way. Just east of Brown Field , take the Matn St. turnoff from Cal if . Interstate 5 at Chula Vista and follow the lime. No concess ions; br ing your own refreshments. Practice at 10 a.m., first race at noon. AMA sanc .. Clas s C traction . Call W.A. Wilkinson, sec'y, Mesa M.C . at 477-4539. MOTO-CROSS, Eur opean - type presented by the Visalla Ramblers M.C. Limed from Kettleman City , Calif . (between Paso Robles and Fresno). Dist. 35 cr os s coun try points . Race starts at 10 a .m., sl gnup at 9 a. rn, Each race will run for one hour. Class I , 0- 120cc; Clas s 2, l21-250c c; Class 3, 251- 0pen. Entry fe e $3.00, conc ession s tand and r estroom facilities . No play riding in the area; either race or watch. MOTO- CROSS , Eur opea n style presented by Ca l1t. Illata - Cross Cl ub atSaddleback Pa r k. Four class es, Jr. & Exp .: 0- 125cc, 125- 250cc , .251- 500cc, 501-1 000cc . Compe ti ti on license required, AFM or FIM affiliate . Post ent r y $5.00. Gates open 7:30 a.rn., pr a ctice 10 a.m, Drive east on Chap ma n Ave. off Xewport Fwy . to San tiag o Canyon Rd ., go r ight to Peters Ca nyon Rd ., left to the en trance gate. For furthe r Into call (714) 6298642. SUNDAY, M ARCH 31st HILL CLIMB by the CampbellM.C.,AMA sane , Loca tion: "Cycle Hllls" at Hall's Ranch near Morgan Hlll, CaJ1t. There will be pl enty of spec tator r oom and refresh me nts . Pr actice a t 9 a.rn. , start 11:30 a.m, s harp . Firs t area hlllcli mb of the year and the fas test riders In Calif . will be demonstrating their skills. $1.50 for ride r s or s pe ctators . For further Into con tact BIll Landsborough (408) 241- 6443. AFM CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE a t Vaca Valley Raceway, jus t east ot Vacaville, Cal. on U.S. 80, be tween San Franci sco and sacramento. $1000 purse to GP classes, tr ophies to Production classes . Pre- race I n t a fr om Spor tCycle, P .O. Box 5945, San Fr anc isco, Cal. 94101. Sign-In 8:30 a .m., pr actice at 9 a. m., flrst hea t at noon. There is an addltio nal charge for late en try so wr ite now. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE at San Angelo , Te xas presented by Southwest M.C. Racing As s oc. Seven clas se s , poi nt s ys tem for SMRA 9-event season, highpoint trophy , ba nquet at end of year . Fo r more Into write Races, 2507T.C.U. Ave ., Sa n Angelo, Te xas 76901 or call (915) 949- 1030. HARE SCRAMBLES by LoO'{Coyotes !\I.C. li med fr om Callt or nla City, Cal. galt cou rse. 10 a .m, start, "3.25 entry, Dist . 37 point run . Separ a te trail bike cours e . Virgin territory. Fo r tntor ma ti on call (805) WH 8- 7567, WH 8-4 110 or WH 26058. SCRAMBLES by Mt. St. Helens M.C. at Cas tle Roc k Fai rgrounds, Ca s tle Roc k, Wash. For fu rthe r Into contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., P .O. Box 51, Castle Roc k, Was h. 98611. 11th ANNUAL POKER RUN by HI- Way Kings M.C. Sta r t 8- 9:30 a .m ., deadline 4 p.rn , Donation $1.50. Starts fro m Long B e a c h Ha r ley - Davidso n, 3654 Long Beach, Ca li f. Wes te rn jam session , !lve music, dancing, coffee, games, tr ophies, donuts a nd fun. Scenic higb ways, AMA sanctioned . AFM CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE at Orange County Int' l Raceway. Take Sand Canyon ott-ramp from Santa Ana F wy, (U.S. 101), 10 miles south of Santa Ana, Cal. $500 guaranteed purse for GP classes , trophies to Production classes. For Into write L.A. Chapter AF!\I, 3106 Grltfln Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 90031. Entries at track only . Pit gates open 7:30 a.m , r • APRIL 2nd-4th, 1SS " THE MINT 400 DEL WEBB DESERT RALLY" at Las Vegas, Nevada, an ottthe-road cross-country event with a total purse of $15,600. Limited to 300 vehicles including motorcycles , desert buggies, production cars and 4-wheel drive ve hic les, NASCAR san c t Ion ed , Rocky areas, sand dunes, brush, washes, mountainous regions. Winners in each divi s ion guar an teed $2000 for 1st, $1000 for 2nd, $500 for 3rd, $250 for 4th & $150 for 5th. Headl ights and tailllgbts required. Entry $175, Includes 3 nights at the Mi nt Hotel for two, two ti ckets to Awards Banquet. For mor e Into an d entry blanks wr it e Race Coordina tor Nor m Johnson , !\lInt Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. or call (704) 385- 7440. • t SAT. APRIL 6 & SUN. APRIL 7th 14th ANNUAL NORTHWEST TT CHAMPIONSHIP RACE presented by Owyhee M.C. a t Boise, Ida ho. All novices must time In and qualify on sat. fo r Sunday 's event. On Sunday, $50 for Expe r t fas t time, $50 Expert Trophy Das h, $5.00 la p money for Expe r ts . $1600 purse . Gat es open 9 a.m, Race to be hel d at Owyhee M.C. club grounds . Wr ite for en try blanks to Owyhe e M.C., Box 733, Boise, Idaho 83701. SAT. & SUN., APRIL 6 & l1h CLASSIC AND ANTIQUE MOTORCYCL E RALLY In Vis alia, Ca1It. P resented by the Class ic & Antique Assoc ., the Concour s de Elegance s how will be held a t the Visalia Fai r Mal lon Mooney Blv d, Bike judging sat., Apr il 6 a t 12 noon In the huge Indoor mall, may be set up 3nyti me between 8-1 0 a. m, sat. Also trade mee t and r ope d of! pa rk i ng a rea for us e as riding and display area for unli ce nse d and r acing bikes . Dinner at loc a l banque t r oom at 8 p.rn , Sun., Apr il 7 an 80mile poker r un through twis ty Sie r r a mountain footh ill s . Fi r s t Classic & Anti que Rally ever hel d on West Coast. For more Into contac t Frank F . Conley, Secy.; 808 S. Chur ch s e., Visalia , Cal if . 93277 . • • • • • • 4 SAT. & SUN. APRIL 6 & 7 AMA PROFESSIONAL 6 STAR TT RACE at Boise , Idaho presented by Owyhee M.C. Sixteen events, Nov., Am ., Exp. Fas t ti me $50, Expert Trophy Das h $50 $5.00 la p money Expe r t Mai n. 30-lap Expert !\lain 1st place $375, 20- lap Ama teur Main 1st pla ce 120, 15- lap Novice Main 1s t place $75. Send standard entry blank or write for more into to Owy hee M.C., Box 733, Boise, Idaho 83701. Entries close March 25. APRIL 6 tll'ough APR IL 14th TEEN- TIME USA - Motorcycles and othe r youngml nded folde rol at the Anahe im Conve ntion Center from 3 til midnight saturdays . Promoted by Radio s tation KEZY In Or ange Cou nty. Ca ll (714) 533-31 31 for more dope . SUN DAY, APRIL l1h HARE SCRAMBLES presented by Cycllens of Bakersfield, Calif. Starts 12 noon, ratn or shine . Six bikes make a clas s . AMA sanc.., plenty of trophies, r efreshm ents available. Entry fe e $3.00 Place: N. Che s te r Ave., li med from Bakersfield Speedway. ENGLISH TRIALS by Southe r n cant, Trials Assn. to be beld In the Miramar area of San Diego . 10 a.m, s tart, s ignup s tarts a t 8:30 a .m, Li med from the Genes se e Ave. turnoff of Inte r s tate 5 an d Mir amar Rd. Cons ult local map for directio ns . Overnight c am p i ng not r eco mmended ; locati on Is near a hous ing tr ac t. SIX STAR PROF ESSIONAL AMA TT pr esented by Owyhee M.C . at Boise, ' Idaho . •

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