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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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• torcycle Sales atl sti *T I Mean n Do Abo Listing in this department is fr ee, contributed as a servi ce to CYCLE NEWS readers and motorcycl e clubs. As a result we have to rel y on the motorcycling public to advise us when listings are erroneous or out of date. [[ you di scover a discrepancy in this department, please wri te or call us to set it ri ght. * ** ** ******* * Is . ACE OF CLU BS 01 Los Angeles Il.C. aeets lst and 3rt! Fri. of every month exceptDec. Ilst fri. only) 8p.m. Maol Address P.O Sol 67,L a Pu",I., 81746 , ClubAd. dre 14402 Rogus St, La Puente, Ph. 330-5042. ss: A.1l.A. (AMERI CAN M ORCYCLE A OT ION ) Na tional sanctioni ng body. Address: Worthi Membership 12.on year. e OUSTERS M.e. of W inllton. fJ.JAA SMctioned. Meet ilm Monday noiilll' 8:00a1230 15Ca tskill, W ilmongton, CaL DYNA-IITES MC 01 EI M",Ie, Cali l. NI.A sene. Meets at 12359 Felipe, EI M I. '''''Y Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ", MaH ao:!fess: In59 Fel ipe, [ I Monte. Ca Phone: lif. G1 8-3567. w.e. Meets every WEST AMERICAN CYCLE A SSOCIATION speedway. mo ~ctoss aKl road faci ng thu siasts.lfy ou would like to compete or be witt! racmg in the capaci ty of course personnel, co n the A.C.A. Qffi~ P.!l•• ~ x 247, Fullerton. C ahl Of call (71 41 847·7625. AMERICAN M RCYCLE SERVICE ASSN. (AM SA) OTO Emergency roa se d rvice for motorcy cles. Dues SIS per Vincen te Blvd., Los Angeles, Cali f. yeer, 11520 san (213) 46S04780. AMERICAN FEDERATION Promotion lWld organizatian Friday. For info. wr ile: 1 3198, Ellr.... Ca lil. ILL HAWKS M.e. Meel' "''1 t ees, at 8:30 1 1 E. Los Nieto s.. Santa Fe ~fines. Calif. 30 9 info call Paulat 699-0298. FORT SUTTER Il.e. 01 Sac""en'o, Calif.Meets . ve'Y Wednesday al8 p.m. We need mo re ac m tive embers. Ad- e ess 4Il85 Dee~. SL , SacranenlD, Calif. 95820. FOUR ACESM.C.lnvite you 1 ourm ting 1 467, TS Marlln .'al, " "ltTt A.'.lI LY .'.l. C. olNorwalk. Roadruns, fun m eets, c.1ub. AS! Bo 111. Cal Po ll IY,·San Luis Obi ~, v~~r~ ~~~tr~~~~s ~~~o;'~ °F~' ~fI~ ~~ Address: 11152 Bunker Hill Dr., Los Alcrnilos, Calif. CAL POLY ,PEN G UINS MC S treeVdrrt mo torcy ~ cle ~ _tition, etc. Meetings held lst Mon. of month at 93 401. CENTRALIA M SlINGERS Il.e. c/o GleriJtOdge, RL UD. , 3, Boll 38 Centralia, Wash. CH ECKERS M.c. , 1710 Magnolia Blvd., ""balk. In- 864-2lI60. ' /.:0 H I.BOOTS M Combined Road d C Hall on Nebo 'Orive, LaMesa: 8:00p.m Thi'd Tu.~ eve . lllebe'L· Wed. nil., 8:00p.m. HIL LTOPPER S MC. Sane. M s at 2255 eet Hill. Thu,~ aI81!- .R " address: P O Bo 1746 x JACKRAB~I ~ . ' TIONMe. Meet al 8'30 pm (JIre at Smithy's anytlme. - A ctlance to m i mgle Willi COACHELLA VALL EY Il.C A A sancb",ed compo . M club. M eets every We~esday. Address: 71·3CMi Hlway • Phone: 753-2907. VALLEY I.lC AMA sanclloned. Meels . 8 p.m at 5343 Peck Rd.. EI tAonte.M . ail .0. Sol 813, Eillonle, calil. A M ASADD ElITES M 01 Santa M ARI .C. a"a, Cal. club info. W to publicity ch ille airman Stan Skinn H ORNE GOPHERS M Compelol"I' ", d sc .C. CAliFORNIA GOPHERSMC of Pr3li:J a _ NM: Add"" P.O. Sol 2575,Be Gardens, Ca l. ll lo M C,INC. ol S.SanGabnel. AMA sane. Jackson St.every Tuesday, 8:00 p.m . III R",cho Mirage, Ca I. 92270. lt COLORAMAS M meel lsI SaL 01 monlh al 8 p.m. .C. Contact Ffank Gerwat, 14263 Hoyt St., Arleta, C alif. 899-8329. CRUISERS M.C. of San la Ana. A.M.A. sancboned. Meels - - /. Compton ' · JASPERS 7:30 p.m ., every 1st& Jrd Tuesday all6841 Lynn St Hunhngton . Beach al 8 p.m For information call (71 4)836-5546 or . (714) 986-31 893-2lJ9. CYCLE CLU BOFlsi BAPTIST CHURCH of Y n Nuy~ pet tiOll i Meets every Thursday at 7: 0p.m and 3 . 1 :00p.m. Sbop and maintenance laciliHes: rJ !Rkhard Cohen. First ~tjst ChurCh, oo"'Sherman Way Nuys. DESERT M.C. An acli, dless: 12551 . 3894. DESERT CREEPERS ried,racing lIld callH Jackso . n(213)O L DI ST. 37SPORTS COMMl nE&cIl!lB>lJlJi~~BilLl A dam' at 814 Cobb Ave., Plac",fio: ; informationonm eetings. Ph: (714)528--1XI7. 01 RT DIGGE RS M .C., A».A, ACA & AU affiliated. Meel' ""'Y Wed. al 8:30 p.m. al Cblf House, 15145 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Pali sa des. Mail address: 8921-11lll A I n~ ...od, Cal. 903C5. Phone: (213) ,e., OR. 8-2868. KERN Sol 314, M LAFAY E runs. New FfMk G illespie, nndi, Calif. AN CERS IoVC- Comp. cl I San Maleo. For meetings al ABA M olors, 21 76 So. EI 1IGIlTWEI GIlTSIl.C AMA sanclion . M ls every 1st

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