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~ MAKES THE , RACING· IT ~ It..... are IdYlsed lIII l 1I.lIne I. thl . cal- Col end. 1.1 Col cu ncl. , 01 ....1. by promoter. wlthOul ~ I I,.. s.vlc.. Cycle .... .... cll/DIS Illy re.ponslblllty Inr CIDCeI I III an or DOIIce. ,..J U :>- U EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT INDOOR SHORT TRAC K at Portland, Or egon Exposition Cente r . p aved track, classes 0- 250c c, Class A & C. Ti me trials at 8 p.m. , fir st heat at 8:30 p .m, Regular short track pr o g ra m plus handicap e ve n t , fast ti me attempts, ma tch races, etc . Will run every Friday night for rest of winter . TT STE EP LECHASE RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA sancti oned. Locate d cor ner Long Beach Fwy . and Firestone Blvd. Take Firestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance . Points, trophies and money. Starts at 8 p.m , Every Friday night until April. EVERY SATURDAY BAY MARE RACE TRACK, off Hwy. 118 be tween Somi s and Moorpark, Calif., is open all day for practice. EVE.RY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pier ce st., Pacolma(corner P ierce St . and San Fer nan do Rd .L . Street bike preferably, 9 a.m, start, $10 per student. Fo r Info call Bob Braver man at (213) 785- 2421. EVERY SATURDAY fliGHT TT RACING unde r the lights a t Elsinore Rac e Track. Just off Hwy, 71, east of Perris , Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all classes . Spectators wel come . EVERY SUNDAY TT RACES at Bay Mare Track. Dir ec tions: ott Hwy. 118 between Somts and Moorpark, Calif. Trackopen forpractice a t 9 a.m . , races start at 11:30 a.m, Call (805) 495 -8928. FRI DAY I FEBRU ARY 16th INDOOR SHORT T RACK racing at San Jose, Cal. Exposition Bldg., County Fairgrounds, Tully ' Rd. between F wy. & ~:onterey Hwy. Promoted by Barkhimer Assoc. F ree parking, flat asphalt oval. Purse $600 plus 40% over $2700 gate. $50 to season high point r ider. Gates open at 6 p.m., first race at 8' :3 0 p.m , Adults $2.50, kids under 12, 75 ~. Nov ., Am ., and Exp . professional AMA riders. SATURDAY I FEBRUARY 17th MOTORCYCLE GYMKHANA, Pr ecis ion riding fun and games plus free safety Inspection and prizes for the satest and best riders . Sponsored by the Pomona Safety Council, Jr. Police Dept., Womens Cl ub, Automobile Club of So. Cal . and M/c Safety Council of Southern California. Open to San Gabriel Valley Residents only. SAT. & SUN., FEBRUARY 11 & 18th 5th ANNUAL COLO DO RIVER RUN by Motor Malds of So. Calif. Souvenir pins, merchandise awards , trophie s l or all class e s . F i nis hes at Colo r a do Riv er; modern campgrounds, new restaurant, coc kt:a1l lounge, swimming, boating, fishIng . For motel r eservations , wr ite Lake Mojave Resort, Bullhead City, Ar tz; 86430. Destination Is Kalharlne Wash, 7 mi . nor th of Bullhead City a t Lake Mojave. Donati on $3.00, post entries $3.25, chi ldren $1.25, field meet en try 50~ . MatI entries to Isabel Hetrick, 22119 Hansom Ave., Torrance , Cal. 90502, deadline Feb. 12. Call (2 13) 835-7872 for co mple te direc ti ons . No otfictal start, pi ck up ticket and souvenir pi n at che ck I, Davis Dam ( Hwy. 77) Chec k opens at 9 a.m. , clos es 5 p.m , Sat. Ham di nner served to all entrants s tarting at 4 p .m , SUND AY , FEBRU ARY18 & 25th TT SMOOTH SCRA~IBLES by Shasta M.C. : of Redd ing , Calif. Turn west off business loop 5 between Anderson and Re dding, canr., follow signs to track. Practice at 10 a.m .; race at 1 p.rn, For more info call (916 ) 241 -4008. SUNDAY FEBRU ARY 18th TT SCRAMBLES by Stumpjumers M.C . at Elsinore, Calif. AMA poi nt r un. Trophie s presented a t track. First day r ac e of the year at Elsinore. The re will be waiting In li ne ( we hope) . $2.00 to ride, ' 1.25 to watch. Signup closes fo r 0- 200cc at 8:30 a.m., 250c c at 10 a .rn., bi g bore at noon . F ollow Hwy. 91 to Hwy. 71 , just off Hwy. 71 ea st of Perris turnoff,. ACA PR OFESS IONAL TT SCRAMBLES ~ . WORLD BETTER ' 1. 50. Lunch truc k on locati on. F or more Info call (213) 861-4 139. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACES at Carlsba d Racew ay, Carls bad, Calif. Sponsored by the P layboys M.C. All rider s , both pro and sportsman, wel come .. Class es from l OOcc to Open .Also production .class for under-250c c machines . Pits open a t 9 a.m., pr actice until 1 p.m , F irst r ace a t 1:30 p. m, Eve r ybody rides both heat race an d final in both class e s . 18th ANNUAL HI MOUNTAIN E NDURO by Penguins M.C . Start- fini s h at Rln- canada Ghost Town. Limed from Santa Margarita t urnoff, 7 mi. north of San Lui s Obi spo, Calif. Spark arrestor s required. Firs t rider out a t 8 a .m, Sunday . Riders meeting on Cal Po ly campus, 7:30 p .rn , Saturday. Entry $3 through Feb. 3; post entry $5 Feb. 3 through Feb. 17. Minors nee d notarized consent for m from parent or tuardian. Ma ll to Cal Poly Penguins, A.S.l. Box Ill , Cal Poly. San Luis Obispo, Calif. 9340 1. (JIOOTE: (Due to this year's tremendous response, the Cal Poly Penguins M.C. has already r ec e ived ove r 450 en tries for the HiMountain Enduro. Entrie s hav e been limited to 500. P rospective post en tries s hould mail appli cations Im mediately or call (805) 544-4472 for Info. Co ur se length will be appro x, 110 r ough miles .) MOTO-CROSS SCRAMBL ES at Lod1 Cycle Bowl, Lodi , Calif . AMA sane. , r ain or shine . Sig nup 7;3 0- 9 a.m., qualifying hea ts 9;30- 11: 30 a. m. ; races start 12 noon . Class es xov., Am., Exp . in 0l 00cc, 101- 250cc , 250- 0 pe n. All class es will run at same ti me In each di vision. $1. 50 to ride or watch. F or more info contact Lodl M.C., 5801 Mor se ae., Lodi, Cal. 95240. info contact W.A. Wilkinson, Sec ' y, Mesa M.C ., 3510 Valley Vista ae., . Bonita, Calif . 92002. ROUGH WINTER MOTO-Cros s by Sierra Cycle Club at Lincoln, Calif. AMA sane ., rain or shIne . One mUe laps, Icnobbies r ecommended. stgnup 9 a.m., races begi n a t 11 a.rn, Beautiful trophies in all class e s , number plates required. One mUe east of LlncoIn, cor ner of Gold HIll Rd. & Hungry Hollow Rd . For further info call (916) 885-5491. SAT. & SUN. MARCH 2 &3rd ELSlKORE WINTER NATIONALS presented by Na t' l Off The Roa d Assoc. (NORRA) at Elsinore Rac e way, near Lake Elsin ore, canr., east of Hwy. 71. Three even ts - moto rcycles, dune buggies and 4-wbeelers . Trophies to first 10 places In motorcycle events . Twomile obstacle course for bikes, entry $5.00, start position determined by receipt of entry . Deadline Feb . 23. Pra ctice r uns and qualifying on Sat. , Mar . 2, two classes for bik es - unde r 250cc and over 250ce . Write Elsinor e Race"oaY,lnc. a t 1951 E . Colo rado Blvd., Pasadena, Calif. 91107 for entry blanks and further Info . SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd ANNUAL l 00- LAP PR OFESSIONAL TT RACE at Ascot P ark, Gardena, Calif. Race starts at 2 p .m.; all the s tars will be there. Track located a t 183r d Si Vermont In Gardena, Calif., just ott the Harbor & San Diego Fwys. P ROFESSIONAL ROAD RACES, at vaca Valley Raceway, vacavnte, canr., south of Sacramento, just ott Inter state Hwy. 80. Classes for all bikes incl. P roduc tion. purse: 40% of gate less $300 . $100 min. to sidecars If there are 6 entires or more. Registration 8 a.m, pr ac ti ce 10 a.m., fir s t race at 1 p .m, Advan ce entries to inti. Sp. Cycle Expo ., Box 5945, San F rancisco, Callt. 94101. S C R AM B L E S by SaUnas Scramblers M.C. at Salinas, Calif. AMA sane ., no machi nes unde r 250ce, all other class e s . All riders and machInes must co mpl y with Dlst. 36 rules. Ref res hments on gr ounds . Practice and slgnup 9:30-11:30 a.m., race at 12 noon. Admission $1. 50 to r ide or watch. Located at SaUnas Ramblers cl ubgrounds, 12 mi . nor th of SalInas on Hwy. 101. 18th ANNUAL MOOSE RUN Hare Scrambles presented by the Four Aces M.C. AMA sane. point run. Entry $3.25. Two loops, approx, 45 miles each. Tr-atl bikes go one loop. Limed fr om Wagon Wheel Cafe (Callt. Hwy. 14 & Johannes burg Rd.) starts at 10 a .m., finishIng pins . TT SCRAMBLES by Perris Valley M.C. at Perris M/C Recreation Ce nter , 11/2 miles southwest of Perris, Calif., ott Hwy. 74. No engines started before 8 a.m, AMA point run, donation $1.25, entry fee $2.00, children under 12 tree . All lightweights 9 a.m, to 12 noon. All heavyweights 12 noon til ? MOTO-CROSS run In Cr es ce nt Ci ty, Calif. Sponsored by the Redwood Scr ambiers M.C . All r ide rs Invited. 2nd ANJ', \JAL TIGE R TOUR P OKER IW N by El Tlgres M.C . Entry fee 99 ~ . Starts from Lon g Beach Harley- Davidson, 3654 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, canr., 8:30- 10 a.m , Fini s h time 2 p.m , AMA sanc., RRC point run. Coffee an d donuts at start , run under 100 miles. No bike jUdging. For more info catI (213 ) 634235 6. PONDEROSA HARE S C RAMB LESby Greyhounds M.C. Three 100mlle loops. 10 a .rn, start. 15 miles east of Lancaster, Cal. on Ave. J . New trophies to 50% of entries. Dls t. 37 1968 de s ert numbers only . -'DUAL E U R 0 PEA N SCRAMBLES pre sented by the "world-renowned" Kern County Tr-atlblazers. Double points for Dlst. #35 riders and two trophies (if you go fast enough). Also refreshment stand, genuine heads and ambulance. First race at 10:30 a.m , limed from Buitonwillow, Cal. it you' re coming from the Southland, watch for the Buttonwlllow turn-ott just north of Taft, Calif. This is a fun-ride-no cactus and rocks! For further info call Jack at 805-7464058 . POKER TRAIL RUN presented by City Cycle Center of P ic o Rivera, Calif. Take Hwy. 14 to Rosamond, turn left at only s ignal , follow lime to the start at Tehacapl, Calif. Riders me et at 9;30 a.m., run starts a t 10:30 a .m, All size bikes, trophies and pr izes . Donation SPORTSMAN TT SCRAMBLES by Mesa M.C. at Mesa Speedway, locate d one mile east of Brown Field; take Main Street turnoff at Chula Vista, Calif. and follow the lime to Brown Field and out to the speedway. AMA sane . Practice a t 10 a.m.; first race at 12 noon. For more HARE SCRAMBLES by Marin County .M.C. Assoc. at China Camp, Calif. Signup 9-11 a.m ., race at noon . $1.00 to watch, $2.00 to ride. RaIn or shine . Classes : 0-125 Nov., 0-125 Am .!Exp., 126- 250 Nov., 251-0pen Nov., 251 -0pen Am .!EXP . Road will be limed from San at Las Vegas, Nevada cancelled due to wea ther . Next r a ce March 3. WEST TEXAS CHAMP IONSHIP DESERT SCRAMBL ES pr e s ented by the Ri mtwi s ters M.C. of El Paso, Texas. Time 1:30 p.m, Location: 3 miles east of El Paso ci ty limits on Hwy. 62- 180. This event will be r un rain or s hine on a 2- 1/2 mUe course. Three heats, 6 laps per heat. $2.00 entry fee , spectators admitted fr ee . Novice and Expert classes, lots of nice bi g trophies . S UNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th HARE SCRAMBLES by Sidewinders M.C. of Trona, Calif. AMA Point run, all classes . starting time 10 a.m., entry fee $3.25 . Limed north of Red Mountain. •••••• SUBSCRIBE TO CYCLE NEWS •••••• •+ ) - . • • = • (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL D $7.50 FOR 1-YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARSD • • • • • This is a renewal I enclose check or money order please bi ll me la ter • • 0 • NAME ADDRESS· Thi s is a new ljubscription • Via 1st class mail [or one year $18. Vi a Ai r Mail [or one Year $26. 0 0 (pl ease check one of the above) • • : • 0 • • CITY 0 • 0 or • STATE ZIP (due to postal '"&illation s we must have zlp codes on I II subscripti ons) • • • 5 i.•••••~LJ~J!~~~~.~!HRJ~.~J!!~ f.O.~.~J!J3:1:~~~~S~ii~~.~~1.~~ •• ~ ••; =MAIL TO: CYCLE NEWS, BOX 4 9 8, LONG BEACH, CALIF. 9 0 801

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