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., Ii ,RAC · IT ING MAKES THE Ii:WORLD BETTER' \ EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT INDOOR SHORT TRACK at Poruand. Oregon Expos iti on Cen te r . Paved track . classes 0-25Oc c . Class A & C. Ti me trials at 8p.m •• first heat at 8:30 p .m , Regular short track p r o g ram plus handicap e v e n t, fast time attempts. ma tch races. etc . Will r un eve r y F riday night tor r est of winter . TT ST E EP LEC HASE RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA sanctioned . Locate d cor ne r Long Bea ch F wy. an d Firestone Blvd . Take Firestone to Garfield, go south ·on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. P oin ts , trophies an d money. Starts at 8 p .m , Every Friday night until April . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY ~d TRO PHY PR ESENTATION by Buz zards M.C. In con junction with san Gabriel Valley M.C . saturday night a t 8 p. m, Location: KnIghts of Pythlas Hall in El Monte. Calif. on Peck Road nor th of Lower Azu sa Rd. F r ee beer . rock and r oll band. SUNDAY, FEB, 4,11,18 Ie 251b TT SMOOTH SCRAMBLES by Shasta M.C , of Redding, Call!. Turn west off busines s loop 5 between Anderson and Reddi ng, c anr. , follow s igns to track. Pra cti ce at 10 a .m .. race at 1 p .m, Fo r more Into call (9 16) 241 -4008 . SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4th EVE;RY OTHER SATURDAY PROFESSIONA L AMA STEEPLECHASE TT a t Asco t Park. Gardena, Call!. Pres ented by J .C . Agajantan . F irst Sunday af ternoon TT of the '6 8 s eason. Pits open at 10 a .m •• ,clos e a t 12 noon . Nov•• Am .; El>.'j). r iders. Ne w Novic e r iders r equired to s how c urr en t Amate ur or Expert AMA sporting eard at sign- ln . P ractice I p.m . , first race 2:3 0 p .m , All the stars will be there. Loc ated at 183rd & Vermont In Gardena just off the Harbor & san Diego Fwys•. ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St •• P a colma(corner Pierce St. an d san Fernando Rd.L. Street b1ke preferably. 9 a.m, start, $10 per student. For Into call Bob Braverman at (213) 785-2421. HILLCLIMB by Revelters M.C. In Out law Canyon. near Bakersfield, Call!. "Old bill," fr e sh grass. AMA Spor tsman event , $1.00 to ride . $1.50 to watch, under 12 fr ee . Ope ns 8 a.m., s tarts 10 a.m . , refreshments . EVERY SATURDAY tU G HT SCRAMBLE S- TT to be held at new Adelanto Track on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto, caur, Gates ope n 7: 30 a. m, First race 9 a .m , Admission $1.25 for spectators. $2.00 to ride . Course open for practice sa., Feb. 3. sat. & Sun•• Feb. 10 & 11. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by sage- Hopper s M.C . In Encinitas. Call!. P ractice a t 10 a.m, for s e cond ann ual "Ra t Race." FI r st race all 100cc classe s Includi ng Po wde r Puff at 11 a.m , second race all Exper ts except 100cc at 12 noon. Third race all Novices except 100cc at 1 p .m , interesting cours e. Iunchwagon, ambulance , h e a d s. AMA sanc.. $3.00 entry fee. no admittance charge. Interstate 115 to Enci nitas. Li med fr om Encinitas Rd. (tormerly san Marcos Rd.), I EVERY SATURDAY BAY MARE RACE T RACK. off Hwy, 118 between Somis and Moor park. Call!. , Is open all day tor practice. TT RACING under the lt ghts at Elsinore Race Track. Just ot! Hwy. 71. east of Perris. Callt. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all class es . spectators wel- come. EVERY SUNDAY T T RACES at Bay Mare Track. Directi ons : au Hwy. 118 between Som is and Moorpark, Callt. Trac k open for pr ac ti ce at 9 a .m., r aces start at 1l:30 a.m, Call (805) 495- 8928. FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16 Ie 23rd INDOOR SHORT T RACK r acing at san Jose. Cal. Exposition Bldg . , County Fatrgrounds, Tully Rd. be tween Fwy . & Monterey Hwy. P romoted by Barkbtme r Assoc. Fr ee parking . tlat asphalt oval. Purse $600 pl us 40% over $2700 gate. $50 to season b1gh po int r ider . Gates open at 6 p.m•• firs t race at 8' :30 p.m, Adults $2.50, ki ds under 12. 7 5 ~. Nov•• Am ., and Exp. professional AMA r iders. HARE SCRAMBLES presented by HIJinx at EI MIrage, callt. Plenty of san. Ten laps over 5 mile course. Riders meet at 11:30 a.m., race a t nOon. Take Barstow Fwy. to Adelanto turnot! ( 395). Take El Mir age cutot! al Adelanto and follow the ltme onto the dry lake. 100cc fEBRUARY 3, 17 Ie 241b iiuudm Urn. INDOOR SHORT TRAC K racing at santa Rosa, callt. County FalrgroundS Exp0s ition Bldg. F lat 10/th mile asphalt oval. Promoted by Barkblmer Assoc. Nov . , Am •• Exp . pr otes slonal AMA r iders. Purse $600 plus 40% over $2700 gate. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES at 'Dead man' s P oi nt, Cali f., pre sented by the De s e rt Challengers M.C. En t ry $3.25. no afllUatlon required. Thre e se parate t -ho ur races , approx. 30 miles. All trail b1kes at 10 a.m. , small bikes at 11:15 a .m., 12:3 0 p.m, for big hi kes. Trophies to 40% of entries . old western vIllage, campgrounds an d picnic a rea. 100% visible to s pectators . course change d each month . Tum off Hwy. 66 a t Lucerne Valley Cutoff, head east to the intersection of Hwy. 18 In Apple Valley. Ca li f. and you' re there. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd TT SCRAMBLES PRA CTICE. ne w Adelanto Track on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto, Call!. will be open tor practice only. SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 4th MOTO CROSS. ACA sanctioned, Castaic Park located north at Los Angeles on Hwy 99. 1/2 mile past Honor Farm . Tur n left an d go west on Hasl ey Canyon Road 5 miles to track. Cour s e to be used Is same as used by the Prospector s for FIM sanctioned event. All classes 100cc through open. First event 10:00 a.m, Jr . and Sr. classes (amateur & expert) tor Into call (714) 528-4290. Ambulance & concessions . 7th ANNUAL GOLD RUSH E NDURO by the Prospectors M.C. AMA sanc., 100plus easy miles, not a typical Prospector enduro. Starts at Ci nco . Calif. 8:01 a .m., li med from Mojave . Br ing gas an d pits. Mal l entries $3, post entry $4. send to Pros pectors M.C., 1145 W. 127th St., Los Angeles , Cal. 90047 . Close Jan. 30th• Drawing to be held Jan. 30 a t 8 pm at 158th & Brighton. Gar dena. PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES presented by Greyhounds M.C. , 15 miles east of Lancaster, c ar . on Ave . J .IOa.m. start, two 10-mlle loops. Ne w trophies to 50% of entries . Minors must ha ve notarized statement of release fro m parents or Dlst . 37 r e lease card. CHAMP IONSHIP MUD SCRAMBLES by Sha mr oc k 2 Wheelers M.C . of Salem , Or egon , to be held In Sil ve rton, Or eg on. Signs will be posted from downto wn Silver ton . Signup ti me 12 noon, racing begi ns at 1 p .m, Excellent s pectator viewi ng , en tire cour s e can be seen from area near conce s sion stand. Keen competition. course cons ider ed by r iders to be one of be st In the state. EUROPEAN STYLE MOTO CROSS pr e sented by Calif. Moto-Cross Club. At Carls bad Raceway , 7 mi . east of Pac, Cst, Hwy. Turn ot! a t Palomar Airpor t Rd. Gates ope n 7:30 a.m •• ent ries close 9 a.m ., first race 10:45 a.m, Jr. & Expe r tclasses , 200-250cc. 25 1- 500cc; 501_ 100Occ. No tratlblkas, For -more Into call (714) 629-8642. AF M sanction . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY lOth NATIONAL CHAMPI ONSHIP AMA INDOOR SHORT TRACK races at Houston Astrodom e. Houston. Texas . Time trials 10 a .m. to 3 p.m. , $2.00 all seats, $1.00 with ticket to championship races. Championship races at 8 P. m., r eserved ti ckets $3. 50. $2. 50, $2.00. Ti ckets available from Pace Management c e rp., 4710 Greeley St•• Houston, Texas 77006 . TV SHOW, Wide Wor ld of Spor ts Hopetown G.P. tUms . In Ins tallments; Interna1lonaI and s ldehack races on thi s date . Approximately 6 to 8 wee ks later, Po wder P ut! and sportsman events will be shown. On ABC TV at 5 p.rn, (Ten tative date) SAT. Ie SUN., FEBRUARY 10 Ie lllb ELSI NORE 1oo-MILE GRANDPRIX by the Grlpsters M.C . at Elsinore, Call!. F or the fir s t time since Catalina a race through town and surroundi ng countrys ide. 9 mUe course. raln or shine. Small bi kes sat.. big bikes Sun. Dist. 37 desert and s crambles points. Mall entries only, $10. close Jan. ~2 . Starting position de- termlned by postmark, Mote ls and campIng available. Mal l entries to Grlpsters M.C .. 703 S. Oltve , Anahetm, csur. 92805. Spectators fr ee. TT SCRAMBLES PRAC T ICE, ne w Adelanto Track on Hviy. 395 ne ar Ade lanto. Calif . will be open for practice only. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY lllb • PACIFIC COAST MOTa-CROSS CHAMP IONSHIP at the seafalr M.C. clubgr ounds , Enumc law. Wash . F eaturing .seppo Makenin, Magnus Kleele, Sonny Burres. Ron Ne lson, Gary Conrad, Preston Petty and Eddie Mulder. Pr e entry $10 for Expe r t moto-cr oss; po st entries a ccepted. For those not In the motocr os s, a scr ambles will be held. OV r e 80 trophies, filmed for color TV. CanadIan / Amer Ican challenge race and a Grand Prix. send entries to seararr City M.C. Moto-C ros s, Box 963. Auburn. Wash. 98022 . F or more Into call (206) TE 3- 73 13. ENGLISH TRIALS by the So. Calif . Trials Assn . at Little Rock. Calif. Foothi ll Tralls area. $1.00 per bike to ride In the area , $2 .00 to r ide the trials . Li med or red a r row s i gn s from 77th St. In Li ttle Rock. Take 77th s t. south to V St., go r ight to cabana area . Starting ti me ernight campout sat. n1ghL 10 a .m, OV Plenty of good , long, natural wat e r sec ti ons. Call SCTA Sec 'y Ray Mor eau at (2 13) 370-8491 for further Into. ' • ACA CHAMP IONSHIP ROADRAC ES a t Willow Springs Int'l Raceway, Rosamond. Call!. season opener. Pit gates ope n at 8 a .m•• first race 11:30 a .m , All Grand P rix an d Production classes plus Sidecars. Trophy pres en tation a t track. F or Into write ACA. P .O. Box 247,Fullerton. Cal. 92632 or phone (714) 528- 4290. TT SCRAMBLES by Taft M.C . AMA sanc., graded course. food and refreshments avatlable. Man miles trophy. Practice at 10 a.m •• first race 12 noon. Trophies given at race. LocatIon: 1/4 mile west of Maricopa. Call!. SWEETHEART RUN by Mary's Men M.C. SDRR point run. Starts at Honda of san Diego, Kettner & Ash, San Diego, Calif. Free cotfee and donuts. S1gn1n 8:30 a.m, to 10 a.m, Donation $2.00. including meal, choice ot fish fry or cb1cken fried steak. Trinkets for all. b1ke judg1Dg. live music, 27 trophies. RaIn or shine. Bring your valentine. . SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18111 ACA PROFESSIONAL TT SCRAMBLES at Cralg Road Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada. 100cc. 250cc and Open classes. Also sportsman classes. Gates open 10 a.m, Track will also be open sat., F eb. 25 for fr ee practice tr a m 9 a.m, ti l Noon. 18th ANNUAL MOOSE RUN Hare Scrambles presented by the Four Aces M.C. AMA sane, point run. Entry $3.25. Two loops, approx. 45 miles each. Tra1l bikes go one loop. Umed from Wagon Wheel Cafe (callt. Hwy. 14 & Johannesburg Rd.) Starts at 10 a.m., f1n1shIng pins. •••••• SUBSCRIBE TO CYCLE NEWS :•••••• ~ • (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL) - . • = D $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D = • • D • • D • • • Via Ist class mail for one year S18. Via Air Mail for one Year $26. NAME • • (pl ease c1te ck one 01 the abo.e) ADDRESS • CITY • • • • • •• • This is a ne w subscription This is a renewal I encIose che ck or money order plea se bill me late r D 0 D D or STATE ZIP (due to posta l reeulatlons we must ha.e zip codes on all subscriptions) • • • :MAIL TO: CYCLE NEWS, BOX 498,:·L ONG .BEACH:;.. :CA LI F. 90801 : . ••••• E••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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