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" When peace was restored the action resumed - but not for long . In the 250Cc semi Cancilla was bounced off the groove and out of the race. He jumped off his machine, lurned It around and tried to push It back on the track In front of the r iders. Luckily, he forgot to pullin the clutch and the bike never quite made It to the action. Referee Hank Gendusa tore across the track, threw Cancilla's machine oft the course and pointed frantic Phllly towards the outside exit. Atter the race Cancill a was Informed he has been suspended until further notice. fRESNO INDOOR CLOSER Photo hy William Cla rk The final Indoor race of the winter season was a f ran II c one with Eddie Mulder and his 250 Montesa stealing the show for the third str ai ght time. Eager Ed won his heat race, took the Trophy for the first time and then came out for the final event In the comblried Amateur/ Expert Main and won to remain undereafed In the big money• payer. The only thing Mulder and Montesa (now known as the .. M-Squad") did not take was fas t heat race honors. This went to Butch Cord er and his Triumph In the final 250cc heat. 'Super Squirrel' Eddie MUlder, sporllnga beard for upcoming movie role, made It Ihree slralghl wins at Fresno. Cor der and Dave Bostrom chased Tom Rockwood for stx -arid-a-halt laps before the first time Amateur went wide and opened the door to the two long time pros. Both zipped through the opening and they crossed the line nearly three abreast with Corder the winner. Phil Cancill a , the new Pec k' s bad boy of cycle r acing; had everybody Jumping mos t of the evening. The fir s t time ca me dur ing a pileup on the first tur n. Phlll y got through but chose to spin a doughtnut, return to the pile and center punch one of the r iders . Bouncing Billy Jamison made his first appearance as an Amateur and proceeded to tie his pr evious F r es no record when he was a Novice by falling art three times In the 250cc final. Billy was still bouncing when the flag came out to end the race - and the season. The upset of the night came In the combined 125cc final when first-time Novice Harry Dring moved up late In the race to pass Ed Eyged and go on for the win. Geezer Emick passed Tom Rockwood out of the final turn to grab off third place In the 12-round wheel- bender. For the first time, Fresno ran the Novice riders with the 250's all by themselves In a spe cial clas s . Second year Novice Jay Kanamoto led his '67 experience work for him and came from the back row to score his first win under the roof. The Novice final hosted ten riders. Only four went the entire distance without fallin g off at least once . In one or two cases It was three and four times. That's Indoor racing at Fr esno for another season, (Results on page 16) PORTLAND INDOOR OPENER 8y J.K. La ce)' Friday night racing returned to the Portland, Or egon area January 12th with the opening of the Indoor s eas on held at the city- owned Exposition Center . Classes are 0- 250, any make , Class A & C machine s acc epted. Larry Parker, Montesa rigid frame Class A, took the Trophy Dash over Chuck Hodson and Ray Carroll, both aboard Cliff Majhorowned A rigs. Majhor , by the way, should get credit for putting on these events; he runs around, gets things done. He and his crew made things go pretty smoothly all evening. Fastest riders spaced behind the slower ones, only the first four transferring to the semt, The semis, and again only four to the Main. And what a wild Main Event! Hodson pulled another winbut had Dwayne Jordan and Dave Bostrom really breathing down his neck. Bostom, up from san Francisco, was really beginning to move and become used to his borrowed Class A r ig, showing good cool style. • o 'Well, dOC, II all started because my molher dressed me Iunny and I only grew 3 feel Ian and now the other members give me hell because I ride a mlnl·blk.." •

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