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RACING· IT .d. 1_ ~ r.:z Ruden a.. advised tbat IIstllll In tills calIs a Servtc.. Cycll IIns cisclalms .y rnponslblll" lor canclll..t1l111 or cllanllna 01 l\lInts by prallllltlrs wltllout notice. ~ r.:z ...:I U ;.., U SUND AY, JANUARY 21st CROSS COUNTRY RACE. Coos Ba y , Oregon. Seven mi. south of Coos Ba y on the Bandon Hwy . Si gnup by 11, s cra mble a t noon, Entry fee $3 per rid er. Cla s s es : l OOcc . 175cc. 250cc, Op en. App rox, 35 miles cros s country, av erage runni ng ti me 1 hr. 30 min. EVE RY FRIDAY NIGHT INDOOR SHORT TRACK at Portland, Or egon Exposition Center. Paved track, classes Q-25Occ , Class A & C. Time trials at 8 p .rn ., first heat at 8:30 p.m, Regular short track p r o g ram plus handicap eve nt , fast time attempts, match races, etc. Will run every Friday night for rest of winter. TT SCRAMBLE S at Perris , canr., presented by the HIlltoppers M.C. AMA point run. Little bikes at 9 a.rn., big bikes at Noon. Located off Hwy. 74 near Perris , Cal. MOUNT BALDY SNOW RELAY presented Jointly by Hi-Jinx FMC and Evans Security Patrol. Two man teams. Each rider runs 30- mile course once . Ri der s meet at 9 a.m ., race starts at 9:3 0 a.m . Snow cooled engines welcome. Restroom an d water. Take san Bernardin o Fwy . to Sierra Blvd. Go nor th approx. 30 mi. to Stockto n F lats area, Lytle Cr eek canyon. White llme t r om Fwy., colored In snow If necessary. Spark arresters are required. EVERY SATURDAY BAY MARE RACE TRACK, off Hwy. 118 between Somis and Moorpark, Calif. , Is open all day for practice. . EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St., Paco ima(corner Pierce S!. and San Fernando Rd.L. Street bike preferably, 9 a.m, start, $10 per student. For Info call Bob Braverman at (2 13) 785-2421. HARE SCRAMBLES by Desert M.C., marked from Lucerne , Calif . Separate cour s e for trall bikes. Start at 10 a.m, AMA Dlst. 37 point run , one of the top 20 for ' 68. For Info call (213) 94l-44l fl 4' Perpetual trophy for club with most entries. EVERY SATU RDAY NI G HT TT RACING under the llghts at Elsinor e Rac e Track. Just off Hwy. 71, east of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies tor all class es . Spectators wel come . AMA SP ORTSMAN ROAD RACES at .Carlsba d Raceway, Carls bad, call!. Sponsored by the Playboys M.C. All riders, both pro and sportsman, welcome . Classe s fr om 100c c to Open. Also production class for under-25Occ machines. Pits open at 9 a.m., practice until 1 p. rn, Fir s t race at 1:3 0 p.m, EverybodY rides both heat race and fi nal In both classes . EVERY SUNDAY TT RACES at Bay Mare Track. Directions: Off Hwy. 118 between Somis and Moorpark, Calif . Track open for practice at 9 a.m . , "races start at 1l:30 a.m, Call (805 ) 495-8928. CYCLE NEWS SERVES ALL OF TltE WEST W1Tlt IIEWS OF THE BEST SPORT ON WHEELS 4 11I1ES A 110. FRI DAY, JANU ARY 26th TT ST E EPLECHASE RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA sanctioned. Located corner Long Bea ch Fwy, and Firestone Blvd . Take Firestone to Garfield, go s outh on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. Points, trophies an d money. Starts at 8 p. m, Every F r iday night until April. JAN UARY 19,26, FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16, 23 & 24 (satJ INDOOR SHORT TRACK at San Jose , Cal. Exposition Bldg., C 0 u n t y Falrgrounds , Tully Rd. between Fwy. & Monterey Hwy. Promoted by Barkhimer Assoc . Free parking, flat asphalt oval. Purse $450 plus 40% over $2200 gate. $50 per week to hi-point season rider. Gates open at 6 p.m ., first race at 8:30 p.m, Adults $2.50, kids under 12, 75~. Nov. , Am ., and Exp. professional AMA riders. MEETING, First meeting of new MotoCr os s Club, F .I.M. sane, at 8 p.m, at Griffith Manor Park, 1/ 2 block East of Golden State Freeway, (F lower Street exit), 1/2 block south of Western (between Western & Sonora) In Glendale , Calif. Moto-Cross and I.S .D.T. films , memberships will be taken. JANUARY 19111, 28111 & 21st AHRA WINTER NATIONALS at Beeline Dragway , Scottsdale, Arizona. Sponsor ed by the American Hot Rod Ass -n, the drag entries will Include motorcycle classes as well as dragsters, hot r ods, modified and gas class cars . Write AHRA, 1820 W. 9lst Pl., Kansas Ci ty, Mo. 64114 tor more Info. = • SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th ENGLISH TRlALS by So. Ca l. Trials As sn. at Ca nyon Cre s t area near Riverside. CaUf. Lim ed and red a rrow marked trom Central Ave. turnotf of Riv erside Fwy. Over ni ght ca mpo ut , Signup 8 a.m., s ta rts a t 10 o'clcck. Lots ot good s ectio ns . maybe e ve n so me mud. P l en ty of trophi es. F or in fo ca ll SCT A Sec' y . Ray Moreau at (2 13) 370-8491. SCRAMBLES presented by Li ght weights M.C. at Perris track. All bikes will run long course. Signup closes for 0-200cc class at 8:30 a .m.; 250cc at 10 a.m., big bore at noon . Gate donation $1.25 , ride for $2.00. Track loacted off Hwy. 74 near Perris, Calif. PRO FESSIONAL AMA STEEPLECHASE TT"at Ascot Park, Gardena, Calif. Presented by J .C. Agajanian. First SUnday afternoon TT of the ' 68 season. Nov. , Am., EXP. r iders. Time trials 1 p.m ., fi r st race 2:30p.m. All the stars will be there. Located at l83rd & Vermont In Gardena Just off the Harbor & san Diego Fwys, 7th ANNUAL GOLD RUSH ENDURO by the Prospectors M.C. AMA sanc., 100plus easy miles, not a typical Prospec tor enduro. Starts at Cinco, Calif. 8:01 a.m., llmed from Mojave . Bring gas and pits. Mail entries $3, post entry $4. Send to Prospectors M.C., 1145 W.127th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 90047. Close Jan. 30th. Drawing to be held Jan. 30 at 8 pm at l58th & Brighton, Gardena. HARE SCRAMBLES presented by Orange County M.C. Start,marked fr o m Adelanto, Calif. on Hwy. 395, 8 mi . north to High Vista Rd. AMA points, entry $3,25 , lots of gold plus $25 & $10 gift cer tificate s for 1st loop leaders. Le Mans start , br in g stand to prop bike . Three 33- mile loops for big bikes, 1 loop for trall bikes. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES at 'Deadma n' s P oint. CaUf., presented by the De s ert Challen gers M.C. Entry $3. 25. no affiliati on required. Thre e s ep ar a te i -ncur rac es. approx, 30 miles. All t raIl bik es at 10 a.m•• s mall bikes a t 11:15 a . m. , 12:30 p. m, tor bi g bik es. T rop hies to 40% of ent rie s , old western village , ca mpgro unds an d picnic a rea . 100% visibl e to spectato rs , co urse chan ge d ea ch mon th. Turn off Hwy. 66 a t Lu c ern e Valley Cu toff. head eas t to the inters e ction or Hwy. 18 in App le Va ll ey , Ca Uf. and you' re the re . SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4th EUROPEAN STYLE MOTO CROSS presented by Calif. Moto-Cross Cl ub. At Carlsbad Raceway , 7 mi. east of Pac. Cs t; Hwy. Turn off at Palomar Airport Rd. Gates open 7:3 0 a.rn.; entries close 9 a .m.; first race 10:45 a.m, Jr. & Expert classes, 200-25Occ, 25l-500cc, 501100Occ. No trallblkes. For more Info call (714 ) 629-8642. CHAMPIONSHIP MUD SCRAMBLES by Shamrock 2 Wheelers M.C . of Salem , Oregon, to be held In Silverton, Oregon. Sign s will be posted from downtown Silverton. Signup time 12 noon, racing begins at 1 p.m, Excellent spectator viewing , entire course can be seen from area near concession stand. Keen competition, course considered by riders to be one ot best In the state . HARE SCRAMBLE S presented by HiJinx at El Mirage , Calif. Plenty of san. Ten laps over 5 mile course. Rider s meet at 11:30 a.m., race a t noon. Take Barstow Fwy . to Adelanto turnoff (395) . Take El Mirage cutoff at Adelanto an d tollow the llme onto the dry lake. HiLL CLIMB by Revellers M.C. In Outlaw Canyon, near Bakersfield, Calif. " Old hill," tresh grass. AMA Sportsman event, $1.00 to ride, $1. 50 to watch, under 12. free. Open s 8 a .m.; starts 10 a.m., refreshments. SUNDAY, FEBRU.ARY 18th NAT 10 NA L CHAMPIONSHIP INDOOR SHORT TRACK at Houston Astrodome, Houston, Texas. J.e. Aplanl.. p" SlIlts NU. Sanctloned Prali ss ional TT STEEPLECHASE 1st professional race of 1968. SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th V,1NTER SCRAMBL ES at saltnas , cuu, AMA s a ne •• rain or shine . P romoted by Sal inas Ramblers M.C. at t hei r club grounds . No machi ne s under 200cc pe rmitte d. P ra cti ce and s t gnup 9 a . m, to 11 a .m. No ent ries accepted atter 11. All riders and machin e s mus t comply wi th AMA and Di s t, 36 rul es. Contac t Bob W ayman . 324 N. Mai n St. , s a linas , Ca l. for more Info . 2~d Plu se _d ml Cycll IIIWs for 2 yurs (via class mall) 0 $12.00 PI_.IIIII.CJclt tor•• , 2IIIII.las'.... Ds7.50 "'111. _ _ ....... c, PI.... &fIId N• • : m. Cydl . stw_' hn1d." ..IID $14.00 . .I~~~ ,:",,!,,=.~,a atr Mail. •. . 0 ..... City fEBRUARY 4/ Warmup fi r tile 108 lap TT comi ng Mardi 3rd Gales 0 pen 12 noon 11.. Trial s at 1 p.m. Flrst raci at 2 Pom. TaisIS...... 0 (or) PluSI bill me Il terC] SUBSCRIB E • OO~~~ ~~~ $20.00 _ Statl 0 I . ncl. st cMck "mon!J Int.r 0 u*... • ENGLISH TRIALS by the So , Calif. Trials Assn. at Lopez Can yon Flood Basin. arkers t r om the LI med or red a rcorner of'" i.\.\.~~ " H MacC lay St. C ,,~C , csnr. Starting time In San 10 a .rn, .AI area. Class e s for all bikes an d riders . For more Info call SCTA Sec'y Ray Moreau at (213 ) 370-8491. , ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • = SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4111 EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Sage-Hoppers M.C . In Encinitas, Calif. Practice at 10 a .m, for second annual " Rat Ra ce." First race all lOOcc classes Including Powder Puff at 11 a.m, Second race all Experts exc ept 100c c at 12 noon. Thi r d race all Novices except l OOcc at 1 p . m, Interesting course, lunchwagon, ambulance , heads , AMA sanc., $3.00 entry fee , no adm ittance charge . Interstate #5 to Encinitas. Limed fr om Encinitas Rd. (for mer ly san Marcos Rd.), ACA P ROFESSI ONAL TT SCRAMBLES at Cralg Road Speedway , Las Vegas, Nevada. ~ • SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th SATURDAY, JANUARY 21th 5th ANNUAL ROBlN SPILLSBURY AWARD BANQUET , to be held at Las Vegas Mun icip a l Country Club , Las Vegas , Nevada. SATU RDAY ,JA NUARY2~ ACA CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS BANQUET at the White Horse Restaurantlocated on Harbor Blvd. at Bastanchury In F ull er ton, Calif. Coc ktall hour at 7 p.m ., dinner 8 p.m.; awards presentation an d dancing to follow. All championship and team awards as well as special trophies an d appreciation awards will be given for road racing, moto-cross and fiattrack. All ACA members and fr iends are invited to attend. F or r eservation or info call Beverly Cooley (714) 528-4290. ~ .. Ii WORLD BETTER ' MAKES THE Zip Due to postal reiulatl ons we must ha ve Zip Codes on . 11 subsc riptions. MAIL TO: !P!UJ~ f::, ?e~ch, California Racing Results • • 90801 _ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~ • •

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