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• • 00 se .... '" JANUARY 19,26, FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16. 23 & 24 (SatJ Rud... are advised that IIstlne In this calend. Is a fr. S.vlc.. Cycl. News discla ims any responsibility for canc.llatlon or chaoelne of .vents by pro...ters without INDOOR SHORT TRACK at San Jos e , Cal. Exposition Bldg., County Fairgrounds , Tully Rd. between Fwy . & Mont erey Hwy. Prom oted by Barkhi me r Assoc . Free parking, flat asphalt oval. Purse $450 pl us 40% ove r $2200 gate . $50 pe r week to hi - point s eason rider. Gates open at 6 p.rn., fi rst race at 8:30 p. m , Adults $2 .50, kids under 12, 75~ . xov. , Am., an d Exp . pr ofessional AMA r iders. aollce. EVERY SATURDAY BAY MARE RACE TRACK, 'of! Hwy. 118 between Somis and Moorpark, Calif. , is open all day for practice. EVERY OTHER·SATURDAY . RD ,AD RACE SCHOOL at White man Air Park, 12030 P ierce st., Pa colma (cor ne r Pier ce St. and San Fernando Rd .L. Street bik e preferably, 9 a. m, start, $10 pe r s tudent. F or Info call Bob Braver man at (2 13) 785-2421. r JANU~RY 19th, 20th & 21st AHRA WINTER NATIONALS at Beeline Dragway, Scotts dale , Arizona . Sponsored by the American Hot Rod Ass -n, the drag entrie s will include mot orcycle classes as well as dragsters, hot r ods, modified an d gas cl ass cars . Wr ite AHRA, 1820 W. 91st P I., Kansas Ci ty, Mo. 64114 for mor e Info. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING under the light s at Elsinor e Rac e Track. J us t of! Hwy. 71 , east of Per ris, Calif. tur noff . Spor tsman trophies for all class e s . Spectators welcome . SATURDAY , JANUARY 20th ACA CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS BANQUET a t the White Horse Res taurantlocated on Harbor Blvd: a t Bastanchur y in Fullerton, Calif. Cocktail hou r at 7 p.m ., dinner 8 p.m .; awards pres entation and dancing to follow. All cha mpionship and team a wards as well as special trophies and appr e ciation awar ds will be give n for r oa d r acing, moto-cross and fiattra ck. All ACA members and friends are Invited to a ttend. For r eservation or Info call Beve r ly Cooley (7 14) 528-4290. EVERY SU NDAY T T RAC ES at Bay Mare Track. Directions: Of! Hwy. 118 between Somis an d Moorpark, Calif . Track open for practice at 9 a. m. , races s tart a t 11:30 a. m, Call (80 5) 495-8928. SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, FEBRUARY 4. 11&18 INDOOR SHORT TRACK, AMA professional sanc., presented by Valley Spor ts, Inc. at F resno, Calif.. in the beautiful new Fresno Convention Center Complex. Nov., Arn., EXP. riders . P ures $900 plus 40% ove r $4000 gate . Tim e trials 5:30 p.m.. first race 7:30 p .m, All seats $2. 50. For more Info contact Har ol d Mur rell, 505 W. Kea rn ey BlVd., Fresno, Calif. 93706 or call 268-8856. SUN DAY, JANU ARY 21st HARE SCRAMBLES by Des er t M.C ., marked from Lucerne, Calif. Separate cour s e for trail bikes. Start at 10 a.m. AMA Dist. 37 point run , one of the top 20 for '6 8. Fo r Info call (213) 941-4416 . TT SCRAMBLES at Perris, Calif., pres ente d by the Hl1ltoppers M.C . AMA poin t r un. Little bik es at 9 a.m., big bikes at Noon. Located off Hwy. 74 near P err is , Cal. SUNDAY, JANUARY 14 T T SCRAMBLES presente d by Jackrabbi ts M.C . at Per ris track. Loc a ted of! Hwy , 74 near Perris, Calif. Gate donation $1.25, r ider fee $2.00 . Li ghtweights at 8 a .m.; big bikes at noon. F or fur the r Info call (213) NE 1- 6733. MOUNT BAL DY SNOW RELA Y presented jointly by Hi-Jinx F MC and Evans Security Pa trol . Two man teams. Each rider runs 30- mll e course once. Ride rs meet a t 9 a.m., race starts at 9:30 a.rn. Snow coo le d engines wel come. Restroom an d wate r . Take San Bernardino Fwy . to Sier r a Blvd : Go north appr ox, 30 mi. to Stockton Flats area, Ly tle Creek Can yon. White lime fr om Fwy ., colored in snow if neces sary. SCRAMBLES by Bakersfield Sprockets M.C . at Sprockets Park, Bakers field , Cal. AMA sanc., fir st race at noon . Dist. 36A r ules , r ubber cove r ed folding pegs, 3 correct num ber plates . Food and r efr es hments available, trophies given at race . Track located at foot of Chi na Grade , jus t below Bakersfield College . For more Info co ntact Sprocke ts M.C., P.O. Box 6132, Bakersfield, Cal. SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th T T SCRAMBLES at Eastside Cycle Park, Tu cson, Arizona . Half-mile, graded & oiled with 3 Jumps . Take Hwy. 80 east to Wilmot, AriZ . , then turn le ft.

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