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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ "'J :i!: ~ 1967 A.M.A. DIST. 37 PROFESSION' :.. AL CALENDAR u Nov. 4 Ascot T.T. 10 Ascot !-2 Mile (final) EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT A.c.A.SANCTIONED T.T•• SHORT TRACK RACES II _ TIlIIIII Speedw.,. 10Cited CCll'llW Loae Buell FWJ. IIId FlNsloll. 81111l. Till. Flr.slllo. III Glrfl.ld. &II s.. t11 00 G.. fI.ld, on III I"ell .trIllC•• Jr. & Sr. c s. Prof.sslonll, ""' IIIIrlllte•• Pits II 5 p.m., rIC.. II 7:30 p.IIIo Two cllls" - loocc • 2SOce. Ally IIc. . . okIJ, ACA, AlIA, ARI, .tc. EVERY FRI DAY NIGHT AMA CLASS C HALF~ILE II Ascol Plrk, 183rd IIId V.rmonl. lusl on lb. Hlrbor IIId Sill 01.&11 Fr• .,ys In Gird... Noylc•• Alllleur. Expertplllf.ulonil clrl trlell rider.. Prlcllc. II 7 p.m•• flrsl rIC. II 8:15. EVERY SATURDAY SUnDAY, NOVEMBER St:, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd RACING· 11 MAKES THE WORLD BETTER CALIF. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SCOTTISH TRIALS, presented by SCTA at Frazier park, Callf. area of Los Padres National Forest, McGill Campground. Riders meeting 9:30 a.m., start 10 a.m. Entry fee $3.00, spark arrestors mandatory. OVernight campout Fri. and sat. nights, lots of trophies, all classes. Call 370-8491 for more info. JACKASS ENDURO by Foolblll Hlwks ILe. LI..d from Red 1I_1I1n. Stlrt, nooo checll IIId flallll It Red 11..01110. Appro.. 110 mil... LIe. lid mu"ler Flrsl rider I..y.s II 8:01 1011Io lOOcc IS rIders finish al n_ cbeck. 11111 enlrl.s clo.. mlllnlcbl Oct. 22. ealrJ' , . $4.00.1111' _trl.1 to Footllill HIWks. 7813 S. 81ICkford Ave.. Cillf. "ost Entrl.s $5.00. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES at Deadman's Point, by the Desert Cballengers. $3.00 entry, 3 separate I-hour races, approx. 30 mi. No affiliation required, trophies to 40% of finishers. Trailbikes 10 a.m., small bikes 11: 15 a.m., big bikes 12:30 p.m. Turn off Hwy. 66 3t Lucerne Valley cutot!, go east to Hwy. 18 In Apple Valley, Callf. ANTELOPE RAMBLERS & SHAMROCKS TROPHY PRESENTATION w1ll be held at the American Legion Hall, 5730 cahuenga BlVd., No. Hollywood, Cal1f. Time 8 p.m. Refreshments and live music. SAT. & SUN. NOVEMBER 4 & Sib FRIDAY, NOV. 17, 24, DEC. 1, 8, 21, JAN. 5, 11, 26, FEB. 2, 9, 16, 21 & 24 (SIt.) INDOOR SHORT TRAC,,"- san Jose, Cal. Exposition Bldg, County Fairgrounds. Promoted by Barkbtmer Assoc. Free parking. Asphalt oval. Purse: $450 plus 40% over $2200 gate. $50 per week to hi-point rider at end of season. NOVEMBER Is1-411 TIJUANA TO LA PAZ RALLY sponsored by the National Ot! Road Racing Assn. Classes for two wheels and four; For further Info contact NORRA, Inc., 19730 ventura BlVd., Suite 6, Woodland Hills, Cal1f. or call John Lawler (213) 883-4140. Ir. Idylsed tIIIl IIstlne In Ihls cal• od. 's I 1_ SerYlce. Cycl. discillmi Iny Nsponllblllly for clne.llallon or cuoclne 01 .venh by promoters wltbOul aotlce. ENSENADA POKER TOUR-Spon.. by Cycl. N.w.. SoCird poker run Irom T1IUlIII to Easenadl. 65 mile.. DInC.I, cockflchtln&, fir.. works. II shine d.rby. motorcycl. parld., cuslom cOOtelt, lliver souvenir pins to .ach entranl. .11_1. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th 20- LAP CALIF. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TT at Ascot Park, 183rd & vermont, Gardena, Cal1f., promoted by J.C. Agajanian. Last night race of the TT season, Nov., Am., and Exp. professional AMA riders, sldehaclcs special added atraction. Practice 7 p.m., first race 8: 15 p.m. Just off Harbor & san Diego Fwys. 1I1ANNUALINTERNATIONALSNIPE HUNT, II C,llfornl, City. CIUf•• sponsoNd by Plrks and Dept. Purpo.. to ClptuN salpes for scl.ntlflc sludy. No nNIFIIS, welPOOS or trlpplne d.ylc.1 permitted, onl)' flllhllchl lid cunn)' sack. For _ . Info con· IIct Roy $Iyae., Jr., Dlreclor 01 Plrks • Recrullon. Bo. G6, Cllllomia City. ClIIf. Phone: 373....... ..,ttI., 50-MILE SCRAMBLES by Sage-Hoppers M.C. of Enc1n1tas, Cal. 2nd Annual "Brush Bash." Limed from Interstate 5, Encinitas, and San Marcos Rd. Lunchwagon, heads and ambulance. Paradelap 9 a.m.; first race 10 a.m., 100cc all classes. second race Noon, Experts all classes except 10Occ. Th1rd race 2 p.m., all Novice classes except 10Occ. AMA sane., Dlst. 38 point event. $3.00 entry, no admittance charge. For Info call Bob Gooding 753-2907. HARE SCRAMBLES presented by the Kern Co. Trailblazers,lstAnnual"Monster Run." Banner drops at 11 a.m. for 70 mUes of fun. Limed north from intersection of Hwy. 33 & Hwy. 46 (BlactweU's Corner). Limed south from DevU's Den. Dlst. 36-A AMA point run. Call (805) 746-4058 for further Info. Spark arrestors will be required unless It rains. ••TERNATIONAL IIOTD-cROSS II AzIK ~Irk 10 seu., Klaulo PAR·F1M _II. . 1~1. c.,... IIlII ctes. . . II..., IIId tro....,... AI. trills til. dIy • ' - c_ssr.s, _ .. etc. C.tIct Will. D. G,.,.v1n.. PIlI... PARA, P.o. Bolt 359, 5edIo, KaBlis lor .ntrI.1 .d 11_ Info. TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN CYCLE NEWS BAY MARE RACE TRACK, off HWJ. 118 .... !we. Somlsllld llooipark. Clllf.. Is opon III day for prlctlce. CIII (213) Gl·3629. ' EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL II Whlt_n Air Plrk, 12930 Plerc. SI-. PlcollDl (corner Plerc. St. lod $In F.... llldo Rd.). Str.1 blk.s pm.... Ibly,9 l.m. sllft, $10.00 per stud.t. For IaI_II on cllI Bob BrlvermlO 11(213) 785.2421. RRST SAlURDAY OF EVERY lWJNTH PRO FESSIONAL TT II Ascol Plrk. GlrdOlll, 1Urd lid V.-t. Prlctlce 7 p.m.. Rlc.s sllFt II 8:15 Pollio 1st & 3rd SATURDAY PROFESSIONAL INDOOR SHORT TRACIl II III_spoils AnnoF)'. IIlonupoll.. ilion.. sllrtlne sept. 16 IIId contloulne III winter. AlIA 3·StIr minimum. Public Idmltted 7 p.IIIo, tI... trills 7:30 p.m. AdYlllce tickets $1.50, 52.00 II door. For rider lolomllion contlCl T.e. Pro.cycl.s,P.D. Bo. 5100. IIlnn.,polls. 111m. 55406. AlIA SAMCT. NOVEMBER 4 2lI-LAP CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PRACTICE 7 IP" _11I.,1 8.15 p••• RACES START· FlATTRACK EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING II Perris PlFk. on HWJ. Perri s, CIIII. Gites open 6 Po.... C:I_. prlCtlc. IIIrts 7:30, rlC.s $1.25 IlIml u1on, $2 to r'de. 1SO ...11 mum. 4 lIour sllow. 74 aur entrl.s 8 Pollio entrl.s HARE SCRAMBLES at Palmdale, Cal1f. presented by the Hi-JInx FMC. Not an endurance test but a test of sk1l1. 1brWing 1-1/2-br. jaunt over bill and dale. Riders meet at 9'30 a.m., race ai 10 a.m. Entry $3.00, 125cc max. Take Palmdale Fwy. to Ave. S, left on Ave. S and follow the llme. Come win a trophy. AliA SAM CT. RACING EVERY FRIDAY TT RACING .... Ill. lIehls II Elsinore Rac. Track. Jusl oft HlchwlY 71 EIII of Perris IlImoll. Sport_ lropIIl.s lor III cllls", Sp.clItorl _'COIIL 7 RACES IP·•. PRACTICE 8'15, . . START • PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C. start at 10 a.m•• trophies to 50% of entries. presented after race. F1n1sbers ellglb1e for merchandise drawing. AMA D1st. 37 rules apply MInors bring notarized statement of release from pareots. 15 mUes east of Lancaster, Cal1f. on Ave. J. *-¥*** EVERY SUNDAY TT RACES It Sly IIIr. Trick. DINctlonl: on Hwy. 118 between $oml s Ind 1I0orpsrt. CIIII. TrICk open for prlcllc. II 9 l.m.. rices ItIrt It 11:30 I .... ClII (80s) 85-8928. Vermont - In"" Off Harbor' Freeway ~Ha! HA~ &111B GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS TO YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY... HI Nothing gives so much pleasure all yearlong as a gift subscription to America's Weekly Motorcycle Newspaper, CYCLE NEWS. Just fill out the coupon below, mail it to Cycle News, and your gi ft-gi ving problem is solved. We'll send a beautiful Chri stmas card to your loved one just before December 25th that says -Merry ChrIstmas! You have a gift subscription to Cycle News from .... • And we'll send Cycle News for one year,starting with the first issue of 1968. • • SHORT OF CASH FOR CHRISTMAS GIVING? Don't worry. We caa biD you after tile first of tile yeu. Isn't this a perfect way to say -Merry Christmas· &ll year tIlrough? - --

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