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SUNDAY. OCTOBER 22Dd SAT. & SUN" OCTOBER 28 & 2!1 25t11 ANNUAL TURKEY HARE " HOUND, pres.ted IIJ So. CaN f. L C. AlIA sanct.. two 4O-llIIl. loops. tl1ll1 blkes flrst loop onl,. L. lIans start; brine prop. Start 9 a..... fin. Ullted 30 mi. nortll III IsII.r pins, $3.25 MoIava at Red Rock Can,.. Followlne race, first 4 Heav,..lpt, LI~twel~t and Trail· blk. riders to scrambl. after live lIuk.,s. 14t11 ANNUAL DEATH VALLEY lOUR, advance entries onl" $3,00 per perSOll, $1.50 children IRlder 12, clos. Sat., Oct, 14. Mall .nlrles to lIotorc,cle Tours. lne., 12738 S. Paramount Blvd.. Down." Calif. YOIl will recel ve COld rush map Idt and Instructions IIJ r.tum mall _ week before start. Brine food, sl..,lne baCS and oth.r camplne equipment, win on. of 100 new-trp. trophl.s. AlIA r.llsIratlon booth will be ope at Fumac. Cr•• Raneh on Sla. from 1-5 pem. and Sun. 9-10 a.m., "" AlIA award. No car ••lrles accepted. .by. SCRAMBLES IIJ Taft LC.. track 1,4....11. -.,st of Maricopa, Calif. Practlc. 9.11 a.m.. sle"'p closes at 11 a.m., first I1IC. 12 noon. lIan miles Jroph" AlIA sanc., Dlst, 36A rul.s, Food and on erounds, For more Info contact Bill Blanco, P.O. BOI 9l14, Taft, Calf. Phon. 765·2370. SPORTSMAN FLA TTRACK by Ft. SUtter M C at Roseville F alrgrounds, Rosevtie: Calit. Quarter-mile track, 250Cc and under. AMA sanct. All classes incl. women if 6 or more. Signup 10 til noon, practice 12-12;45 p.m., first race 1p.m. covered stands, beautiful trophies, refreshments. Riders $2.00, Gen. Adm. $1.50. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 25th ACA CHAMPION FLA'l''l'RACK EVENT for 1967 season at Orange Co. Speedway. 10OCc, 250Cc and Open classes. Pltgates open 6;30 p.m., qualifying 7 p.m., first event 8 p.m. Tke Santa Ana Fwy to Laguna Canyon ott-ramp, make left turn at first street, Valencia, proceeu approx 2 miles to track. NEXT WEEK IN CYCLE NEWS "FINISH THE FUNNY" WINNER 4m ANNUAL BANNER GRADE RUN b, Artesia Plon••rs. Call (213) 42505321 for __ Information. 18th ANNUAL DIST. 37 CHAIIIPlONSHIP HARE & HOUND b, Rams M.C., limed from Waeon Wh.. 1 on Hw,. 14, starts near Hart's Cat•• Start Inc time 10 aem., .nlr, f. $4.25. Sidehacks w.lcom•• For furth.r Information call (213) 367-2897. MOTO-CROSS at Ladl C,cl. Bowl, Ladl, Cal. Thre. IS-lap .vents In .acb class - 200 Am. & 200 Exp.; 250 Am. & 250 ElPo Slenup 8.10 a.m.. quallf,lne h.ats at 11' a.m. Racine starts at 1 p.m. rain or shine. Ble roue b cours., water bazard, traction tires onl, (no chains). Admission $1.50 to rid. . . watch. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A COOL, SCENIC RIDE TO LAS VEGAS FOR $5.001 It is now possible througb travel arrangements made by san GabrieJ Valley Motorcyc.le Club for salunlay *** NOVEMBER 25. 1961 *** Depanure time will be 9 a.m. rrom Barstow, CaUL Arrival in Las Vegas wiJl be determined by YOU. SCRAMBLES by San Rafael M.C. at San Rafael, Calif. For more into contact San Rafael M.C., 933 Francisco BlVd., san Rafael, Calif. 94901. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2Mb TEHACHAPI RELAY ENDURO SCRAIIBLES b, HI-J lox FMC. Trail curine onl,. All riders must have partners, Max. 125cc per blk., 'tums limited to 225cc max. 4 loops arpund a 16....;11. cOllrse. Entry f. $5.00 per team. Take Gold.n Stat. Fwr. to Palmdal. turnOff, Co past Lancaster, tum lert at flrst siena In Rosamond. From that sl&llal follow the 11m•• ••••••••••• 2nd ANNUAL BIG FOOT ENDURO By Trinity Trailsters. start and finish at Burnt Rnch, Calif. on Hwy 299 limed from WUlow Creek. Approx. 100 mUes. First ridei out 9:01 a.m. PST. Legal muttlers, $3.00 entry fee. Entries close midn1ght oct. 24. Mall to Trinity Trallsters, P.O. Cox 177, Willow Creek, Calif. for 1n!0 call Gene Harpe at 6292411. HILLCUIIB bJ Eastsld. . .C. at C,cl. Hills, Uns DSIII In Mwpn Hili, Calif. Sportsman AlIA sane., all classes from 200Cc up. $1.50 to ride .. watch, kids und.r 12 free. Man miles Iropb,. Practice 9:30 ..m., 12 noon start. For more fun in the SUD bring your friends, neJgbbors. girl rrtends and wire if needed. They'll tbiDk it a GAS••• (for you)!! You mipt even see yourself 011 TV later! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th 1st AllNUA L INTERNATIONAL SNIPE HUNT, at California CIV, Calif., sponsor.d IIJ Parks and R.crutlon Dept, Purpose to capture snipes for scl.ntlflc stud,. No "rearms, weapons .. trappln, d.vlc.s permitted, ani, flasbllpt and IUnn, sack. For more Info contact Ro, Savae., Jr., Director of Parks & R.creatlon, BOI 426, California Cltr. CaUl. Pbon.: 373-4884. ••••••••••••••••••••••••• MAIL ENTRY 00 standard entry form with $5.00 (post entry: $6.00) to Bob Holmes, 866 E. Comstock. Glendora, California. Or call (213) 444-3445 ror informaUon on the NaUonal Championship Hare & Hound after 4 p.m. ••••••••••• SAT. & SUN. NOVEMBER 4 & 5th ENSENADA POKER TOUR-Spans, b, Cycle News, 5-card poker run from Tijuana to Ensenada, 65 miles, Dances, cockflehtlne, fir... works, flshine d.rb,. motorc,cl. parad., custom sllv.r souvenir pins to .ach .. trant. Mall name, , and $2.50 for each pr_ntry to C,cle News, BOI 498. Lone Buch. Calif. FOR FAST SERVICE WHEN ANSWERING WANT ADS - SAY YOU SAW IT IN CYCLE NEWS- oel: 22 preseafs TT-SCRAMBLES DISTRICT 31 POINT RUN Lightweights 9 a.m, Heavyweigllts (all) 12 noon BAY MARE TRACK LEARN HOW TO WINl I • r- s- Enter Cycle News' New Subscription Contest! PRIZES - mT st SUNDAY NOV. 5th RULES - Entries will be I'Delced on GRAND PRIZE a Brand New NORTON P-U Dual-Purpose SCrambler. Wail til you get the pink slip on this brawny, mall-sized cycle! Ride it On the road as a fine touring Norlon, 01 lake olf the lights and PRESTO! Irs a gaspingly fast p·lJ Scrambler. Guaranteed 10 crank olf 9G-plus quarter-miles and bring horne the lIophies for you, If you're the wiMer. FIRST PRlZE-- Yamaha Traitmaster 100. Perfect lor one. two or threebike families. The irMlemand. best handling bike in its claSHo or off the road. Has Yamaha's standard fealures such as taroous single rotary valve engine, praYen oil injection system, easy shiftina 4-speed gearbox. and water-and dus\proof brakes, plus special featufes lor off·the-road riding: Double sprocket for both streel and trail riding. ad~stable rear shocks, slrong engine guard plate. easy electric starter, and large nobby~ _ originality, sincerity and aptness of thought Conlest ends on Micil gilt, December 1st,1967,and entries postmarked after that date will not be eligible to win. All entries become the property of C&S Publishing Company ald none will be returned. In case 01 duplication the earliest postmark decides the winner. Contestoot open to employees of C&S Publishing Co. or t~ir families. :- •••• HOW TO ENTER ••••• i I I , FlRST-Subscnbe to Cycle News. This is NOT a slfbscripl'ion blank, II is an entry blank for the contest only. · · · , , • I , , , , , SEalND- Cartplele the folloWlne staterDent In 2S words or less: • • 'I Like Ridi", Motorcycles 80=..... I _. • SBOllND lhro.i:Io F1F'1'1E'l'11 PIlIZSS- Sexy, "vtahne Cycl. N .... I T·S1irts fOf IlleSI or ladies. iu~·~;; ·bl~k·~·~·;~~~i~' ;~~~ , I If you are a Iready a subsCf iber , please aHath adcl-ess label from CYCLE NEWS here. 1 I I • ~ _._ i;i··'····,",·,,········,'' , •• ,..", • I Tbafs all there IS to m.1l you're a Slltlscnbel you have a dlance of wlnOln, l:be 4=acl'llne of yow dfems,· !he magrullceAt Norlon P·ll, 01 any of 50 other valu • able, UniQue pnzes. I, I &.~' ~ i;

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