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"" ~ ~ CALENDAR of EVENTS Readers are advised mat listing in mls calendar IS a free ..... ServIce. Cycle News disclaims any responsib!Iity for can:;; cellation or changing of eyents by promoters WIthout notIce. -~ Q OJ ii, = ' will sbow you how It's done. Lura how III be "one up" on your flilow co t1l11rs .., ItIIadn.. Track It 8 I In.tructlon bell's It 10. For furtbar Information plIooe (213) 785'2421. "'11 CLASS C TT It Dehesa SlIHdWIY. Po"'I.,. It 10 ...... rac. will ltall It noon. Go out Hwy. 10 to Harbison Canyon lid. Ind follow sips. SATURDAY, AUGUST 12tb CLASS C HALF-II".E It Tullre County Fllr· ,round.. the "\..t .Q '.st track In the w.1t. ANA U"- _Ct."'. ,-urse two stir or 43 pt.. Racine clt'...., It 8 p.m. AUGUST 12th aid 13th 4t11 ANIIUAL BANNER GRADE RUII. preHnted .., till Art.sll PI_... Locatld It Julian Plrk. CIIIf. . .st of EsclIII"do lad W of IDdlo 00 Hwy. 78. Mall $.75 .ntry III ••t 11814 Eisl 223rd St.. Hawill.. Gar_s. Cal. Po.t antlJ $1.00. Flnl sh deadline 1 p.... Ga,. SCRAMILESIIHAYWARD SPEEOWAY SPO" sored by Haywlrd lIa10rcycle Club A.LA. SlDCtl_d. No phone .trl.s will • Ieceptld, cllss "CO tI .. s OIIly. no knabbl... All AlIA; axcapl WODIID'S eveah. III numlllr plalls must be lepl slze. s1pup: 4:00 uMIl 6:00 p.... Practlc.: 4:30 p.m. III 6:30 p.... 1st rac. at 7:30 p.rn. for further InfOl'1llltion cllI: lIel Stlby (415) 783-9922. EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Wbltaman Air Park, 12930 Pillc. 51., Plcolma (com.r Pierce St. and San FlfDlndo Rd.). StrHt bikes p.., .... Ibly, 9 a.m. start, 510.00 pDf student. For Iaformallon call Bob Brawll...n al (213) 785·2421. EVERY SATURDAY, JULY 8-SEPT 2 QUARTER MILE TT al Aurora Sp..dway on Donald Rd In Aurora. Washlncton. Prsctlc. 7 p.m., racine bellns al 8. For Info call (206) 654-9972 or 253-5782 or 695-7891. ·FlATTRACK RACING EVERY SUNDAY, May 21- Sept. 23 PROFESSIONAL EIGHTH IIILE Short Track. $200.00 purse. Classes lor 100cc. 200cc, 500cc aad Open. Practice al 4:30 p.m., raclnl beelns at 6 p.m. For lnfo. call (206) 695-7891. Aurora Speedway, Aurora, Washlnllon. EVERY 1st SUNDAY BEARDSLEY RACETRACK MOTOCROSS Scrallbl.s and TT.AIIA IIne.,.Copp" Stat. Cycle Club" Loclt.d 25 mll.s 01 Pho.lll, Ariz. on U.s. Hwy 60. AMA SAN CT. EVERY FRIDAY 7 RACES ,p••• PRACTICE 8.15fill START • *-¥-*** Vermont - Off Harbor Freeway 1

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