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• r-;iiE;;iiifiiDiir" 1 • • .J ByRn.yRockwood The state of California was a busy place last weekend with four dille,.. ent Experts bringing home the- bread-: Tanner at Tulare, Corder at San Diego, Haaby at Ascot and Dick Mann at San Jose. This coming weekend we can cut down from four to two events on the professional circuit with a double header half-mile and TT at Ascot on Friday and Saturday night. A word about Friday night and the what used to be billed at Ascot as weekly half-mile racing. They have managed to run only one of the four races that were originally scheduled for APril. due to rain. It only rains on Friday this year, so the riders and Aggie say. You don't have to look at the calendar or clock to know w hen Friday comes around, just look outside, or listen for the noise on the roof. Well. that should be all over now and things should, we say should, swing back to normal with the rest of the year having more racing in store than ever before. ' Three new tracks joined the list last weekend and all three. were a success. One of the best crowds to ever see an indoor race was on hand at San Diego. Tulare had minor weather problems bu t it was a good show and the track was better than ever. San Jose joined the list wi th a halfmile that was run inside the mile track. The crowd was surprisingly large and the racing was excellent. Plans call for once a month racing there from now on. It was the first time Tulare was run on a -stW- date in many a year. Past events have been single shots and always wi th the County Fair. Tulare is the site ~ the Hile National on July 1 this year, and It NlPears that the action track Is bank in business full bore. CYCLE NEWS Is and will be about the only publication that will have all the dates and times for the many professioaal races coming uP this year. Various promoters will be wise in contacting the paper well in advance to insure that the nders and dyed-in-thewool fans know wh at is going on. rofessional racBecause of all th ing in the state there are at least two training ground tracks in the crystal ball for sportsmen riders and Novice and Amateur pro riders. In South Gate, at the new Trojan Speedway, they are now running short track every Tuesday night and sporting TT' s every Thursday night. Both are lightweight shows that pattern the entire program after the Ascot shows. The Ascot people have been approached bY a local TV station about the possibilities of televising sportsman TT events. in color. on a weekly basis on Monday nigh ts wi th a differen t AMA club playing host and acting as officials every week. With a record amount of professional racing in the state and a record amoun t of tracks, the South Gate and Ascot courses could well serve as the best training grounds for new and tuture riders. The Ascot idea is the best one yet to let people know what AMA. the clubs, and the sport is all about. Now we can again sit back and see if politics will enter into the picture, or some of the little jealousies that -have shot other good things down in the past. AnotherCarlsbad sportsman road r!ce is on tap Sunday afternoon. Mav 14th. The time is fast closing on the N atlonai that will be run down there in september. San Diego short track again runs on Saturday night. May 20th. Once ajmir they will have an all-arter~oon practice. On to Ascot this Friday and Saturday .night - if It doesn't rain. ROMNEY PROCLAJMS IIICHIGAN M.C. SAFETY WEEK TRIUMPH PRODUCTION ROAD RACER The latest addition to the pukka racing scene in England are replicas of the Triumph Daytona road racers, to be built bY tuner Geoff Monty In the near future. Depending on the state of tune the models will sell for $1,275 to 1.500 in England. -They will be as near replicas of the TriumPhs which won the Daytona !'ace as we can make them,- Monty said. -They will be bull t to any specification and even the lowest price model will be put into full racing trim with a tuned exhaust system. • The unit construction Triumph is CaPable of well over 100 mph and Monty said that although he doesn't expect them to be faster than a Manx Norton. they should be Ideal for the club racer and excellent in events where reliability is of prime importance. By C.C., e.ti..ed Conversation centered around the recent Assembly Committee hearing of A.B. 978. the controversial motorcycle -safetyW bill. Everyone who heard the speech by new MS&ATA advocate Paul Mc Crillis to the committee, praised if highly. MI. McCrillis was recently employed by the trade association to Wadvocate- the industry's position to the state legislatures. In a sense. Mr. McCrillis is our -lobbyist- although the word is no longer polite to use around political insiders. They prefer to call them advocates. p ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The week of May 14 through May 20, 1967 has been proclaimed Motorcycle Safety Week in Michigan by Governor George Romney. The proclamation notes that moto,," cycling is an inc reasingly popular pastime and mode of transportation. and that responsible and law-abiding cyclists demonstrate their concern for the safe use of their machines and prove that they are mutual partners with other drivers to make roads and highj\'ays safe for everyone to use and enjoy. i Everyone wished that more of the new faces in the Nor-cal motorcycle business would come to the next get-together which is only three months away. So new dealers especially, watch these notes for the announcement and feel invited. The next occasion to get together will be hosted by dealer Charlie Miller in Vallejo. sometime in July or August. eel Snip, 1st O. A. second place was won by Jim Fronson (Triumph). with Don Harris and Bill Stuth, both on Greeves, taklng third and fourth respectively. (ResuUs on page 16) !. SA e:J •• • • t ~ _S!'.!'!'!'!.l!!~~l. • AT LAST HJ-eomp. pislons • l2U) 2I1-llQ • • • • • ••• For Honda 450' s <0 0> : \\\\\ ME-S fORA'E : : CyCLE \\ 1M ... : VI Ef:({ \~':...~. : " \.~. : : : • • • • • I enclose check or money order : Please send me Cycle News for one year via 2nd class mail 0 $1,50, • Pleasesendme Cycle News for one year via first class mail 0 • Please sead me Cycle News for one year via Air Mail, ••• • 0 (or) Please bill me laterD 0 (Plene clleck one) nls Is a lew • ::1 linen,•• 0 • $1.... • $21.. • • 0 Mall It: CYCLE NEws, III UI, LIII Bacia, Calif. t.-J. (8e _e alUI lacillda Zip cocI..) • • N.. • • • • • _ • • City .. - _ ZI Capilli Scrambles, Coni. Slate _ -.-.. __ .- • • HI-BOOTS at DEHESA By steve Fisk UP with the ponies to make the pass. Bultaco racked up another victory in the 250 Expert Main with J ark Brelsford doing the riding. The IS-year old youngster seems to have a bright racing future before him, once he joins the professional ranks. Mark won both the heat and the Main Event by three fourths of a lap and was having a ball doing it. The next race, which did not give the aPpearance of being just another Parade, was the 650 Amateur Main. Once again, Jim Saitone proved that a 360cc German lightweight is more than a match for the big British bombers., AlthOUgh there was a good fight for the first eleven !aPs. Jim shook of! all his oponents and buzzed on to take first place. The Maico Is not the prettiest of all motorcycles, but it sure does the job. Climax of the day's racing was the Open Expert Main, which featured a battle between Bruce Anderson (Tri) and Carl Leihr (Maico) • Leihr won his heat with the Maico and gave Bruce a rough time in the Main but cubic power won out over handling and he had to settle for runnel"llp spot. (Resulls on Page 16) -****************~ THE TWO-WHEELER.-: SUZUKI ~: * RUQ fer c.dau I Hiat.Dell,.,l * * u *. \ ***************J 1655 W. • • • • • • • • • • (714) ' " 0504 • ~.:. AlHrlSs • : • TIlls Is a r••wal la_Side, cel. '" '" ~ ~ Io:I ~ Io:I .,J U )" U • • • .. • .tI --------------, • : H... ' 'rer a" •• • • • • • • • • • I· I : ......... \,\\ yo EVERY, i Speedy Malees Old Guard, Meet New Faces Cl.. 0 GEt CROsrCOUNTRY DESERT RACE VANTAGE, WASHINGTON by Ken Habeck At lOin the moming Sunday. APril 23. more than four hundred riders lined up at the start of the 72-mile crosscountry desert run at Vantage. Washington. The race turned out to be a very fast, tough and grueling and only 172 riders managed to finish. George Hamling of Seattle rode a CZ into the lead and hung on up un til the half-way mark. He was later passed by Husky-mounted Cal Snip, a transplanted California desert rider now living in Seattle. • '"... • .'III : • ~ CI> The third Hi-Boots Dehesa T.T. Scrambles this year hosted an overnow crowd on Sunday, APril 13. The San Diego track. near El Cajon. proved once again to be a worthy adversary to the eager riders. A new face entered the winners circle after the 90cc ·B- Main Event. Don Emde. 16 years old. rode his Bultaco Lobito oIf the starting line to his first win in that class. Don has been racing for sevelal months and hopes to graduate to a bigger Bultaco in the future. Watch out Silverthorn. Joe Phillipson seems to be the cu~ rent man to beat in the 90cc Expert class. Joe took that event in the typical good style that got him his Expert number plate on bis Bridgeston~. 250 Expert Dick MIils was overtaken by just 75 motocross scoring points by Bill Silverthorn on his g go Montesa. Both men swapped the lead several times to make the 250 Expert race the usual spectacular event. Bud Admire ran into a bit of bad luck in the 500cc Expert motos to end UP with a second place over all. J. Coogan and his Triumph took first place honors. The Open Expert race had a controversy .as to the winner of the first motocross. The argument was resolved a few hours later when Myron Carter, San Diego'S newest entrant in the race for Open Expert honors won the next two races by a haif lap margin on his Tri umph TT Special. Old Cajon Speedway racer, Butch Rowland, was on hand after an Army stretch. Butch put on an excellent show, placing third on his Triumph. The attendance in the stands and the pits once again showed the growing popularity or motorcycle racing in the San Diego area. (Results appeared earlier) (~ 7"47~ 11726 s.ta "lea Blvd" Loa A..... PII; Gil 3-1101

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