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.... ., 'lll _---_. ~ CI) i3I: Col Gen. Mgr. Ad & Edit-Cbuck Clayton Business Manager••Sharon Clayton Circulation Manager Gaye Thomason Asst. Editor•••••••Rodi Hartrnut Photo Editor, • , •••Dennis Greene Reader Service, , • .sherri Dearmond Ad & Edit. Asst. ••Roberi Bradford Production Assistant••••Randy say alw.,. (Arn l:IIIe 211) F. . L.A.- .....1: . . . . . Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by C&S Publishing Company, Post Office Box 498,Long Beach, California Please allow three weeks for . . dreas cb&nce. Second c1lUis Postqe paid at Loae Beach. Calif. An:! Part of this newspaper except copyrighted matter may be used without permission as lone as credit is given. Editorial stories, caJtoons, photos are welcomed and will be paid for upon publication. Addressed, stamped envelope assures return. 8incle CllIPY price ••••••••• ~ Sabscdptf. .s: ODe year 2Dd class -n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Adverttstac $7.50 rates will be seat request. _-----.-_._---------_._--------.-----------.. ~ .. u ITHE YOICE OF CAUFORIIIAI 1411 N, LII& BeICll Blft, L_& Beacll, Calif, .115 Or: Bel., LOll Beacll, Calif. "-e: C2HC31 Col Z Y"II _It FlRn I. os OD Help YOllrself VOICES CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! In regards to Rockwoods' Finish Line column of March 30. it sounds as though Cliff Guild and the Baltimore Triumph crew were responsible for the entire Triumph factory effort and Hammer finally finishing a Daytona race; NOT SO! Hammer, Mulder and Romero rode the Johnson motors rigs which were maintained by Al Stucky, Pat Owens and Jack Wilson. It was through their efforts that Hammer not only was a finisher but also qualified faster than any of the other Triumphs. PETE BROWN Long Beach 4 Aces Rate Rider's Praise Secret Weapon I would like to use your article "How To Watch A Motorcycle Race· (Cycle News, 3/23/67) in a racing program that will be distributed at AMA race meets in this area. With your permission I'd like to substitute a local rider's name in ' plac e 0 f Muld er s as described in your 'ti wrl ng. Really enjoy your sheet. Also appreciate your use of Northwest copy. Only wish I could dig UP more contributors for you. DAVE WELSH AMA District Referee Washington State C· Everything Ibat appears in Cycle News wilb the exception of some pbotoeraPbs and copyricbted DIlteriai is yours for Ibe All we ask is that you prin t a small crecat Hne nearby reacang 'reprinted from Cycle ewSo' It's our way of making good material ava.ilable free to efforts SlIch as yours. O ) I am a satisfied reader of Cycle News and I've read in recent issues of how badly TT Scrambles were run-or put on and the fact that too much beer was drank and not enough attention paid to the fact there was a race to be run. In regard to this - I run a 160 Honda #801 (novice) and a 650 Triumph #326 ( , ) d ' lilt ul nOVlce an I d e to congrat ate the promoting club handling the March 19, 1967 race at Prado Park - the 4 Aces. It was run with great cooperation on everyone's part and we were through with the hig bore long before dark. Congratulations 4 Aces, and other clubs take notice. There were plenty small bore and big bore. but everyone raced and enjoyed the day very much. Thanks again. JAMES "BUDDY· CARTER santa Monica P.S. Let's see more of the "hacks.· After a perilous and difficult J'ourney / to the heart of the seGret USAF HD proving grounds in Western Montana, I can report success in my efforts to ascertain how America answers the foreign threat at Daytona. Thl'S photograph, and the dialogue, which I transcribed while listening from a range of 5000 yards on Without KAWASAKI? lookwhBt YouPre missing: a shotgun-parabolic microphone, should calm and allay all doubts and fears of those who feared for the integrity of our nation at this important racing event. Please feel free to print the photograph for I assure you that the exposure has now been cleared through highest levels; my whole trip was financed IllY the CIA. Flatheads forever! BYRON BLACK Fresno DIRTOIGGER5-AMA RIFT HEALED We wish to announce we are accepting the AMA's membership offer. Since May 25, 1966 we have been apart on many and varied points. Now, through some changes in their administration, the gap is closing. (l) Mr. Lin Kuchler, is no longer with the AMA and Mr. Berry his successor has shown a personal interest in our District and its problems, and has come out to meet with us - this is progress. (2) Pro Amateur riders are now allowed to ride sporting events. (3) The AMA has not insisted we drop our FIM and ACA affiliation, thereby showing democratic intent and insuring our annual Grand Prix rider entries (55 inquiries from Europe so far). We feel peaceful international co-existence is a good policy. (4) The idea of a Rep. trom our Sporting District to the National Congress is fully suPported and his expenses should be reimbursed. As long as the AMA continues to fulfill its promises, we will support them, however, we wish to be very clear that our sentiments and actions will he for the good of SOuthern Californias District 37, if ever a choice has to be made. The controversy we stimulated has, at some expense to our club, brought some good beginnings to AMA policies. The Striped Crusaders M.C. have graciously allowed us to co-sponosr their 1967 scheduled race dates. In closing, due to the tremendous turnout for our 1966 G.P. we would like to announce our November 11 & 12, 1967 International Moto Cross & G.P., will be an invitational event only. DON KEMP Dirtdiggers M.C. Sro"SOIS W MInD ... and you're missing the hundreds of "move-up" minded cycle enthusiasts .ki who are now ready to move up to the big ones from Kawasaki. Don't miss out any longer. Write' Mlltllrcyclc COrp. P.O, Box 2066 Gardena, California 90247 - Call: (213) 329-1152 American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp., A Subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Ltd, Dr. Walter R. Tucker, Chairman of STEP Committee for SoaP Box Derby Sponsors announced today that the YTEP and Watts Cham ber of Commerce are promoting the Annual Soap Box Derby for Watts and South Central Youth. For the first time, over 100 boys can compete for scholarship prizes. Each contestant has to build his own racer. The cost to sponsor one boy is $60 for wheels and parts. We appeal to all businesses, clubs, churches to sponsor a boy by mailing your check to SOAP BOX DERBY FUND c/o STEP YTEP - 12201 SO. Willowbrook. Compton, calif. 90222 or call 774-2880.

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