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• SOTERMYCLE CONTEST BRINGS SOME STRANGE NEW COMBOS For die secoDd year iD a row old mlUl weadler WO. OD& at Ascot. 18 '16 be scored the first two weeks aud then came back tlais year to do the sallie. So we try apin this Friuy Bight to eet the weekly half!lile seasou 0(( the groldld aad uadenray for die ru to November. There was a record tIImout o( riders ou blLIId last week, waimC to try, bat the tract was IIOt iD good coudition aad on tile IOIIgIa side. Hardly the Long Beach the last two years, with way to open a new season. Irwindale got off the ground last saturday night with their now twice-amonth TT shows on saturday nights. To keep things less confusing this season, separate TT points will be kept for each track, plus a combined total, to eventually come uu with the overall steeplechase cllarnps. If the weatbennaJI cooperates, the season is lIIlderw"Y full tilt every weel! for the next seven DIOIIthS. There will be balf-miJe raciag every Friday Dipt, TTs three S811m1ay Dicbts of eacb DIOIIth, ODe iDdoor short tract. per· DIOIIIII aDd one road race per montll. Then for Novice, Amateur and nOnlicensed riders there is also the new Trojan Speedway in SOuth Gate that will host sportsman short track and TT races every week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. With a full schedule like that keep a close eye on Cycle News· little black book located elsewhere in the paper that lists all of the events that are bappening. .' ". Sal DI"eco AC.l VhY Riders in the San Diego area are in for quite a bit of racing and are urged to obtain a professional AMA license as the opening indoor short track race down there is just aronud the comer On Satu~ day night, APril 29th. It will be at the new Sports Arena and they say that this new palace bas never drawn less than 7,000 people for any event held there to date. The San Diego events under the roof will closely follow the format set down at classes for lOOcc machines and also for the 250s. Riders can also look for an all-aftemoon practice on race day. On April 23rd the riders return to Carlsbad Raceway for another sportsman road race date. That one got rained out, also, last month. This time aroUDcl one of tile highlichts will be the first rumling ill the west of ODe of tile new Honda 450s out of the three madliJle Te--Bansea entry at Daytoaa. Bob lias sbipped one oat here for Swede S8vage to ride. 1& is the _ macbine that Swede rode to 10th place at Daytona, minus rear brakes and tacb, This is perhaps the best-prepared road raeing machine in competition today and the many features on the bike will have to be seen to be appreciated. It drew more comments and photographers down at the beach than any other equipment. They have it -redlined· at 11,500 rpms, which should vibrate the Carlsbad canyons like never before. The Culsbad event will host a full program of sporting races for all classes once again, including the streetproduction classes. Playboys M.C. again play host. We bad a chance to talk with the owner of Phoenix International Raceway last week while over there announcing the USAC I5O-mi.le Indy car races. They have a paved mile that would be ideal for the first attempt at running expertenced E:r;perts on a pavement ovaL They are highly interested and we will bave more On that later. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS bike to make sometbtng they calI • Never let it be said that Cycle News readers are iD the Ilnmor departlllt!llt. AUatest COllllt there are 32 (aatastically 6eadisla coBtrivuees composed o( variODS motorcycle brand naaes entered iD our lew ·Soteraycle" contest annouuced a coaple o( weeks ago iD the April Fool issue. Strangely enough, there were no duplicate entries, proving Once again that motorcycle fans are not copycats. Naturally, the task of the judges in selecting a winner from all these hilarious SOtermycle suggestions was a toughie. According to the rules, the funniest sounding Sotermycle wins, so we tried tbem all on our Cycle News Laugh-a-momete, and the One which broke the dial was the entry of Airman Steve Riggen, of Madrid, SPain. Steve elOssed a Benelli with a He~ cules and got a Ben-Her. Guaranteed to win the cbariot races, we presume. To Steve goes ow first and only prize of $5.00 American money. That should translate into muchos pesos. Congmtulalions, Steve. HONORABLE MENTION Runners-up who sent more than a few peals of laughter echoing down tbe somber halls of Cycle News were as follows: Gary Martel of Goleta put a Bultaco eaeine in a BeneW frame, added Norton forks and called it a BELLI BUTTON ! Ed Anderson of Hayward asks if we would believe be crossed a Greeves with a Rabbit scooter and got a GRABIT. NO, Ed, but woald yon lieJieve that Leo Malli of Cbina Lue crossed a VelIoceUe with a Bultaco and some Indian parts and Il)t a CE'IT'n BULL? Ed Anderson also says be combined a Gilera and a Parilla to get a GABlLLA! Bob Williams crossed a 'Taco with a Beezer to make a motorcycle be calIs a TEEZER! ...

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