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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .... . . . .. . . . . . . .. . CYCLE.NEWS .. .. . . .1967 . Page 31. . . .. . . . March 30. . . . . .. WORLDS LEAST EXPENSIVE ADVERTlSlNG (How can you bul It? Ruell 21,000 reader. for only $1. CYCLE NEWS' JUST SEND IN YOUR USTlNG willi check for $50 and we'lI do the ...t. Guarantee'" DeaJM,8-~....... D~Wtg Patronize CYCLE NEWS advertisers GUY URQUHART - Triumph, Yama'" sal ... Triumph. Yamaha, Inllan. Arl.1 & Cushman part.-l day mall order service. 1041 Columbia SI., Sen DI.COo RATES: $5lI per year (511 issues) for eacb single business listing, payable in advance. ARIZONA BUDDY STUBB5-ARIZONA H-D.S_ Inc all of Arl z. Camp lete stock of ev.rytII1nc for H-D. Four factory-traln.d mechanic .. Open 9-6 Mon.-Sat. 2507 E. IIcDow.1I R.... Phoenll, 85008. Tel: (602) 275-7677. BARSTOW Sey 'HI' to Hank & Solo Suzuki at the DESERT CYCLE CENTER, 27117 W. lIaln St.. Barstow. Th. frlendll ••t .hop & only.cycl. News dlr.ln Barstow. If your name was In last Issu. cet a free copy from us. lion thru Sat. 9 a.m.6 p.m. Tel. 256-2489. CORONA CORONA II/C CENTER-llon., Trl., & BMW. Ceatrally located for Oranc. & RI_sld. countl.s. Just down III. road fnIIII Prado Park, 620 N. lIaln at Rlv.1" road. (714) 735-5600. CIRCLE CITY CYCLE CENTER-H ..... BSA & Bul. Ccaplet. parts& luc. lYe. dept. Speed t...lac specialists f!l.' Han. Tau C_a turn off III Walnut (first street) aClOss freeway to 525 lIapl. St. (714) 735-4101 Carilla. CUlYO OTY HONDA CULVER aTY - Hon., BSA, Hod. ·Se. Johnny DISIIlIOII.· sales, ne., aarts 28 yr.. of molllrcyci. elperlellc•• 4421 Sepulveda, Culver City. (1 blk, off Sen DI.CO Fwy.,) 391-6217. , to 9 1I0n.. Frl •• Sat. 9-6. INGLEWOOD ONE STOP CYCLE SHOPPING - Au1II0rl. d dlr. for Hon.. Tri., Gr... BMW, 1I...t. Sel.s, Sve. parts & la .. Bill Kraus. Honda-Triumph. 1257 5, La Br. Blv"', Inclewooll, 678-5035. "The II/C Dept. Sto...• INGLEWOOD HARLEY-DAVIDSON 901 N. La Br. Blvd. Authorized HoO dlr. for lacl.wood . .a. Spedallzlnc In Road rldersacc.s.. & parts for all mod. Fully eqpd. sve, dept. willi fact. traln.d mech .. Open Tu...-Set.9-6. 671-7609. LODI STOVER'S CYCLE CENTER S40 5, Cberok. Lan., Loll. Sel.s, part. lYe, for Tri .. Nort., Duc., Kawa. & lIont. most complet. mjc lYe. shop In Lodl. Fram. stralchtenlne, alum..are, &ca. w.lllnC. "The Competition Ceater of Ladl!' Tel,(209) 368-4997 open Tue.. -Wed. 9 III 9. Thur.. thru Set. 9 to 6. LONG BEACH DALE BROWN M/Cs, 2441 Lanc Beach Blvd.. Lone B.ach. 427-8941. Due" Nor.. Bul•• Mu.tanc & Suz. Complete parts & svc. Ask about our dl scount club. CYCLE CITY-Deal.r for Suz.. R.E., Gllera. Beneili. Camp let. Machine Shop facilities & custom raclnc machines built ta sp.c. 2142 Lone Beach Blvd.. LonC Beach. (213) 591-1389. HARLEY-DAVIDSON OF LONG BEACH 3654 LonC Beach Blvd.,426-7101.H-D dealer for LonC Beach Area. Full lin. of parts &acc... for both Road & Camp. rid... Top quality lYe., fully equipped sve,dept. Opea Tues-Frl.H. Sat. U15. JOE KOONS SALES & SERVICE-BSA, IIIIW, Sa.. & Vespa. FuJ I part. & acce.. for all mak... Lar. qual. sve, dept. fully staff.d with trained meclI. Brlacln ~ blk. & _ ....t w. C3II do 1350 E. ADabel II, LoDC Beacll. W-135!1 open lion. tin Set. 8-6. JENKINS SPORT CENTER. Yam. Dlr. for LonC Beach Area. Top of Slenal HIII.W•••rvlc. all.Opan7 days 9-6 In LonC Beac~!_ 2620 E. Pacific Coa.t Hwy. (213) 'W-9987. SOUTHEASTERN L.A. NORTHEASTERN L.A. LONG BEACH TRIUIIPH SALES. 624 W. Pacific 'Coast Hwy•• LonC Beach. 436-0158." Be.t.ervlcuvallable, OP" clallzlnc In tune-ups.' Trl••Yam ••Duc. NORII REEVES-PARAMOUNT, Honda, BMW, Bul•• Hod., Los Anceles area. BIGGEST dealer. Mall order Parts dept. HuC. Servlc. Dept. 15745 Lakewood Blvd. Call ME 0-4313. CRESCENTA VALLEY SPORTS CYCLES. 3629 Foothill Blvd., La Cr... centa. 248-2291. Yam., Hod., lion., Kawa. Sal•• & Svc. Speed eqp" complete Insurance. 100% f1nanclnlo S&J HARLEY-DAVIDSON - 16211 5, Lakewood Blvd.. Bellflower. T.I. ME 4-1222. Paul Las .. Larce selec. of new & used motorcycles. Write for mall ord.r parts new or used. SUZUKI MONROVIA. Monrovia'. only HusUer ouU.t! Drop bY for a cup of coffee In our alr-cond. showrooms. 8am -9pm Mon-Frl •• Sat. 9-6. Closed Sun. 147 Eo Faathll I Blvd.,Manrvla.358-2511. ORANGE COUNTY AWARD MOTORS INC. Triumph, Honda. Bultaca. Suzuki & Ducatl. Sp••d tunlnc & campl.te enlln. wor.ko Beach raclnc hdqtrs. Op.n 6 day. a week, 1680 N_ port Blvd•• Costa lIesa. (714) 642-4343. ORANGE COUNTY'S TWO STROKE HDQTRS.·Seles & Service. White SPOrl/ Cycle Center, 2707 W. First St.. Santa Ana. Calif. (714) 547-8783. Elcl. Whit. Sporl/Cycl. Dlrshlp. Serv. all mak.s. BSA, EASTERN L.A. Area A.J. LEWl5-4800 S. AUantlc Blvd., Eo Los Anceles. 26~544. Camplet. machin. shop.·1f you want It .peclal, w. make It special.' Triumph & Yamaha. BELLFLOWER II/C SHOP INC. 9135 Talre ,our 'usiless E. Compton Blvd. (2 blks. E. of Lak.. wood). Bellflower, 925-5093. ·W. _ phaslz•••rvlce.· Tri•• Yam.. Rabbit. ROBERT ... LAW II/C SALES & SVC. 239 N. Anah.lm Blvd. Anaheim, (714) , ...L_ 533-1309. oW. speclallz. In aft. .sale. servlc.." Triumph, Yamaha, Greeve.. ".11 LE BARD & UNDERWOOD. 221 E. hgperlal Hwy.. La Habra, pIIone 714/ 87M252 or 213/691-3104, ,"Servlc. Is our mlddl. nam.·. BSA, Honda, IIIIW. Also now at 18351 Imperial Hwy.. Yorba Unda. NORII REEVE5-ANAHEIII.224 N.Anah.lm Blvd., 535-3647. Oranc. County'. bIU.stHonda-BSA-Hodaka-Bultaco dlr. Complet. parts & servlc. dept. ROY'S II/C SHOP. 12461 Westminster, Senta Ana. ·Oranc. County' s 01 dest e" tabllsh.d Honda d.aler· Honda. Triumph. lIant.... (714) S31~742. IRV SEAVERII/Cs-BSA BMW SUZUki, Vespa. Cushman trucks. 2402 lIaln, Senta Ana. Tel. 542-8691. N. CENTRAL Los Angeles NORTHERN L.A. Area KOLBE CYCLE SHOP 22420 DelValle, Woodland Hili .. 018-7865. Your friendly nelchborhood dealer for BSA. Honda & Bultaco. Complete parts & sve. dept. COB IIOTOR5-Bultaco sal... W. sve. all IIUIk... Vllllers spar... Trail, street or sportS; we fill III. bllI.C h.lI. Hockl. & Bill Thorwal dson.1149 W. EI S.pndo Blvd.. Gardena. (213) 756-1669. SOUTHERN L.A. CROWELL CYCLE SHOP,10427 Pralrl. Ave.. Inclewood. OR 3-9573. lIatcho. Hod.. Bul. Campi. parts & Sve, for all makes. Open 6 days 9-7. HONDA OF GARDENA\ 15515 5, W ••t770~603 or 323-8314. B.cln. prl. train. cour.e. free ridlnclnst. Com. In or call for full Info. ern Ave•• Gardena. Pn: LAWNDALE CYCLE-Yam•• BSA, V.1ocette. Ducatl: "Best dealer In town! SpHd)' loday svc.l. our standr....15324 HawlIIom. BIvd.SP 2-1822-0S 6-9546. SOUTH BAY HONDAr..l.212 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., R.dondo _ .. Self-servlc. parts dept., baak f1nanclnc. Open 9-9 .... thru Sat. T.I. 378-9257. DUDLEY PERKINS CO. H-D II/c.. Sal ••••vc•• expo r.palr. of all makes, c.nulne H-D parts. 'We ship anywhere via mall order.' Servicemen & all m/c enthusla.ts w.lcame. 655 Ellis St., Sen Francl sca. T.I. PRospect 5-5323. SAN JOSE WHEN TRAVEUNG NEAR SAN JOSE, STOP & VISIT SAIII SR. & SAil JR. Compl.t. part. & all for H-D lIod.l .. FIne svc. dept. Vlsllllrs w.lcome. Sam Areaa, HoO Products 2921 1I0nt.rey Rd. San Jo••, 227~123. To,DD.llla _ ROEHR BROS. (Sport. Ute) 341 N. &I_aks Blvd..!. Burbank 842-4848 or HOCKIES MOTORCYCLES - Selas • 849-4921 U.s. IJlstrlb. for Van Tech. lYe., 22025 S. FI...,oa St., TormICe. Due., Nort., llatch"t_Ho"', It. Eo, Kawa., Harbor Fwy~ar.n St. bnllGff. (213) Also V.I~ Y.... OSSAL-t.... 9-9 lion. 32&-1242. BSA, G.... Ossa. Ho aTY CYCLE CENTER - Complet. lin. & Fri. 9-6 Tu.... , nur.. used blk... Best parts supply Ig . . . . of Yalllalla & Full lIa. of parts W. sve. wIIat sell. CampI. IUdI. & Aceas.. C..... service dept. CaesbopoExp. tunlnc • mech. work, Hour_ stOckad for .very eatIIu.last. 10-7 Open Sun., closed lion. lrea- In & taka a free test ride.' 842123 Ro.emeact, Plco RI vera 861-4139. w. WESTERN L.A•. ED KRETZ & SON CYCLE SHOP, 417 E. Garvey Ave., lIonterey Park, AT 08244. Trl.. Hon.. IlIIW & Suz. Campi. part. & sve. Ex. tunlnc & mech. work, JENKINS SPORT CENTER, Norwalk Area's excl. Yam, Dlr. Compl.t. svc. for all make.. Open Sun 1-6 _ k days & Set. 9-6. In Norwalk at 11200 San Antonio Dr. (213) 868-9997. alii wa_"" -Pafronize STEVE HURD 1I0TORCYCLES-Kawa. BMW, lIatch., Nor•• Gr••• Duc., lion., parts plor•• Servlc. & parts for what w. sell. 1405 Olympic Blvd., lIontebeJ 10 (213) 72~466. NORII REEVES-DOWNEY, H.....BSAIlIIW-BuI. Down.y ar.a's only IlIIW Dealer. Complet. parts & Servlc. Dept. 9536 E. FI..ston. Blvd. 869-0600. HONDA OF TEMPLE CITY, 9228 E. La. Tunas, Temple City. AT 7-5949. H.... & Gree. for Northeast ar.a. Parts plor.&sve,too.Showroom opeD lion. -Sat. 9-6. Shop OpeD Tu....Sat. 9-6. IN CYCLE NEWS CUSTOM CITY SPORTS CENTER Rental-Sales & Svc. Yam•• Mlnl·blkes. Tatecots. mjc trailers. cu.t. acc... See u. before you buy, .ell. trade 15721 S. Atlantic. Compton. NE 6-1957. PACI FlC HONDA~ontesa "Na.Cal Hq. for th. Spanish mjc of International prestlce.· Featurlnc Padflc TT spec. .ve,-part..acc.... & Tech. comp.tltlon tunlnc avail. lIon..Sat. 9-7. Pac. Hon.. 630 Palmetto. Pacifica. Cal. 35~167. -cla' fCU if is app.... .r.-~ TEll THEM YOU SAW IT ARTESIA CYCLE CENTER-Suz.,Hod. sales-Sve. all makes. sp.d tunlnc, 12539 Eo Carson Blvd•• (213) 860-1314. SAN fRANCISCO 5.E. CHUBBUCK H-D SALEs-Home of the Road Rider.. ·W. Sp.dallz. In • _ _IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~ Personalized Service." 1361 Eo Walnut St., Pasadena. (213) SY 2-1300. IUUUI HAPCO MOTORS-Hon., Kawa., Sal... Svc-Parts-ln...ReDtal .. PartlaC for all NORTHWESTERN L.A. CASEY'S CYCLE REPAIR-BSA-Bul. Sve, for ma.t. Campi. machine shop. Open Tues. thru Sat. 9-6. 1029 San Fernando Rd., Pacol mao 896-1046. BUD EKINS M/C. In Sherman Oak .. 14460 Ventura Blvd•• Call 872-2110. 'Buy from Bud." Trl. & Honda•• INTERNATIONAL II/C CO•• 7233 Canoga Av••, Canap Park, Ph: 346-3700. l000's of used parts. Cylinder ..borlnc Trl•• Yam., Hod.. IIOntesa. KOLBE CYCLE SHOP, 7514 Reseda Blvd., Reseda. 345-8678. Your friendly n.lchborhood dealer for BSA, Han., & Bultaco. Complete parts and service. HONDA OF GLENDALE. "Wher. you me.tth.nlcest paople.· Larce stockaf parts. FInest mech. & court_s per_at. Su.. would like to _ you at 905 Eo Colorado St. In Glandale, ju.t across from Bob's BlC Boy. 246-2461. Usefl MCs & Parts _ 4-stroke brands. Our reputation Is built JIII'S CYCLE SHOP "Us.d parts Hdq. on Servlc•• 11637 Pica Blvd. W. L.A. In the w••t.' W. buy & sell used II/C GR 8-0984. OpeD 7 days 8:30-7. parts, cull. tanks & Chrom. exch. Used II/C· .. Sales & Repair.. MISSION HILLS II/C SALES & SER- Balterles & tlr... 15 1's. sam. loea. VICE 8730 Sepulveda. BSA & Duc. "We 11155 Atlantic Av.Lynwood NE 2-4298. stack the spares for what we sell.' SH our n.w sto... 785-4289. TED'S Imparts-Tri. Sal.. & Sve, Comp.tltlon d••ert blk....ady-to-wln In stock. oW. will take ears In trade." 11726 Senta lIonlca Blvd., W. Los AnC.I••• GR 3-1101-open 7 days. SH Tel Bryant - CROWELL CYCLE SHOP for lIatchl.SS. Hodaka. Bultaco. 10427 P.rry Av... lncl.woa", OR 3-9573 SAN DIEGO "'fer SERVICES BARNEY'S MACHINE SHOP 15745 Lak._d Blvd., Paramount. 634-3545. Cylinder borlnc. W. make anytblac. prlc... Valves, manifolds, fork brac.s, skid plat.s. Valve seats Insalled. Fork tub.s any laneth. SAlTA MONICA POSSlIIAN SCOOTER & CYCLE CO New & used. Parts & sve, for Brld.. Kawa.. Gil.. Ossa, V.sp.. Lamb., & Rabblt. 2701 Plco Blvd. Santa lIonl ca 392-1723. PASADEIA MASON MOTO RS. Trl.. Yam. Campi. In .. procram for all. Campi. sal.Sopart.. .ye, Opea 9-6. Tu.s., W ...., Thur.. & Set. 9-9 Fri. 3360 E. Colorado St.. Pasadella. (213) 79~267. RIVERSIDE SKIP FORDYCEII/C CENTER. 'We've been told Its Amari ca' s most comp lete & modem m/c c.nter.· Han•• H-D•• Trl. lIaln aU4th Sts. Rlversld. OV 4-4747. THE TWO-WHEELER II/C City. Suz., Bultaca deal.r. HuC. part. Inventory. Area's #l Bultaco dealer. 1655 W. La Cadena. RI_slde (714) 686-0604. FLORENTINE'S CUSTOII WELDINGGas, .c. h.llarc, primary cra,*case, Ca s &all tank repal r, ste.1 & aJ loy . .I'" 3059 Verduco Rd., Los Anc.i •• 90065, Phon. 221-1579 or 242-9182HERBUTCH MACHINE SHOp(atLonc Beach Honda) Speclallzlncln: 080rlnc °SleevlncoValve GrlndlncOSeat Grin.... Inc "Valve Seat. "Head Portlnc 0Head & Cylinder Surfaclnc 0The Only GelI... In. L1tch Guld•• & Collars ° Bored Cylinder Elchance On Hondas ° Free Pick Up & Delivery 0Fa.t Servlc., 423-1433. 5105 Atlantic. Lanc Beach. JACK O'BRIEN PAINTING-Cu.. tank & helmet paint•• f1_c1ass work, campi. rebuild., wheel latlng & fork .tralchtenlne, tire hardenlnlo Free pickup & d.l. to dlr.. 2834 Colorado Av••, Senta Monica 451-4317 open 6 days 8-6. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE CENTER. Bul.-Had. W. servlc. all mjcs. Campi. mach. shop fDr custom work, 220 E. Huntlnctan Dr•• lIanrovla. Opea 6 days H.Nell Fereus, Gary Griffin 357-2274. SAN BERNARDINO HARRISON IlENO-Honda-BllW-Sal.s& Sve, p.u & Low cost In.. for all. Our 30th In III. mjc buslnes.. Open IIon-Frt 9-6, Sat. &:30-5. 208 Ea.t Basa LI nee TU 9-0504. THE TWO WHEELER-Trlu....... Suzuki. Bultaco. Ho... of Cbamplon .. Full parts, ServIce and Ace.... On. block west of Inland' C. . . ., 867 W. Colton Ave., San Barun"o. PIlon. TU 5-3445. INSURANCE Uf. & Health Insuranc. for Motorcycl. Racers (& M.ds). "W.'r. the first III Insure racers wllIIout penalty or r.. structIoa..• Jill lIannlnc (1I.0.N.Y.) 530 W. 6th 51. (D_town LA) Los Ancele.. Calif. 90014 T.I. 627-0445•

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