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YDlI'II always FIRST In 6411 N, Long Beach Blvd, Long Beacb, Calif. 90805 Or: Box 498, Long Beach, Calif. Pbllle: 423-0431 (Area cede 213) FI'OlII L,A, PIIe..s: 636-1844 VOICES Dear Editors, I would like to say a big "Thank You" for the article by Maureen Lee about the little hikes taking over at the scrambles. It sure gets disgusting when you travel the distances that you do to get to a scrambles only to spend the day & hetter part of the evening sitting & then have them rush through the hig bikes as if it were just a chore to he gotten over with Quickly. Then have to dn ve all the way home & feel like you just wasted a whole day and accomplished absolutely nothing. I do hope the clubs sponsoring these events will start to change their order of running the events so that the big bikes have at least a fair deal instead of being treated as if they are just an inconvenience to be gotten over with. A Big Bike Riders Wife Anybody Got a Ride? Having only recently arrived in Cali- fornia., I just now discovered what a swell newspaper CYCLE NEWS is. I hope you'll be swell enough to pu~ lish my S.O.5! I need a ride. To any adventursome fellow who'd loan me a fast machine to ride in AFM, ACA and/or AMA road racing events, I would promise that I would do my best not to wrap it up or blow it, and to go like a bird out of heaven on it. I would try my best to win US ClIPs and cash. and would be willing to split that cash fairly. I would also cover upchucks or wipeouts to his ~ machine. I have previously ridden a Honda CR-93, a Matchless G-50. a Yamaha 250, a Honda CBR-72&77. and an Aermacchi 350. I have won or placed in several Texas events. as well as picked u.P nine national championship races in Colombia. SOuth America. I have successfully raced in and finished World Championship events in the U.S•• Ireland, the Isle of Man and JaPan. And I believe that I am the only American rider to secure world points last year, with a 4th place in the JaPanese GP. Anybody interested? BYRON BLACK Dpt. of English Fresno State College Fresno, Calif. 93726 (-Prospective sponsors may write Mr. Black direct.-) CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I enjoyed the pic of the BMW sidecar of Bakker and West Vice nice. As President of the Side Hack Assn. I would like to extend an invitation to them to join our Association. I feel their past experience would be an asset to our group. If they would like to race me, I accept their challenge. But inasmuch as I am the challenged. I should have the choice of time and place. Stardust on the 19th of February. MIKE PARTI Los Angeles Next Week QUEsnONS & ANSWERS By the Answers Man What can be done to avoid nooding on a two cycle. using an Amal Monobloc? QUESTION: ANSWER: I presume you are using a full throttle and none of the usual changes such as needle, jets and throttle cutaway can be used. Your best recourse is a remote bowl. The purchase of a complete carburetion system is unnecessary. A float bowl that is now standard with the new Spanish .Amal G.P. can be adapted to a mono block. These float bowls are available from Anaheim M.C. Center. 127 S. Manchester Ave,. Anabeim, Calif. QUESTION: ANSWER: Premature ignition is the detonation of the engine's fuel charge before the proper time. It can be created by the error of an improper spark plug heat range or excessi ve carbon on a piston crown. Anything whicb can become red hot in the combustion chamber sucb as unrounded edges of· a piston crown can cause the fuel to ignite before the ignition spark is actually produced. QUESTION: 1 have been running - bean oil- in my engine and wish to change to a standard oil. A friend said 1 would have to completely tear down my engine and clean the old oil oll the parts. Is this true? R.R.-Van Nuys. It would be advisable but not entirely necessary. The -Bean Oils· Castrol R and Francisco will not mix with standard petroleum base oils and wben the lubricants become warm. a strange gummy substance can form that will clog oil passages and tbus you could end with a severely damaged engine. A complete teardown is especially recommended for engines such as Triumph. that have a sll:ldge trap in the crankcase where an abundant amount of oil could remain even after flushing. On engines that have passages. etc. that are accessible for a flushing agent, then it would be okay. After draining the oil. fill tbe crankcase or oil tank with kerosene and turn the engine over (with ignition disconnected) rapidly enough so that the kerosene is fully circulated through all oil passages and etc. Drain the crankcase. refill with fresh kerosene and repeat the process. Continue until tbe cleansing fluid is free of dissimilar oil and only then, refill witb fresh petroleum oil. I would change oil again, after one or two hundred miles of running. just to be sure. QUESTION: PRADO TT ENGUSH TRIALS COTAn ROAD RACES STOCKTON SCRAMBLES BAY MARE TT STARDUST SPECTACULAfl WATTS TOURS MANN'S FRAME STORY HONDA !Ill SCRAMBLER 'THE SPIRIT OF RACING' (Us, Subsctlptlon blank on pace 14) ... and MORE What is pre-ignition? What causes it?-J.H.- Buena Park. ANSWER: Second Class Postage paid at Long Beach. Calif. -THE VOICE OF CALIFORNIA' s.. It When was the first hook written? - C.C. Long Beach. Charles Clayton Editor Sharon Clayton .. Business Manager Gaye Thomason .....Circulation Mer. Gil Brown ......Advertising Manager Robert Bradford Asst. Editor Demis Greene Photo Editor Any part of this newspaper except copyrighted matter may be used without permission as long as credit is given. Editorial stories, cartoons. photos are welcomed and will be paid for upon publication. Addressed, stamped envelope assures return. Single copy price ••••••••• 25t Subscriptioos: One year 2nd class mail • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• $7,50 Advertising rates will be sent on request. Publisbed weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by C&S Publishing Company. Post Office Box 498, Long Beach, California By Ch uck Clayton Elected Congress to Replace A.M.A. Competition Committee IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE... WOW! Whoopee! (CaIm down. Clayton, it's only the biggest news in American motorcycle history). .Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen. it gives me great pleasure to announce an important piece of news just handed me by a representatlve of the Amencan Motorcycling Association. STOP THE PRESSES! ·The directors of the AMA, recognizing the need for certain changes in the rule making procedure, have appointed a four-man committee to study the structure of the present Competition Committee and recommend findings to the directors. This study group, consisting of William Harley chairman Pete Colman. Frank Heacox,and Bill Berry, have reported thei r findings and have recommended that the AMA rule forming body be almost completely reorganized. The recommendations were voted into effect unanimously last week. American Motorcycle Congress Instead of the present Competition Committee. elected delegates from six AMA Regions (composed of the present districts). plus representatives elected by professional riders and two executi ves from AMA headQuarters would meet in a new American Motorcycle Congress. To insure that all phases of the sllOrt have representation in this rule-forming body, the brand members of the motorcycle trade association may also elect representatives to the Congress. Except for the Executive Director and the Director of Competition from AMA HeadQuarters, (who are elected by the Exeeutive council), all representatives to the Congress would be elected by AMA rank and file members. Even the brand representative, itwas stressed. should be not appointed, but elected, perhaps by a dealer ballot. Pro riders will recel ve ballots with their licenses to elect two representatives from the east and two from the west. Regions will have annual sanc- tioDin g meets at which one representative each will be elected to the Congress. Any AMA member is eli gi ble for election. FOUR Rules Committees Congressmen will be di vided into four Or more committees 1) Technical Committee, 2) Professional Rules, 3) Sportsman Rules. 4) Road Riding Rules. A congressman may serve on more than one committee, and these committees. I presume, will present the rules to the Congress for enactment. The four committees will ·discuss and write any rules pertaining to all phases of the sport within their jurisdiction,- my trusted spokesman said. Representatives will be elected to two year terms. They may be re-elected to a second term, but after four consecutive years they have to skip a year before they can serve again. Like the past and present competition committee members. the congressmen will serve without remuneration unless the various regions choose to compensate their representatives. This well concelved revision of rulemaking structure should provide the new basis needed for the • great leaP' that is coming. to put the national sport Organization at the very forefront of the vast popularity which motorcycling is striving toward. I expect that this plan will bring 100,000 new members to the AMA within one year. (N ext week: More details and organjzational dlart of the proposed new Congress.) j- edwvards ., company has had only one goal ---- development 01 the linest salety helmet available ANSWER: Archaeoligists and historians say that although no author is known, the earliest books have been found in Mesopotamia, (the Iraq of today) and Egypt. Botb are from the same period. about 3000 B.C. Readers are invited to write in and ask any Questions pertaining to motorcycles, the sport or the industry and we Wlll use all our journalistic knowledge to get the answers. We will not answer Questions pertaining to legal matters, medicme, or sex. Anything else goes. QuestlOns and answers will be printed in Cycle News as space permits. For an lOdividual reply, please enclose a .stamPed, addressed envelope. No QuestlOns wlll be accepted over the telephone. they must be written to be answered. (we've done it)

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