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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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~ CI> TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN CYCLE NEWS CYCLE l NEWS' .... '" ... RATES: $50 per year (511 issues) for eacb single business listing, payable in advance. '" EASTERN L.A. Area ........ CULVEl Clry ARIZONA BUDDY STUBBS-ARIZDNA HARLEYDAVIDSON. Serving .11 of Arlzon•• Complele stock of everything for H.rley-D.vidson. Four f.clory-tr.ined mech.nlcs. Slore hours: 9 till 6 Mon.S.I. 2507 E. McDowell Ro.d, Phoenix, Ariz. 85008. Phone (602) 275-7677. ORANGE COUNTY LE BARD & U N D E R WOO D, 221 E. Imperial Hwy., L., phone 714/ 879-8252 or 213/691-3104. "Service is our middle name". BSA, Honda, MlW. NORM REEVES - ANAHEIM, 224 N_ Anaheim Blvd. S35-3647. Orange C.unty's biuest Hand.. BS.... Hodak.. BuIt.c. deal.r. Complete parts and service dept. 12461 I~rang'! Count,'s oldest established Honda" H0 n d a. Triumph, Montesa. (714) 531-0742. IRV SEAVER MOTORCYCLES - BSA, 542-8691. CYCLE NEWS SERVES ALL OF THE WEST WITH NEWS OF THE BEST SPORT ON WHEELS ED KRETZ & SONS CYCLE SHOP. 417 E. Garvey Ave., Monterey P.rk. AT 0-8244. Triumph, H.nda, BMW and Suzuki. Complete parts and service. tuning and mecharlical work. JENKINS SPORT CENTER, Expert", Area's exclusive Yamaha Dealer. Com· plete service for all makes. Open Sun 1-6, week days'" Sal. 9-6. In at 13200 San Antoni. Dr••t Santa An. Fry. (213) 868-9997. MACKLIN'S MOTORCYCLE SERVICE11675 E.,, 864-7468. bikes, Toteeoats, Motorcycle trailers, Custom acces. See us b.fore you deal. We buy, sell, and tradl. 15721 S. Atlantic, C.mpton, Calil. (213) NE 6-1957. CROWELL CYCLE. SHOP, 10427 Pr.irie AVI., Inglew••d. OR 3·9573, Matchless, POSSMAN SCOOTER & CYCLE CO. New and used sales. Parts and service for BrideestDne, Kawasaki, Gilera, Ossa, HONDA OF GARDENA,15S15 S. Weslem Ave" G.rdena. Phone 770·0603 .r 323· INGLEWOOD Shopping Clnter. 4132 Crensh.w Blvd., Los Anglles. (213) 292-0478. ALLIED CYCLE SALES - 6868 Lankershim Blvd.. N.rth H.llywo.d. Call 765-6111. BSA - BMW De.ler. C.mpletl & Efficient P.rts & Servici Departments. all makes. Villiers spares. Trail, street • r sports;we fill the bill. Ch.rlil H.ckie & Bill Thorw.ldson. 1149 W. EI Segund. Blvd.. G.rdena. (213) 756-1669. NORTHEASTERN l.A. CRESCENTA VALLEY SPORTS C YC L E S, 3629 Fo.thill Blvd_, La Crescenta. 248-2291. Yamah., Hodak.,, Kawasaki, Sal.s and Service. SpHd equipment, complete insurance, 100<0 financing. SUZUKI MONROVIA, Monrovi.'s only Hustler oullel! Drop by for • cup .f coffee In our .ir-condltloned showrooms. Open 8 .m 'til 9 pm Mon. thru Fri., S.t. 9-6. Closed Sunday. 147 E. Foothill Bl.d., Monrovi •• (213) 3582S11. KOLBE CYCLE SHOP, 22420 Del V.III, Wo.dland Hills. DI 8-7865. Y.ur friendly neighborhood dealer for &SA, H.nd. and !Iultae•• Complete parIs & service dlpl. MILNE BROS. INC. - 1941 E. C.I.r.d. St., Pasadena. Specialists in accessories f.r BMW . Y.maha • BSA . Puch. Parts for all makes. Distributor for Beck acc.ssories and importer of Puch motor- cycles. 793-5153. HONDA OF GLENDALE, "Where y.u lMet the nicest people." Large stock of parts. mechanics and courteous personnel. Sure would like to meet you .t 90S E. C.l.rad. St. in Glend.le, just .cr... Ir.m Bob's Big Boy. 246-2461. BUD EKINS MOTORCYCLES in Sherman Oaks. 14460 Ventura Blvd., 872-2110. "Buy fr.m Bud." Triumph & H.nd•• INTERNATIDNAL MOTORCYCLE COMPANY, 7233 Ave., Can.g. P.rk. Phonl 346-3700, 1000's .t used p.rts. Cylinder .....ring. Triumph, Yamah., Hod.k•• 1I0ntes•• KOLBE CYCLE SHOP, 7514 Resed. Blvd., Resed., 345-8678. Y.ur Iriendly nllghborhood dealer f.r BSA. H.nd., and Bultac:o. Compl.te parts and SOUTHEASTERN l.A. S. E. CHUBBUCK H-D SALES - Home of the Road Riders. "We Specialize in Personalized Service." 1361 E. Walnut SI., Pasadena. (213) SY 2-1300. ROEHR BROS. (Splltts Life) 341 N. lit 849...21 U.s. Dlslrlbulllt for Van Tech IIOtlltC,cle.., Norton, les.. Hod.k., Roy.1 Enfield, K.wasaki, Velo., Yamaha, O.S.S.A.. lionte... 9-9 lion. & Fri. 91 Tues..ThIW.. CYCLE CITY - De.ler f.r Suzuki R.y.1 Enfie'ld-Giler.-Ben elli. Custom r.cing m.chines built t. spec. C.mplete M.chine Sh.p lities t. serve you. 2142 Blvd., Long Beach. (213) 591-1389. NORM REEVES - PARAMOUNT, H.nd., BSA, BMW, Bultac., H. d a k., L.s· Angeles are.'s BIGGEST dealer. .rder Parts dept. Huge Service Dept. IS745 Lakew••d Blvd.. ME 0-4313. S&J HARLEY-DAVIDSON - 162li 5. Lakew••d Blvd.. Bellfl.wer. Tel. ME 4--1222. Paul Lus. Large selection of new and used motorcycles. Mail order parts both new & used. department. Open Tues. thru Fri. 8-6, S.I. Iii 5. JOE KOONS SALES & SERVICE - BSA, BMW, Suzuki .nd Vesp •. Full line .f parts and acclssories for all makes. Large ~ality service department fUlly staffed with trained mechanics. Bring in y.ur bike and see what we can d•. , 13S0 Anaheim, 437·1359 .pln M.n. thru S.t. 8·6. JENKINS SPO RT CENTER, Y.maha Dealer for Long Beach Area. Near top of Sienal Hill. We service all makes. Also open Sundays 9-6. In Long at 2620 E. P.c iIi c C.asl Hwy. (213) 433-9987. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH SALES, 624 W. Pacific Coast Hiehway. Long Beach. 436-0158. HBest service available, spec.. ializinc in tune·ups." Triumph, Yamaha, Ducati. service dept. RIVERSIDE SKIP FORDYCE MOTORCYCLE OV 4-4747. SuZUki, Bullaco dealer. Huge parts in· ventory. Aria's:; 1 Bultaco dealer. 1655 W. L. C.den., Riverside (714) 686·0604. SAN BERNARDINO HARRISON RENO-Bank fin.ncing, I.w· ins"rance. HONDA, BMW, LAMBRETTA sales and service. parts & accessories. 208 E. Base Line. San WESTERN 1.A. MISSION HILLS MOTORCYCLE SALES & SERVICE- 8730 Sepulveda. BSA & Ducati. "We stock the spare parts for what we sell." See our new store. 785-4289. TED'S Imports - Triumph Sales & Ser.Ice. Competition desert bikes ...eIyto-wln In stock. "We will lake cars In trade." 11726 Sant. IIonlca Blvd., W. Los Aneeles, GR 3-1101-open 7 days a we•• sales. Triur'lph. Yamaha, Indian. Ariel & Cushman parts - 1 day mail order ser· vice. 1041 Columbia Street. . CORONA CIRCLE CITY CYCLE CENTER·H.nd. -BSA & Bullaco. Just down the freeway for both Riverside and Orange County. Complete parts and Huge Service Dept. Speed tuning Specialists for Honda. Take Corona turn off to Walnut (first street) freew.y I. 525 Maple SI. (714) 73S-4101 C.r.n•• CORONA MOTORCYCLE SERVICES BARNEY'S MACHINE SHOP 15745 Lakewood Bl.d., P .amount. 634-3545. CyUnder borlnc. We anythlne. Lowest price.. Valve.. m.nlfolds, fork braces, skid pl.te.. Val.e seats InstaUed. Fork tubes any 1"1Ib, BUCHANAN'S FRAME SHOP - C.mplete frame. lark and wheel nrvice. Custom lacing and custom spokes. Tire skinner and electronic balancing. Before )'ou throw that trame away. see us! 629 E. Garvey. Monterey Park. 12131 280·4003. FLORENTINE'S CUSTOM WELDINGGas••re. hellare. prlm.ry, crankcase, gas & all lank repalr-st.1 • •1I0y welclng. 3059 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles 90065. Phone 221·1579 lit 242·9182. HERB L1TCH. 5105 AtlantiC Blvd.. Long Beach. GA 3·1433. Complete machining tacilitlts. Boring. sleevlng. valve & seal grinding. made 10 order. Valve seats and paris JACK O'BRIEN PAINTING - CUS_ tank • helmet palntlne - fiberglass work • complete wreck r....lldlng "".1 I.elne .nd fork str.lghtenlne tire h.rdenlne. Fr. pickup and delI.ery to dealer.. 2834 ColoradP A.... Santa lIonlca. C.Uf. (213) 451-4317 Op.. 6 days a we. . 8-6. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE CENTER. 8UL TACQ·HOOAKA. We Service ALL motorcycles. Complete machine shop tOf custom work. 220 E. Huntington Or .. MonrOVia. Open 6 days. 8·6. hll Fergus and Gary Grtffin. Props. 12131 357·2274. INSURANCE SAN D'EGO GUY URQUHART - Triumph, Y.m.ha DALE BROWN MOTORCYCLES, 2441 Long Beach Blvd., Long 427-8941. Ducatl, Nprton,, .nd Suzuki. Complete p.rts .nd ser.lce. Ask .bout our discount clubo s.rvice 896-1046. mechanics. Opln Tues. Ihru Sat. 9·6. C.II 671·7609. 10NG.fACH Service for most makes. Complete m. 10249 San Fernando Rd., Pacoima. Cent",ela) Authorized Harley·Davidson dealer for the Inglewood area. SpecialIzlne In Road acce~sories and parts for all models. Fully equipped ser· vice d.partment wit h factory trained Bern.rdin•. TU 9·0504, CASEY'SCYCLE REPAIR- BS.... llIltae•• chinl sh.p. Open Tues. thru Sat_ 9-6, INGLEWOOD HARLEY·DAVIDSON 901 N.. La Brea Blvd. (1 s.ulh ., THE TWO-WHEELER M.t.rcycle Cily, HARLEY-DAVIDSON OF LONG BEACH. 3654 Blvd., 426-7101. Harle,. Davids.n dealer t.r the Area. Full line of parts and accessories I.r both and Competiti.n riders• T.p qu.lity service In .ur fUlly equipped NORTHWESTERN l.A. Bill Krau~1 H.nd .. Triumph. 1257 S•. La Bre. Blvd" Inglew••d.. 678-5035. LAWNDALE CYCLE- YAMAHA, BSA, VELOCETTE. DUCATI. "BeSI de.ler SOUTH BAY HONDA, 1212 S. P.cilic C.ast Hwy., Redondo Beach. SELFSERVICE PARTS DEPARTMENT, bank financing. Open 9·9 six days • week, Phone 378-9257. Hich Class line of Accessories. C·B MOTORS- Bultac. s.les. We service ized dealers for Honda, Triumph and Greeves. Sal.s, service, parts & insur· ance. CENTER. HW.'ve be.n told its Americ.a's most complete and modern motorcycle center!' Honda. Harley-Davidson & Tri· umph. Main at 14th Sts. in Riverside. STEVE HURD MOTORCYCLES - Kawasaki, .W, lIatchless, Norton, Gr..... Ducatl, 1I0ntesa, Hodak>. IIatchless p.rts galore. We service and slock paris for "".t we sell. 1405 Olympic Bl.d., 1I0ntebeilo (213) 72oW466. NORTHERN l.A. Area Honda Dealer. Very complete parts and service deph. All makes used bikes, free delivery. Across from Crenshaw ONE STOP CYCLE SHOPPING- Aulh.r· 8314. Beginners private t,aining course. free riding instruction. Monthly fun ride during riding season. Come in or call for full information. in town! Speedy l·day servi ce is our DUDLEY PEllKINS CO. Harle,. D.vidson motorcycles. Sales, ser.Ice, exll"rt repalrln~ of all makes, genuine H-D parts. 'We ship an,· where via m.1I order." Returning servicemen and .11 molorcycle _ thuslasts welcome. 6S5 Ellis St., San Fr.ncl sc.. Phone PRospect 5-5323. Vespa, Lambrett••nd R.bbit. 2701 Pic. BI.d. (27th St. & Pic. Blvd.), santa M.nica, C.lif. 392·1723. Hodaka, Bultaco. Complete parts & Servici I.r .11 m.kes. Open 6 d.ys 9·7. Hodaka ul.s and servic•• ••a. Parts galore and service too. Show D.wnt.wn GI_ks Bl.d., Burbank. 842-4847 CUSTOM CITY SP 0 R T S CENTER. Rental-S.les & Service. Yamah., Mlnni- sland.rd. 1S324 H.wthorne Blvd., L.wnd.le, Calil. SP 2-1822 .r OS 6-9546. room .pen M.n. thru Sat. 9·6. Sh.p .pln Tues. Ihru S.t. 9-6, See Tex Bryant - CROWELL CYCLE SHOP f.r M.tchless, H.d.k., Bull.c., 10427 Perry Ave.,lnglewo.d. OR 3·9573. d SuP Specialist. We pride ourselves on our after sales service. Come in and see our complete line of Honda parts and ac· cessories. Open 7 days. (213) 860-1314. HONDA OF TEMPLE CITY, 9228 E. L.s Tunas Blvd. Temple City. AT-75949. Honda and GreevIs for the Northeastern CENTRAL los Angeles THE Hodaka Sales - Service all makes, speed tuning, 12539 E. Carson Blvd., Artesia. NORM RtEVES-DOWNEY, Honda-BSABMW-Bullae•. D.wney areaS" .nly BMW Dlale,. C.mplete p.rts & Service Dept. 9536 E. Blvd. 869·0600. BMW, SUZUki, Vespa Scooters, Cushman trucks. 2402 No. Main, Santa Ana. Tel. CRENSHAW HONDA. ARTESIA CYCLE CENTER - Suzuki, dept. in t.wn. 14845 Blvd.. Baldwin Park 337·0604. Open 9 Iii 7:30 M.n, t. Sa!. selt. 13750 Beach Blvd.. Westminster. 893-7566 .r 430-4448. ROBERT M. LAW MlC SALES & SERVICE, 239 N. Anahllm Blvd_ (I.rmerly Los Angeles Street) Anaheim, (714) 533-1309. "We specialize in after-sales servlc•• fI Triumph, Yamaha. Greeves. SHOP, SOUTHERN L.A. less, Ossa. Full line of parts and ac· cessories for all models. Best service HERB FRIEDLANDER IMPORTS - Santa Ana. BELLFLOWER MOTORCYCLE SHOP INC. 9135 E. C.mplon BI.d. 12 bl.cks Lakewo.d), Bellfl.wer. 925·5093. BALDWIN PARK CYCLE SHOP-N.rt.n, Ducati. R.yal Enfield. Suzuki, Match- OranC1 County's largest Honda and Triumph dealer. We service what we MOTORCYCLE Yamalla. HONDA CULVER CITY- Honda, BSA. Hod.k•• 'See Johnny DiSimone sales, service .nd p.rts. Let him help you wilh 28 years of motorcycle experience." 4421 Sepulved., Cul_ City. (1 block off S.n Diego Fwy., Culver City Exit) 3911217. Open 7 10 9 dally (S.t. 9-6) closed Sun. HONDA OF VAN NUYS 14329 Viclory Blvd. 787-0110. The V.lley's .nly Hand. "We emphasize service." Triumph. Ya- ORANGE COUNTY'S TWO STROKE HEADQUARTERS-S.les .nd Service. White SporVCycle Center, 2707 West First St., S.nt. An., C.IIf. Code 714547-11783. Exclusive White SporVCycle De.lershlp. Servicing .11 m.kes. ROY'S machine shop. "If you want it special, we make it special." Triumph and maha, R.bbit. AWARD MOTORS INC. De.ler for Triumph, Honda, Suzuki & Speed luning & complele engine work. .re. r.cing he.dqu.rters. Open 6 d.ys • week. 1680 Newport Blvd., Cost. Mes•• (714) 642-4343 "stmlnls•." A. J. LF.WIS - 400 S. Atlantic Blvd.. L.s Angeles. 264-0544. C.mplete SAN fUIICISCO CENTER· Honda, Triumph & BMW. Centrally located for Orange and Riverside counties. Just down the road from Prado Park. 620 N. .t Riverr••d (714) 735S600 C.r.n•• BARSTOW Say "H I' 10 H..k and Solo Suzuki .t the DESERT CYCLE CENTER, 27117 Weslllain St., Barstow. The friendliest shop and only Cycle News deaJ. In Barstow. If your name was In the last Issue get a fr. copy from us. lion. lbru Sat. 9 ••m,-i p.m. Tel. 256-2489. 10D' STOVER'S CYCLE CENTER 840 S. Cherokee, Lodl, C.llf. S.les, p.rls ser.lce for Triumph, NorIan, Ducall, K.w.s.kl & Montes•• L.rgest .nd most complele mlc service shop In Lodi. str.lghlenlng, .Iumlnum welding, arc & acetylene welding. "The Compelltlon Centw of Lodl!· Tel. (209) 3684997 Open Tues. & Wed. 9 to 9, ThIWs. Ihru Sat. 9 t. 6. SAN fRANCISCO PACI FlC HONDA - Montesa "Northern California Headquarters for the Spanish motorcycle of Internatlona' prestige.· Featuring the Pacific TT specl.l. Ser· vice-Parts-Accessories & Tech. co... petilion tuning a. .lI.ble. .rlte, Call or o.op In 1I0n.-Sat. 9-7. P.clflc Honda, 630 Palmetto Pacifica, Callfornl•• 359.0167. Life & He.lth Insur.nce for Motorcycle R.cers (& friends). "The first 10 Insure racws without penalty .r reslrlctlon..• Jim M.nnlng (M.O.N. Y.) 530 W. 61h St• (D.wntown L.A.) Los Angeles, CaUf. 90014 Tel. 627.0445 Used MCs & Parts JIM'S CYCLE SHOP ··Used parts Head, quarters in the west." We buy and sell M C parts. custom tanks and wheel s. Chrome eJ.change. Used M C' s Sales & RepdHs. Battelles & IHes. 15 yeats same location. 11155 AtlantiC A~enue .. Lynwood. Calif. HE 2-4298. USf'd SAN JOSE WHEN TRAVELING NEAR SAIl JOSE" STOP & VI SIT Willi SAIl SR AJID SAIl JR. COMPLETE PARTS AN. ALL. FOR H-D MODELS, FINE SERVICE DEPT. VISITORS WELCmlE. Sem A_a, Harley Dayl~ Prodacts 2921 lIonterey Rd., San Jose, Calif. 227.0123. TORUNCE HOCKIES 1I0TORCYCLES - Sales & Service, 22025 So. FI.eroa St., Tarrance-right off Harbor Fr.way-talle Carson St. !!!.moff. Tele (213)328-1242. BSA-Gr.ves-Ossa-Hpdaka Also used bike.. Best Parts shop In town. We servl ce wh.t we sell. Complete m.ehl. . shop-Expert tuDl., & mechanlc.1 work cion.. Open d.ys • w.kdays - clpsed Monday Hours 10-7. s... SMILUIS OBISPO WORLDS LEAST EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING (How can y.u be.t it? 11,000 circ••nly n.) SANTA BARBARA JUST SEND IN YOUR LISTING wilh check for $50 .nd we'll do the rest. Guarant••d.

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