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CALENDAR OF EVENTS THURSDAY, FEB 15th. .,; so. .... t- '" 1: .Q CAU F. TRIALS ASSOC. IIEETING at hudquarters, 4707 Wesl 164a1. St., Lawnda'., tallf. IIHtlnl at 7:30 pm. SATURDAY, FEB.1B, 19&1 CIl c.. DRAG RACES AT STARDUST - First tl... . _ at Fa_s Stardust Hot.1 .11 strip, ~ La. V.P" N.v. R'I SII.I.lck pr_t.s, IIlIlled by Boll Elllline. ~ IIDRA IIEETlNG In La. chlnl.d C>;J addnlss to Desert Inti H01.1. Troph, aDd ...::I Iward presentatl... aad meellne. U ;:.... INDOOR MOTORCYCLE SHORT TRACK U OakllDd EllPCIsltI... Bolldln&- AlIA sanct. Pronooled by Boh Barkblm. & Haro!d lIu.. rell. Admission $2. Trials 6:30 pm. Raclnl at 8:30 pm. All Indoor comforts with outdoor aellon. 1:l SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19; 1961 4IIA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE Stardust In.....tlonal Racewa" Las V'P" N.vada. Pracllce II 9 am, all cilises. EnlrJ $5.00 per mlcbln., rider and on. mechanic. For furlller Info contact R'I SII.ldrlck, P.O. Box 1796 Las V'las, Nevada. Pre DaJlona warm up • post .ntrl.s $2.00 Iddltlonal. TT SCRAIIBLES • Bal liar.. Small blk.s 9 am., bli bikes 12 noon. Trophls all class•• For lurther Info call (805) 642-7158. No club aflliliallon nec.ssary. SO. CALIF. TRIALS, by S.C.T.A. will b. held alth. 77th .tre" location In UllI.rock tallf. II will be limed lrom th. 77th Ilreet 01 LlllIerock. Starllnltlm. will be 10:30 am. This will also b. an o_nlpt campout. Everyon. W.lcom .. Th. slcllons will be laid oul on 5aturdal aller 12 noon. All riders are asked to belp lal oul lIIls trials so w. will be abl. to start on time. POKER RUN - sponsored by HI·Wal Klnl" Start at 8 am to 9:30 am, at Lonl Beach HarllJ"Davidson, 3654 Lonl Beach Blvd., Lonl Bach, CallI. Coff. . . .d donuts at start. Trophies lalore, routed alonl scenic hlpw.,.. AMA sanctlon.d. IIOTO CROSS #2 ...nt In Sliver Cup serl.s, silO In by IIrst Moto 10 a.m. Each rid... will partlclpat. In tbree event.. Amal_ all classes plus 250cc and 500cc Prol.sslonal class. Trophl.s. KJlobby traction, 2 brak.s, 3 Nbr. plat... At Castaic Park located -.b 01 Los Anl.les on Hwy 99, *"mll. past Honar Fann. Tum 1.1t ..d III west on HasllJ's Canlon Road 5 mil.s to track. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by SIIasla Motor· cycl. Club, at Shasta Speedwa" Anderson talil. Gat. opens at 9 am. practice 10 am., rac.s at 1 pm. RI de or w.lch $1.50. All class.s. b.ats, troph, dash and main events. TT SCRAIIBLES-Lllhtwelpts MoC. at Pe... rl s, AMA sanctioned DIst. 37 poi nt run. Sllnup closes 8:00 a.m. far sm.1I bikes, Immedl. at.l, lollow.d by pr.ctlce; bll bike sllnup opens at noon. Six bikes make • class 6 100cc entrl.s I... Powd... Pull. Entry $1.60, admission $1.25. IIOOSE RUN HARE SCRAIIBLES- 4-Aces !l.C. hosts lb. umpteenth annual desert bash, and Dlst. 37 point. Baoner waves at 10 sIIarp. Location mark.d lrom the WalOll W I Caf., 20 mi. N. 01 IIojave on H.,.14. -------~~------------- NOMADS M.C. n Saa."es ";5 SUI. fe'. 19t' BIG IIIKES -MORNING SMALL BIKES - AFTERNOOll f's;lore .acetraci ~--------~-------- ENDURO - Skip Clark's CIt, C,cl. C.nler 2nd Annual Enduro .1 Tehacapl. Umed Ind red lIals, tum off at Rosamond. Donation $1.50, 10:30 a.... start. Trophies and prizes. TT SCRAMBLES by NOluds h.ld at Elsinore track. AlIA sanctlon.d points. 811 blk.s 8:30-000n, small bikes 12:30 pm till ? Entrl.s clo•• 1/2 bour before rac. tim •• A.M.A. SHORT TRACK RACING. Ascot Park In G_dena, 250cc's onll, Novice, Amateur and Expert. Pit ptes open It 10:30 10m. ..d closes at noon. First race at 2 p.m. HARE SCRAMBLES at China Camp near San Rafael. Road will be IIm.d from s.. Pedro lamotr of Fr.wal 101 just narth 01 S.. Rala.l, I ell at slop silO. All class... Sipup 9 to 11 am. radnl starts at noon. $1.00 to walch $2.00 to rlde.llarln CountJ 1I00arclcl. Assodallon, AlIA sanellon.d. For lurther In formation call III1l Hallowal at ~79-564O. Hl-ltounlaln Enduro, By Cal Poll Penplns 1I.e. Entry F. $3.00 If rec.ived b.fore F.b. 12. Post Entry $5.00. Riders M.tlnl 7:15 Sunda, momlnllstrld... out a18:00 a.m. AlIA sanctioned. S..ta lIarprlta .xlt 7 mi. north 01 San Luis Obispo on Hlwal 101 101low lime and silOS Irom ther. to RJnconada Ghost Town. For Info: Cal Poll P.nlulns IIC, A5I Box 111, Cal Poly, $In Lui s Obi spo, CallI. MONDAY, FEB. 20th. 1961 REFEREE'S IIEETING - Fort Sutler M.C. 4085 Delble St., 5acr.menlo, C.III. bave lour delelales on time 8 p.m. SATUFlDAY, FEBRUARY 25tll SPORTSIIAJI HILL CL.-8 at Oatl. . CIDJOD Mtw.- Harl lI_rlal Palll . d Lake IIlaL Be:, rslleld. AlIA sanction, practice 8-10 am. Lt. WI. at 10 _, HYJ WI. at .ona. All class from 90cc lad up. Rider. $1.00, oilier $1.50 THIS IS A DATE CHANGE FROM FEB.l2lb. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES - It Deadm.'s Point. Tum 011 Hwy 66 at Luc.m. ValllJ culoll, bead ust to Ill. Interseellon 01 Hwy 18 In Appl. ValllJ, and lour there! 4Mt 01 llIe entraats will III trophl... Restra"ant open for business. All trail bikes 10 am., bli bikes 12:30 P'" 3 separal. on. hour rac.s SO. CAU F. TRIALS, at Ill. Clalon Crest ..eaol RI_slde.Starllnltllll will be 10:30 ... It will be IIm.d from th. Cenlral Av.. turnoff ollbe Riverside Freewal. All masler ..d .xplrt riders are ask.d to be th.... SUNDAY, MARCH Btl!. 3rd ANNUAL OXNARD II.C. POKER RUN Start 8-10 am.. al $In F.mando ValllJ H-D 16113 SIIerman Wa" Van NU1S. Flnl sh clos.s Promptll al 1 pm. Hoi food at IInlsh, 1I.ld .vents aid trophl.s lalor.. Entry I.. $2 mall In, $2.50 post. Addr... Oxnard II.C., P.D. Box 1094, Oxnard, Calli. 93030 or call (805) 483-1549. SUNDAY, MARCH 12t1!. SPORTSMAN BENEFIT SCRAMBLES, AlIA sanctlon.d, presenled by Las Gatos !l.C. club, P.O. Box B02, Los Galos, Calli. 95030 Benefit for 11.1 Clewett. Llm.d lrom 101 Hwy to Ralch, lIadrone, Calli. 51IOUP 8:30 to 11 ... pracllc. 9 to 11~30 am.. race .t noon. All cla...s lor men. $2.00 ride or watch, lois 01 trophies and refreshmenls. AlIA SPOIlTSIMII IIOAD RACE, Cart.... RaCIRJ. Take PI'-artufll off tra. Cart~ .11, III usl lad lOU can't "ss It. PIts open 11:30. Radnl for all classes IroI! SDee on tlIru op_ Also p. .elI. class far stre.1 machl•••• Radnllt 1:30 PIIIo SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 1961 ACA CHALLENGER ROAD RACE, Nall. point.. Willow SprI.p Racewal. Alf G. .d Prix and producllotl clas.... SOee tin 1000cc plus sid. car ublbltlon. Pracllce 9 am. to 12. First .vent 12:30 p... Track located west 01 the lD. . 01 RoSlD\llllIl, CallI• Tum wesl at onll s1lOal In to_ ONE HOUR RACE, by Lions !l.C. at Tecate Airport, Tecate, Baja Calli. IIaII enlrJ $3• No post entries. Entry closes March 10th. AlIA sanct. 4 cia Ad••ss: Unns .--e. 4918 Orchard Av.., Oc Buch, Calli. so. SUNDAY, MARCH 2&tII. CAU F. TRIALS, It tlIe 77th Street loeatl. 01 Liltierock. Starllnl time will be 10:30 am. Limed from tIl.77th Street ofUllI.. rock, Calli. SUNDAY, APRil 2, 1!11 2nd ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT. lIodern C,cl. mapzln. presents thl s 1 . . lun .vent. Grand Prize will be $1000. Other prizes Includ. motorcycl.s, acce.sorl.s and loodl.s. Conlestants wi II seareh for containers that bave been dropped on ... des.rt Irom an alrerafl. Th... will b. sanitary laeIIItl.s, In.uranc., ambulances and police on band. Wllch lor lurther detail .. 11, 13th ANNUAL NORTHWEST TT CHAMPIONSHIP, by the Owyhee 1I0torcycl. Club 01 Boise, Idaho. (If this club will send us time and Location we will be happy to add It to this in(ormation••••••••Ed.) INDOOR 1I0TORCYCLE SHORT TRACK, al Oakland Exposition Bulldl~c. AlIA sanct. All Indoor comforts, with ouldoor action. Admission $2. Promot.d by B. Barkhlmer & H. 1Iu".II. Trials 6:30 pm, raclnl at 8:30. MOTOR MAIDS COLORADO RIVER RUN put on by lhe lIotor Maids Inc. rldlnl club, endlnl at the Colo. shore. Entry donation $2.50, camplnl50¢ per bike. Children enter.d, $1.25. Ham dinner, lames, awards, bike contests, judllnl lropbles lor .11 class.s. Send entrl.. lor Information to Iv.lene Tenn.y, 10046 Van Rultan, Bellflower, C.III. D.adlin. F.b. 20. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2&, 19&7 CROSS COUNTRY TRJAU- Two laps or 30 miles each. Thirty observed trial s s.ctlons. Entry $2. Lepl dayllpl road .qulpment, h.lmet, ploplate lor number on lront required. SIlO up 9 • .m., bottom olOld 11111 Road. Limed lrom H.IHotoon Bal soulb and Tunltas Creek Rd. narth on CallI. H., #1 (Coast Hwy). Put on by Pacific Int...natlona I Trials Socl.ty, Box 2272, lIenlo Park, Calif. TRIALS - S.C.T.A.-sanctloned event at th. Dana Point ..... Startlnltlm. will be 10:30 a.m. sharp, trophies presenled aller events. TT SCRAMBLES- at Sprockets Park, located at loot 01 China Grade near Olidal•• Spons. by Bak.rsll.ld Sprockels M.C. W.tch lor details. 5PRING 5CRAMBLES - S.lInas R.mblers II.C. at 5alinas Ramblers Club IrlIlIlds, 12 miles north 01 Salinas on Hwy 101. Practlc. and sllOUP 9:30 to 11:30 am. Race at 12 noon. No machln. IIlder 200cc. All other classes. All rld...s and machin.. musl compll with AlIA and Dlst. 36 rules. This Is • very sandy track so be prepared. W. rI de rain or shin•• CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAIIBLES • EI Paso, Texa .. SlarlInl til.. 1 pm. Three mll.s per lap, 20 laps. Out 01 stat...s .re encouraled to com. down and rI d. SOli. 01 the best desert In th. southwes" Located thr. miles .ast 01 EI Paso city limits on Hwy 62 -lBO. SUtiDAY, MARCH 511. 11th ANNUAL POKER RUN BY Art.sla lI0t0r Jock".. RRC point run, AMA saactloned. Starts at 8 am to 9:30 am. Donallon 01 $1.50 lleets at Lonl B.ach HarIIJ"Davidson,3654 Lonl Buch Blvd., Lonl Beach, CallI. Coli.. and donuls at start. also luturlnl special Europ... sausall ..d buns. Trophies. fl· e AfJ4f411i411 fJ~ Class "C" AMA %Mile ~~©®~ SHORT TRACK Gales Ope. 121100. rP~rn~ Stardust Intemlltional Rscewlly Vegas Sports Promotions 5300 Poradise Rd. Los V.gas, H.vodo 89109 C1D2l n5-4199

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