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.. "THE VOICE OF CALIFOR A" You'II alwavs see it C1Iades Clayton FIRST in &411 N. L.g Beacll BI.... LMig Bea, Calif,_5 Or: Bel 498, Llig Beacll, talif. PIItne: 423-1431 (Area CHe 2U) FI1flI L.A. PIII_S: . . au CALENDAR OF EVENTS SATURDAY, JAM. 14, 1561 INDOOR SHORT TRACK. A.M.A. Sanct. Starts It 8 P.1IIe Lonc Beach, foot of LDnc Balch BIYd., LonC Beach. 100cc lad 2SOcc clas..s. Practlc. noon to 4:00 p.m. No IIc..... need.d for prlctlce. Pit Clt.S for pro rac... op... at 5:00 p.m. Close at 6:30 p.m. TT SCRAMBLES • Elslnor. RIC. Trick. Olf Hwy 71 Elslno... Rlc.s start It 7 p.m. HARE SCRAMBLES. D.sert Cblll...C." M.C. DI strict 37 point run. Entry fee $3.25. StartInc time 10 LID. 2· 40 mile loops, trill hi k.. 1 loop. Llm.d 10 mil.. north of VlctorYllle on left side of Barstow Fr.eway. Clmpout on SaturdlY nlchl, but brlnc your own food Ind wat.r. A.M.A. SHORT TRACK RACING. Ascot Park In Glrdonl. 2SOcc's only, NoYlce, Ami' teur Ind Export. Pit Cites op.n It 10:30 a.m. and close It noon. First rac. It 2 p.m. EII;tor st-- Claytnn Busine ~ Gil BroW1l ...... A4verUsinc 11_ I1!l" Rubert Bractrnrd. .Asst. Editor DetIIIis Greene PIlato Editor Gay n.oa.soa .Ctrcalat.ion ~nacet". Published weekly except th~ first and last week of the calendar year by C&:S Publishing Comoany. P.O. Box 498, Long Ilt!ach, Cal ifornia. Lets go to a l1lOtln:ycl e eveat Ibis weekeINL I \ SUNDAY, APRIL 2,19&1 2nd ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT. Cycl. mlpzlne pres.nts this famll' fun .Y...t. Grind Prize will be $1000. Othor prlzos Include motorcycle., accessorl sind coodle.. Cont..llnts will ..Irch for containers that have been dropped on the usort from In Ilrcrlft. Ther. will bo sanltl flclIIt1es, Insurance, ambullnc.s Ind IIc. on baad. .Itch for furtb.r detail So Second Class Postage Paid at Long Beacb, Calif. Any part of this newspaper may be used without permission as long as credit is given. Editorial contributions. cartoons, photos are welcomed and will be paid for upon publication. Self-addressed, stamped envelope assures return. Single copy price•••••••••• 2~t SUbscriptions: One year 2nd class mail .•..•••.••.••••• $7.~O Advertising rates will be sent on request. o~ FORt9&7 is HERE! EXCLUSIVE 10,000 MILE URANTY WHEN YOU BUY FROM TRIUMPH OF BURBANK 1329 N. HOLLYWOOD WAY 8.8·7233 HEAD PORTING, SPEED TUNlt'G FOR RACING OUR SP~CIALTY SATURDAY, JAN. 28, U&1 JAN. 14th & 15th, 19&1 OPERAnON DEEPFREEZE ENDUROfirst _ I 24 hour brush-bash by Clsp.r (.y.lnlL GIlDst RIders M.C. Rlln or shin., 25-tD1l. cross-country course. CIISS.S, 100cc, 25Occ, op.n. For Info: Clyde Corkill, 236 N. llaYerIy, Casper, Wyomlnc. Eatrl.s clos. 10 ..... Jln 14th. Dr..s warm. SUIU'AY, JAN. 15tll, 19&1 BIG HARE RUN' 10th Annuli d.s.rt classic by tIMI JlckRabblts M.C. (So. Calif.) Entry lea $3.25. StarllnC bomb booms at 10 I . rll n or shine. AMA sanct. pol nt run. DI ... ectlons: Golnc north 011 Hwy 6, turn left It sipil In Rosamond (Roslmond Blvd.) ana co strllchl Ih.ld unUi you spy th.m. Cours. IpproX. thr•• 25-mll. loops of boonl.., trills fast Sind wlsb.s Ind lovely flower studded hills. G.t your points .Irly. TT sponsored by Sprockets M/C. AMA sane. stlrtS It 101m. Trick It Sprock.ts Park, loclted It foot of Chlnl Grid., Bak.rsfl.ld. SPORTSMEN ROAD RACES. Clrlsbld RIC" wlY. A.M.A. Sanctioned. All cllss.s from SOcc loOp Op.n to III riders IIcens.d and non-lIc s.d. Pit Clt.S open It 9 I .... clo slnc It noOlI. Prlctl ce from 9: 30 to noon First ric. It 1:30 p.m. Trophl.. for III clas..s. 7 mll.s East of Plclflc Coast HW)' on Palomlr Airport ROld. $2.50 Idml s. chlldred under 12 fr... with plrents. ENGUSH TRIALS. A.M.A. sanctioned, by tIMI Stockton M.C., It Dlvertlnc Clnal, Stock· ton. Follow 11m. from U.S. 50-90 & Hamm.r Lan. to 2nd IIcht. Go south to CaIIY.rlS Riyer ....berstown". Starts at 12 noon with I class for everybody. 100cc Ind up. SATURDAY JAN. n,19&1 1966 TROPHY A.ARDS AND DANCE' RRC of Soutbem Cilit. p,.....t. tIMIlr IIUIUlI dlnce lad orncer Installation It 8 p.... It the AnIbolm BoWl, 1925 •• Lincoln ·BlYd., Anlhelm Admission $1.50. PlcIl up your 1966 lour IWlrds, no Idm1sslon n....sary for that. SUNDAY, JAN 29, 19&1 SCRAMBLES. A winter scrambl.. 011 I sandy trick for mon who like fun, ,aln or shin•• No machine under 200cc Illowed! Prlctlce Ind slpup 9:30 l.m. to 11:30 a.m. RIC. It noon. All riders Ind mlchlnes must comply with AMA Ind District 36 rules! For further Info contact Bob Wayman, 324 N.Maln St., Sallnl" HARE AND HOUND, M.C., AMA sanction, starts It 10 am It Lucerno Valley, Cillf. Llm.d from "Y" In Lucerne Villey. Cours. Is 75 miles of dosort. SUNDAY, FE8. 5, 19&1 EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES. A.M.A. sancllon by the Slc..Hoppers M.C. First InnUlI .. Rlt Rice." Practlco It 10 I.m., first rlct It 11 I.m. Experts of III class.s. S..ond ric. It 12 noon. Novices of all class... Umod from Intorslte 5 (Hwy 101). encinitas Ind San Ml'cos Road. Ambullnce Ind III flcIlitles. $3.00 entrlnce f.wlth no admittance charco. For Info cllI Bob Goodlnc (714) 753-2907. EU ROPEAN SCRAMBLES. D.admln's Point. No assoclallon Ifflllation. Plo plal.s o.k. $3.00 entry f... 3 .eparate one hour rices. 10 a.m. for trail b1k.., 11:15 fo, III small blk.. Ind 12:30 for III hlC blk... Exlnt campCrounds Ind picnic Scenic rock formations Illow lDlal visibility of cou,c.. Tum oft Hwy. 66 at Lucern. Villey cutoft, bud ust to Inter..ctlon of Hwy 18 In Apple Villoy Ind you are there! "'U. INDOOR SHoh TRACK. A.M.A. sancllnd. Starts It 8 p.nI. Lone Balch Aranl. foot of LonC Ilaach BIYd., Lone Beach. 100cc & 250cc cllsses. Prlctlce noon lD 4 p.m. Pit pt.s for ricers o~ at 5 p.m. closut 6:30. A.C.A. THIRD ANNUAL OPENER ROAD RACE WIllow SprIacs Intornatlonl Rac.. WIY, illtloaal points e..nt, III International classes Includlnc l00cc and Production, as woll as sfde Clrs. FI,st e....t 11 a.m. Prlctlce 9 to 11 a.m. SUNDAY, JAN. 22, 15&1 SUNDAY FEB. 12, 15&1 MOTOCROSS. First of SlIy.r Cup Serl.. SPOllSOred by A.C.A. First .y.nt It 10 .. m. with III cllss.s slped In by that tim. IS evnts will run under molDrcross syst.m with each rider hulac tIIree rides. EY...t lD be bold It Castllc Plrk located North of Los Anplos oa Hwy 99, ~mlle past County Honor Fann. Tlke left tum and CO west on Hasley's Canyon Road 5 mil.. 10 trick. Concosslons, Imbullnce Ind toilet flcilltles will be IYllilble. POKER RUN. NeY.Reldy's M.C. lst Innull rold Poker Run. A.M.A. sanctlonod, R.R.C. point.. Post entry $1.25. Starts 8-9:30 Lm., Santa Ana Hlrley, SO~ E. 4th St., Santa Ana Trophies Ind prlz.s plo.. with food IVIII. It flnlsb. UyO .ostom swine band It the surprl .. finish wlIlch could be Indoor·out· door. For Information call (714) OV &-7477. 8th ANNUAL WINTER ENDURANCE RUN. AMA Slactloa Ind rule.. entry $3.00, post entry $4.00. Entrlos close Jill 18th at mi. nlcht. FIrst rider out It 9:01 Lm. Start and finish It Supr Plao,14 miles ust of SOlIorl, Calif. Follow tbe II... from Hwy 108 ust of Sonora to tbe start. 100 mil.. of dirt roads ud trills, very 1Itt10 hlchWly, 24 miles per hour lVerap••rlto to Sonora Pass M.C., lac. for furtIIer lofo .d 0Dlr)' blanks. P.O. Box 2S9, s-a, ClllforDl.. ROAD RA~ES. A.F.M. sanction, at Cotati. All classes. $8 entry f., $8 for Grind Prix CIISS.S, $3 lor production. Fr. entry to riders travallnc DYer 200 mil ... HARE SCRAMBLES. Prospectors MoC. Watch for further data II s. TT SCRAMBLES - Eastside Cycle Park In Tucson, Ariz. Second SundlY of elch month until the rell hal welther. Cillfornia riders Ilways welcome. Come early and rice all day! Practice from 9 a.m. to noon, rices from noon to 4 p.m. " ...And "ere e we "are our special 'safet,' .odell" DRAGS CALENDAR Fresno, Calif. 4th SIUI. of montb. Gates open at 8:00 a.m. Fw info: Blackie (209) 834-5018. DRAG RACES AT STARDUST' First 11m. e..r at Famous Stardust Hotel llraC strip, Las Veps, Nov. RoC Sheldrlck promot.s, asslslod by Bob Ebellnc. AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RACE Stardust Internatlonll Rac.way, us Veps, NOYlda. Prlctl c. at 9 1m, III classes. Entry $5.00 per IIIIchlno, rider and on. lII..hanlc, For furthor Info contact Rec Sholdrlck,P.O. Box 1769 us VOCIS, N.Yada. P,o Dlytonl wlrm up • post oatrlos $2.00 Iddillonal. Every second Sunday, Madera, Calif. Gates .,en at 9:00 a.m. No Fuel Bikes! Gas or street welcome. FRESNO DRAGWAYS SATURDAY, FEB. 18, 1961 FEBRUARY 19, 19&1 MADERA DRAG STRIP SAN DIEGO DRAGWAY at Ramona, Calif. Eacb Sunday gates OPel at 8:00 a.m. Hwy. 395 w 5 and 18 to Escondido ad R_u. Located leu Ail'l*l. IRWINDALE RACEWAY Salways Gates op. at 1:00 p.m. san BenRi. Fwy. east to Riv8'gI'IH R'Nd to Amw Hwy, east II Irwillllale AYe. au .... to stri' .. left side of street.

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