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ONLY Lets It 11 a RIItwcycle ev'" fbis weekeH. CALENDAR OF EVENTS DECEMBER 15 tolBth. THURSDAY, DEC. 22,19&& FRIDAY, DEC. 30, 19&& SATURDAY, JAN. 2B, 1967 INTERNATIONAL SPORT CYCLE EXPOSITION-at Brooks Hall. San Franc:llcllo All ...w IID.II and Ipeclal Inlerest blUI 011 d1spla,. Bullne.. olfler. 110 EI tamlno Real. 11111 brae, Calif. (415) &922911 Jolla R..ese'" OPEN HOUSE. XMAS PARTY & MACHINE OF YOUR DREAIIS PRESENTATION-All ruderl of Crele Newl InYllecl, See the maelc ",wlpaper facto", drink our coff" & booze. Ie... who wlnl what In our lIachlne of Your Dreaml Contest. FllIm IIOOn until 7. At 6477 II. Lone Baach BIYcI,. Lone Beach. Llraad from Artesia BlycI, and LoB. BIYd. turnoffs. Lone Beach FIWJ. INDOOR SHORT TRACK-ln Soulb San Francllco at the Cow Palace. Practice session 3 p.... Gates open 6 p.... Time Trlall 7 p.m. first race at 8:30. AlIA lanct. protesslonal. Barkhelmer & Murrell promote. SUNDAY, JAN. B, 1961 1966 TROPHY AWARDS AND DANCE - RRC of Soulbem Calif. p....nts their dance aad officer Installation at 8 p.... at lbe Anaheim BaWl. 1925 W. Uncoln Blvd•• Anaheim. Adml sll on $1.50. PI ck up ,our 19" tour awards. no admission necessa" for that. TT SCRAMBLES - B, the Jack Rabbits M.C. at Perri I Recreational Park. Rain or sIllne. Llltle bikes 8:30 a.m., ble blkel Am. & Expert noon. Noyt ees 2 p.m. AlIA sanct. point race. AmlKllance. concessions, restrooms. Get ,our points earl,! DRAG RACES AT STARDUST First time ever at Famous Stardust Hotel drae striP. Las Veeas, Ney. Ree Sheldrlck promotes. assisted bJ Bob EbellnCo 19" SATURDAY, DEC. 11,19&& INOOOR SHORT TRACK-ln South San Francisco at the Cow Palace. Practice lesllon 3 p.... QlItes open 6 p.m. Time Trials 7 Po... first race at 8:30. AlIA sanet. piliIe.. lonal. Barkhelmer & Murrell plllmot. SUNDAY, DEC. 1m HARE & HOUND· Imperial Valle, II.C. 100 mller. 3rd Annual deseri bash. Starting time 10 a... Location HWJ 78 near Ocotillo Wells (limed from Hw, 86 & HWJ 18. AlIA DI st. 37 & 37-A point run. WIIiTER SCRAMBLES· 4th annual AlIA sanct. bJ the HI-Hats M.C. Norwalk. Calif. Sipup 9 am. race • noon. Location. Calif. HWJ 4. f1ye miles west of Plttsbure, Calif. Rain or sIlln.. TT SCRAIIBLES - B, Coacbella Vall., !l.C. Lalt scrambles of the , . . at Pm.s track. AlIA lanet. Dist. 37 Jlolnt nm. practice 8 am. IIlbtwtllldl 9 .... heaYJWl&IIls • n_. Tropbles preseated altar race. adlnl Ilion $1. entrJ $1.25 rt_ CYCLE NEW S CHRISTMAS PARTY. OPEN HOUSE AND MACHINE OF YOUR DREAMS PRESENTATION NEXT THURS. N elt Thursday, December 22nd will be the last issue of Cycle News until after vacation. Numbered Vol. IU #50, it will be on sale in dealers' showrooms and newsstands for three weeks. The first issue of Cycle News in 1967 (Volume IV #1) will be issued on Thursday, January 12, 1967. It will begin our new policy of 25ci per copy. Also next Thursday, Cycle News wilJ open its doors from noon until? to greet friends and readers "ith Christmas Cheer. The winners of our Machine Of Your Dreams circulation contest will be annolBlced that evening. If possible, we hope to have the winners as guests and present d1eir prizes to them that evening. Entries for the contest close today, so we ha ve no idea yet who won the grand prize, or what machine of his (or her) dreams was choseD. Be on band next Thursday at our office, or read all about It Jan. 12, 1967 when your weekly newspaper reloms from two weeks vacation. WI lITER SCRAIIIBLE S - bJ Los HARE SCRAIIBLES • bJ GllIunclshakers M.C., Las Veps. Start at 10:30 a... Ent" $3. Limed from Lamb Blyd. & Salt Lake Hw,. Rain or II)lne. THURSDAY, JAN. 12, 19&7 OPERATION DEEPFREEZE ENDURO-first amual 24 hour brulhbasil bJ Casper (Wromlne) Ghost Rlderl !l.C. Rain or shl.... 2S-mlle clllss-couatrr course. Classes: 100cc. 250cc, open. For lafo: Cl,de Corkill, 236 N. Beyerl,. Calper, .,omIaCo EntrIes close 10 a.... Jan. 14lb. wann. 'OU include directions to the event, startinc times, etc. MOTO CROSS· First event of ACA SIIYer Cup lerles. IrYlne Park cour.., off RlYerslde FWJ Nur COllins lurnoff, Pro and Amaleur eventI. Trophies for all amaleur winners. M/e TOOL OffER • M.ORE WEEK 'TIL CYCLE NEWS GOES ON VACATION _ SAN DIEGO DRAGWAY at R_aa, Calif. Each Soday gates op_ at til a.m. Hwy. 395 _ 5 .d 1B to Escondido and R_lla. Located near Ai"ort. DRAGS BI G HARE RUN-lOlb annual desert clasllc bJ the JackRabbits !l.C. (So. Calif.) Entrr fft $3.25. StartIne bomb booOlI at 10 a..... rain or shine. AlIA sanc:t. polol run. Dlrectlonl: Golne a«lb • HWJ '. tum left at lienal In RosaDlOnd (Rosamond BIYd.) and p Itralebt ahead until Ip, the... Course: Approx. three 25-mlle loops of boonlu, Iralls. rail land washes and IoYel, flower-studded hills. Gol ,our points earl,. ATTENTION PUBLICITY COMMITTEES - - Be sure to send Cycle notic. of your comine •••nts and w. wi II Ii sl th.m in this department fr ••• A post card or a poster will do. B. sur. to HARE SCRAIIBLES-Central Calif. ChallllllCMIsllip bJ the PatlIfln.ra M.C. of Fre_ Startlne time 11 a.m. $3. .lrJ Ie.. AlIA sanet. Four laps on a 2O-mlle course Iquall 80 miles. At Three Rocks 15 mllel louth of llendota. LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX NATL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE • AFII sanclloned, Guaranteed pur.. of $1500.00. Stardust Racewa, watch for detail s. JAN. 14th & 15th, 19&1 SUNltAY, JAII.15tb, 1967 LAST ISSUE OF CYCLE NEWS· tor two w_s while we talla a little holld.,. GASP· FEBRUARY 19, 1967 FIRST ISSUE OF CYCLE NEWSfor 1967. Hope 'OU mls..d us durlnelbe hollda,s. THURSDAY, DEC. 22, JJ&& Gatol !l.C. at IIadroae (C.tral Calif.) limed " . HWJ 101 to caur_, LowIlace Ranc:II on Willow Sprlnel Rd. Two _er cnIsllnes. All clasHI..... 001,. Sipup 8 to 10:30 .... U pracUce 8:311-10:30. II rat race :30 a.0I. SATURDAY, FEB. IB, 1967 :3/ CALENDAR LIONS DRAG STRIP SaturllaJ & Slaay Gates .... 1:00 p... Sat. and 9:00 a.m. Sun. Ole ItItck sutIIlf Sal Diep Freeway at 123rd ud AI_a MADERA DRAG STRIP Every seallll S-Uy, MaUra, Calif. Gates ... at !I:IO a.m. NI FHI Bikes! Gas _ street welcae. CARLSBAD RACEWAY Slllldays 9:00 a... 7 miles east of lew Fwy. 115 til Palomar Alrpert Rd. FONTANA RACEWAY San B_rdiae Fwy. east to Etiwanda, .na 11 Footlill Blvd., east II strip on left or IIOrth side of Blvd. Gates open at B:OO a.m. FRESNO DRAGWAYS calif. 4th SIll. of ..... Gates.,.. at B:II a.m. Fw illft: Blackie (219) B34-5IlB. Fre_, IRWINDALE RACEWAY saMdays Gates Oil. at 1:00 p.m. san B.....ino Fwr. east 11 Rivergrade Rd. NortII 11 Antw Hwr, east II Irwindale Ave. and .... II strip til left side If street. THE FANTASTIC TELESCO FORKS "SA : - '''1. I SAVE $200 on last year models ·On the spot finucing- I • • I Honda Culver Cltr, 4421 Sepulveda 391-6217 I I I I I I I I ROBT. M. LAW M/C Anahetm, MIS810 HILLS M/C epulveda, STEVE HURD M/C Montebello, ROCKIES M/C Torrance, MASO. MOTORS Pasadeaa, CHOLSO MOTORS N.Rolywood, TEMPLE CITY RONDA Temple City, JACK BALDI\lN M/C Santa Monica, K &I MOTORCYCLES Riverside, TRACY'S M/C Burbank, BILL KRAUSE Inglewood, LAMOREAUX M!C Sunland, SHELL - MOTORS Lynwood. 19 pc. SOCKET SET (Metric) .lly $4.95 ea. Post Paid Send check or money order to TOOL OFFER 718 Fair Oaks. Silo California - - - - Wanta Do WHEELIES t - --First install a BARNETT - - u.s. DISTIIBUTOIS ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' 7''''772~ - - ACA NATIONAL ROAD RACE 1 sl 5UOcc ProcUclion • 2nd 175cc Grand Prix • 3rd 50cc Grand Prix. Wblllers are IIIIliDtained at .M ,... Come in and ask [or Dan Haaby HONDA CULVER CITY 4421 SepulYeda / 391-6217 - 127 I. MAHCNISTD AVL. ANAHrl" CALI•• 4915 PACIFIC BLVD.. VERNON, CALIFORNIA. PHONE: 5B9-5481 1967 BSA MODELS IN STOCK! Scrambles or Road Racing AISI Avallule • A C....lete Lile of 5-.. siti.1 Rear SUsp. . ANAHEIM M/C SAUS ~I~ ~ .. I I I I I I I film Adaptable to Most Motorcycles. From $120.00 RIDERS SEE YOUR DEALER. WE DO NOT SELL RETAIL I I --------------. -ft"bits! AVAILABLE NOW: BT & E VILllERS & DUCATI CLUtCH PLATES L.A. I DEALERS, ALH.BU HOlDA . . . . . . . A. . . . . (Z1.3) m-na .}f "'T" r-----------COMP. CLUBS: ea. Re.. I I : : JOI ELSINORE RA~!RTO~yCK I I : I S150~ I I COMPLOE : I F OR FURTH ER INFO_ I Ihiii • CALL:(213)357-3462 - 963-2377.

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