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CALENDAR OF EVENTS SATURDAY, DEC. 10th SUNDAY, DEC. 11 th E ~ SUN DAY, DECEMBER TT SCRAIIBLES • Riverside Bombers II.C. , a U classes, at Pe rris, Calli. All lightweig hts at 8 am, to 11a m, Big bikes Am & Ex all1 am Big bike novice s 2 pm, Gate open 7 am.Entry lee $1.00 , donati on $1 Ambulance lee 25 cents , childre n under 12 lree. Regulati on number plates required, no s ubstituti ons, 6 entries make a cla ss , point run, Novice. Amateur, Expe rt cards must be shown for classification. INDOOR SHORT TRACK • lst annual, AMA san et, Cow Pa lac e , San Francisco, Ca lif. Gates open 6 pm, time trials 7 pm, lst race 8:30 pm. <>0 t .Q Cll t.l ~ c.J ~ c.J ...,J U ~ U n n. TT SCRAMBLEs-H ayward M.e. at Hayward Spee dway, ju st off Nimitz Fwy near Hayward, Ca llI. Practice at 6, rac!nl! at 8 p. m. TT SCRAMBLES • Last 01 the year at Mesa Speed way. (San Diego) All ( Cancelled clng start. . 'ring gearl llntil further notice '.C. INDOOR SHORT T RACK • lst Annua l, AMA sanet, Cow Pa lace , San Francisco, Calif. Gates "open 6 pm, time trials 7 pm. lst race 8:30 pm. INTERNATIONAL SPORT CYCLE EXPOSITION- at Brooks Hall. San Francisco. AU new model s and specl al Interest bike s on dl sp lay. Busin ess office: 180 EI Camino Real, Millbrae, Ca llI. (415) 6922981 J ohn Renesch. SATURDAY 11th INDOOR SHORT T RACK • lst an nual, AMA sanct, Cow Pa lace , San Francisco, Ca llI. Gates Open 6 pm, time tria ls 7 pm, lst race 8:30 pm. TT $CRAMBLES • Ea st si de Cycle Park, Tucs on, Arizona. Prac ti ce at 9 • rac ing st arts at noon. W heelle contest , overnigh t camping, All Calli. riders challenged. TT STEEPLECHASE • la st one 01 the 1966 Season at Ascot P ark, Res che duled by J .C. Agajanl an alter ral nout las t week. P it gate closes at 11:30, race s begin at 1 :30. 189th & Vermont Is the place. Season champions to be decided In a ll cl as se s. SUNDAY, DEC. 1Btb HARE & HOUND· Imperia l Valley M.C. 100 miler, 3rd Annual desert bas h. Start ing ti me 10 am. Locati on Hwy 78 near Ocotillo Well s (lime d from Hwy 86 & Hwy 78. AMA Dls l. 37 & 37·A point run. SCRAM BLES ' by the Sacramento Trackers II.C. at the Lincoln Rodeo Grounds, one mile so uth 01 U ncoln. Calli . Tr ack Is enlarged. Refreshments available. Pra ctic e Irom 9:30 am. to 11:30. First race at noon. Powde rpuff lor ladle s II 3 or more sign up. W1~'T ER SCRAM BLES • 4th annual AMA sancl. bY the HI· Hats II.C . Norwalk, Ca lli. Signup 9 am, race al noon. Loca ti on, Ca llI. Hwy 4, five miles wes t 01 Pittsburg, Calli. Rain or shine. TT SCRAMBLES - By Coache lla Valley ILC. Last sc rambles 01 the year at Perris track. AMA sanet, Dlsl. 37 point run, practic e 8 am. lightweights 9 am, heavywel&hts at noon. Trophies pres ented alter race, admlsslon$1 , rider entry $1.25 EUROP EAN TYPE SCRAMBLESbY Sinners II.C. back to back with Simi Valley M .C. Lightw eights start at 9 am. Follow lime lrom HI Vista. Calli. (near Lanca ster) THURSDAY, DEC. 22, 1966 LAST ISSU E OF CYCLE NEWS · lor two weeks while we take a little holiday. GASP. NATIONAL ROAD RACE, A.C.A. SUNDAY, JAN. B, 1961 HARE SCRAMBLES · by Groundshakers M.C., La s Vegas. Start at 10:30 am. Entry $3. LImed from Lamb Blvd. & Sa lt Lake Hwy. Rain or shine. THURSDAY, JAN. 12, 1967 FIRST ISSUE OF CYCLE NEWSfor 1967. Hope you mis sed us during the ho lidays. Race way, open to a ll Grand Prix and producti on classe s. Pit gates open 8 am, practic e 9 am, first race 12 noon. SAN DIEGO DRAGWAY at Ramona, Calif. Each Sunday gates open at B:OO a.m. Hwy. 395 or 5 and 7B to Escondido and Ramona. Located near Airport. MOTO CROSS· First ..ent 01 ACA Sli ver Cup series. Irvine Park cours e, off Rivers ide Fwy Near Corona t urnoff, Pr o and Amateur evenls. T rophies for . 11 amateur winners. SATURDAY, FEB. 1B, 1967 . DRAG RACES AT STARDUST • FIrst ti me ever at Famous Sta rdust Hotel drag stri p, Las Vegas, Nev. Reg Sheldrlc k promotes , assisted bY Bob Ebeling. ATTENTION P UBLICITY COMMITTE ES .- Be sure to se nd Cycle News noti ce of your coming eyents and we will list them in this department free. A post c. rd or • poster wi II do. Be sure to )nclud e" direc ti ons to the eve nt. starting times, etc. 1~7 LAS VEGAS GRAND P RIX NATL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE • AFM sanctioned, Guarante ed purse 01 $1500.00. Stardust Rac e way watch lor deta il s. - OPEN HOUSE AND CONTEST PR ESENTATION· Cycle News will hold open house from 1 p. m. til 7. P res entat ion of " Bike 01 your dreams" winner at 7 p.m. sha rp. sanet, at Rivers ide Inter natio na l MORE WE S 'TIL EK C C E NEW YL S GOES ON VACATION SUNDAY , JAN .15 ,1~7 FEBRUARY 19, DRAGS CALENDAR 2 FRIDAY, DEC. 30th DECEMBER 15 to1B th• EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES • Jo int sponsored by Sinne rs M and Simi .C.• Valley Motorcycle Club. Limed Irom HI Vista store. Fir st light· weights off at 9:30. Entry fee $3. TT SCRAM BLES So. Nevada Championsh ip, Vegas Valley M.C. Ascot pattern tra ck Is loca te d on old L.A. Highway 5 miles south 01 Hacie nda Hote l. Las t Vegas serambles for'66. Prac tic e starts 10 am and first race at 11 am. ONLY Leis go to a motorcycle event this weekend. LIONS DRAG STRIP Saturday & Sunday Gates open 1:00 p.m. Sat. . and 9:00 a.m Sun. One block south of San Diego Freeway at 123rd and Alameda CARLSBAD RACEWAY Sundays 9:00 a.m, 7 miles east of new Fwy. #5 on Palomar Airport Rd. FONTANA RACEWAY San Bernardino Fwy. ea sl to Etiwanda, north to Foothill BlVd. , east to strip on left or north side of Blvd. Gates open at B:OO a.m . M ADERA DRAG STRIP Every second Sunday, Madera, Calif. Gates open at 9:00 a.m, No Fuel Bikes! Gas or street welcome. FRESN O DRAGW AYS Fresno, Calif. 4th SUn. of month. Gates open at S a.m For info: :OO . Blackie (209) B34-507B. IRW INDALE RACEW AY Saturdays Gates open at 1:00 p.m San Bernardino . Fwy. east to Rivergrade Rd. North to Arrow Hwy, east til Irwindale Ave. and north t. strip on left side of street. * COMPRESSION RELEASES **: r----------------·-------·--·~ I • I :i'ic ~- : NOW AVAILABLElll : : *RTS MOST 2-STROKE MOTORCYCLES. *SLOWS you down witllout loe"iag up : rear wlleel. *Maintains LuIJrication. I Compression Release Includes: Cable & Le,er- I : *" i' * t T (213) 281-7143 r------------~ COMP. CLUBS You Caa Rent I I I I I ELSINORE ! RA~!RTO~~yCK : I I I S150~ COMPLETE I FOR FU R R F : T H. E L I IN 0 e A Ll: (213 135 7-346 2 - 963-2377. ------------ I : : P. O. Box 1165 or 269 E. Sidlee S t. Th.usand Oaks, Calif. (S 495-8165 05) I I DEALER INQUIRES INVITED Torsten Hallman Riding School ALHAMBRA HONDA .w 1......, Main Alb....... GIVE A SUBSCRIPTIO N THIS CHRISTMAS SEE PAGE 16 FOR SPECIA L OFFER. I *** : ** : ............•...............• _ ** I i"" I STEVE SCOTT MfG. CO. :*** ...., FREE..HELMET with purchase of a new mot..... cycle.n a Rainy Day. : : $14 •95 ! A Custom Insta'ation lso A,ailaIJle-$J2.50 most lIeads I : : I ! I : $40.00 for 3 Days-$25.00 tor 2 Days All Riders Welcome-Any Size Bike =Any Classification-Beginners & Experts Friday-Dec. 9th- 9:30 a.m. Meet At: KIN Motorcycles 1689 LaCadena, Riverside (714) 686·8014 Toke Columbia Sf. Turnoff from the Riverside Frwy. (near 395 Turnoff) (Y can see shop from freeway ) ou • I I I I a I I L.A. I DEALERS . I ROBT. M. LA W WC Anah e im. M ISSlO S HIL LS M/CSepulv eda . STEVE I I HURD WC Monte bello. HOCKi ES l I ~t/C To rra nce. ~l-\SON MOTO RS Pasadena . :-

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