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' . .. District 37 Sports Committee Meeting B. Ward (442) M atchless, won his clas s. ACTON Aquanauts By Jo hn Shedd For th e seco nd tim e in t wo wee ks , So. Cal. 's Scrambler s found the mselve s in the rain. The Dec ember 4th actio n at Ac ton, ho wever wa s only a light "O re gon mist." (It "mi s s e d" Ore gon an d soake d Californi a .) The he a vy rains ea rll er In tlie week had re ally dr enched the track, but with lady luc k on th e side of th e Striped Crus a der s M.C. , it wa s in fi ne s hape for Sunday' s ra c e . Riders 1 sp oke to seemed pleased with the trac k, which was open for the first time in s everal year s. Th e jump was of !he full-bore variety . M of the ost riders took it in stride , s ailing through !he alr in grand s tyle. There were others who seemed to ha ve th ei r share of (Continued on page 5) By M aureen Lee The December meet ing of the District #37 Sports Committee at tended to some important busines s that had bee n ta ble d from the previ ous month . The Competition Committee had recommende d the los s of point s as punishment for rule infractio ns eit her for a club or for indi viduals and the vot e on this recommendati on pas sed 32-5. A club shal l suffer the loss of all point runs for the following season for infractions regarding the followlng:A. The ·depos itin g of lime on the highways. Lime may be us ed to mark the turnoff and the sl deroads only. None Is to be used on the highways . All posters must s how complete direction s for the location . of the run which Includes de s ert or scrambles. B. A du b must provide separate s anita ry faciliti es for both men and womea at de s ert events. The publi c authorities Irave ask ed for this and If we do not comply, the races could be s hut down as there Is a health law covering this. C. Refus e must be cleane d up In the pit area s on des ert events. A su ggestion lrad been made at a previous meeting for the clubs to provide trash barrels, oot one club point ed out that It had had It s lrarrels dumped out and then stolen, so the suggestion Is for large boxes to be used. Local authoritie s such as the Forestry Service "ill check an area after a race to see If the location has been left In a fit condition, and one representati ve stated that If people "'mid just d ean up U.eir own m sses " this whole lrassle would not have been PRADO PASSAGE Photo by M aureen Lee _t: PHOTO FEATURE ON PAGE 4 I?IlCEIVAV nec es sary . D. Cluhs must turn In their results to the Compe tition Committee within two weeks or los e 50 points per club member. If resuits are still not recei ved w tthin 31 days then the above penalty of losing all point runs for the follo"ing year will be enacted. One repres enta ti ve suggest ed that si nce one man, perhap s a new member. coul d foul up everyones · points in his club by making a mistake, perhaps a moneta ry fine would be fairer. Arter the bus iness of the Competiti on Committee was a cted upon, President J ean Car ter brought up the electi on of the newly created office of Recordin g Secretary . Only one nominati on was (Continued on page 11) Ascot TT Rescheduled Sunda y , Dec e mbe r 11th , weather pe rmitti ng , the final TT of t he year will be s t aged a t Ascot P a rk i n Gardena. P os tpon ed because of in c l ement weath er fro m last Sunday , t he famous As cot St eeple ch ase will det ermine the points c ha mpi ons for th e Dlst. 37 (AMA) Professional TT c atego ry . As t he point s contest now stands , Eddi e Mulder lea ds th e ex pe rt class with 1267, fo llowe d by Gen e Romero 11 86 , and Ski p Van L ee uwe n 1165. J i m Berry t ops the amateurs with 1140 point s, follow ed by Rich Thor waldson with 1062. L ead er of th e no vi c e s is J ohn Sp ra gue with 980 points , pursue d by Mik e Linthicum with 900 . Rac e ti me is I :30 p .rn, wit h the pit gat es closing at 11:30. J .C. Agajanian promot es. SCRAMBLES at SPROCKETS By Stan CoHee Th e miracle workers have done it agai n. Th e Bak ersfield Sprock et s M.e. turned what seemed a sure cancellati on, due to rain early Sunday morning , into one of th e best races of the season. A t ten i n the morning the track was well sui ted for ski boats. frog men and the stronger varieties of waterfowl. but by noon club members. with the aid of a l arge amount of competitors. had the track shaped up enough for practice and by the tim e the final events were staged. it was i n near perfect condi ti on, capable of runn in g a sm ooth, safe T hi s isn't t he fi rst ti me an event at Sproc k et s P a rk has been saved event and should be considered wit h a lo t of har d work and it pro bapri me candi dates . bly won 't be the la s t. T he Sp rocke t s Off and Raci ng never "Seem tu be s hort of manpower, . . If a National TT is ever a warded to Although th ings got .s tarted a lit tl e ano th er t rac k In Califo rnia, t he late. none of. the comnetito rs seemed to Bak ersfield Sproc ket s are more than (Cont mued on page 11) DRAG R ACING Pair of Sportsters do dragstrlp baltle. CYCLE ALLEY By Bob Ebeling One week ag o a t Irwindal e Rac ew ay , the s mall e r displacement machines sw ept all pa ths -of opposition via an el ap s e d tim e handi c ap an d won vi ctories In top stree t and t op gas. T he only la rge mac hi ne to retain its place of ho nor was the T ri umph of Murray and Coo k a nd if th er e ha d be en a handi cap In t he fuel bi ke cla sse s it is po s sibl e they would have a l so en tered th e group of de feateds . Bob Braverman won the E gas bike Stri ckland many low thi rtee n · se cond class trophy before Qualifying for top runs but had managed to turn a best of gas eliminations and in the proc ess es12.97 s econds with a speed of 102.97 tabli shed an unofficial all -time reco rd miles per hour. Dick has only one obfor 250cc machines. The super light jection to cycle dmg competition in the T01B Yamaha and rider, traveled !he Quarter mile and that is you have to 1320 feet in a short elapsed time of shi ft the darn things and go st raight as 12.36 seconds and ended this Q uick trip well! Top fuel a gain saw J e rr Gough and at a speed of 103.95 miles per hour. his 650cc T riumph matche d against W hen the moment came for a final eltmtnation In top ga s cla ss , the Yamaha had M urray & Cook' s double " F lus tration"• dropped its elapsed time by one Quarter Thi s was a race with one not so far second to secure the honors . ahe ad of the other. Ilb en it was all over The race for top stree t vict ory was Murray & Cook took the bucks with an decided by various factors rangi ng from elapse d time of 10.60 at 155.44 mph to mis s ed shifts to fla t getting out of s ha pe. .Je lT' s 11.05 - 131.77 mph. Not getti ng involved with these problems Fontana Drag Winners - 160 ~ext and maintaining a constant E.T . led Le That twin engine winner of Saturday Roy W yman's Honda to a runaway win. night 's acti on made UP for lost el apse d LeRoy' s best of the day on the 350cc time a nd took one more s tep up the ladHonda was 13.87 at 93.03 mph. Le Roy der towards 160 miles' per hour. The was second in the ranks of Quick s treet tracti on was good, plug heat range jus t bikes and the one which held top ela pse d time was Dick Strickland and BSA. Dick (Conti nued on page 15)

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