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NOVEMBER 3 tbn!ucta NOVEMBER 10, 19&& VOLUME 1\1 NUMBER 43 T-J To La PazYia Trail Bike! Suzuki's ·Hu.... ly· ar.: (L.ft to Rlebt) Nancy Lo.l .. J.. .. (Sh.nnan Oaks); Victoria , Jamos (Beverly Hills); Joye. Lop.r (Tarzana); Dom= W""lman (Do....y); Wnlla Booth (:"os Anplos), and Patricia Graham (Hollywood). Instructor Is tho 'onner polie. motorcycl. tratnlnc ollie or, Wallae. W. Dixon. WHO OWNS ·THE AMA? By Chuck Clayton At the Green Meadows, a sprawling, motorcycle sport has quintupled in size, ranchlike motel on the outskirts of while the AMA's share of It has not Columbus, Ohio the AMA competition kept pace. In 1959 when there wer~ half a million motorcycles registered ill the Committee met last weekend. In the air was a smell of change that autumn U.S.. AMA membership stood at 70.000. alone could not explain. Since 1960 the . d 13) (Continue on page 1 _ .lVIH31VW 031VO SSV1J ONOJ3S CYCLE NEWS 6417 N. Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, Calif. 90805 SUZUKI HEAVENLY ANGELS MAKE DEBUT U.S. suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled a new arlswer to propogating sportcycling and getting the allimportant safety story out to the fast-growing two-wheeled pu blic. The new "instant safety· is candy-coated by six lovely sportcycle riders aptly called • Suz uki Heavenly Angels·. Dressed in pure white vinyl riding costumes, with boots of white and a Safari-type Buco safety helmet, and mounted on just-as-white Suzuki Model K-IO-? sportcycles, the ·safety ambassadors· are about ready to go out into the world and teach good riding techniques and oUer safety tips. The "Heavenly Angels·, who will be made available, without charge, to schools, colleges, government agencies, civic organizations and public service groups, for both demonstration riding and safety talks, made tbeir debut at the "Two-Wheel Progress· dedication festivities of the new V.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation's national beadquarters in Santa Fe priDgS, Calif., on October 26. The eight finalists, no w in traiDing, were selected from some 60 applicants. Their instruction, which will be comparable to that received by motorcycle police officers, is being given by former police traimng officer, Wallace W. Dixon of Burbank, Calif. Dixon, who has taught hundreds of officers to ride, estimates it will take some 80 hours to bring the Heavenly Angels up to perfection. In addition to regular riding, tbe Angels will also be taught exhibition and formation riding, along with a complete knowledge on the mechanical operations of the lightweight motorcycle. The basic safety costume of white vinyl will be augmented later with special western riding outfits, and even a space-age designed ensemble, also in vinyl. The members of the group are all either homemakers or are employed full time, and accomplished their training in their free time. The girls are paid for their public appearances. Three of the Heavenly Angels are married and have children, while five are single and have jobs ranging from executive secretary to school teacher. All are from Southern California. The youngest "Heavenly Angel· is 19 and the oldest is 29. The tallest is 5'-9· and the littlest, 5 '-5¥.!·.

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