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CALENDAR OF EVENTS ... FRIDAY, OCT. 21111, CLASS C FLAT TRACK - Ascot Park. Weekly Lz mile'show aU83rd St. and Vermont, Gardena, :alif. Practice at 6:00 p.m., racing al 8:15 p.m. FRIDAY, NOV, 41h. SATURDAY, OCT. 291h. CLASS C TT-Hayward Speedway. Practice al 6:00 p.m., racing al • :DD p.m. Haywa,,'. Calif. 8 CLASS C I l MILE FLAT TRACKAllamont Speedway, P.O. BOI 1.042, L1vermcu, Calif. OCTOBER 28, 29 & 38, 1966 CUSTOIII CAR, CYCLE AIID BOAT SHOW - Long Be.eIl Arena .t Pin. & In L. B. Sponsor.d by Saracens C.r Club, Hours: Friday 7·12 p.IIlo, Sat. 1·12 P..... Su... 1·10 p.m. Dlscoant tis .t Taco Bell restaur.nts. SATURDAY, OCT. 29111. EIITRIES CLOSE for DlrtDlu. rs Gr.nd Prll .t mI dol ght tonight. OCTOBER 191b & 38th. 12th AIIIIUAL DEATH VALLEY MOTORCYCLE TOUR-By Moto~ cycle Tours, Inc. AMA Sallct. Billest tour of them allJ 5000 riders from every stat. & country. 100 custom trophi... Entertainment, parade o!antiqu. cycles,lIIcLa,len Dri II Team performs, continuous mOYies, gifts for .very official enlry. Get official entry blanks at your motorcycl. deal.r. Only official mall entri.s fully completed and signed properly, receiv.d b.. fore Saturday, Octoher IS, wili be accepted. SUNDAY, OCTOBER :iQth BOYS CLU B BENEFIT RUN - by Tacoma Yeilow Jackets M.C. For info. write: 1918 So G St., Tacoma, Washinlton. TT SCRAMBLES-HI-Bools M.C. at Dehesa Track nur EI Cajon, Calif. Practice 10 am, Racing al Noon. SCRAMBLES - North Bay M.C. at Santa Rosa, California. CLASS C StlORT TRACK sanct. at Ascot Perk, 119 Vermont Ave. Qu.llfylng 1 Races start 2:30 polll. J.C. janl30 promot.s. TT SCRAIIIlLES _ Prado ParI< by tile Sport. . . .nd 4-Aces LC.' s. Practice tI. . s: Trail bias 8 .... 125-250 1:30, Big Bikes Incl. no... Ic.s 1 p.... Dist. 37 points. Sid. hacks too! AMA & S. p.m., A,a- SPORTSMAN TT - ACA sanct. at new TT course on Ventura F.I .. grounds In V.ntura (wIlere .Ise?). Pit g.t.s open 10 a.m., Practlce 11: first ....nt .1 lloon. SCRAlIIBLES-Staged by 1I0rtb Bay LC. _ Cotati Dr.g Strip 5 miles soulb of Rosa. All classes, big trophl.s. Slgnup 9 to 11, pr.ctlce 9·12, races stort _ noo... CIds C tr.ctlo... Pbone LI 6·3903 or 5·2117 for mo.. Info. santa 1st ANIIUAL BIG FDOT EIIDURoby Trinity Trallsters LC. AlIIA ~ IPprOL 4-lIr. . . . CI .... ~ 0-125 MB, 125 & 250 MB, 250 OpeD MB. Start at 9:01 .... eqIIlp. .......tedo EIltrJ lee $3.00. T ......I.s & pins. Any standard eatry .ccepted. For Into. starting 1oUtI-. call or write; TrI.lty Trall. .s, P.O. Bos 177, Willow C.... C.UI. Pb• • 6292153. b1.... ALL-DAY PRACTICE SESSIOII .t E.stslde Cycl. Park, TUCSOll, Arlzon.. 110 eIIarge, no nolbln'. Just. ckanc. to get parln .. etc., rlgbt that you w.nt to run with, wilen the tracl< op... 1I0vember 15. 2nd ANNUAL BEAll RUN-by Whit· tl.r Rejects M.C. starts 8-11 a.m. at Le Bard & Und.rwood, 221 E. Imp.rlal Hlway, La Habra, Calif. AMA polnl run. Sign-in for returninl D.ath Vall.y will be at the Wrightwood turnoff in Cajon (fre. coffee & donuts at st.rt)•. Get dlr.ctlons at start. Finish will close at 3pm. lIIeol tick.ts will he aY.II. for lat. ar' riY.Is. Trophies for poker hands, bun cllllnt, & s_slakes. No machlae judging, Beans, bread, beer, co"" & pop sened. Entry 52. HARE SCRAleLEs-at HI Vista by Op I_ LC. start 10 _ rain Dlst. 37 pelllt . . . Sep.or at. start . . lIlIcc • sI. 1Iack.. UMlI'" HI Vista SIDle, 2lltIt St.. A_Go CLASS C FLAT TRACK - Ascol Park, 1I3rd St. .nd Vermont, Ga,. den., C.llf. Weekly \2 mile .v.nt• Practic. at 6:00 p.m., racing at 8:15 p.m. SATURDAY, NOV, 5tb. 20 LAP STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX TT STEEPLECHASE Winner will b. California State Champion for 1966. Ascol Park, 183rd and Vermont,, Calif. AMA Class C event, first race at 8:00 pm. SAT. & SUN., NOV. 5 & 6 INTERNATIONAL WC SPEED TRI ALS - At n.w Laguna S.I.d. course. Contact Bill Martin at 1329 Hollywood W.y, Burb.nk, Cal. (213) 841-4375 for .ntry .nd Info. Cours. Isll mll.s of Mulcall on 1II.llco Hwy. 2. M.II entrln, close Oct. 29, 1966. Speed runs sunrise to s... set.. 50cc to 3000cc per AlIA ru les. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6tb HILL CLIIIIB - Pre ....ted by Es·, plorer post 305 and Oakhurst Hili· billy LC. Slant·shootlng In .11 AlIIA class... Trophies for .11 clu.... EIltrJ and spect.tor fee botll $1. Kids under 12 free. Sigoup 9 ...... practlc. 10 a.... First go 1 p.... location: III lit AII.n's Ranell on Hwy. 41, fiv. miles 1I0rtb 01 O.khurst, Calif. HORSE VERSUS BIKE RACE Horse J.ff, motorcycl. n.m.d Triumph. B.ttlng permltt.d (ev....coaragedl. Rae. will b. m.rk.d off .t 50, 75, 100 and 150 y.rds. Location: near Las V.gas, Nevada, 'Up towerd SunrIse lilt... on top of pol. lin. ro.d.' Tim.: 1 p.... (or tIl.reabouls). Barbecu. al PI_ Horse Bar follOWing (It could b. Jeff). HARE SCRAIIB LES-.t Ponderosa Ranch present.d by Jack Ross. Thre. 10-0111. loops. Start 10 ••01. rain or shlna. 15 miles E. of L_ caster on Aye. J. Trophies to 40S of IIItry. Tr.1I blk. novlc. trophl.s to 5K of .ntry. Present.tlon at 3 pom. Entry f.. $3. No cards n••ded. Overnight campIng, C.II (805) 942~138 for Informatlo... E-UROPEAII SCRAMBLES-lst A.... nual "Brush-Bash" by Lions III.C. of San DI.go, co-sponsored by Sage-Hoppers of Encinitas. AlIIA Event, .t Encinitas. Limed from Interstat. #5 (P.C. Hlw.y #101) .nd San lIIorcos Rd. .t Enclnlta .. Lunellw.gon,heads and ambulac•• Practlc. 9:30_, first rac. 11.01. fee $3.00, no .dmlttanc. eIIg, For Into., call Bob Gooding, (714) 753·2907. JACKASS Ell DURO - by til. Foo~ hili H.Wks LC., hOI. Start 11_, check & finish at Red 1IIa.ntal... Llm.d from R.d lIIountaino Ride lIle 1I.lls of singl. blanket J.ckUS prospectors, an .dYenturous r . thru lb. historic Rand Iiountalns .nd DiUin' .. An \IIltorg.~ tabl. cl.sslc for those wIlo have rIdden past .vem.. Llc.nse .nd nnaftl.r roq. by DI It. #37. ApproL 100 011. All classes. Point I'1Iho Club t.arn.. One loop for 100cc clas.. Unlqu. trying pan pins for all .atrl... F.e: 53.00 (m.lI) $4.110 (post). Mall entries must lie pos~ mark.d before midoit., Oct. 22ndo, to 7813 So. BI.ckford, WhittIer. Calif. You don't hav. to belong 10 ANYTHING to rid. this .....t. Pie.,. b. our ,uesl! MONDAY, NOV. lib. POKER RUII - by Color_s LC. RRC poIDt . - Start S. F..-do Vall.y H-D sto.., 16i113 ShenaaD _." V. N.,.. F_ C&D. Post .ntry $1.50. Start"g tim I to 10 ..... 110 bla jllllg.... but goodies and prlz.s plorel TT SCRAllBLES - At III... SpedWfll by lie Oller. LC. of SDI.r' Practice 9 ....., rac. at 11. Clu -.1etlIIll tftIplIy, j - . test, LAST TT of the Don't ml.s It. TT SCRAM8LE5-op..lng .t Eastsid. Cycl. Park, Tucson, Arizona. To he schedul.d lb. 2nd Sunday of .very montb until Spring,. 'h 1011., grad.d & oll.d with 3 julllPs. T.k. Hlway 10 East to _limo!, tum Ieft.L.andlng fI.ld,oY ....lght c.mpo Ing".freshmenls .nd .11 f.cllltl.s. DECEMBER 15 .t181 , SATURDAY, NOV. 19111. IIIDOOR RACES-Ilr Trojan Enter· prlses.t Long Beach A-., & Pin. in '-B. AlIIA sanct. Practic. from 9 a.m. 110 IIcens. required for ~r.ctlc.. Races start 7 p.m. NOVEMBER 191h & 201b. RRC CALEIIDAR NIGHT - at PrudenU.1 S'Ylngs & Loan bldg, In Albambr.. 8 p.m. til ?7? FRIDAY, NOV. lUb. CLASS C 'h MILE FLAT TRACKw••kly .vent at Ascol Park, 183rd St. and Vermont, Gardena, C.IIf. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 ACA AWARDS BAIIQUET-II••bers .nd guests cordl.lly IRYlted. Cock· tails 7 to a p..... Dinner pr~tly .t I. Awards and danclDg following d1n_. Loc_lon: Cod.' s R.st_· ant, Buen. Part. Call ACA Offic., P.O. Bos 247, Fullerton, C.IIf. or phon. (714) 847'7629. SUNDAY, NOV. 13lh. RAMS RUII H 'n' H-17t1l Annualg", round for til. Rams LC. In the deL L1. . d from HI Vlst. Caf. In HI Vista. Starts rain or shine .t 10 ..... Sidellack class. Dlst. 37 Championship and polnls. Entry fee $4. CLASS C TT STEEPLECHASE Altamont Spe4dway, P.O. 801 1042, Livermore, Calif. - CROSS COUNTRY BRUSH EN' DURO-Lucky Spokes LC., Rt. 1, Bos 010, Brush Pr.iri., Wash. 98606. COWBELL DERBY Ell DURO - By H.yword lLC. 20th Annu.1 running. Cours••ppros.l25 mil... Loc.tlon: 1I0rth end of CI.or Lake In Lake County, on Hwy. 20. Tw.nty miles east of Ukiah on U.s. 101, 60 mll.s. Approved sp"k .,.sters required. Pbone 538·7530. Entrl.s clos. 1I0y. 10. Fee $3. Tum fee, .nolb.r $3. 8th ANNUAL DIRT DIGGERS GRAND PRIX-lstINTERNATIO... AL CHAMPIONSHIP lIIOTO CROSS AND SCRAMBLES-.t Simi Ranch. (Hopelown), form.rly Corriganville, 6543 Los Angel.s AY••, S.nta Susana, Calif. Noy. 19th - Ltwt. 2SOcc and und.r, trophies for No... ice, Am.teur. Espert, Sportsman Esp.and Pro .nd Int.m.tI. EYOlIts. $1000. purse. 1I0y. 20th - l1ywt. 260cc and oy.r, trophies for 110... ic., Amat.ur, Elp., Siahacks and Pro. and Int.mat'l Ey.nt.. $1000. purse. All riders, r.gardless of affili.tlon .r. InYlted to particIpate. M.II $7.00 .n" to DlrtdlCgen LC•• P.O. Bs 1513. CulY.r City. Calif. before mldnlt. Oct. 29. Start position det.rmln.d by postmark. Enclose 2 .nvelop.s. (Post entrl.s wlil he $100.) Foreign & ou~ofost.te ride.. write for details, w. assign riding P' .. R.qulr.ments: 3 numb.r plates, folding foot,optional traction, ri der & mach. fre•• Spect.tors $1.50. IIITERNA110NAL SPORT CYCLE EXPOSlTIOII-at Brooks H.II, Sa Fr.nclsco. All new ...dels ad special InteNlt bikes on clspl.y. Busln... office: 180 EI C.loo Real, IIIIlIbr... Calif. (415) 6922911 Joll. R• •XL ~ Weekly EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT HALF-IIILE FLAT TRACK-Ascol Park, 183rd .nd V.rmonllnGardena. Time Trials 7:00 p.m. First r.ce 8:15 p.m. • CLASS A SHORT TRACK - V.lIejo Speedw.y,V.lIejo. AMA-sancti_d. Tim. trials .t 7:00 p.m., first r.ce 8:30. Just across n.w bridg. from San Fr.nclsco, 59 miles west of Sacrameeto. DRAG RACIIIG - Carlsbad Raceway, opens 5:00 p.m., eliminations _ 8:00 p.m. H.ndicap system, larg. Top Bike trophy. Pac. CsL Hwy. 101 to p./omar Airport Ro.d turnoff, tllen usl past airport to R.c.w.y. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT IIIGHT TT SCRAMBLES at ElsInore Rac. Track. All classes ..d .11any tropIIl ... Two .mbulaces. Pr.ctlce starts .1 6 p.... II•• cit}' of Elsinore, C.IIf. SUNDAY, NOV. 28th TT SCRAlIIBLEs-H.yward M.C. H.yw.rd Speedw.y, just off IIlmltz Fwy H~word, C.IIf. Pr.ctlc. at 6, r.clng at 8 p.m. SUNDAY, NOV. 21111. MUD SCRAMBLES - Olympic P.... insula M.C., P.O. Bos 723, Pt. Ang.les, Wash. 98362. SUNDAY, DECEMBER lUh. TT SCRAlilBLEs-Kayward LC. Hayword Sp••dway, just off Nimitz Fwy near Hayword, C.IIf. Praclic. _ 6. racing .t 8 pom. Readers are advised that listing in this calendar is d free Service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibility for cancellation or cbanging of events by promoters without notice. DRAG RACIIIG-Fontana Drag City, San Bernardino Fwy. to Ellwand. turnoff, IIOrtb to Foothi II, right on Foothill to strip. Gales open .t 5:30 p.m. .lImi nation s start at 1:00 p.m. SATURDAYS DRAG RACE-Irwindale Raceway. 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays••Trophies, plus cash bonuses for street, fuel and las Take San Bern.r· dlno Fwy. east to Orange, North on Orange which becom.s Irwindal. Aye., to R.ceway. FRESNO DRAGWAY - Ora, racinl e_y first and lblrd Saturd.y. lIut meet Jun. 11th. Gales op.. .t 12:00 lloon. TT STEEPLECHASE-FIrst Saturday ni ght of month _ Ascol Park, 1Urd and Vermont, Garden•• AMA C event, first r.ce 1:00 p.m. GRAND PRIX ROAD RACE - 3ro annual ACA U.S.GoP. at Willow Springs R.ceway. Professional eYent, 51,000 guar. or 40~ of gat•• Classes: SO, 100, 125, 175, 2SO. 350, sao, Open & Sidecar. Trophies in all prod. classes. Inq. Bol 247, full.rton, C.lif. or phone (714) 847·7629. Post entrl.s after Oct. 31, $25.00. WAStiINGTOII STATE CHAMPIO... SHIP COWBEL'- ENDURO - lilt. Baker LC. _ Bellingham. lilt. Baker M.C., 600 DuPont, BellinCham, 98225. HARE SCRAM8LES-Paclfic Coast Ch.mpionshlp by Polka Doh LC. at WIII.ysville, Calif. HARE AIID HOUIID-Cascade lLC. of Bend, Or.gOllo Start at 9:00 ..010 rain or shl_ Follow the m.rkers from the IDters.cllon of HIghways 97 & 20 (3rd and Green_dl In Bend. Entry fee: 52.00. For .ntrl.s and infermatlon cont.ct Cascad. lLC. 136 Gr...._d Ave., Beoel, Or.gDIIo ATTEIITIOII PUBUCITY COIIMITTEES - - Be sure 10 send Cycle notice of your coming Ivents and we will Ii st them in Ihi s department fr.... A post card Dr a poster wi lI·do. Be sure to inc!ulle directiou to the event, starting times. etc. BAKERSFIELD HILLCLlIlBS IEITIEEI•• , ••••

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