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I l T-J It La paz Trek SMetieae. ~ AlA RECORD TRY SET FOR MONDAY Natives in their huts far distant from the hum of modern civilization "'ill stare in wonder this Monday as four men and motorcycles. assisted by a mothering airplane. will attempt to ride the trackless length of Baja California. Although the recent time of 39 hours and 58 minutes set by the Ekins Mulder Triumph team stands as the all-time record for the ride, no official record has been authorized by the American Motorcycle.Association until now. The team will be observed by temporary referee Jean Carter of Dist. 37. Co-sponsors Jack Baldwin and Bob Ewing. of Santa Monica and Mission Hills respectively, bave selected two teams to consist of Ted Toupin, Oscar Thompson, Curt Gibson and Ewing. Toupin was the 1964 Canadian National Champion scrambler, so his team has an international flavor. Toupin and Thompson will ride BSA Victor motorcycles and Gibson and Ewing will pilot two A65 BSA Hornets. They plan to make it in 36 hours. The sanction covers both teams and individual records. so next week we may bave two new records to report. (For additional comment see Cooley's Column on Page 4.) OCTOBER 2J tbnagll NOVEMBER 2, 1!t&6 VOLUME III NUMBER 42 SPEED TRIALS READIED SOUTH Of THE BORDER - Lately these weeks it seems that western u.s. motorcycle bu Us are discovering LowerCalilornia. Cross country records. sCJaIllbles and road runs ba ve already made the pages of Cycle News. And now comes the di.scovelY of a nearby "Bonneville" of a dl;Y lake that is said to be "perfect" for flatrout. high-speed timed runs. Pioneered Ilr well-known motorcycle entrepreneur Bill Martin of Burbank, the new Laguna Salada DtY Lake course is "'. ON THE I SIDE THIS Drags PAGE 17 E Desert "'l1li\ PAGE 14 031'fa SS'fl J ONOJ3S CYCLE NEWS 6411 N. Lo.g Beaell BI,•. Loag Beacll, Calif. 90805 lhey say dJY lake they really mean DRY!" Dean suggests that spectators and participants who plan to journey south for the Nov. 5th & 6th speed trials should take aloog plenty of drinking water. : NABS JAPANESE G.P. a : 1'f1~31 'fW According to Dean MOOd. who took his funhikes down there recentlY. "when ********************* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * •• about 150 miles from Los Angeles. located at nearly sea level 18 miles west ()f Mexicali. Baja california. * * * * * * Japanese NiUII--- F.1IIe first lillie in fbis generati. • AmmeaD racer ran away will a ..,..grade InternatiIIal racillC victory last ~ week at IIItJlIII.ese Grand Prix ...... cirait Fiji. II llestine ~s nearest ."ositiol ~ aI8Ist a I., Gary Nix. ~ of BaI"'.., U.S.A., wearine ...... e l.iIi. . . . . . 9 II lIis racine leatllers, swug olt willi rea. _lit. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * : lIIe Japaaese Cu.ionsbip title as well. ~ Ridinga IIasicallysttckV.. aba V05-3 against a ...~sticate. field of ,...etiolracers, lIIe c.cQ, 1uI0vine of U.s. dirt tracks •• rea. lIIastetl llis way It lie leH.. sbetel... it aI_st 1IIt ... 1 ~ !II ki'-ter5 (lIIIlRx II 'Iesl ...... of lie race. I ...... ,eter. "r * * * *********************

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