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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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You'll alwavs see it FIRST G78&. • in 6411 N. Long Beaell Blvd. Long Beach, Calif,90805 Or: BOI 498, Long BUell, Calif, Phone: 423-0431 (Area Code 213) FnIIII L,A, PIIe.1: ...... tures of your weekly paper. PETER.O. JOHNSON Newton, Massachusetts "THE VOICE OF CALIFORNIA" Charles Clayton Editor Sbamn Clayton Business Manacer Gil.Brown ......Advertising MaMger D. B. (Dulch) Fielder .Asst. Ad. Mer. Dennis Greene · Photo Editor Gay lbomason .Circulation Manacer. Published weekly except the first and last week, of the calendar year by C&S Publishing Company. P.O. Box 498. Long Beach. California. By Chuck Clayton WANTS INTERNATIONAL NEWS VOICES We would like more stories on cycle trips in various parts of the good old U.S.A. (including Alaska & Hawaii), Canada. Mexico and Sou th America... and Europe (since we plan a trip there this year). However, you are A-Q.K. with us, as-is! BEITY & LARRY KEMMER Newport Beach Trails & Tri balatioDs THANK YOU!! The only way to convey thanks to all the good pe~le who supported the benefit for Rick Vetter and Joe Schmidt (the riders who were hurt at ·the Springfield Natienal) is through your CYCLE NEWS paper. And a sincere thanks to the dedicated workers en the project Le. Bill & Ginny Dorres~ne, Tom & Cecila Anderson and Jean Miller. In appreciation. ED & MARY VEITER San Francisco P .S. Rick's conditions slowly imProving but he's still in and out of the coma. Joe has been brought he re from back eas t and is still in bad sh ape • -KERN KOUNTY KOMPLAINTWish we would have more news of District #36 Events, {I live there, of course)••• and more accurate news when you do report on #36 races. If you need some help on the races around Baker&field, I would be glad to help you on the ones I attend. ROYAL ENFIELD 500cc FURY SCRAMBLER Dear R.E. We will gJadly welcome any reports you can send us about the Dist. #36 events tbat you attend. Please send us your name and address so that we may send you a contributor's rate sheet showinc what you may earn from your efforts. Ed. There is very little news in Cycle News that I am interested in. I have heen hoping that you would start a (regular) article on trail riding... and try to help us keep some of our trails on public lands, but to no avail. After all the trails are taken from us bY the Sierra Club or some other, about 50% of the motorcycles can be sent to the junk yard for lack of a plac e to ride. HERMAN R. DOKE To the Editor: Win, lose or drawl would like you- to know that I sincerely appreciate your efforts to produce a fine paper. It is infinitely superior to the nationally distributed magazines and would he a IBrgain at three times the price. Your reporters have the ability to occasionally interject a little subtle humor in their columns, which is refreshing. Caiendar of Events is a superior column and saves a lot of running down to the local bike shop to see what's happening around the southland. Keep up the fine work. TOBY E. JARVIS Long Beach AMERICA DISCOVERS COLUMBUS Next weekend Cycle News will be off to Columbus, Ohio to attend the AMA COmPetition Committee meeting as an observer. I hope to return with more accurate information on AMA histOlY. attainments and future plans. There is sure to he interesting news comingoutof Columbus in the next few weeks, so watch your paper for full details as they happen. LONG BEACH CYCLE SHOW POSTPONED Promoter Don Brymer announced last week that plans for the first annual International Motorcycle and Sports Show in the Long Beach Auditorium are being suspended for the time heing because of delay in obtaining various permissions for parts of the show. Now that a satisfactory arrangement with the AMA racing establishment has heen worked out, Brymer and Company will concentrate on promoting the coming season of indoor races in the port city's seaside arena. ENSENADA BEAUTY WINNER In our haste to the printer last week we purposely omitted these photos of of the Over-l000cc Judcing Contest Wtnner from the first annual Ensenada Tour report so that we can feature it better now. Truly a magnificent example of the perfectionist's craft, this 1966 ElectraGlide owned by husband and wife Joe and Toni Soto of Los Angeles has over $5,000 invested. The proud couple rode it all the way to Ensenada. still it in. It has 1800 . miles on the odom eter. Joe and Toni plan to ride it to Death Valley this month and continue their perfect win streak there. Main Drag I have only heen a su bscriber for about a month, but I think your paper is excellent! You are the only people who publish drag results to any extent. This is my main reason for subscribing. The local papers totally ignore bike racing most of the time, so yOU are truly the Voice of California. We are reallY sadly neglected... yOU are our only contact with each other. NAME WITHHELD Por Nada To the Editor and the entire staff of -Cycle News·: As secretary of the Ensenada Motorcycle Club I want to thank all of you in behalf of our members. Without your help and pu blicity our race this year would not have been the success that it was. Everyone connected with -Cycle News· went out of their way to assist us. A special thanks to Maureen Lee for being so patient and helpful while waiting for results and to Dutch Fielder for his help taking entries and working at the track. . The pictures were outstanding and the articles were so vivid they made everything come to life again. We hope all of you had a great time south of the border and we're looking forward to an even greater year in '67 with your continued enthusiasm and support. Muchissimas Gracias! CLARA ARAGON Ensenada B.C. ONE AGAINST FIVE Enclosed please find check for one years subscription to Cycle News. 'If IBck is;;ues are available, please IBckdate my subscription to the middle of August, '66, and send me the issues since that time. For whatever it·s worth, your ad in Cycle Sport Magazine first caught my eye...and after seeing your early August issueatthe Springfield 5~Mile National. I was convinced that subscriptions to FIVE monthly motorcycle magazines was not giving me the results and pic- Chrome plated Iram.. flrstald kit ad ftre e.tlDlUlsh. lIOunled behind class In scoo"boot 1mpreSled the Ens.... da ludps. Bike Is respl_dent In bronze and gold lacquer paint. Second Class Pos tage Paid at Long Beach, Calif. Any part of this newspaper may he used wi thout permission as long as credit is given. Editorial contriliutions. cartoons. photos are welcomed and will be paid for upon publication. Sell-addressed. stamped envelope assures return. Single Copy Price 15¢ Subscriptions: One year 2nd class mail $7.50 Advertising rates wiU be sent on request. MACHINE OF DREAMS WAITING TO BE WON SO far only 189 subscribers have entered the Cycle News Machine of Your Dreams Contest. The game is still wide open, and time is running short. so come on, all you subscribers and send your entry in. If you win first prize, we'U buy you any motorcycle you can name as long as it is available in the U.S. around Christmastinte. Second place wins a Honda So9O or a Hodaka Ace 90. wllicbever he or she prefers. And the next fifty winners will receive a brand new 45rpm reconting of Sammy Tanner. the nations #1 nattrack racer singinc his own composition, -The Flying Flea." So far the Triumph Bonneville is the most requested machine of your dreams, with 40 requests, one for each cubic inch of displacement. The BSA Victor is second in demand with 29 entries. Third is the HarleyooDavidson Sportster XLCH model (l7). BMW R69S rates highest with 15 of our subscribers and Bultacos have 13 votes. Other machines that may be won are Matchless Metisse, Kawasaki 250, Velocette scrambler, MV 4, Mammut and an Esso speedway bike. Tune in on December 22, 1966 when we announce the winners, and get your entry in today! WEEKENDS ON WHEELS By Peter Rachtmao I'm sure everyone has seen those • star's clothing" stores where you can buy film star's seldom worn clothing at greatly reduced prices. So many of the Hollywood stars today are riding motorcycles, that I will attempt to provide a similar service (non-profit naturallY) and let you know who rides what and when they want to sell it. Motorcycles have become such status symbols among Hollywood actors, you can watch a young star's climb to the top by the motorcycle he rides. Example: Tommy Smothers (of the famous brothers) wants to sell his 1966 BSA Lightning... he just bought a BMW. The BSA has only 11 00 milE;!s and boasts a custom paint job...for information call Tommy's manager,Ken Fritz at273-5011. . .. .. ............ In Encland there is a very fine weeklymomrcycling magazine called -Motor Cycle- which probably has the largest circulation of any publication in the field. I've been a subscriber for quite some time and the other day was thumbing through a recent issue and came upon a story stating that first of Honda's new 4 cylinder. 650cc motorcycle would not be exported to England, but would be coming here to the United States. . The promise of a new folir cylin.der bike being available soon was really exciting and I decided to do a little checking. I spoke with four different Honda dealers, never revealing my true identify as -Scoops" Rachtman, boy reporter. The four responses follow: -Yes it should be out around the Iirst of the year. It will probably be priced to compete with the BMW." -Impossible ... a four cylinder motorcycle just isn't practical." -Figure on next Spring ••• it will (CootiDued on pace 4)

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