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CALENDAR OF EVENTS OCTOBER 2.9th & 30th. THURSDAY, OCT. 20th. ACA SHORT TRACK - South Gate Spe.edway. Pit gates open 6:00 pm, rac,ng starts 8:00 p.m. 50, 100 & 250cc professio nal events. Located 1 block south of Fireston e and 1 block west of Garfield. FPIDAY, OCT. 21st. CLASS C '2 MILE FLAT TRACK Weekly event at Ascot Park, 183rd St. and Vermont, Gardena, Calif. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22ml TT SHORT TRACK ' At South Gate Speedway, nea, Lon, Fwy. aod Fl..sloM , Plls opea 6 plI. lice 7, ,acln, at I pm. "a- 12th ANNUAL DEATH VALLEY MOTORCYCLE TOUR-B y 1I0tor· cycl. Tours. Inc. AliA sanct. Big' gest tour 01 them all! 5000 ride" from every stat. & eountry. 100 custom trophl.s. Entertainment. parade 01 antlqu. cycles.ll cLaglen Drill Team performs. continuo us movies. gifts lor every oIficlal entry. G.t ollicial .ntry blanh at your motorcycle dealer. Only alii· cia I mall entrl.s fully completed and slllled properly. received Nfore Saturday. October 15. wi II be accepted . SUNDAY,OCTOBER ~th BOYS CLUB BENEFI T RUN - by Tacoma Yellow Jackets M.C. For info. write: 1918 S. G St•• Tacoma. Washington. NITE TOURIS , TROPHY RACE· AMA sanction ed Class "c" TT. Practice and time trials a16:00 pm. racing at 8 pm. At Hayward Speedway, Hayward, California. TT SCRAMBLES-Hi-Boots M.C.·at Oehesa Track near EI Cajon. Calif. Practice 10 am. Racing at Noon. AlIA CLASS ·C· TT - at lh. new S.n Gabrl.1 Vall.y· Rac.way . 2 mil.. N. 01 the San Berna,dlno F,nway 011 River"• • Road(#605) In the city 01 Irwlnd.I .. Gat.s open at 6:30, quallfyl n, at 7:30. raclnl .tarts at ':15. Nov., Am., Esp. INDOOR SPORTSMAN S H0 R T TRACK - Eve,ett M.C. at Gold C,eek Park, Southeas t 01 WoodinVille, "ash., on Redmond Rd. Every Saturday nl cht throu,h March IICopt Dec. 24 & 31. M.C., 726 112th St. S.W. Everett. Wash. 98202. 1st AIIIItUAL BIG FOOT EltOURoby Trlnl" Tr.llite r. ILC. NAA ...ct. IIIprol. I.....y Corrle-Y lI... 6543 Lo. Aoples Ave.. SalIt. S..... c.m. N.",. 19t11 - Ltwt. 2SO« .d ........, tlllflhl" lor N_ Ic•• A~, Expert, ElIIoand Pra alld In_all .E_Is. nooo. pars.. Ito". 20th -lorHywt. No.. 260cc and a"". t,opIIl.s ic•• Ama", Exp.. Sidellack s Illd Pro. aod I _ I ' I E.....t .. $lOGO. purse. All ,Iders, ,.p,dles s of aftIliatlo n ... Invited to partlclpat.. 1Ia11 57.00 ... , to DlrtdI,. pro ILc., P.O. Bx 1513, Cul_ CI", C.llf. bel. . mldo". Oct. 29. Start positlGn determ l'" by po... m.rk. ElfClo.. 2 ,.If-addr e..ed envel... .. (Post .trles will be $100.) F_lp & oo~o".tlte riders write lor detail., ... aSllco ,I din, p's, Requlret Hnts: 3 number plat••, opllOllal traction, loldln, loot rIder & mac'" f,... Spectato r. 51.SO. PRACTICE SESSION - SoutII Gal. Rac.way (Fl ..stooe and Lon, Beach Fwy.) NO Uc.... or ..... 5llOc:c sln,ln hersllip only, no brakes. Fa, Iurtber InformatlOll call (714) 842-3113, ask lor lIIk.. _sary. Ora, City, DRAG RACINc rFontatr. San BornanIIIIO Fwy. to Etl. . . . tllflolf. lDtIt to Footfllll, ,I&IIt • Foot... 11 to strtp. Gain open at 5:30 P.IIL e1"nIDa lI.s start at 1:00 p.lI. SATURDAYS DRAG RACE-I rwlnd.l. R_ay . 1:08 p.m. on smn.y .. TroplIIes, plu. cash bonu. .s lor st,eet. lDeI and p. cl...... Take San 1lenI. . dlno Fwy•••s t to Or.p, ItortI; on Irwindale Orange which Ave•• to Rac...., . bee_. FRESNO DRAGWAY - Or., ,acln, every 1I,.t ..d thl,d Saturday. N.xt meet Jun. Gates open .t 12:00 Noon. TT STEEPL ECHASE -First Saturday ntgllt 01 .ach IIIOIItII at A.cot Park, 113rd and Vermont, Garden•• AliA Class C _nt, IIrst race 8:00 p.m. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT ItIGHT TT SC~L ES at EIJI· __ Rac. Track. All c...... Illd Twa 1IIIItIa1 _.. Practice start. at 6 , . . It•• city ", El...... . C.llf. ...., tropIII..

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