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In. • ••••••••••••••••••••••• OCTOBER 21 • OCTOBER 2&, 11&& VOLUME III lUMBER 41 •••••••••••••••••••••••• RIDING WITH THE EAGLES •••••••••••••••••••••••• Dist.36&31 B uzzar d s faa (.";les AlIA National Cltampionslip ~lbum 0' "Rldlnlll bett.r In ill. cool.r months tho" sayl Cycl. N.wl Ad lIanac.r Gil Brown, sbown abov.. Wlf. Sandi. (o~ pillion) acr··.. HIstorian e.dI of Gar_a restl his 11ft lI.d • ,.a1Iabl. AlIA Racial AI.... he hal COlIIplled 0_ 20 yur.. I. 1111 hand.d aaeted to r'pt Is COlllJl'." PfOcram froIII Gardena, Ascot and national rac.1 spannlnl8 y•• So In a twent;y year labor of love George Bench of 820 Gardena Blvd. in Gardena, bas compiled a massive book that could serve as AMA motorcycling's Hall of Fame Album. ••if there were an AMA motorcycling ball of fame. Using as his raw material photographs and clippin@S from every canceivahlesource,historian Bench brought together between two covers all the AMA racing records and personalities who have attained national Ilfominence in the past 58 years. To our knowledge it is the only such volume in existence. The races and biographies of every AMA racer who ever held a national number adorn the enormous pages along with stories oUhe deeds of daring these men have performed. Many of the biographies end with obitualy notices, surmounted qy crossed checkered flags. There are also complete recoms of National ChampionshiP events, supplemented by programs from every national for the past 8 years. Mr. Bencb is a painstaking paste-up arUsa. "He used to' stay up til three in the momiDg riDisbiDg a page," Mrs. Beach reports. "And be bad to go to wodI at :i ..mI" Macaificut V.lame flow for Sale Medical bills incurred from a recent illness now forces Mr. Bench to put his album UP for sale. Such a one-of-a-kind edition is of courSe p riceles s, bu t George Bench confesses he would take as little as $250 for it. Surely some enthusiast will want to Own this document, or perhaps the long-promised Motorcycle Hall of Fame could grow up around it. Interested parties should contact Mr. Bench at. his home. lVIH31VIN a31va SSV130N033S Point Standings Throw State • • • • • • • • • • Championship Hare Scrambles STILL NO SUCH THING AS A 'SLOW SEASON G IN CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE BUSI ESS SAYS GIL BROWN One sure way to tell that winter is coming to California without looking at a calendar. says Cycle News Ad Man(Continued on page 22) By Dick Wright The Buzzams M.C. hosted a very successful race for the two hundred and eighty-seven riders who signed up. The riders all agreed that the course, which was twice around a forty-mile loop, was just about the right length for a good day's racing. The starting area was typical of most of the terrain of the course; you were better orr heading for the open toolies and making your own trail than you were to get in the groove and fight the other riders' dust and bounce around on a dugout trail, as the sand was velY powdelY and loose alter a few bikes had gone over the trsil. Belt Meets Bumps Bah Belt, #6X Expert on a 250 Greeves, was the ovez-all winner. He grahbed the lead ha~ay throu gh the first looP in the long fourth-gear sand wash and held it to the gas check at the end of the first lOOll, but in leaving the pits he went a little too hot over a series of high bumps, did a spectacular endo, and watched three riders pass him (after the race he came back to pick UP his fender). Belt was able to catcb two or the •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• L.B. Short Trade Set for New Seaso BEGINNER SESSION SATURDAY AFTERNOON Don Brymer, President of Trojan Enterprises and promoter of the Long Beach Indoor AMA short track events, announced this week that the new season will open under the lights at the Long Beach Arena on Friday night Nov. 18th and 19th. . Two big nights of racing marks the return of the lightweights to the concrete oval that drew record crowds last winter for the five race event season. Sweeping changes and improvements will also mark the new season with the track being changed to add more navor and excitement to the events that set the cycle scene to winning last year. 40% Purses For Pro's The opening events will run with practice and qualifying on Friday night, Nov. 18th. This will include the elimination heat races for all classes. Forty percent of the gate will be paid out in prizes. Tbe lirst new addition to the sbow will come on Saturday artemoon, Nov, 19th. Any and all riders, they need not have a competition licenses, will be allowed to practice or test the track tbe entire artemoon prior to race nigbt on the 19th, Tbe second change will also (lnd a special class ror 100cc and under machines this year that will ride in a separate class by themselves. . Saturday afternoon any and all riders with machines 250cc and under will be allowed to come to the arena and practice all afternoon. A rider need not be a professional but must be a general member of the AMA ($2.00). Membership cards will be available at the arena. The new 100cc and unger class will be for all riders who have a professional licenses. This means that a rider can now ride in two classes, if he has one machine of 100cc or under and also a machine over 100cc's. The Nov. 18th & 19th events will be the only two indoor races in the Southern California area until January. At that time Long Beach will host four more races under the roof. All Long Beach events. will again be AMA sanctioned and pay 40% of the total gate to the riders. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Trojan Enterpris!:s at 436-4870 in Long Beach. riders within the next ten miles, but J.N. Roberts, #4:il Amateur on a 30:i Honda who linished second, gave Belt a real battle. Belt was finally able to pass Roberts on one or the many splitting trails, and come in for a very welldeserved first place. J.N. Roberts fiDIshed _lOllimately ODe minute behind Belt, to receive the 3:M1 Amateur win and second ave....... The course got quite cbopped-up on the first loop, and most of the riders felt the second time around was slower gain g, as they had to plow throu gh th e deep sandY traiis and there were many, (Continued on page 4) - Quarter Mile At Ascot For years the Ascot race plant has had a half mile and a quarter mile but the bikes have never raced on the smaller oval. This will all be changed come Sunday afternoon, October 30th, accordin g to race director, J.C. Agajanian. On tbat date a full show of novice, amateur and expert races will take place on tbe 250cc machines. The track has been used in the past for all types of car racing but this will be a once-only try for the cycles to see what the reaction of the fans and riders will be. The actual races on Oct. 30th will get underway at 2:00 p.m. and Aggie is looking for at least 75 riders to try the track and run for the gold that will be the usual Ascot 40% of tbe gate. Many local fans have never seen the top experts race on the dirt on the 250's and will get tbeir first chance next weekend. Many riders from northern Calif. who just completed a full season of short track racing are expected to come soutb and enter against the Ascot aces who will make the switch to the small jobs for the first time at their home base. 90806 'J!le:J 'q:Jeas JuO' 'PAIS q:JllaS :IUt, 'N LLt9 SM3N 31JJ..J

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