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Readers are adVised that listing in this calendar is a free service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibIlity for can cellatlon or ch3nging of events by promoters Without notice. CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ FRIDAY, SEPT. 30th ~ NITE SCRAMBLES - Fresn. M.C. o al Fresn•• ~ FRIDAY NITE 1/5 MILE SPORTS.. '" MAN SHORTTRACK-by Li.ermore i ~;~~y ~iveA~~.~~ t~~~~:~: H~! ci5 ~ 7:30. Praclice 6 t. 7:30. Races start I pm. 5000 spectat.r seals. admi ssi.n $1.50. All class· es. 50cc I. 250cc except ladies ~ SEPT. 30, OCT. 15t, 2nd. r.J CYCLE ACTION THEATRE-tllree .f m.t.rcycle racing fi Ims. Las Vegas C.n.ention Center. I p.m. Paradise Rd. and C.n.ention Center Dr. Sept. 30. ~ way ~50. Pil gale opens 5:50 pm. r.J ...:J U ;:... U Oct. 1. I a.m. MOTORCYCLE INSPECTION AND SAFETY CLINIC-Las Vegas Jr. Chamber .f C.mmerce. C.n.enti.n Center Parking L.I. OCT. 1. 2 p.m. MOTORCYCLE RIDE-Ride t. Day Dream Ranch.2465 E.Warm Springs Rd. Swimming, Dancing (Ii we music). Ranch Dinner, Night Hay Ride, free camping facilities. Entry-$2.50 f.r adults.$1.75 f.r children. OCT. 2. 1:30 a.m. POKER RUN-Las Vegas M.t.r· cycle Dealers Associalion. Traphies. merchandise prizes. Pick up fi rst card at any II. C. shop. Ride ends at Sunrise Raceway. Entry-$1.00. OCT. 2,11:30 a.m. TT SCRAMBLES-Sil... City M.C. S... in Raceway after the P.ker Run. Three entries mab a clus. AMA sancti...d. Class C tractlon recommended. P.wder Puff Race. SATURDAY, OCT. 1st TTSTEEPLECHASE-regular firsl' 5aturday-.f-m.nth TT Racing. Asc.t Park. Gardena. Calif. Safety Film "In.lslble Circle' by American H.nda. Long Beach P.· lice Dept. and National Safety C.uncll Fun & good riding. On Channel 13, .n saturday. al 7:301:00 pm. Beautiful scenery, nar· raled by Peter Br.wn. TV star .f '" laredo". CLASS C Ih MILE FLAT TRACK, Speedway I miles wesl • f Tracy.n Highway 50. P.O. Box 1042 Calif. 94550. (415) 443-2710. SHORT TRACK - by Atascader. Ramblers M.C•• Inc.. at Atascad.... Speedway. 250cc and under. sipup 5pm to 7pm, race at Ipm. Must have three clear number plates! AMA & Dlst. 36A Rales enf.rced! B...flt f.r ·Atascader. Y.uth Baseball. FIELD MEET - 2nd Annual e.ent by Playboys M.C.•f Beach. All small bikes welcome. Entry fee $1.25 per rider, $1.00 per pas· senger. RRC point run. AMA sanclioned. Sign·up fr.m 7:30 t.9:00 a.m. and start at Harley-Da.idson .f Long Beach. 3654 N. Long Bch BI.d. Beach. Calif. SCRAMBLES-by Atascader. R.... biers II.C.. Inc., at Atascader. Speedway. All classes will run. Sipup 9am til 12 Noon. First race at 1pm. aft. riders parade. 3SOcc and, 5weepstak. trophy. Also trophy for best app.arlng COllqletilion rider and machl ... and road riders club man mile and best dress.d rider and machine. POKER RUN - by Delta Falcons M.C. of Dakl.y, Calif. Sipup at 9-11am at Bllly's Drl.e-Inn. at Oakl.y. New number·draw trophy and V.C. points. Trophies for lst. 2nd. 3rd and lowball as well as man mile .. AMA sanct. 10 miles. no freeway, so any size bike O.K. SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPOrange County seas... closer. ACA sanellon.d atO range County Speedway (off San Diego Freeway El Toro). Pit Glte opens 11a.m•• Practice Noon. First race 1 p.m. Free parllln.. $1.25 adlnlssl.... CACTUS 0 E R BY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO-Ri.erside Bombers M.C. AMA sanction• d. Wi II run-rain. shine or heat. Start and fini sh I miles south of Barstow. Take central Barslow .ff-ramp - no lime to start. Flrsl rider I....s 7.01 a.m. LEGAL EQUIPMENT R£QUESTEO. water proofing might be necessary. Ciasses-O-2SOcc (A&B). 251cc & up (UB), 100« class 100 miles long, under and over 16 years. sidecars (6 ..tries make a class). Entri.s close Sept. 18, 1966. Riding numbers by drawing. Mall entry $5.00. Post .errtry $7.50. AddrEss entries to: Gene Lindley, P.O. Box 1002. Cherry Valley. Calif. 92223. Any standard entry blank accepted. AFM NATIONAL POINT ROAD RACE • C.tati Raceway by San Franci sco Chapter of AFM. Last Northern Califomia Point race. All classespluspr.ducti.n. racing begins at noon. Sign up from I I. 10 a.m. All riders must be members of AFM ($2.00) Entrants tra.eling more than 200 miles tre. entry. For information contact H. Finger. 637 Gough St. San Francisco. Tel: (415) 567-3319 after 6:00 p.m. SPORTSMAN HILLCLIMB • East· side M.C_ (Norlhem Calif.) AMA sanctioned. 250cc and up. Practice at 9:00 a.m., start at 12 noon. Hall Ranch al Dam, Calif. WEDNESDAY, OCT, 5th. SAT. & SUN. OCT I-2nd. NORTHWESTERN CHAMPIONSHIP TT - $3,400 purse. enlrles Sept 17th. al Champion Spe.d.way, at Brisbane, Calif. (acr... from Candlestick Park). Amaleurs qualify Sal• •nly. noon I. 2:30. Experts qualify Sun. Only. Ocllst. time trials, practice and Novice E.ents. Del. 2nd. praclice and 100·lap TT. Gales open I am. praclice at 9c ,racing al 2 pm. SUNnAY, OCTOBER 2nd. Class A SHORT TRACK - at Ma· dera Fairgrounds. off Hiway 99 N•• of Madera. Calif. AMA sanct•• $600. purse. Race at 2:00 pm. SCRAMBLES-San Francisc. M.C. at Uvas Dam. SCRAMBLES~~C£.\,\-£.l) . at• • .~ NORTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLES - by Seatlle M.C. at Jolly Rogers M.C. Grounds. 2110 S. 142nd St.. Seattle. Wash. Phone CH 2-0413 f.r information. HARE SCRAMBLES - two 16-mile I.ops starting at 10 am sharp at Pondero sa Inn, 15 hli. E. of Lancasler, Calif••n A.e. "J'. N. AMA .r Dist. "-37 cards needed. Pie· plate numbers O.K. Overnight campers Picnic lables, BBQ pits. country bUst.. beer. soft drinks. sandwiches at stand. New comp.tili.n Irail bike class added with separate slart ahead of trail bikes. Three ft. trophy. I ACA SHORTTRACK • Orange Cty Speedway. Pit gate .pens 6:00 p.m•• racing starts 1:00 p.m. 50. 100 and 250cc classes. Located off the San Diego Fwy south of Tustin across fr.m EI Air Slation. Calif. THURSDAY, OCT, 6th. ACA SHORT TRACK - South Gate Sp••dway. Pit gates open 6:00 pm racing starts 1:00 pm. 50, 100 I 250cc professional ClassA e.ents. Located 1 bloc:k south of Firest...e and 1 bloc:k west of Garfield. FRIDAY, OCT. lth CLASS C 12 MILE FLAT RACE weekly e.ent at Ascot Park. 113rd sl. and V.rmont,, Calif. CLASS C TT STEEPLECHASE Hayward Speedway. Hayward, Cal. INDOOR SPORTSMAN S H0 R T TRACK - E.erett M.C. at G.ld Creek Park, Southeast of W ••din.ille. "lash., .n Redmond Rd. E.ery Saturday night through March except Dec. 24 & 31. E.erett M.C.• 726 112th St. S.W. E.erett. Wash. 91202. SATURDAY, OCTOBERR~ INTERNATIONAL TT'SCRAM' BLE5 - 7th Annual Ensenada Grand Pril at Ensenada. Baja Calif. Pr.moted by Mexic. Dept••f TourI sm and Ensenada M.C. Races begin Saturday am. fr.m 100cc thru 350cc on Saturday. plus Powder Puff (mali mum 100cc). Currenl sportsman card required for POKER RUN' 60 miles of d.llghtful pa.em.nt from the Califomia border t. Ensenada. Baja Calif. First check and sipup at Mesico side of Internati.nal Border at Tijuana. B. C. Entry fee $2. Pick up three more cards en route. fifth card at fini sh in Ens.nada. Trophies for highest p.ker hands and laball. Di slincti.e pin for all entries. After parade thr.ugh town on Sunday. trophies will be awarded. All poker run enlries will b. admitted t. the Ensenada Grand Prix Motorcycle Races free. Sponsored by Mesico Dept. of Tourism, Ensenada M.C. and Cycle News. Officials: The Ace .f Clubs M.C••f Southern California. Send $2.00. name address and age 10: Ensenada Pre-entry P.O. B.I 491. ,. Cycle News, Beach, Calli. CLASS C 1 MILE FLAT TRACKAltamont Speedway, 17001 Midway Rd., LI ••rmore. Calif. 945SO. TT STE EPLECHASE - Monthly class C e.ent at Asc.t Park, 183rd st. and Vermont, Gardena. Calif. Practice at 6:00 p.m., racing at 1:00 p.m. NITE TOURIST TROPHY RACE· AMA sanclioned Class "c" TT. Practice and lime trials at 6:00 pm, racing at I pm. At Hayward Speedway, • 4 Hayward, Califomia. BENEFIT DANCE-for inJured rlders Rick Vetter and Joe $diad .. at tlte R1c"-d Ramblers CiaII!louse at Pt. Rich..... Calif. Prizes Inclll4le '56 Ya....... Bell h.l. .t & case, Bat.s solo seat. two $25 orders, $211. calb and a cor carrier. DoIIatloes $1.00 (need . t be present to wlL) SUNDAY, OCT. 9th. POKER RUN-Golden Bears M.C. at lIantoca. SCRANBLES-Rlchmond Ramblers M.C. at Richmond. CLASS C TT STEEPLECHASE Altamont Speedway, P.O. Box 1042, LI ••rmore. Calif. 945SO. I-HOUR ENDURO SCRAMBLES by Raven's M.t., for info. cont~ct Ra.en· s. P.O. BOl 2231, Renton. Washington. SCRAMBLES - by Shelton Trail Blazers M.C. at Shelton. For Inf., P.O. BOl 531. Shelt.n,. Wash. TT 5CRAMBLES-Hi·Boots M.C. at Dehesa Track near El Caj.n, Cam. Practice 10:00 am. Race at Noon. WILBUR CEDAR COMMEMORATIVE SHOP HOP & TROUT FRY, limed from Cabazon, on Hiway 60 a total dl stance of 50 miles East of Ri.erslde. Calif. Tickets at Skip F.rdyce store In Riverside $1.50 'Ii II closing date Od 2nd. Post entrl es. $2.00. Motorcycl.s must be ridden to the e.ent. Door prizes. Trout fry will all lIIe trimmings. SCRAMBLES - by Los Gatos II.C• for Men only, no wom..s class. You must ha.e foldin, foot and thr.e number plat.s and all AMA safety regulations. AMA sanc:tionelL Signup opens 1:30 am. and closes 11:00 am. Praellce 9 to 11 am. Class "C· lires. Refreshments and lots .f good trophies. Held at Frem.nt Drag Strip just off Durhlm Road. Frem.nt, Calif. TT SCRAMBLES· by Taft II.C. at Taft. AMA sanct. Practice 9 om, Signup 10:30. race at 11 am. Man mile trophy and .thers gl.en at race. Food & refreshments a.all· able. 1/4 mile West of Maricopa. Dis\. 36A Rules. ENSENADA GRAND PRIX Internatl TT'Scrambles brings on theblg bores with classes forSOOcc through Open. Fifth race of the day will be 3·lap sweepstakes f.r all class winners(lst& 2nd place). If two .r more sldehacks enter. they will be the first race ... Sunday. 0 TT SCRAMBLES-by Perris Valley II.C. and American L.glon Post #595 at P.rrls, Calif. Trophies from last race awarded. No engines belore hm.AII Ltwt.9-12:00. Hvywi. Am. & Exp. 12-2pm., All No•• EXCEPT 250. 2pm 'til 1 Reg. # plates req. 110 subs. 6 entries make I class. Point run. N•••• Am. & Esp. cards mut be shown. MONDAY, DeTOUR Iltb. DIST. #36 REFEREE'S IIEEnNGto b. held at the Hayward M.C. Clubrooms, 3792 Depot RIL. Hay· ward, Calif. Ipm. N.w 1967 Rule Book will be finalized at this _ ing! Brlng your suuestlons. At. tend! FALL TIRE CUMB-by Blue Bar' .ns M.C. For information. write 3312 Forth Plain Road, Washington. ROAD ENDURO - by .ashington '99· II.C. For Info•• write: P.O. Box 623, Seattle••uhingt.... • PACIFlC·SOUTH.EST CHAMP' 1000SHIP HARE SCRAMBLES - by Spoke Benders II.C. LllOed from Stoddard. ells,B.llllountain Road. Five miles North of Victorville. Calif..... Hlway #66. Separate trail bike course. Trophl... Starts 10 .... fee $4.25. • ACA SHORT TRACK - South Gate Speedway. Pit gates open 6:00 pm•• racing slarts 1:00 p.m. SO. lllO & 2SOcc professl.nal events. Located 1 block south .f Firestone and 1 block west .f Garfield. SPORTSMAN HILL CLIMB - bJ Bakersfl.ld R.vellers II.C. at 0 .... law Canyon bet_ Hart ~al Park and Lak. Mlng ... Ibe Alfred Harr.n Hlway. ten mil•• M.E. of Bakersfletd.AMA sanctloned.P.3C· tlce 1-10.... LtWl. 10... HvyWl. No.... All classes, 90cc and up. Skydl.lng at lunchbr.ak. .. FRI DAY, OCT. 14th. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26tll. CLAn C 12 MILE FLAT TRACK Weekly e.ent at Ascot Park. 183rd SI. and Vermont. Gardena. Calif. ACA SHORT TRACK - Orange County Speedway. Plt gate opens 6:00 p.m., racing starts 1:00 p.m. 50, 100 & 2SOcc class.s. Located off the San Dleg. Fwy. south of Tustin, across from EI Air Station. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12th. ACA SHORT TRACK - Orang. C.unty Speedway. Pit gate opens 6:00 p.m., racing starts 1:00 p.m. SO, 100 & 2SOcc classes. Located off the San Dieg. Fwy. south of ",stin. across fr.m EI Air Station. THURSDAY, OCT, l3tb. SATURDAY,OCTOBERl~h NITE TOURIST TROPHY RACEAMA sanell.ned Class "c" TT. Praclice and time trlalsat6:00 pm. racing at I pm. AI Hayward Speedway. Hayward. Califomia. CLASS C TT-Hayward Speedway. Pradlce at 6:00 p.m•• racing at 1:00 p.m. Hayward, Calif. CLASS C 12 MILE FLAT TRACK Altamont Speedway. P.O. Box lD42, Livermore. Calif. SUNDAY,OCTOBERl~b IT SCRAMBLES-by Hayward M.C. at Hayward, California. POKER RUN-by lIasterlinks II.C. at Hanf...d, California. SCRAMBLES-by Sproc:kets M.C. at Bakersfield. Calif...nia. ACA SHORT TRACK - at V.nlsll'a Falrer-d.. Pit pt.s .... at 9... JIl'actlce It 12 N-. First race atlpm. SPORTSIIAN SCRAMBLES - bJ Fort Sutter ••C., AlIA sect. at H.I.etla Part, Cilif. (6 1Dl••• of S.acto on Hlway #16) Sipup 9-11... race It N-. Rain or shin•• Sacr-m. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES - by Buzzards II.C• limed lrom Kramer Jundlon "Four Comers". Start at lOam rain or shin.. Point Run. Entry $4.00. Lots of trophle.. POKER RUN - by Califomia Eagle's M.C. Scenic tour of less than 100 miles. No freeway riding • any size in.ited. Start 1-9:30 am. N.rm 15745 Lakewood BI.d. Dress competition by R.R.C rules. family gameSt special award for outriders. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 19th. ACA SHORT TRAC K - Orange County Speedway. Pit gate opens 6:00 p.m., racing starts 8:00 p.m. 50, lDO & 250cc classes. Located off the San Diego Fwy. south of Tustin across from EI Tor. Air Station. THURSDAY, OCT. 20th. ACA SH ORT TRAC K - South Gale Speedway. Pil gates open 6:00 pm, racing starts 1:00 p.m. 50, 100 & 2SOcc professional events. Located 1 block south of Firestone and 1 block west of Garfield. FRIDAY, OCT. 21st. CLASS C \2 MILE FLAT TR.l\CK Weekly e.ent at Ascot Park, 183rd SI. and Vermont, Gardena, Calif. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2211d NITE TOURIST TROPHV RACEAMA sanctioned Class "c" TT. Practice and time Irials at6:00pm. racing at I pm. At Hayward Speedway. Hayward, Califomia. NITE TOURIST TROPHY RACEAMA sanctioned Class "C" TT. Practice and time trials a16:00 pm. racing at I pm. At Hayward Speedway, Hayward. Califomia. CLASS C 12 MILE FLAT TRACK Altamont Speedway, P.O. Box lD42. Li.ermore. Calif. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13rd SCRAMBLES - by Golden Bears M.C. at Manteca, Califomia. SCRAMBLES'by South County M.C. at Dam, California. . THURSDAY, OCT. 21t1l. ACA SHORT TRACK -.$QUa Gate Speedway. Pit pt. 6:00 ..... racing starts 1:00 p.m. SO, 100 & 250cc pral.ssloul Class A nents. Located 1 block south of and 1 block of Gafl.ld. 0"" .. FRIDAY, OCT. 2ItIII. CLASS C FLAT TRACK - Ascot Park. Weekly Y.z Ollie sIIow atlUrd St. and V....IIt. Gardella. Calif. Pradlce at 6:DO p...... rxlng at 8:15 p••• SATURDAY, OCT. 8111. CLASS C TT-Hayward Speedway. Practlc. It 6:00 p.m.. raclDg at 8:01 ....... Hly_d. Calif. • CLASS C 12 IllLE FLAT TRACKAlta.....t Speedway. P.O. Box 1142, LI_...... Calif. HOPETOWN IIOTD CROSS $2,000 CASH PURSE-Entrl.s closed for Ith Annual Dirt Dluers Hopetown Mot. Entry fee: 57.DD until this date. Post ...try fee: $100.00 Lightweights will be No•• 19, Big Bore Nov. 211. P.O. Box 2513, , City. Calif. OCTOBER Utb & 3Ilh. 12111 ANNUAL DEATH VALLEY IIOTORCYCL£ TOUR-a, IIobWcycl. T_s, Inc. AlIA salIct. BICgest tow of tile. all! 5000 rlders from • . . , state & ea-try. 100 Eafertalraerrt, p.ade of aRtlqa. cycle s,lIcLa,len Drlll ........s. coatl_s mo.les. gifts for every official Get omclal entry bl_s at your _torcycle dealer. Oroty offI· clal mil _trl.s fally c...,letft .d slglled .....Iy. recel ..... b. fore Salllnlly. OdDber 15. will be accepted. • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3Dtb • cu.... tropIlI... .ntry. BOYS CLUB BENEFIT RUN - by Tacoma Vellow Jackets II.C. For info. write: 1918 So G St.., Washington. TT SCRAMBLE5-lIi-Boots II.C. at Dehesa Traclt . . . EI Cajon, Calif. Pradlce 10 alii. Racin, at NOOll. SCRAMBLES - North Bay M.C. at Santa Rosa. California. SPORTSIIAN HILL CLIMB-by 1st Re.ellers at Bakersfield. Calif. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER sa GRAND PRIX ROAD RACE - 3r6 annual ACA U.S.G.P. at .llIow Sprln,s Roceway. Professional event. $1,GOO gar. or 40.. of gate. Class.s: SO. 100. 125. 175. 250. 3SO. SOlI. 0 ..... & Sidecar. Tropllles In all prod. classes. Inq., Box 247, FullertOll. Calli. or ph...e (714) 847·7629. Post entrl.s after Oct. 31. $25.00. • SUNOAY, NOV. Stb. ~L£ HARE AND HOUND-bJ Cascade II.C. of Bend. 0 ... R"U.d cross-<*mtry ".,.t gettlog _re popalar .very year. Starts 9 _ Pick IIfI lIIarkers at Int.sectlOlI of HI ways 1/97 and #2G•..(3rd & Gr_ _d In Bend). Entry fee $2.00. Rain or s11ln.. GET ALL THE FUN OUT OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE INVESTMENT -- GO FOR A RIDE SOMEWHE.Rl!:, PAKTICIPATE IN A TOUR. ATTEND A COMPETITION EVENT LISTED HERE. •

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