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2 • CALENDAR OF EVENTS ATTENTION PUBLICITY CO..• ..ITTEES •• Be sur. to s...d Cycl. notic. of your coinina ev.nts and we will list them in thl s departm.nt frH. A post card or a poster will do. Be sur. to Include directions to the ••ent. startlna times. .tc. 2nd ANNUAL CAUCO 50 • b7 HI·J Inx ".C. .. SO...II. raco' on dry bod 10 mil•• E. of Barstow oa U.S. 91. (tall. Gllast Town turnoff ... IIl10d from Harts R.st_ant. TroptIl.. for cl...... to IDce, MI~ 125cc. TlIlO trial. at 9:30 ... Racos lit 11:00 ... AI rlden . .st . .ar h.haots! SEPTEMBER 4th a d 5tll SEPT. 1-15 ISLE 0 F IIINI - ...nts start.d Aulo 2OtII. SIlIt. 1. Vlntap IIoto.. cycl. Rally. SIlIt. 3-4: Two day Trial. $apt. 3-5: lIOtorC)'c:l. Gymkhanas. '$apt. 5-12: LG.P. Prac· tic.. Sept. 13-15: "anx Grand Prl .. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES • by Delta Falcons LC. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. Class "c" traction only. $1.00 to rl de or witch. SI &II up & practlc. 6 to 7 Plllo Rac.s at I pm. A"A sanct. Lodl. Calif. ·c· CHAMPION· 4 STAR CLASS SHIP RACES - Blu. Barons M.C. at Graham '$pHdway. Graham. Wash. *.. JACKPlNE ENDURO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS • at Laoslna. ..lcIIla_ S..... rid•• plna from L..A. ..roa. Roall for IOOro. For Info. call Don KOIIlP. 393-3315 (day.) or EX 2-1251 (nlt•• ~. SEPTEMBER 5th SANTA IlARIA SUI-POKES SportsIftIIn TT. Monday Aft. ._ . G..t. • op.ns lit 12:00 p.m. Santa ....rI.. Spaedw.IJ. POKER RUN - by Polaluma Ro..d Runn.n ".C. AlIA sand. AdmlssI on $l.SO. Sianup 9 to 11 a.m. Trophl.s. Start ..t Rlch's Gulf S..• .Ic.. 1490 Polalu.... Blvd. North. NOlt to Rock-A-Bllly A Go-Go. ILE RACES. - At Ascot Sp.edway. Gardllla, Calif. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th. SATURDAY, SEPT. 3rd. NITE SCRAMBLES-Stockton M.C. 4th Annual Rotarded Chlldr...·s Bon.fIt at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. NITE SCRAMBLES-Explorer Post 305 at "ad.ra Fairllounds. NITE SCRA"BLES-HI·Hats ".C. at Hayward SPHdway. NITE TT SCRAMBLES - At Ascot Speedway. Gardllla, Calif. 1/3 ..ILE FLATTRACK • at Santa "aria Speedway _ Hlway No. 1 "ar S-ta ...1 250cc oaly. ~ .. f.sslOllal 5450 parse. Gat.s op. 6:30 IHII. raclna at 1:00. Pr_Dted by IIIC Raclna P.-tlOIIS. AlIA s.ctlon.d. NITE SCRAMBLES-Explorer Post 3OS. Last Chanco thl s season. AMA sandlo..d. Ali class.s. Pit eat. open at 5 pm. practlc. 6 to 7 p.. II pup closes at 7 pm. sharp. R..c. tim. at 7:45 pm. Bla Gr..ndItaRds. Fast Ascot type track of tho ....dera Falrllll/llds. "adera, Calif. SEPT. 3, 4 4th ANNUAL ROSARITA 5a-.LER by HI·Boots ".C. of S.... DI.p at Rosarlta Beach. Llmod from 2 miI.s N. of Rosarlta. camplna ar.a av..lI. Llwt. $apt 3. Open Sopt 4. 1 pm. Trophies for all classos. FH $3.00 ys. rhr. numborplat.. Str..labt r_lr AlIA appro..... Ros..rlta Buch. Baj.. C..lif. Moxlco. SEPT. 3, 4 & 5 (labor Day) BIG SU R·PRIZE • cl••erly lIOnpr.otod by Loners ".C. Unora-lzod trall-rldlna, flmoad slldlna folk·slnatoa. trlpplna, bottl .. cap fIIpplna. ....y-chaslna ... plus call1Plna and ~plne-.(In tho oco. . you fool!) Side trips to Hoarst' s Castl•• hl.torlc Mont.oy and Fort Ord (. .II kno_ for .._ Inaltlal) LIIIod frOO1 LI••stoa. Kiln Crook at Hlway 1 (1IIdoCallf). No adlll ssloa cIIe- B.Y.0. PINE CONE RUN - by So. Calif. Road Riders CommiltH. To C..rson City, N....da. No officl..1 .tm. I.... from hom•• R'aister at CasillO. 81a buffot IInner. Entry S3.00. mall in post 54.00. For Info. call (213\ GA 3·2051 or (714) YU 3·2524. AlIA SaKlloa.... 24- HR. ENDURANCE· by ftHI. ".C. of Thorton. Colo. Money prlz•• to wlnn••• Two IMII p. machln.. For Info., writ.: Donnl. Bruc•• 9461 D.cator. "Inster. Colo. SUNDAY, SEPT. 4tll SCRAMBLf~"" AI.lso f/O~'1 .,nla G..tos M.C. at NITE SCRAMBLEs-Maderl ".C. lit Clubllounds. 4th ANNUAL BENEFIT SCu. BLES-by Lodl !l.C. and Stockton ".C. It Lodl Cycl. Bowl. ProcHds to San Joaquin A.soc. for Rolardod Cltll... Sipp 5:30 p.m. to 7 ..... raco at I p.m. 81a prl z.s. SEPT. 9th & lOth p.m. SATURDAY, SEPT, 10tb ".C- SUNDAY, SEPT. 11th ALL BIKE DRAG MEET • at Lion. Draa Strip In Lona Beach. Gat.s open ..t 9 .... $1000 pur AHRA cl s••••lst,..lx trophl.s. Th. first AlIA. AltRA sanctlon.d 14/1111. rocord at Lions. SCRAMBLES - By V'aas Van.y LC. at V..... V..lley R..c.way. South of tho city on old LoA. Hi· w.IJ. Practlc. 1:00 am, Rac.. start at '" All cl....... SOcc .. nd up Inclullna Powder Puff. CLASS C TT SCRAMBLEs-Mosa SpHdw..y. Ot.IJ ....... So. San DI'III. UlDod south of Chula VI sta oa IIlpway 101. Tak......n It. tum ott East ... follow arrows. Track I. locatod East of Bro_ fI.ld Airport. Entry f....$2.00. AdIIIl ••lolI-$2.00 for adults. $l.SO for under 16. frH for und. 12. SCRA_LES-llt. SL H.,... ".C. at C..stl. Rock F..lrll_ds. Wash. SCRAMBLES - F. !l.C. It "cKln'ey.III•• C..llfoml.. SCRAMBLES - Atascadero Rambl•• M.C. It SpHdw"y. SCRA"BLES - P..lo Alto M.C...t Fremont, callfornl.. SCRA"BLES - Capitol City M.C. at Olson. Calif. SUNDAY SCRAMBLES - Dun.s Sp•• dway at Hauser. Oreaon Nat·l. Assoc. sanctlon.d. SCRA"BLES- Tracy ".C. at Mantoc... C..llfornla HARE SCRAMBLES - two 16-mll. loop s startlna at 10:00 am .harp at tho Ponderosa Inn, 15 mil•• of Lancaslo,. C..llf. on Avo. • J". No AlIA or Dlst. #37 cards nHded. Pl ....' at. nUllbors O. K. O••mIFt campors . .Ico.... Pic. nlc tabl.s. BBQ pit.. country bU.t.. boor. soft drinks, undwi ch.. at stand. 1 STAR CLASS 'C' TT-SII.erdal. Speedway. Bremllrton, W ...h. SANTA IlARIA SLo-POKES !l.C. Sport....... Flat Track SlIllday nlaht 7:00 Po... Qu..llfy1na start. ..t 6:00. Santa ....ria Sp..dw..y. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES-By Los Anclano. ".C. Practlc. at 9:30 am. 500cc & op. raco 10:30 ..... 250cc rac.11:3O 1IOI.100cc rac. 12:30 pm. Llm.d off "lramar ro..d ~ HIFway 101 (Int.stat. 5) MId HI· way 395. 12 mil.. north of SDI'ao. Calif. AMA sanct'on. Entry fH $2.50. AFM ROAD RACES - Rac.. way. (Rohn.rt Park) tu_ff from US 101. Action start. at noon to S pm. SS prizes for G.P. winners. All rldor. must beloaa to AFM• y.arly mem_shlp to. $2.00. Roalstrlltlon from I to 10 ..m sharp. Entry fH for G.P. blk.. $10.00. Production IIIk.. $5.00. additional machin.. $2.00. Tropbl.. for ..II clas... SOcc to opon. Rldln c _ Ina 200 mil.. or lIor. rec.lvo frH .try. but must buy pit p..ssos for thOtll••I... and pit crow• •CUS competlt Ion II cen s.s aro rllllulr.... For Info contact: H.I. Flnaor. 637 Gouab. San Francl sco. 567·3319. MONDAY, SEPT 12th ROAD RIDERS CO_ITTEE "EET· ING-Sept.m_ mootlna chanpd to thl. dlt. bec..use of Labor D.IJ w_ond. Club room of til. Samoa Vlllap Trail. Park, 310 E. Pblladelphi .. St.. Ontario. Calif. ( of Euclid and South of "I sslon.) THURSDAY, SEPT 15th Oponlna of ontrl•• to Ith ANNUAL DIRT DIGGERS MOTO CROSS Hopoto_. LIFtweiabts 'wlll bo No.. 19. 81a Bore No•• 20. No ontrl.. ueeptod until SIlIt. 15th. Entrl.s c1os. mldolpt Oct. 29th. Post ontrl.s $100.00' will bo alvenlat•• SATURDAY,SEPT.11tb I-MtLE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - It Ascot Park. 1I3rd at V . _ . ju.t off Harbor .d San DI'III FrHw..ys In Gardena, C..llf. A purse of 54.7SO.00. Quallfylne.Friday. SIlIt. 9...t 1:30 p.m. plus a compl.t. Novlco show. AlIA Races: Saturday. Sopt. 10 at 1:30 NITE SCRAMBLES - HI-Hits at Hayward Sp••dway. t' Readers aro advl ••d that lI.tlna In this cal ...dar i. a "" _vice. Cycl. disclaims ....y responsibility for c..... c.llatlon or chenalna of ...nts by plOmot... without notlco• NITE SCRAMBLES - Fresno ".C. at FroMo. C..IIf• DIST. 37 CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES - Present.d by Ant.. lop. Rambl.s !l.C- Starts 9 a.... sharp. SllIarat. trail III k. cour... Entry Foe 54.00 (Incl. ambulanc.) .. Side Hacks W com.... Finisher pins & rofr.shllents pro.ldod by club. Um.d frail R.d Rock Canyon. take bl FW"y 14 north from Moj..... Calif. NITE SCRAMBLES-Sp_kot.!l.C. at B..kor.fI.1 d. Calif. TT SCRAMBLES - H'·Boats M.C. ..t Doh••a. Practlco ..t 10:00 a.m. Rac. at Noon. 1/3 ..ILE FLATTRACK • at S....t.. "ari.. Speedw..y on Hlway No. 1 Santi ....ria. 250cc only, pro_ f.sslon..1 5450 Gat•• opon 6:30 pm. raclna at 1:00. PrOllot.d by MlC R..cina Promotions. AMA •anctlon.d. ARIZONA STATE M/C DRAG CHAMPIONSHIPS • at TuSton Raceways. Sou••nlr m.dals to all bike ontr....t.. Bla mon.y awards to winners. Motorcycl.s classod by .Iaps.d tim•• NITE SCRAMBLES - Fort SuUor ".C. at Sacr..m.nto. C..llf. NITE SCRAMBLES-Hayw..rd !l.C. lit H..yward SPHdway. SUNDAY, SEPT. 18tll TT SCRAIIIILES- Four Ac.s ".C. at Prado Parll. Llabt. .lab!' pr_ tic. 1:00. lit 1:30. H...vy· . .IFt.( Included) practlc. It 12:00, heat. lit 12:30. A District 37 Point Run. A.... A. Sanction.... EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES - by Groundshaller.!l.C.llllOdfrllOl L... V'a'" Blvd. So. and $prlna IIta. Rd. Start It 1:30 am. All type. of t.r..ln. Fro. rofroshMntS for .. II .ntrl.s. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE ...t Carl shad. C..llf. A 75· "". Nlltlonal. SAT. & SUN., SEPT. 11-11 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HARE AN D HOUNOS-by Sh..mrocks ".C. Start. 10:00 a.m. Entry 54.25. Llmod from Rod Rock C....yon. AlIA Potnt Run. Trophl.s. FRIDAY, SEPT. 30t NITE SCRAMBLES - FroMo ".C. at Fro ..o • Calif. SEPT. 30, OCT. 1st, 2nd. CYCLE ACTION THEATRE-tbr. ho.. s of 1I0tOrcYCie raclna film •• La. Voaas Con.ontloa C.ntor. I p.m. Par..dl •• Rd. and Coa..... tlon Conter Dr. Sopt. 30. Oct. 1. I a.lD. MOTORCYCLE INSPECTION AND SAFETY CUNIC-Las V'aas Jr. Ch...... of Com_c.. Con..ntlon Conter p.. rklna Lot• OCT. 1. 2 p.... MOTORCYCLE RID~-Rlde 10 Day Dro..m Ranch. 2465 E.Warm Sprlnas Rd. Swlmllina. Danclna (live mu.. Ic). Ranch Dinner. Nlaht H..y Rid•• frH c..mplna f..cIlIU ... Entry$2.SO for adults. $1.75 for chll dr.n. OCT. 2. 1:30 LIII. POKER RUN-Las V'aas "oto.. cycl. D.lers Assocl..tlon.· Trophl.s. _chandlse priUs. Pick up first c..rd lit .y ".C. shop. Ride ODds at Sunrl .. Rac',w"y. EntrY--51.00. OCT. 2.11:30 a .... TT SCRAMBLES-Sllvor City ".C. Slnls. Racoway ..fter tho PoIIor Run. TbrH OlIIrl.s mall. a class. AMA sanctlonod. CI.... C tracUon roco.....dod. Powder Puff Rac•• SAT. & SUN. OCT I-2nd. CHAMPIONSHIP TT.3.400 purs.. Cb.plons SpHdway. Brls....... (aeross tbo bay f. . Candl.stlck Park). Oct 1st-tha. trial •• prac· tic...nd .vent•• Oct 2ndpractlc. ....d 100 lap TT. G..t. open. 1:00 a.... pracUc...t 9:00 Pom. Raclna boalns 2:00 p.m. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd. CI.. ss A SHORT TRACK - at ..... • .1 Falrarounds. off Hlw..y " No. of c.. llf. AlIA sanct.. '$600. purs.. Rac...t 2:00 pm. SCRAMBLES-San Fr..nclsco ".C. at Dam. SCRAMBLES~ ..rln County LC. at No••to. CACTUS 0 E R BY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO-RI.... side BOOl_s !l.C. AMA sanction.d. Will __r..ln. shin. or heat. Start and finish I mll.s .outh of Bars_. Tall. contr..1 Barstow Off.,., - no 11m. to start. First rider I. . . . 7.01 LIII. LEGAL EQUIPIIEJIT R£QUEsTED. wat. prooflna IIlaht bo nee..sary. CI....s-O-2SOcc (A&B). 251cc & up (A&B). lOOcc cl.... 100 III1.s lona, under and ovor 16, .Idecars (6 _trl.s ....k... cia..). Entrl. . cia.. $apt. 11. 1966. RIdloa _bors by dr..wlne- ....II .ntry $5.00. Post .my $7.50. Address ontrl•• to: G_ Llndl.y. P.O. Bas 1002. Cherry V..lley. Calif. 92223. Any .tand..rd entry blank acclllt.... SUNDAY. DCT. Stll. 10th ANNUAL SCRAMBLES-T..ft !l.C. at Taft. 2nd ANNUAL WISHING WELL RUN (COpy TO CO..E) SCRAMBLES-Richmond Ramblers ".C. at Richmond. FRIDAY, *.., SEPT. 23nl SATURDAY, SEPT. 24tll * POKER RUN-Goldon B.ars ".C. ..t " LE RACES - At Ascot Sp.edway. Gardon... Calif. TULARE MILE-by VIs.. lla R..m· biers at Tulare Falrarounds. NITE CHA..PION SPORTSMAN RACE -"L Baker !l.C. at Bolllnah..... Washlnaton. SUNDAY, SEPT. 25tll <;) 10 IIILE NATIONAL CII t."~~N' SHIP - at san Jos.. .'" "'.lst Flylna WhHls POKER RUN ".C. at "anteca • Callfornl a 2nd ANNUAL SCRAMBLEs-M..slo.. links ".C. at Hanford. Calif. 2D-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPION' SHIP MILE - at Sacramento. GET ALL THE FUN OUT OF YOUR OTORCYCLE INVESTMENT A COMPETITION EVENT LISTED HERE. Weekly WILBUR CEDAR CO_E..ORA· TlVE SHOP HOP & TROUT FRY· IIm.d from C..bazon. on Hlway 60 a Iot..1 dl.tanc. of SO mll.s East of RI.ersld.. Calif. Tickets at Skip Fordyc. store In $1.SO 'till clo.lna data Oct 2nd. Po.t ontrl.s, $2.00. Motorcycl.. mu.t bo ridden to tho ••ont. Door prius. Trout fry will all tho trt..mlnas. SCRAMBLES - by Los Glltos M.C. for M... only. no womon. class. You must have foldlna foot p'as and throe numb. plat.s and all AlIA saf.ty replatlons. AlIA sanctlJlfl.... SI&IIUP opens 1:30 am. and cia••• 11:00 am. Practlc. 9 to 11 am. CI.. ss tires. Rofroshmoats and lots of aoad trophl.s. H.ld at Fr_nt Draa Strip just off Durham Road. Fromont. Calif. ·c· EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT A.C.A. SHORT TRACK - Orana' county SpHdway. Pit aat. opon at 6:00 p.m. First .vont at 1:00 p.m. SO, 100 & 2SOcc CI..sses. Track Is locat.d off the San 01'111 Fwy. south of Tustin. across from EI Toro Air Stlltlon. EVERY THURSDAYNIGHT ACA SHORT TRACK - South Gat. Spe.dway. Pit a..t.s open at 6:00 p.m•• close 7:00 p.m. Profes.ional Class A rul••, 50cc. 100cc and 250cc clas••s. Take Firo.ton. cutoff .ast of Lona Beach Fwy. to G..rfl.ld. south on Garfl.ld on. block to Southern. on Southern to traclt. • EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SCRAMBLES· Lodl M.C. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. Dist 36 AMA sports· m.n sanction. Sianup and practlc. 6:00·7:00 p.m., 6 or mora riders mike a class. Class C traction, hlab point trophl.s all class.s. E.ery Friday nlaht throuah Aua. 26. Call 361-7112 for further on. HALF-ilILE FLAT TRACK-Ascot P..rk.1I3rd andV.lIIOfIt in Garden... TIM Trials 7:00 p.m. First rac. 1:15 p.m. • CLASS A SHORT TRACK - AMA·sanctloa.d. Tim. at 7:00 p.II•• first rac. 1:30. J u.t aeross now brl da' from S. Francisco. 59 mil•• west of Sacr....nto. DRAG RACING - Carlsbad Rac.. way. opon. 5:00 p.m•••lImlnatlons at 1:00 p.m. Handicap .y.tem• larp Top Bike trophy. Pac. CsL Hwy. 101 to Palom. Airport Road turnoff. th.n .ast past .II rport to Racoway. • PRACTICE SESSION - South Gat. R..c.w..y (FI ro.toa. and Lona Beach Fwy.) NO Llcons. or m..... borshlp n.c. . . .y. SOOcc sinai•• only. no brak.s. For furthor Infor· matlon call (714) 142·3113. a.k for Mlk•• DRAG RACING·Fontana Draa City. San knardlllO Fwy. to Etiwanda t.noff. IIOrth to Foothill. rlab! on Foothill to strip. Gat.s open at 5:30 Pom. .lImlnations start at 1:00 p.m. SATURDAYS DRAG RACE -lrwlod..l. R..coway. 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Trophl••• plu. bona... for .lrHt, full and ,as clas••s. T..u San Boma.. 111110 Fwy••ast to Oranaa. North on Oranp which beeom.. Irwlndal. A.... to R..c.way. FRESNO DRAGWAY - Draa raclna • ..., first and third Saturday. _ t Jun. 11th. G..los opon at 12:00 Noon. • TT STEEPLECHASE-First Sat..• day nl abt of oacll IIIOntb at A.cot Park. 113rd and V.nnoat. G..rdena. AlIA Class C ...nt. first rae. 1:00 p.m. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT SPORTSIIINI SHORT TRACK Valloy ".C...t Cycl. Land Sp..dW"Y. 14 mll.s south of Chico on Hwy. "·E and Gaa' ShlppH Rd. Pit aat. clos•• 1:00 p.m. Rac.s .tm 1:30 p.m. Contact Dick "e AfH. 6633 Ponty Rd.. Paradl s'. Calif. for mora Info. TT SCRAMBLES· EI sinor. Rac. Traclt. E.ery Saturday nlaht start· Ina July 16th. Practice starts at 4 o·clock. Entrlos close at 7 o· clock. No points. but tlOphi.s el ••n. with opportunity lor pl.nty of fun raclna. NITE FLATTRACK RACING at Dunes Speedw~. Oreaon. 7m il.s north of Coos Bay.· tloned by N.R.A. Raclna stms at 1:00 'p.m. Racina will be •• ery Siturday nit••xcept Aua. 6th. FRIDAYS & SATURD~YS DRAG RACING· Lions Draa Strip Lona Beach. 3:30 pm. on Friday. 1:00 pm SlIt. Trophl.s and E.T. 223rd St., South of AI....oda. GO FOR A RIDE SOME HERE, PARTICIPATE IN A TOUR. ATTEND • •

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