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2 CALENDAR OF ATTENTION PUBLICITY COM· MITTE ES •• Be sure to send Cycl. nolic. of your coming events and we wi II II st them In thl s departm.nt free. A post c.rd or a poster will do. Be sur. to Includ. directions to the ev.nt, .tartine times, .tc. MONDAY, AUGUST Bth A.M.A. DIST 36 REFEREES Ass'n meeline at Capllal City M.C. -241413th. SL Sacramento. Calli. at &pm Thl. Is just north 01 13th and Broadway. FRIDAY, AUGUST 12th NITE SCRAMBLES -Mader. Br.ves M.C. at Cluberounds. NITE SCRAMBLES - Lodl M.C. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. \2 MI LE RACES - At Ascot Speedway. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13th NITE TT RACES- S.lma Sp••dw.y SATURDAY NITE FLAT TRACKDunes Speedw.y at H.user, Or'eon Nat·l. RI ders Asso. ..nclion.d. NITE SCRAIIBLES-Hayward M.C. H,ywlfd Speedway. 4-STAR TT - Saturday afternoon .t Elma F.lrerounds, Elma, Wash. PUBLIC MEETING • with U.S. For••ty Dlv. to try to cain trails In the Santa Barbara area. 10 am at the R.creatlon C...ter, 100 E. Carrillo SL Her. Is a chanc. lor riders to cain a bit 01 cround. SI.rra Club member. will be present to do whatever th.y can to stop this procram. Do JOur l.vel to eet there and put a pod word In lor all 01 u.. We have been advl ..d that seats are scarc. so eel th.r. early. EVENTS AUG.IO, 11, 12, 13 & 14th Aue 21 26th. ANNUAL BLACK HI LLS MOTOR CLASSICS. Aug 10, Gypsy Tour I.aves Stureis, S. Oak. at 9 a.m. for an all·day .scourt.d tour to D.vll s Tower In Wyomine· Aue. 11, Main Gypsy Tour I.aves Sturel s at 9 a.m. for an all-day .... court.d tour to Mount Rushmore, Sylvan Lak. and oth.r be.utilul spots in the Hills. Sportsman Short in the .vening. Aue. 12, Sportsman Hill Climb In mornlne. Sportsman Scr.mbl.s ,n th. afternoon. Fr.e Food to .11 by the StureIsChamber 01 Comm.rc. in the clly park. Progr.m in the .venine. Aue. 13, We .re pl.nnlne • short ro.dtour in the mornineto the Hom.stak. Gold Mine in historic Lead, S. Oak. A.M.A. 1/2 mile dirt track races in the .fternoon at the lalrerounds. Sportsman short In the .v.nlne. Aug. 14, All.nd church 01 your choice In the more nine. A.M.A. 1/2 mil. dirt r.clne In the .It.rnoon. All Sportsm.n Ev.nts are lor trophy only. A.M.A. sanctlon.d dirt r.C'S ar. lor S2700.00 prize mon.y. General Admission ch.rg.s for 'all Sportsmen and Class C r.c••v.nts run from $1.25 (sportsmen) to S2.50 (Class C). W. h.v. c.mplng I.e1I1t1.s at the City p.rk .nd are s.v.ral and to • ccommodat. .very vi sit or to our city. For help with r.servations or Mly questions lee I frll to writ.: Doreen Allison, 1215 Junclion Ave. Sturei s, S. Oak. or Sturei s Ch.mber of Commerc., Bol S04, Sture ls • South Dakot•• FUN RUN, by Nomads 01 Gardena. start at Honda 01 G.rden••t 10 am sharp. Brine bathlne suit•• Rest· room. & place to chane', S1.00 per person. Free cold drink.. 11:' .MONDAY, AUGUST 15th "OPERATION MOTORCYCLE" Blood B.nk. C.II (213) 442-1646 or (714) 522-19&2 for inlo. FRIDAY, AUGUST 19th NITE SCRAMBLES· Fresno M.C. at Fresno. NITE SCRAMBLES - Lodi M.C. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. \2 MILE RACES - At Ascot Sp.edw.y. SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th SCRAMBLES • Hosted by Oilers M.C. at Dehesa Track. POKE R RUN • lIarrl.d Wh••ls lor Inlormatlon call (714) 9&3-3216. NITE SCRAMBLES - Brem.rton Cruisers M.C. at Thunderbird St.. dlum, KII.up County F.irground. at Brem.rton, W.shlneton. SCRAMBLES-Far West M.C. McKlnl.yvlll•• SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th at EU ROPEAN SCRAMBLES-Duslers iII.C. Trial bikes &:30-9:00. Novlc.s h.avy and IIcht at 9:15·10:15, Am.. t.ur lIeht and heavy 10:30·11:30, Elp.rt 11:45·12:45. Llm.d East Irom HI Vist. and west from 395. Entry $3.25. Two cours.s. GRAND PRIX AND PRODUCTION II/C ROADRACE-an A.F.II. N. lional Championship Points Rac. at Cotati Rac.ways, 40 miles N. 01 San Franci sco (at Sebastapol. Rohnert Pk. Turnoll from U.S. 101) Dar.devll sidecar racine, cash lor IIrst place GP wiMer.. IIlcus aIflllat. IIc.....s honored.F or Inlo•• contact H.I. Fineer. 637 Gouch, San FrMlclsco. T.I. 567·33&9. POKER RUIl - E••t Bay Wheels II.C. at OaklMld. SCRAMBLES .. Capitol City M.C. at Dllon. 150 IIILE NAT'L. ROAD RACE Meadowdal., Illinois. SCRAMBLES - P.lo Alto II.C. at Fremont. TT SCRAMBLES- Hawthorne M.C. .t B.y Mar•• Small blk.s and Novlc.s start &:00. H.avyw.leht, Am.t.ur and Exp.rts .t Noon. Novices big bore appro I. 3:00. $1.25 at cat. and $1.00 .ntry. ACA SHORT TRACK - at .....ntur. F1lrerounds, S.asld. Park, Ve,,· tura. Pit eat.s op.n at 11:00 a.m., Practic. .tarts .t Noon. SOcc, 100co and 250cc Proles· slonal, Class A Rules. N.w track. For inlo., contact V.ntura Suzuki, 6541 Ventura Blvd., Ventura. TT SCRAMBLES-Simi Vailey1.1.C. .t Prado Park. Limed Irom San Bernardino Fr••way & Holt Ave. turnoll (Hlway ~71) Small bore &:00 a.m., ble bore 12:00. AliA sanct. POINTS POKER RUN - by Married Wh.els II.C. 01 Ontario. Starts & am • 9 am at Suzuki Sports Spot, 1241 W. Holt Blvd. Ontario, Calli. Entry lee: $1.10, "" collee and .nut.. For call (714) 626-091&. Readers are advised that IIstlne In this calendar Is a I_ service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibility lor CMl' cellatlon or chanelne 01 events by promoters without notlc•• NITE SCRAMBLES - Sprock.ts M.C. at Sprock.ts Park. Bak.rsll.ld TT CLASS C - lit. St. H.I.ns !l.C. at Castl. Rock Falrerounds,Casti. Rock, Washlncton. FRIDAY, AUGUST 26th SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES • by Delta F.lcon. II.C. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. Class "c" traction only. $1.00 to rl de or watch. SI coup & practlc. 6 to 7 pm. Rac.s at & pm. AlIA .anct. SHORT TRACK NATIONAL-S.nta Fe Speedw.y. \2 MILE RACES - At Ascot Speed· w.y. SATURDAY, AUGUST 21th SEPT. 3, 4 & 5 (Labor Day) BIG SUR·PRIZE • cleverly no... promoted by Loners M.C. Uno... e.nlzed trall-rldlnc. II.-road slldlne lolk·slnelne. trlpplne, bolll .. cap fIIpplne, bunny-chaslne ••• pius camplne MId damping.. (In the ocean, you lool!) Side trips to H.arst's Castl., historic 1I0nter.y and Fort Ord (well known lor II.... Ineltl.!) Limed Irom Llm.stone Kiln Cr.... at Hlway 1 (mld-Callf). No admission che. B. Y.O. PINE CONE RUN - by So. C.lif. Road Commill.e. To C.rson City, Nev.d•• No offici.1 start, I••ve Irom hom•. R'eist.r at Mint Casino. Ble bullet dinner. Entry S3.00. m.i1 in post $4.00. For inlo. call (213\ GA 3-2058 01 (714) YU 3·2524. AMA .anctlon.d. SATURDAY NITE FLAT TRACKDunes Sp••dway .t Hauser. Oreeon Nat'l. Riders Assoc. sanclion.d. FRIDAY, SEPT. 9th TT RACES - Nil. at S.lm. Spe.dway. NITE SCRAMBLES - Stockton M.C. 4th Annual R.tard.d Chlldr.n·s B.n.fIt at Lodl Cycle Bowl. SUNDAY, AUGUST 28th TT NATIONAL-at Peoria, illinois. NITE SCRAMBLES-IIad.ra Braves M.C. at Clubgrounds. ANNUAL C ERE BRA L PALSY BENEFIT SCRAMBLES-at Salinas. \2 ACA SHORT TRACK - at V.ntura Falrerounds. S••sid. P.rk. V.n· tura. Pit eat.s op.n .t 11:00 .. m., Practlc. starts .t Noon. 50cc. 100cc and 250cc classes. Prol.... slonal, Class A Rul.s. N.w track. For Inlo•• cont.ct Ventura Suzuki. 6541 Ventura Blvd.. V.ntura. Phone (&05) 642-&45&. 5th ANNUAL SCRAMBLES - by S.lInas R.mblers M.C••nd Salln.s Lode' #614, B.P.O. Elks lor ben.. lit 01 Elks' Palsy Fund. Open 7 ..m•• practic. 7:30-10:00 a.m•• races at 11:00 at Callfornl. Rodeo Grounds. N. M.ln St. In Salinas. Trophl.s. trophies, trophi ..... and a H·D 11/50 trail mod.1 to be elven .way Ire.! Donation $1.00 (No classes under 200cc). EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES • by Sap Hoppers M.C. at ElIClnltas, Calli. FIItJ miles, all kind. 01 terrain. All convenlenc••• AMA .anct. All clas..s & COOd speetator course. Limed lrom Inter.tat. 5(01d P.C. Hlway 101) at San Mar' co. Rd. at Encinitas. Practice 10:30 am, Race at noon. For Inlo call Bob Gooding. 753-2907. TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th MILE RACES - At Ascot Speedw.y• NITE SCRAMBLES. LocIl M.C. at Lodl Cye I. Bowl. SATURDAY, SEPT, lOth NITE SCRAMBLES - Hi-Hats M.C. at Hayward Sp.edw,y• NATIONAL &·MILE FLAT TRACK - und.r the IIchts at Ascot Park, Garden•• SUNDAY, SEPT. 11th ALL BIKE DRAG IIEET • at Lions Drae Strip In Lone Beach. $1000 pur... Gat.s open at 9 am. AHRA classes, slsl)'-sla trophl ... The IIrst AlIA, AHRA sanctlon.d I4Imll. record at Lions. SC RAIIBLES -lit. St. Hel...a II.C. at Castl. Rock Falreround., Wash. SCRAIIBLES McKI nleyvill •• Far West !l.C. at SC RAMBLES - Ramblers M.C. at Atascadero Speedway. SCRAIIBLES - Palo Alto M.C. at Fremont. ·c· TT - Mt. St. STAR CLASS H.I.n's !l.C. at Castle Rock, Wash. NORTH VALLEY CHAIIPIDNSHIP NITE SCRAMBLES-by Shasta II.C. at Shasta Speedway .t Anderson, C.III. Sat. SiCOUP 5:50 p.m., Race at &:00. Sun. slcoup 10:00 a.m•• Rac. at 1:00 p.m. Trophies. SUNDAY, AUGUST 21st POKER RUN - by Throllie Hound. II.C. Lencth 01 run, 100 mil ... Free lood .t end 01 run. Man Mil. Trophy. Trophy lor hleh pok.r hands and low ball hands. Dinn.r and cash awards. Entry Ie. S2.00 SiCOUP at 10:30 a.m. First one out at 11:00 a.m. StartInc pl.ce is the Falrerounds In S.nta Marla. TT SCRAMBLES - Hi-Boots M.C. at D.h... Practlc. 10:00 a.m. racine at noon. POKER RUN - Roadrunners M.C. at Bak.rsll.ld. 50 MILE NATIONAL - at Spring1I.ld. illinois. POKER RUN - Mod.sto II.C. at Modesto (Obi vc Pts). SCRAMBLES- Richmond !l.C. at Richmond. POT OF GOLD RUN - by RainboW M.C. 115 mil. trip. L••v.s &:0010:00 a.m. lrom Santa An. HarleyDavidson, 501 E. 4th St.• 5.nt. An•• Free bullons. no motorcycle judelne. DRAG RACING - L'OIiS ural 5:r;;I. 1:00 p~m~ on Saturdays.. g·ca iI.m. on Sumt>ovs. ANGELS vs BOSTON RED SOX· more than 100 boa IIckets (worth $3.50 .a.) wfll be elven to tho.. who h.lp 1113k. the Wilber Cedar Trout Fry a succ.... SCRAIIBLES- Tracy M.C. at M_ tecL FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd NITE SCRAIIBLES-Hayward M.C. at Hayward Speedway. 1 STAR CLASS Speedway. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES • by Della Falc• • ILC. at Lod! Cycle Bowl. Class "c" traction only. $1.00 to ride or watch. Slen up& practice 6 to 7 pill. Races at & pm. AlIA sanet. 4 STAR CLASS 'C' CHAMPIONSHIP RACES - Blue Barons M.C. at Graham Speedway. \2 MILE RACES - At Ascot Speedw.y. SATURDAY, SEPT. 3rd. NITE SCRAMBLES-Explorer Post 305 at Madera Faircrounds. NITE SCRAMBLES- HI·H.ts II.C. at H.yward Spe.dway. NITE TT SCRAIIBLES - At A.cot Sp••dway. SUNDAY, SEPT. 4th SCRAIIBLES - Capitol Cltyll.C. at Dlaon. ·c· TT-Sllverdal. NITE SCRAMBLES - Fresno M:C. at Fresno. SATURDAY, SEPT.llllI NITE SCRAMBLES-Sprockets ILC. at Bakersfield. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ACA SHORT TRACK - South Gat. Sp.edway. Pit e.tes op.n at 6:00 p.m., clos. 7:00 p.m. Professional Class A rul... 50cc. 100cc and 250cc classes. Tak. Firestone cutoll east 01 Lone Beach Fwy. to Garll.ld, south on Garll.ld on' block to Southern, west on Southern to EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SCRAMBLES - Lodl II.C. at Lodl Cycl. Bowl. 01 st 36 AMA sport... men sanction. Slenup and practlc, 6:00-7:00 p.m., 6 or more riders make a class. Class C tr.ctlon. hleh point trophl.s .11 classes. Every Friday nleht throueh Aue· 26. Call 36&-71&2 lor lurther Inlormatl on. HALF-MILE FLAT TRACK-Ascot Park,U3rd and Vermont InGard...a. Time Trials 7:00 p.m. First rac. &:15 p.m. CLASS A SHORT TRACK-Vallejo Speedway,Vallejo. AlIA·sanctioned. Tim. trials at 7:00 p.m•• IIrst rac. &:30. Just across new bride' lrom San Francisco, 59 miles we.t 01 Sacr_nto. DRAG RACIIlG .. Carlsbad Rac.. way. op...s 5:00 p.m•• elimination. at 1:00 p.m. Handicap .ystem. laree Top Bike trophy. Pac. Cst. Hwy. 101 to Palomar Airport Road t..noll. then ...t past airport to Raceway. PRACTICE SESSION - South Gat. Raceway (Flreston. and Lone Beach Fwy.) NO License or membership necessary. SODcc .Ineles only. no brake.. For lurth.r Infor· matlon call (714) &42·3813, ask lor Mike. DltAG RACING·Fontana Drae City. San Bernardino Fwy. to Ellwanda t ..noll, north to Foothill, riCh! on Foothill to strip. Gat•• open at 5:30 p.m. .lImlnations start at &:00 p.m. SATURDAYS DRAG RACE -Irwlndal. Racewa,. 1:00 p.m. on Satwdays. Trophies, plus cash bonuses lor street, fuel MId ca. clas.... Take S. llenIar· dloo Fwy. east to Oranp, Ilorth on Dranp which Irwindale A..... to Raceway. bee_. FRESNO DRAGWAY - Drae racine eYllJ IIrst MId third Satwday. Nut .....t June 18th. Gates . . . at 12:00 Noon. SUNDAY, SEPT. 18th EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT SCRAMBLES - Four Ac.s II.C. at Prado Park. Llehtwelchts praetic. &:00, heats at &:30. Heavy' welchts(Novlces Included) practlc. at 12:00. heat. at 12:30. A District 37 Point Run. A.M.A. Sanctioned. SPORTSIIAN SHORT TRACK Vall.y II.C. at Cycle Land SpHdway, 14 mil •• south 01 Chico on Hwy. 99-E and Gae' Shippee Rd. Pit cat. closes &:00 p.m. Races start &:30 p.m. Contact Dick lie Alee, 6633 Penty Rd.. Paradl .., Calli. lor more Info. 2D-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPION· SHIP MILE - at Sacram.nto. SUNDAY SCRAIIBLES - Dun.s Sp••dway at Hauser. Oreeon Nat·l. Assoc. sanctlon.d. SAT. & SUN., SEPT.n·lS 4th ANNUAL SCRAMBLES - SloPoke. II.C. at Sant. lI.rl •• A.C.A. SHORT TRACK - Oranee county Speedw.y. Pit cat. open .t 6:00 p.m. First .vent .t &:00 p.m. SO, 100 & 250cc Class.s. Track Is locat.d oil the S.n Dleeo Fwy. south 01 Tustin, across from EI Toro Air Station. NITE SCRAMBLES - Ha,ward ILC. at Hayward Speedway. Fort Sutter TT SCRAIIBLES - HI·Boots M.C. at D.h.... Practlc. at 10:00 ••m. Rac. at Noon. SEPTEMBER 4th and 5th EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT TT STEEPLECHASE-First Sat.· day nleht 01 each month at Ascot Park. 1a3rd and V.rmont, Gardena. AliA Clas. C event, nrst rac. &:00 p.m. NITE SCRAMBLES II.C. at Sacramento. SCRAMBLES - Los Gatos M.C. at Alvl.o. 2nd ANNUAL CALICO 50 • ~y HI.Jlna II.C. a 50·mlle rac. on dry lake bed 10 mll.s E. 01 Bar· stow on U.S. 91, (tak. Ghost Town tumoll ... limed lrom Harts Restaurant. Trophies lor clas .. s to SOcc, MId 125ce. TIm. trials at 9:30 am. Race. at 11:00 all. All riders must wear helmets! Weekly 2nd ANNUAL WISHING WELL RUN (COpy TO COllE) FRIDAY, SEPT. 23rd \2 III LE RACES - At Ascot Sp.edway. SATURDAY, SEPT. 24th TT SCRAMBLES· EI sinor. Rac. Ev.ry Saturday nleht start· Inc July 16th. Practlc. st.rts at 4 o'clock. Entries close at 7 o·clock. No points, but trophl.s elven, with opportunity lor pl.nty 01 lun racing. NITE FLATTRACK RACING at D....s Sp•• dw.y, H.user Or'eon. 7 m lI.s north 01 Coos Bay. S.nctloned by N.R.A. R.clne .tarts at &:00 p.m. Racine will be ev.ry S.turday nit. IIC..,t Aue. 6th. TULARE \2 IIILE-by Visalia at Tular. Fairground .. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS NITE CHAMPION SPORTSMAN RACE -111. B.ker II.C. at Belilneham. Washl ncton. DRAG RACING - Lions Drae Strip, 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. 9:00 a.m. on Sundays. Trophl•• and E.T. bracket .. Strip I. locat.d at mrd Street, south 01 AI ameda. GET ALL mE FUN OUT OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE INVESTMENT -- GO FOR A RIDE SOMEWHERE, PARTICIPATE IN A TOUR, ATTEND A COMPETI'nON EVENT LISTED HERE. •

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