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• • ~~.-M America's only weekly newspaper covering the motorcycle sport· GIIPSTEIS OPEIS IfW SOUTILAID COUISE • • 11101 SCORES A DOUBLE Cycles At Silver bIkes How many no point races have you seen with 300 eatties? The Gripsters M.C. of Placentia hosted such an event Sunday, August 7 at tbeic Dew tract in Silver Lakes parle two miles north of Corona on Main Street (Norm tomoll from the Riverside Freeway). The half mile tlack is built aromJd OlIe of the lakes and features four jumps. A trip around the new track goes thus: Off the start/finish line you run into a 90 degree right hand tum then a left and an u~hill jump. .After your nerves have settled from that you run through an S tum with a bank on your left and then another shaip right hander. ,Another jump and as you touch down you duck your head, hlast through a shady Gazebo and under an overhanging branch. Back in the sunshine, you loft it off another jump and slide through another 90 degree right hander, s t r ai g h ten up and do it again. After a fair straightaway, you bust over another jump, cross the start! finish line and start the whole thing over again. This course is a bit rough but not so much so that it will be the 51...... ft_ - . I I . . bib ......... exclusive do m a i n of the desert . . _ . , to *11_ .. (CoatiDued oa e 12) *_, • nOMile National Guy Nu. leB a Irail of IIaIkea llearts and shattered records last week... ftile . . . .s&ratiDg ia expert fashion that he is the man to lied ia AlIA mad racia& tllese days. TIle hrokea lleans belonged to Cal Rayborn and the rest of the 1DHrs-., ia IIoUa tile 5O-I8ile lightweight and the nO-mile National C.....oaMip races at Greeawood Raceway in Des Moines, Iowa. Rima's CbIIpioaship-wiuing II&Chine was a 500cc Triumph. Califoruaa Cal caae in secoad to Rilton in both big events. The old recor4s tlIat Rima's s&ellar pedOOBaDce left broken were replaced by new set by ale dasUag yODDg IUD on the Dying Japanese and Triumph . .ton:ycles. Oh, he fie. 'round the track with the greatest of ease, finishing the 110mile 500cc Championship in a new record time of 1 bour, 22 minutes for an 81.210 mph average speed. The old record stood at 1:24.40, average 78.661 mph. It .as a doel of champions from start to finish as Nixon and Rayborn took the lead a.a.y from each other, lap after lap. In tbe entire 37-lap contest the pair .ere closer than one length apart for all but seven laps. ixon led on laPs I. 2. 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, and through to the finish, although the two gladiators were less than one foot apart on laps 17 and 18. Rayborn and his Andres-tuned Barley-Davidson led laps 3, 4, 6, 14, aDd .as exactly even .ith Nixon on laps 9, 20 and 21. Rayborn made the mandator;y pit stop for gas on lap 31 and thereby relinquished the chance of catching ixon, who gassed on lap 31. Their pit stops were both equally quick. After the gas stops botb leaders were involved in battling slower traffic (Nixon lapped all but 2nd 3rd and 4th places). Forty-four of the man who started the race were still running at the finish. Weather was very pleasant, in the high 80's. The gate at the Floyd C}ymer-promoted event was announced at 10,186 paid admissions. a. ROTES AND mGHLIGHTS 0- ~ ... fillY riders .... 26 saues paltirlr'ed ill 'I1Iere were _ Des W! !1teM. &lie 3ed..-J ~ ....... ......, ~ s • " •• ..ted tIIIdac &lie race InIIII _ aM .....". yet &lie Da:srt- wilmer ....... • . . 10 llIaI:e 9.. Natioaal 16 Larry SChafer bad carburetor bouble with his B-D, coming off the start dead lasL By a superbuman effort be managed to walk up to seventh place before going ollt on lap 20. Al~ ou IeSIIIts, telepboaed rn. Des ....... ..." 110 10 13tb place. &lie slat is OCCIIIlied IIJ So. Cal's 0_ s-.:sr - r - , ridaC a BSA twin ia a DR p a _ t - . . - c e . George Roeder got off bere earlier and broke bis sboulder. His big-bike ride was given to Cbris Dmayer who • rode it to 3rd place. a-st or II1e 118-81ile . . . . . WlIS Bart llUltei passed Swede Saft&le 10 l*e away 7tb place n. DR'" (C1MIi DIGGER CONTROVERSY CO TI UES • By Maweea Lee mST. 'rI Discussion continued on the Dirt Digger M.C.'s non-renewal of. charter, (see Cycle News Vol. m, No.27) as the District 37 (Southern california sports Committee held it's monthly meeting Thursday night. A representative asked about the letter that tbe District had voted upon to he sent to AMA Headquarters and what reply bad heen. if any! secretary Bill Adams read the letter that be had sent to the AMA in Columbus. In brief, it asked for a reconsideration of tbe renewal of tbe cbarter, and a clarification on tbe question of AMA riders being allowed to compete in events sponsored by two separate organizations, and tbe right of clubs to bold cbarters (and so sponsor events) sanctioned by two separate organizations. Mr. Adams said tbat Columbus had intimated that if another formal request for reinstatement was received from the Dirt Diggers it would he reconsidered. Don Kemp; Dirt Diggers President, replied that be had already sent off several requests along with a cbeck but had beard nothing. SPORTS OOIlllITTU IlUTlNG 10 Ia:f letter • to ~ •• c:aI1ed AlIA Sec:retuy Bill Ben)' ia Col at 8 o'clock ia &lie IiaIe was told lIat lie was . . . . said . call Ilk. Ben)' acaia at _ to tllis 8IIItier wi. . . . At _ ...... by Mr. 8en)"s secretaIJ' . . sloe a messaee rro. Ilk. 8eIQ' ,1IIe was resaodIiDe tIuoacla !lie Baud 01 Direc:&ars ~ ... ates etc., ... tlat wIIa lie loa• ....., a tbaroacb dIedI_ . . lIIese poiJaIs, lie -..Jd !lie letter.- A-.s said .....t be Iboacbt tIat pmcress was beiac made aad tbe Dislrict Ioawe aa aaswer. Adams tboapt tIIle;sr d pve Belly a dlaDce 10 tIIis tlliac ... it was • ...Iair 10 tIIat lie was as bad as Kaehler,- as _ ~ BeaWive bad stated rro. &lie 0.-. Adams also lell tIIat &lie Dirt Digers were JIOt loeIpiae tIIle si~ by tIIeir "defiaat altitude.Referee Larry Reed (a Dirt Diceer memher) said that tbe Dirt Diggersdidn't want to see the club's 21 ;sreatS of bard work go down the drain aDd tbe;sr boped tbe body at large woold _ inlain an ~ -.ft!Pl.Jlliil••• .J.tredicamenL Be said tbat .iBilli·.Aiiidei-iiiiS&lii- ii'."IiIIif'eC.elii".Ved• d • ' . . pace 3) be 'felt tbat tbe wbole District is heing'stepped 08,' aDd with 4000 competition riders bere 011 the west Coast, Col.-bas . . . . .t be aIIIe 10 didate 10 as this way•• Bill Adams rePlied that be thought that OIae of the Dirt Diggers' letters and tbe enforcing of the ban on Class C rices (Amateur and Expert) from sportsman e..ents bad triggered tbe thing. but that -tbings _re lUinc to he rectified.· Reed replied • for that matter, I don't even feel right about keeping IllY referee's chair.· President Carter said that Reed was elected to office and as long as he beld a valid AlIA card he was eatiUed to keep bis title aDd pos ition on the board. LeUers rro. tbe Prospectors M.C. IUId tbe Lost ADgeis M.C. wriUea 10 tbe Dirt Digers Ioactiag tbeir staad aad also 10 tIIle ~ JlMA ollice were read. 'I1Ie Lost ADceIs rePreseatative load wriU- tlat .. tbe last e1ectioa be IIad 1IO&ed . . . . . . RePablicaa aad Democmti.c", tIat IIIe Ioada't lost bis citi lip becaase 01 this. Applause followed. GENERAL AND SCRAMBLES Witb the reading of tbe Financial b:sr Bill Adams. Jean Carter said tbal as the District bad enougb mnney Report "'-':illce it save tar ~ TIAltSTEIS fIGHT lACK Readers wbo have watcbed the lor- est trails belne clnsed 10 two-wheelers wltboat anytbiag being done to slop It are advised .....t sometbinc at last is being done, but your help is needed. On saturday, August) 3 at 100 E. Carillo st. in santa Barbara at 10 in the moming, representatives of the National Trail Riders Assoctatlon wlU host a publis: m!!eting with tbe U.S. Forestry Division officers to show that more riding trails are needed and to request that specific trails in the santa Barbara _be opened to bikes. . Also, San.ta Barbara IS U1e st~ngbold of .the Sierra Club, our nemesIs or the ~s'. w~ are dedicated to tbe prepoSItIOn: Four legs good, two wheels bad.· lbe trail riders need every iaterested Cycle News reader to be oa band at the meetinc to prove that pablic interest in opening cycle lIaUs is there. We plan to attend. Will we see you there? to operate on, ibey were relinquisbing their scrambles date of Aug. 27. It was now open for any club to run a TT or rougb scrambles. At tbe next scrambles beld by the Sidehack Assoc. tbey would he assisted by ibe Dirt Diggers. Liming on tbe higbway was discussed again. The ruling that was passed some months ago that posters should contain cOlllPlete directions to track and areas to save excessive liming was heing followed by some clubs but others were going tbe way tbey always have" A case in point was tbe Simi Valley M.C. poster for Prado Park. The answer was that this ruling must he followed, and if tbe Competition Committee sees excess lime on tbe highways leading to an area, ibey will dock pr~ moting club members 50· points each. A question from tbe Door regarding tbe bringing any engine to top specifications was asked, Jean Carter admitted tlat it was not clear in tbe niinutes, but the ruling was that you could bring up aD engine by bore or stroke or a combination of tbe two to the top of tbe class in whicb you were competing and thea go 80 thousandths over and still remain Ie gal. (Continued on page 19) 9.& 'JUI:) 'JP8la 1101 'pAla IPHa 2111 'N LLt9 SNt3N 31JAJ • I

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