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• • ASCOT HALF IIULE • • • • Ralph White, on the verge of becoming a papa any minute, went out and won baby a new pair o[.shoes last week ... the hard way. The "ll'orrance Tiger· came from a distant fifth place to over· haul Sammy Tanner on the final lap and then pass the champ and take the main event for the fifth time this season. White rode a perfect race by waiting for bis spot in traffic most of the way and then boring in low the short way around in the late laps to wrap up the win for the first time since June 24t.h. It was a bad night for Tanner as he was upset in the heat race for the second straight time. This time it was Mel Lacher supplying the surprise. Lacher liked the front spot so well he came right back and won the Trophy Dash for the first time this year over White. White picked up his 6th straight heat race win before giving way to Lacher in the. dash. Right now this is the longest string going in the Expert divisions. The surprising Pat Gosch continued to surprise and again won the heat race .for the second time in a row. He turned back Gene Romero, Guy Louis and Dan Haaby. Romero led the first three laps of the final with Gosch right along· side. Tanner than passed four riders in one sweeping shot on the south tum and took over. It was still Romero and Gosch side-by-side at the finish for third spot. Lacher was a close fifth. Pete Bodette prevented another (Continued on page 11) • Ralpb Wblte came 'rom bebl nd to nl p Sam Tanne\, . i BIG ASCOT DOUBLE HEADER WEEKENDl .~ .. J.C. Agajanian has programmed a big dou ble-header of motorcycle racing for ., Ascot Par·k in Gardena Friday and Satur=- day nights, August 5th and 6th. The nattrack riders wtll roar around is the haJr-mile course on Friday night. ~ Then the steeplechasers will taKe over on saturday night for a whirl around the five-eighths-mile course with its jump Q and leU and right turns. .c In the steeplechase me e t, young ~ Eddie Mulder, the handsome Burbank rider. will be in action. Mulder, in a feat never before performed, won all three U.S. Steeplechase Championship races this year. .Mulder's most recent win was the 50-lap Ascot National. Most of the others who chased Mulder home in that event, including Gene Romero, Dallas Baker, Dave Palmer and Dan Haaby, will he on. deck, too. sammy Tanner remains the man to beat in the flat track competition. 'E = • • t .s WllitemfJn CrfJWnS (J • King... Sidebacks tbrilled In Wblteman races. A lot of people missed a lot of good racing at Whiteman Airpark Stadium this last Sunday. Tire AFM bitled the event as the "King ofWhit~man· lace and most of California's rae i n g royalty showed up to fight for the crown. There seems to be some controversy about this track and there is a possibility that use of this fine facility may be denied to the two-wheeled sportsman. lethe lack (Continued on page 8) GREYHOUNDS GO AT PRADO By Maureen Lee With a small number of riders but with a tremendous amount of racing for every one, the Greyhounds ran. their TT-scrambles Sunday at Prado Park. The Greyhounds decided that this was a chance to give the guys plenty of time on the track for their money, something you don't always get. So they broke down classes ·and had some events running as long as eight and ten laps! The moral of this tale is that if you're only in shape for the usual five laps you get at Prado, keep yourself in better condition. You never know! Much to the joy of the Novice 100cc Stromalla sneaked in to take second class (all forty of 'em) they didn't have with Northern in third. to ride with the Amateurs and instead The 50's had Chris Robinson as were given a class all of their own, their leader, with Frank McDowell, Chuck Basney and Don Alfred doing complete with two semi's so that everyone got two races. Steve McMahan won some dicing behind him, all of them on the class. At the beginning, you could Hondas. With not much power to play have tossed a blanket over him and Jim with, the 50 class at Prado is always Northern, but toward the end Danny (Continued on page 3) Want to learn a Trade? FREE COURSE IN MIC MECHANICS The need for specialized training for motorcycle mechanics is being met throilgh a factory sponsored course offered by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. This two week class, which is tuition-free, is conducted once each month at the three Hondamatic Service Schools located in Gardena, California; Racine, Wisconsin; and Pennsauken, New Jersey . The Special Apprentice course is open to any qualified applicant who is at least 16 years old and wants free vocational training to become a Honda mechanic. For further information, contact American Honda Motor Co., Inc., 100 West Alondra Bl vd., in Gardena, California. NO CHANGE IN JAWA DISTRIBUTORSt Pursuant to a report that appeared in this paper a couple of weeks ago, there is no change in the western states Jawa distributorship. In a cablegram from Motokov, the Czechoslovakian Government agency responsible for the sale of Jawa motorcycles throughout the world, they stated that Cycle Imports, Inc., of Los Angeles, remain the western states distributor of Jawa-built motorcycles. Italy Sport Cycles, of South Gate, who import and distribute Ital-Jet, have made arrangements with their manufacturer to also import and distribute ItalJet models fitted with the Jawa-made engines. The cablegram also reported that the Ital-Jet line, using the Jawa-made powerplants, will be requested in no way to use the Jawa name. 90806 'Jne:» 'q3eaa auo, 'pAla q3eaa I .., 'N LLt9 SM3N 31JJ..J •

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