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--_._--~-------- VOLUME III NUMBER 29 WEEK OF JULY 28 tlnugh AUGUST 3,1r CI>"JPV&. _. Above: The Nomads of Gardena, one 01 the better So. Cal. road clubs. NOMADS GOLD RUSH TURNS TO WATER Nomads of Gardena's monthly Poker Run on Sunday, July 24th was a warm, sunny ride from Gardena to Azusa. The club had intended this run to end up as a pan-for-gold trip. By unanimous vote on arrival at the San Gabriel Ri ver, however, all 34 riders shed their shoes and went wading in the cool water instead of panning for gold. . Chicken, potato chips and soda furnished by the club were welcome refreshments after the leisurely ride. First place Poker-hand Trophy was won by Craig Moisio, on a Honda Super Hawk. second place went to Ted Jahossy on a S90 Honda. Third place to George Warren, Honda Super Hawk. Miss Cathy Yoakum on an S90 Honda won the club's perpetual Safe Driver Award. So far, the girls are leading in this award. Joey Kiilehua received the Hard Luck Trophy when his bike fell over on the soft asphalt and broke his kick stand (sounds like the entire group should have the Safe Driver award). We venture to say that all 34 riders on 21 bikes of every make and size felt they would be waiting for the next run, scheduled for August 21st, which it is rumored will go to Will Rogers State Pa.rk. Watch Cycle News'Calendar of Events for the real truth. Berry Officially Takes Over as AMA Secretary July 16th. A.M.A. President Wm, E. Kennedy officially pronounced William Berry as Executive Secretary of the American Motorcycle Association... and with this appointment goes the Acting Chairmanship of the all-powerful A. M . A. Competition Committee. Kennedy slated· Will Berry's appointment is in k e e pin g with the longstanding practice of the Association's Executive Secretary heading this most important committee•• Berry's appointment was termed ·acting· because AMA bylaws require the chairman to be elected by the Competition Committee, scheduled to me e t November 8 in New York City. at which time a permanent Chairman will be elected. There is little doubt that the Committee will rubberstamp its approval of Berry's aPpointment, since the Executive Secretary, acting or permanent. has the power of appointing the members of the Committee. Regarding the November 8 meeting. Mr. Kennedy said "Consideration is currently being given to changing this date because November 8 is Election Day in many state s .• In a telephone interview with Cycle News. Berry stated that his first job will be to reorganize the processing of membership applications and put the Columbus headquarters on a businesslike basis. (Note- Next week the story 01 the Ensenada Grand Prix continues. Also. Loners ride-in at Big Sur.) PACOIMA-RACE- PREJUDICE? PACOIMA, A SMALL CITY in the San Fernando Valley., last week was up in arms concerning the· noise- produced by car and motorcycle races and the motorcycle racing school held at Whiteman Air Park, the Pacoima airport which has "icenUy been turned into a raceway. To make the situation worse, the issue has become complicated with racial and political pro b1ems. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People claim they are angry because they feel the speedway would not be allowed to operate in an all-white neighborhood (Whiteman borders on a predominantly Negro district). They also feel that "the track is not benefiting the community economicallY.· No, the NAACP has not sent any of its people to apply for jobs atWhiteman. even though there are some clubs holding events there that would welcome dependable personnel who would be willing to work for prevailing wages. In fact, Cycle News needs one or two boys to sell papers at the AFM events. If anyone is interested they should contact our Circulation Manager before July 29. Has the NAACP interviewed merchants around the Whiteman Stadium and asked them how much food, notion items, gasoline and oil they have sold to the fans and racers who come to Whiteman? Apparently not. Nor is the NAACP aware, evidently, 50 - LAP NATIONAL TT Above: The wlnnah and stili Champion, Eddie Mulder! MULDERMAI(ES 3 Burbank bomber Eddie Mulder blasted all the opposition for the second straight week to win the 50-lap National TT Championship last Saturday night at Ascot Park in Gardena. Triumph's number one ace left the field to fight it out at the drop of the starting Rag and had only to worry about the slower riders that had to be lapped in the long 50-lap grind. Another record crowd turned ont for J.C. Agajanian's 5th annual national TT event that sawall the top TT talent in the nation do bat· tle for the $6,000 pIns pnrse. Mulder took home $1910.00 lor his that Ascot Park, Lions Drag Strip, the San Fernando Drag Strip, Hopetown, etc. etc. are all located in the midst-of predominantly "white" communities. Mr. Negri, a lawyer in the area, has canvassed the residents to compile a list of complaints. In talking to Mr. Negri, he states that the chief COmplaints center around 1) noise. 2) traffic congestion. 3) littering around the track 4) the proposed beer license for the track and a few minor worries that the idle and ignorant entertain themselves with. Someone thought the track was responsible for a tract of homes being foreclosed, but this was not verified. The on ly argument that has any basis at all is the noise annoyance. This problem is shared by all who live near haseball parks or other open-air sports stadiums. Does the NAACP complain about baseball fans' cheering interrupting their members' TV audio? That might seem unAmerican. Even riders 01 BMW's, the world's quietest machines. testify to hearing neighbors complain of .. noise.' I think the problem is prejudice. Prejudice against racing. I suggest that the natives of Pacoima come out from behind their placards and sponsor a Negro in one of the coming motorcycle or car races. Not to have integrated the motor sports is a tremendous oversight on the part of the Negro movement. To encourage the colored race to greater speed, Cycle News herebY an(Continued on page 20) smooth effortless ride that saw him lap all but seven riders. Eddie passed up a possible new track record at the finish when he backed off and did a crowdpleasing wheelie to lake the checkered nag lor his third straight national win. He started his TT win streak last august when he won the Peoria, Ill. national and has not lost one since. Mulder now goes into the record books as the first rider to ever win every TT offered on the national AMA trail. Time Trial Records Eddie Wirth started the hall rolling on Friday night when he posted a new one lap time trial record and picked up the $100.00 bonus. Seven more riders topped the mark set by Skip Van Leeuwen in '65, despite the lengthening of the turn before the jump. Expert heat racing found Gene Romero boring in for the win in record time with Mulder and Dick Hammer taking the other two heat victories. First casualty in the final was Dick Hammer. Dick got off on the second lap but later returned from dead last to finish a closing 10th. Next on the list was Dallas Baker. Baker and Dan Haaby were locked in a close duel for second until Dallas fell by the wayside with en(Continued on page 8) 9I8lI6 'J"I:J '1I:1las au., 'PAIS q:lna lIlIl 'N LLt9 SM3N 31JA.J

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