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• • WEEK OF JUNE 9 through JUNE 15, 1966 ~lFV& • •VOLUME III NUMBER 22 OT T.T. • • • ... • • • It was a l ong bad ni ght for the thr ee poi nt l eaders in the monthly TTs at Ascot l ast Saturda y night. One made it to the Mai n Event , another fell in the heat race on the fi rst turn and mi ssed the fi nal , and the l ast was eli mi nated This is the fi rst time in Eddi e ' s br i ght TT racing career that he ha s e ve r watched t he point a nd money rac e from th e Ascot pit s. Amat eur point leader Jim Be rry, off t o a bad start i n the heat race , was knocked down in turn two, lap one when anot her rider fell in front of him. T hi s can celled out any chance s of going to t he s emi or the final. Novice le ade r Jo hn Sprague fa red somewhat better. He mad e the final, W h two simila r events going on it aft er los ing his first heat race of the a t the sa me time within a I O -mile O season, and then came back to run a radiu s , Fremont Raceways s till packed di sta nt second to Ge ne Cannady, who in 218 ride rs and 844 s pectators last won for the second straight ti me. Sunday as the local Fames M.C. hosted T he Expert fi nal was a c hase for sportsman sc ramble rs at the bowleventual winner Gene Romero and hopes s ba ped track just orr the Nimitz Fr eefor a win by early leade r Jack Simmons. wa y. By Maureen Le e Rome ro, the hottes t rider going in Dis" Hol y hors epower, " Boy W onder They ran another A.C.A. Moto-cross at Irvine Sunday, and in spi te trict 37, caught a nd passed the vete ran mi ght have remarked, to se e the way j umper at the "e nd lap 8. Gene then put these Central California hotshoes flew of the powder-dirt that filled the air and the roughness of the location, ample distance between himself and around the tight, slithery co urs e in all the familiar faces (and some new ones, too) were on hand to give Simmons to become the first Expert pursuit of thei r well -dese rved glory. this year to win 'twice, Mike Liend en starte d things ' roll ing the demanding co u r s e another go. This time the layout had been Hard c ha rging Dic k Hammer came for a Honda parade in the tin y-bik e changed quite drastically and a water-truc k was on hand, helping (Conti nued on pa ge 7) classes with his 60cc Novice main e vent win. And Louis Vos s was not to conditio ns somewhat. 250 cc ri de rs . A ma n had t o mak e a be d en i e d as he fought fiercely to the point in th e first t hree he a t s to comAmon gst Irvi ne ' s "Iron Men " we re AnteIoDeRamblers Benefit lead in the 90cc clas s . Walt Axt he lm, Ge orge Walker a nd pe t e i n the fourt h . Walt Axt helm With the 200cc bikes on the lin e, L on P e te rs on. T he s e t hree we re rod e i n t he 25 0cc c lass J t ha t was excitement began building to acrescendo (Conti nued on page 3) competing on two different s ize "'!I_.~ (c!0~n~t~n.u~ ~d.o.n!p~aiig. .6.)~-IIiI!-__i e e iiiiiiiiiiiiiii -. mac hines ; they a ll rod e 5-1ap motos 'l! Members of the Antelope Ramblers and the men riding th e 250cc c l a s s M.C . wish to tha nk everyone who participated in the rec ent Ben efit Run for had to ride a fourth l a p for e xt ra one of t heir members , Ron Nelson, and points since there were so many wouid lik e to make known t he follow ing: Total cash given to t he injured Ron, aft er expe nses , was $519.16. Donations By Larry Haley includ ed income from the Prado Park T he Prosp ectors are noted for their rough, tough and downright hard runs. main gate , co nce ssions an d sign up fees , as well as $100 from P rad o P a rk Rocks, sandwashes, boulders and whoop-de-doo terrain is the order of the owne r Chuck Islen, $10 from Bob M e day. But one thi ng, the club members are very informative a.bout their courses Lau ghli n (running in the des ert and not at the riders' meeting. Th ey go to a l ot of trouble to expl aIn where and when pres ent) , and $15 from Cycle News recompetitors will enco unter dangero us places, and of ~ourse it's up to !he port er Mauree n Le e. T his amounted to $905.04 i n all. rider s to take it from there. Th at is what greeted 300 n ders Sunday tnottnng Exp enses incl uded insurance and on the edge of El Mirage Dry L ak e at 9:00 a.m, ambulance fees , stamps, trac k expendiFr o'!! the starting lin e to the smoke s andwash, and by so me mirac le , the tures , posters a nd t rophie s (obtained bomb, It was wild, flat fourt h gear te rwash was clea red. from an ex-Dirt Di gge r, J ack Roamer of Over the s ad dle of the mount ain a nd rain and the first one to rea ch it was H & J Woodc raft , who was kind enough Bob King on a Triumph, foll owed by ac ross the fla ts to th e Hi-Vista road to grant a specia l price si nce th e run La rry Bergquist and Bob McLau ghlin. and a bi g 10 0 p out over the desert was a benefit). Total e xpendit ure was t hrough some pretty tough country alo ng Th e trail then j umped i nto a rocky, $385.88, bringing the amount received narr ow, uphill sa ndwas h, ca us ing a a fire road that te nde d to e ncourage by Ron to a healthy and most appr ecitraffic jam which put the L.A. freeways so me s li ding on the turns , but it proved ate d $519.1 6. t o s ha me. Standing on a high bank lookto be rough, even for t he Expert s, as it The Antelope Ramblers are ce rtainly i ng down on the s cene, all you could had some real bad places in it . t o be commende d for helping one of their see was a se a of helmet s trying to get Check #2 was at a boundry marker own in such a co ncrete manner. Nelthrough a passage wide enough for one and from ther e to the next road it was s on' s recovery time will undoubtedly rid er, that had three l1!achine s s talled on the pe gs all the way and no place to be l ess worrisom e, due to the thoughtin it alr ead y. Once this obstacle was rest for about fi ve miles. Up the next fuln es s and hard work of his fellow overcome, the same co ndition was enroad it was fas t and furious . He re the cl ub members . Rare blke - a Sprite. count ered ab out 50 yards fa rther UP the (Continued on page 6) FREMONT" ACTION IRON MEN OF IRVINE Over $500 to Ron • • • • • ES SoBo6 'Jlle:) 'q:leag :JUOl 'PAIS q:leag :JUOl ' N LLt9 SM3N 31:;)),,:;) :01 uJn1al l allrra p 01 alqll un JI - - H3J,sVW.LSOa

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