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2 CALENDAR OF EVENTS M ONDAY, JUNE 6tb SATURDA Y, JUNE 18th TV SHOW·Channel 13 at 1:00 p.m. Color rerun of 1965 Antelope Valley Hall Scrambles. AlIA SHORT TRACK • Barstow Raceway, Barstow. No.lce & Amateur only, $300/~ purse. Quarter mile, 250cc machines. Pit gate open 6:00·7:30 p..... first race 1:00 p.... SAT. & SUN. ,JUNE 11-12 ROAD RUN • 11th Annual Hlch Sierra Run by Ace of Clubs II.C. Call (213) 964-24S0 for Information SUNDAY, JUNE 12tb: ROAD RACING - AFM No. Calif. chapter at Cotati. All classes Including productIOn raCL Prize moni y for top three, free entry If tra.ellng 200 miles or more. On Hwy. 101 40 miles north of San Francisco . TT SCRAIIBLES-Slnners M at .C. Bay Mare. Limed from Camarillo turnoff and Ventura Fwy. Entry fee $1.2S, gate donation $1.00. Small bores start 9:00 a.m., blg bore at 12:00 noon. 1S.M ILE NATIONAL · Half·mlle AMA dirt track National Champ' lonshlp e.ent. Heidelberg. Pa. H ARE AND HOUND· Vegas Valley M.C., limed from front of the Showboat Hotel on Boulder Hwy. Start 1:30 am., entry fee $3.00 AMA· sancti oned, all riders welcome. SCRAMBLES • HI Boots M.C. at Dehesa. From Hwy 101 take Hwy. 10 east through EI Cajon. Off Fwy. on 2nd St., south to Jamacha St. Follow Singing Hills signs past country club to Dehesa Rd., then Into Harbison Canyon. Lime starts at Dehesa. ' SCRAMBLES-Grlpsters at Prado Park. Small bikes 1:30 a.m., big bikes at Noon. Leathers and foldIng pegs IIqulred. Donation $1.2S at gate, entry fee $1.00, AMA· sanctioned. RI.erslde Fwy to Hwy. 71, tum off 71 on Euclid toward Ontario, go appros. 1.1 miles to Pine. Tum rlcht 1.1 miles to Chino-Corona Road, tum rlcht at market and continue southto track. HARE AND HOUND - Greyhounds II.C., 100 miles, two loops. Limed from start 16 miles north of Ade· lanto, start at 10:00 a.m. Dlst. 37 points, sldehacks and trail bikes _Icome. SCRAMBLES-Delta Falcons II. C. at Lodl Cycle Bowl. AMA sportsman sancti on. All cla sse s, Class C tractIon. Signup and practice 9:0011:00 a.m., races start 12:30 p.m. Trophies. Admission $1.00 to ride or watch. FRI DAY, JUNE 17tb. SCRAMBLES - Lodl II.C. at Lodl Cycle Bowl, Dlst. 36 AliA sports· man sanction. Signup and practice 6:00-7:00 p.m., 6 or mOil make a class. Class C tracti on, hlch point trophIes all classe.. Every Friday nlcht through Aug. 26. Call 3617112 for further Info. SUNDAY, JUNE 19th. ROAD RACE-AlIA Class C event at Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad. $600/ ~ of the gate. Pit gate opens 10:00 a.m.,closes PROIIPT· LY at Noon. First race 1:30 p.m. Classes: No.lce event. Am./Esp. LIchtwelcht. BIg BIke. AlIA compelllion license IIqulred. SCRAMBLES- San FrancIsco II.C. at Dam, 1I0rgan Hili (No. Calif.). All classes, beautiful troA phies. Watch or ride $1.00. AM sportsman sanction. Practice 9:00 a.m., first race at Noon. Follow arrows to Hall Ranch on Rd., In Morgan HIli, near Dam. DRAG RACING - Lions Drag Strip. Go for dough, $250.00 prize money to class winners. Not E.T. , bike against bike. Gates open 9:00 a.m., strip Is located at 223rd Street, south of Alameda. TT SCRAMBLES - Orange County M.C. at Prado Park. Dlst. 37 point run, Class C tires , leathers, foldIng pegs. Lightweight entries close 1:00 a.m., big bike entries close 11:30 a.m. Esp. & Am. lightweights start at Noon, all No.lces 3:00 p.m, Limed from Hwy. 71 and RI.erslde Fwy. POKER RUN/FIELDIIEET ·Comp. Committee, Las Vegas, Ne•• Bean feed, heldat Potosi Flats . Trophies Entry fee for all e.ents $3.00. Contact Reg Sheldrlck, 2620 Am· arllio St., Los Vegas. for further Info on this and other Ne.ada e.ents. . SAT. &SUN. JUNE25-26tb ROAD RUN· Slowpokes M.C. 14th Annual Turtle Run. Call (~ 13) 44472&9 for Info. SUNDAY, JUNE 26th. SCRAMBLES - Combined AlIA· ACA e.ent at Perris. H ARE SCRA MB LES • Callf.· Ne•• Championship, four 25-mlle laps. Umed from front of the Showboat Hotel on Boulder Hwy. Sta rting time 1:30 am. AlIA·sanctioned, mall entries $3.00, post entries $4.00.Mall entries to Vegas Valley M.C., Bos 2462, Las Vegas, Nev. SATURDAY, JU LY 2 FLATTRACK - Dunes Speedway, Hauser, Ollgon, 7 miles north of Coos Bay. First race 1:00 p.m., $300 purse. NRA-sanctloned. $5.00 tow money over 10 mile.. Write Coos Bay Radng Team. 1125 S. Las Vegas Holiday Durin gth e preceding Memorial holiday I was fortuna te to spend four days In Las Vegas . Aside , from the obvio us ple a sure s that city has to offe r I was lucky enough to part i cip at e in the ope n' i ng of the Sil ver Ci ty Scramblers' new track at t he base of Sunris e Mt. n e a r Las Ve gas. I wish to publicly congratulate these fellows on t heir fine new track. Th e events wer e run off In a ve ry profes si onal manner. The track wa s kept well graded and watered . Sanitary fa cilitie s we re provid ed a nd the tra ck Is a spectator's dream come true . lt was one of t he mas t "fun' motor' cyc le week end s t hat I have s pent In many years . I highly recommend t he trip for any of our l ocal riders . I am s ure they will find It very rewarding. F or many ye ar s I ha ve heard the fable that mos t desert rid ers do not go on TT t rac ks . some of our loc al 250 s hoes s hould t ry on Max Switz er on his 250 Bul ta co. JIM PETERSON Dirt Digger s EAST Rowla nd Hei ghts Op, M/C Helps (EDITOR' S NOTE : The following letter was received by Ken and Lois Jo nes from one of the many motorcycle riders who have bee n hel pe d by Operation Motorcycle. ) Dear Ken and Lois, P lease ac c ept the most hea rtfelt thanks of one motorcycle rider, for yo ur work with Operation Motorcyc le Blo od Bank . Beli ev e me, you may ce rtainly be proud of the fine work t hat yo u do for th e fraternity of motorc yc lists. lt Is , of course, unfortunate when a rider needs • W ANT TO T ELL TH E W ORLD ABOUT IT? Use the Want ads. Broadway, Coos Bay. Ore. for fur· ther Info. Appli ca ti on to mail at second c lass postage rate s i s pending at Lo ng SU NDAY, JULY 3 Beach , Calif. SCRAMBLES - Dunes Speedway. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hauser. Oregon, 7 miles north of Coos Bay. First race 1:00 p.m., $300 plrse. NRA·sanctloned. • SCRAIIBLES - Oilers II.C. at Imperial Beach, just south of San Diego. New track lim from Imp. ed Beach/Coronado turnoff. Palm A.e. to 17th St., left to track. Pract ice 9:00 a.m., first race at Noon. Refreshment.. SAT. • s sus., JULY 2-3 ROAD RACE, FIELD MEET & GRAND P RI X MOTO'CROSS A.C.A. 2nd Annual "Spirit of 76" e.ent at Willow Springs. Moto·cross will be run Sat. on both aspha lt and dirt. Mldnlcht economy run for stock street machines on course. Field meet at track, road race Sun. (th e Voice of California) SAT. & SUN., JULY 9-10 • • •_ • • • • •_ ROAD RUN-Third Annual Big Bear . Run by Toppers M.C. Call (714) 189-8063 for further Info. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Weekly A.c.A. SHORT TRACK· Orange county Speedway. Pit gate open at 6:00 p.m. First e.ent at 8:00 p.m. 50 100 & 250cc Classes. Track Is ' located off the San Diego Fwy south of Tustin , across from EI Toro Air Station. EVERY THURSDAYNIGHT ACA SHORT TRACK·South Gate Speedway. Pit gates open at 6:00 p.m., close 7:00 p.m. First E.ent at 8:00 p.m. Professional Class A rules , se«, 100cc and 250cc cla sse.. Take Firestone cutoff east of Long Beach Freeway to Garvey, south on Garvey one block to Southern, west 0 0 Southern to track. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT HALF-1I1 LE FLAT TRACK·Ascot Park, l8.3rd . and Vermont lit Gardena. TIme Trials 7:00 p.m. First raee 8: 15 p.m. CLASS A SHORT TRACK-Vallejo Speedway, Vallejo. AlIA-sanctioned. Time trials at 7:00 p.m., first raCe 8:30. Just across new bridge from San Francl see, 59 miles west of Sacramento. DRAG RACING - Carls bad Raceway. opens 5:00 p.m. , eliminati ons at 8:00 p.m, Handicap system, large Top Bike trophy. Pac. Cst. Hwy. 101 to Pa lomar Airport Road turnoff, then east past airport to Raceway. SATURDAYS DRAG RACE- Irwindale Raceway. 1:00 p.m, on Saturdays. Trophies , plus .cash bonu ses for street , fuel and gas classe .. Take San Bemar· dlno Fwy. east to Orange, North on Oranp wh ich becomes Irwindale A.e. , to Raceway. FRESNO DRAGWAY - Drag racing e.ery nrst and third Saturday. Nest meet June 18th. Gates open at 12:00 Noon. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK Valley M at Cycle Land Speed.C. way, 14 miles south of Chico on Hwy. 99·E and Gage ShIppee Rd. Pit gate close .. 8:00 p.m. Races start 8:30 p.m. Contact Dick Mc Afee, 6633 Penty Rd., Pa radise , Calif. for more Info. SATURD AYS & SUNDAYS DRAG RACIHG-L1ons Drag Strip. 1:00 p.m, on Saturdays. 9:00 a.m. on Sunday.. TrophIes and E.T. brackets. Strip Is located at 223rd Street, south of Alameda. Readers a" ad.lsed that listing In this calendar Is a free service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibility for caacellat lon or changing of events by promoters without notice. VOICE of CALIFORNIA yo ur s pec ia lized help, but It certainly Is, i n my case, mos t appr ecia ted . For what It is worth , you may be sur e that whe n I get a full releas e from t he hos pital I'll be donating my blood for t his fine reas on. Again, please accept my t han ks and gratitude. even though I am una ble to put It Into bea utif ul words . CHARLES BYCROFT Oran ge We wish to empha s ize our c omple te har mony and agr eemen t wit h a ny and all Dis trict 37 decisions made at a local le vel , and assure you of our co nti nue d support In any and all matters, as th ey may affect local motorcycling c ompetitian. Respe ctfully, DIRTDIGGERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB Public Relations Otficer Don M. Kemp OPEN LETTER: To: Officers and Representatives of District 31 It COULD Have Been Different Th e Dirtdi ggers Motorcyc le C I u b wish to ann ounc e that, effecti ve this date, our futur e eve nts will be held under bot h AMA and ACA sanction. We have joined the Amer ic an Cycl e As sociation as well as retaine d our AMA members hip . W ith this new affiliation , we are protect in g our . normal Hopeto,wn Grand P ris race . e ntries, a nd we WIll be enabled to provide events for both professional and s porti ng ride rs throu ghout t he year. He nc e fort h, any motorcycle e nt hus iast , rega rdless of a ffiliati on or classl· ficatlon , wi ll be both welcome and allowed to par ti ci pat e at our events, which we fee l is as it s hould be. Our fi rst ra ce da te Is Ju ne 26. 1966, at P erris, Californi a , and will be a joint AMA'ACA s anctione d point event. Professional riders are welc ome In the ACA cate gory, however, due to s hort notic e. no monetary purs e Is planned for this particular race. We ar e writing you re garding th e report In Cycle News of the "r oad races" held by the L.A. Chapt er of A.F.M. at Whiteman Air Park In P a coima. In t he 50cc-l00cc ra c e. a combi ned eve nt , t he firs t finish er OVERALL was Don Anselm on a P ower Res ear ch Yamaha 100. Sec ond OVERAL L was Barry Herrmann on a P ower Research Yamaha 80. Haruo Kos hino, on the fa ctory Suzuki 50 DID win the Class I 50c c class but was t hird OVERALL and did not esactly " lead the way home" to e verybody In t he ra ce as was Indicated by your co rre spondent's report . secondly : Herr imann, who moved up to t he 125cc c las s wit h his 80c c machi ne, came i n THIRD OVERAL L In the co mbine d 125cc-1 75c c ra c e. He beat " ALL 175cc machine s . and was only bea ten by Koshino on his facto ry macLaughli n on his DOHC chi ne and M Honda , ye t apparent ly doe s not e ve n de s erv e bein g listed on your re sults pa ge. Also, whil e Ste ve P eder son sh ould 6411 N. Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, Calif. 90805 Dr: Box 498, Long Beach, Calif. Phone: 423-0431 (Area Code 213) From LA. Phones: 636-8844 Published weekly e xce pt th e fir s t an d las t we e k of t h e c alend a r year by C&S Pu blishin g C ompany . P .O . Box 49 8 , L on g Beach. Californi a. • Cha ries Clayton Editor anage r Sharon Clayto n Busines s M Ca rol Sims Mana ltinl: Editor Gil Brown. Advertlsing M anager De nn is Gree ne Photo Editor Gay T homaso n.. Clrculation M anager CONT RIBUTOR.'i: Car I BarUett, Dale Boner, Anne tte Camp. Wes 'Ccoley, M ike Crowley , Bob Ebeling, Robert O. Fee, LaItY Haley, Herman, Maureen Lee, Joe Lopez. Walt Mahony, Gero ge Maness. Roxy Rockwood, John Ramos, Earl Roeseler. Publish ed 50 weeks a ye ar in Lon g Beach . California. Any part of thi s newspaper may be used wi thout permission as long as credit is gl ven. Editorial con tributio ns, cartoons , photos are wel comed and will he pai d for upon publication. Self-addr e s s ed. s tamped envel ope ass ures return. 15¢ Single Copy Pric e Subscriptions : One yea r 2nd clas s mail • ••• •••••• • • •••• $7.50 Advertising rates " ill be sent on reque st. get well -deserved credit for pushing his 175cc across for a win, readers may be Interested in knowing that had the other 175s not been lapped by Koshino they could have gone the extra lap too and the results would have been somewhat different. As for the desert sidehack stealing the show from the ' more sophisticated models "--certalnly Reg P ridmore and Ernie Ca esar put on th e show In th e sidecar class! They gave an excellent demonstration of the PROP E R way a sidecar outfit should be operated. I am sure that t he flagman who had to leap for his safety from the path of an offt he-trac k desert rig agr ees. Let's hope that at futur! road races more accurate and Int ere sting rep orts will he forthcoming. Thank you . POWER RESEARCH RACING TEAM Goleta EDITOR: W you guys stln write to ill us when we' re ped ec t ? AFM Results Pleas e be advised that th e official results of the 175c c G.P. final, May 29, 1966, at Whit eman Stadium, orga nized by t he L os Ange les Chap ter of the A.F. M. a re as foll ows : 1. Robert Seyfert - Honda 2. Ri chard T etz - Honda 3. Roger Calvert - Honda 4. Stev e P ederson - Os sa Ste ve Pe der son was lead in g on the Os sa and on t he se cond to las t lap was a bout to lap t he second place man when t he machin e appar e ntly s uffered a mec hanical breakdown. He was ther eu pon pass ed by the ot her competitors In his cl ass befo re he co uld c ross the finish line. Our apologies for th e pre viously reported resu lts. Thank you , THOMAS FINLAY President. L.A. Chapter , A.F.M. • • • ..

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