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(sill~~~[Billm @C? ~W~~LJ0 2 WEDNESDAY APRIL 20 A.C.A. SHORT TRACK· Orance county Speedway. Pit cate open at 6:00 p.m. First event at 8:00 p.m. SO, 100 & 250cc Classes. Track Is loca ted off the San Oleco Fwy sout h of Tustin, across from EI To ro Air Station. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT HAL F· MILE FLAT TRAC K·Asco t Pa rk, 189th and Vermont In Gar· dena. TIme Tr ial s 7:00 p.m. First race 8: l S p.m, SATURDAYS IT RACING· P rofess ional A.M.A. race s at W atsonv ille Speedway , Sant a Cruz Co. Fa irgrounds every Sat urday ni ght through J uly. Three- star event. General Admis si on $1.75. Rac ing starts 8:00 DRAG RACING · Irwindale Raceway. 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Trophies, plus cash bonuses for str eet, fue l and gas c lasses. Take San Bernad ino Fwy. east to Sunse t North on Sunse t which become s Irwindale Ave. to rac eway. FONTANA-Sunday s at 8:30 a.m. San Bernard ino Fwy. to Eliwandt turnoff. North on Etiwanda to Foot· hil i, ri ght on Footh ill to str ip. SUNDAY, APRIL 11th, POKER RUN-SFO Heliport, Saus l· lit o. Info., San Franc isco . Phone: (415) 285-3669. A. F. M. Sponsored. ENGUSH TR IALS-Baldwin Hill s area . Starts at 10:30 a. m, Lime d from LaBrea and Fa irfax. POKER RUN- Marin County MoC. Assn. Starts at Hil i Top Inn, Hwy. 101, South end of Novato. Sign up 10:00 a.m. Entry, $1. Trophie s lst thru 5th plus specl al classes. SCRAMBLES- San Franc isco M.C. at Uvas Dam. Dlst. 36. Hall Ranch on Uvas Rd. In Morgan HIli . Watch for arrews, All classes. Practice 9:00 a.m. Rac ing at noon. Watch or ride, $1.00. TRAI L BIKE FUN RUN-l0:00 a.m. poker run, 1:00 p.m. fi eld meet. No speed contests. Lots of t rophie s DRAG RACING - Fontana. 8:30 on wit h specia l awards for youngsters Sundays. Troph ies and E.T. and ladles. Free Bultaco will be Brackets. San Bernad ino Fwy to awarded to hl·po lnt rider of the Etiwanda to Foothill , right on Footyear. Maximum disp lacement Is hill to str ip. 125cc and all mach ine s must have mulflers, and IIc. ns. plates. Event FRESNO DRAGWAY • Drag rac lnc will be held on 3rd Sunday of each every second Sunday. Next meet month thru December . Entry Is $2. April 17th. Gates open at 7:00 a. m. Event will be can ce lled In case of rai n. Location Is limed from Hwys SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS 395 and 66 (Phelan Road. ) SUNDAYS DRAG RACING· L ions Dra c Strip 1:00 p.m, on Saturdays. 9:00 a.m, on Sunday s. T rophies and E.T. Brackets, plus special purse of $250 every 4th Sunday. Strip Is located at 223rd Street, south of Alameda. SATURDAY, APRIL 16th, HILLCLIMB - 24th Annua l Sportsman clas s hll lc limb at Osp lta l C.... yon by the Modesto M.C. Starts at U noon. Practice hil i n.arby. $1 ri de or watch. Location Is S. of Tracy , t ake Hwy 132 out of Modesto or Hwy 33 South out of Tracy, then foll ow lime and arrows . A.M.A. sanc. 01st . 36. IT RACING-Profess iona l A.M.A. race s at W atsonvil le Speedway Santa Cruz Co. Fa lrcrounds eve ry Satur· day nlghtlhru July. Th ree star even t. General admissi on $1. 7S. Rac ing starts at 8:00 p. m. IT SCRAMBLES - 13 Rebe ls at Pr ado P ark. Lightweights, all classes at 8:00 a.m. (15" no.vlce too ) BIC bikes Am. and Exp. at noon, Novices at 2:00 p.m. River· s id. Fwy. toward Riverside to Hwy: DRAG RACING-Irwindale Raceway 71. Turn off 71 on Euclid toward In Azus a. Troph ies plus cash boo Ontario , go approx. 1.8 miles to nuses for street and fuel cl asses. Pin•• Turn right, 1.1 miles to ChinoCorona Road, turn right at market 1:00 p.m, Saturday. and centlnue sou th to tr ack. Voice of California FAVORITeS Due to all this shortage of good riding te rritory. I suggest that you run some ar ti cl e s titled " My F a vorit e Motorcycle P l ay groun d " or something like this. So th at people on their bikes can spend a quiet afternoon riding in the hi lls. I have four good places to ride out her e in this area. The articles should tell where the Motorcycle P l ay ground is located an d the local taboos such as where not to ride and what to look out for . Th i s will give new ride rs an idea whe re to ride . As k other old ti me rid ers to write in and te ll you a bout the i r favorite pl ac e to rid e . EARL ROESE LER Riverside EDITO R: W e'll b e g i n the series "Favorite Motorcyc le Pl ay ground s" with your tour plac e s this we ek . Ne xt wee k I'll tell you about mine. Every re ad er is invi te d to do th e s ame. Regular c ontri but or rat e s will be pa id , and in case or duplic ati on, th e earliest pos tmark gets the $$. s o s t art writin g. SOUTH ERN CALIFORNIA-Riverside CRESTMORE HILLS Loc at ed in the town of Cr e s tmore , bet ween Bloomin gton and Ri ver s ide orr Cedar Aven ue . Tum South fro m the San Be rnardin o Free way on Cedar Ave nue. go a bout two miles, hills are on the West side of the Aven ue. About three s quare miles of trails, dirt roads an d hills for hill-elimbin g. St ay out of new cemetary bein g constructed in the Nort heast comer of ACA ROAD RACES - carl.Nd Raceway, All ACA d..... Includlo& III. lOOcc cl .... A1.0 two race. for III. productloa cl .... Practice .&In. II ' :30 .... ElItr1•• do.. II 11:30 .... Race. sta1 II 12:00 p... ENOURO-125 M Sta te Cha mpionil. sh ip by Polka Dots M.C. at Auburn. HILLCLIMB - Sports man Class Hi llclimb at Osp ltal Canyon. Dlst . 36. HARE SCRAMBLES - by Sld.hack Assoe. $3.25 entry Incl udi ng ambulanc. fee. On. loop for tr ail bikes. Start s at 10:00 a.m. Pick up fromW ••vlli nn on Hwy. 138. Approx. 24.9 mll.s E. of Hwy. 99. 22.3 mll . s W 01 Hwy. 6. . .C SCRAMBLES -OI M . Benefit Rac. for the Boys Club. New track. Limed from Hwy. 101 and Imperial Beach Turnoff. W.II·watered and grad.d cours• • IT SCRAMBLES-Lo s Padres M.C. Watch for d.tall s. IT SCRAMBLES - 13 R.bels M.C. Watch for details. POKER RUN-Road Ramblers. Call (213) 865-3655. SCRAMBLES - Palo Alto M.C. at FremonL 01 36. st, Annual " Hidden POKER RUNDestination" ...nL Troph ies and award s ga lore! Starts at 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. at San Fe rnando Valley H-D ShOJI, 16113 Sherman Way, Van Nu)'s. Post ent ry, $1. 75. Mall entr ie s no lat er tha n April 17th, to Valley men MC. ~ Harkleroad, 675 W so n, Simi, Ca lif. at Malt . ntry $1. 50. ROAD RACE - A. F.M. at Cotati Racew ay. All classes and producti on. T rack op.n s at 8:00 a.m, Entr l.s and Info: - l 53 ey, San Franc isco . Tra ck located 3S miles N. of San Francis co on 101. (Guernev ill. turn-off). SATURDAY, Ap ri l 30th INDOOR SHORT·TRACK, A.M.A. sanc tlon.d Cla ss " A" . Firs t race at 8:00 p.m, Long Beach Arena , foot of Long Beach Blvd. APRIL 28-30, MAY 1,1966 CYCLE WORLD MOTORCYCLE SHOW - Los Ang.les Sports Arena. APRIL 30-MAY 1st, 1966 ROAD RUN-29 Pa lms Spring Tour. Call any ...mber li st ed at a road run even t for Info. SATURDAY, April 23rd MOTORCYCLE SHOW AND DANCE SUNDAY, MAY 1, 1966 ..IIIarlna Palace, 11 P ac ific Coast Hwy. Sea l Beach . Show st arts at IT SCRAMBLES- Clrculto Laguna noon , dance at 8:00 p.m. Salad a, Mulc all , B.C. Mexlco.Cross country , 1 mile track. Each class SUNDAY, APRIL 24th, will ra ce alone, 3 entries make a H I. R E SCRAMBLES - Nationa l class. F irst race 11:00 a. m. Info: Championship by Simi Valley M . Benny Sanchez, P. O. Box 304, .C Dist. 37 point s . 10:00 a.m. st art. Calex ico , California. Entry $4. 25 Including ambul ance f. e. Mall In usi ng uniform entry ENDURO-Exp lor er Po st 305 Annual blank, clos lnc date April 10th. Post Chicke n Enduro at Dakhurs L DlsL entry wi ll be $5.25. Trail bikes 36. and si de-hack s welcomed. Llm.d from Ca llfornla City. IT SCRAMB LES - Els inore. No points. 8:30 a.m. small blk.s. Noon LT. WEIGHTS. - Llihtw.lght Flat for big bikes. Entry fee $1.00 Track at Antioch by Wanderlust Sponsored by tr ack owners. M _ .C SCRAMBLES-Sprockets M.C. Annua l T rl·State Sc rambles In Bakersfield. HARE AND HOUND - Titans M.C. San DI.go County. For Info: 4739 Edgeware Rd., San DI.go. Call 281-4180. SCRAMBLES - 16th Lad l M.C. at Ladl Cycle Bowl. Practlc. starts at 9:00 a.m. Admission $1.00 rid. or watch. 01 st . 36 : HARE AND HOUND - Fort Sutler M. C. Info: 4085 Deeb le, Sacramento Call : 371-4184. the hills. Do not ride in the Southwe s t co rne r of the hills , there is a rock quarry wit h bi g drop- of fs , 30, 40 feet and straight down. St ay off the s treets of Cres t more an d bik es shoul d be e qui pped with mufflers . CANYON CREST AREA Als o kno wn as Box Sp rin gs Grad e, it can be reach ed, by going Sout h on 395 hi ghway . off the Ri vers id e Freeway. Turn from 395 onto P enns y lvan i a Aven ue , go to the fi rst street an d turn le ft. T his is Can y on Cre s t Drive . Go straight ahead into the hills . Or, go E ast on 14th Avenue from the Ri vers ide Free way . 14th turns into P ennsy l van i a Avenue . Go straight ahe ad to Canyon Cres t Dri ve , turn rig ht, and there you are . All bik es m u s t ha ve mufflers . Th er e is a golf co urse a t the bottom of the hills . Stay off the golf course or an y lan d that looks like it belon gs to th em. This is very importan t. Th er e ar e ten square miles of a ll sort s of te rrain , good and b ad dir t roads , tra ils an d hills to climb. COLTON HILLS Th e s e hills li e be tween River s id e and Colton, just off of L a Cadena Dri ve , an d Sou th of the San t a Ana Ri ver. Many hills a re goo d for hill clim bing. Nar row trails , good di rt roads, and an old half-mile hors e trac k are found he re . You can ride in the San ta Ana ri ve r bottom - good flat sand for abo ut two miles in either di rection . Bi kes must ha ve mufflers on them . Do not rid e into the city dump a rea at the ri ver's edge, or the Sou th e dge of the hills, into the water reservo ir, or ar ound a farm l oca t ed at the Western edge of the hills . Do not chase the s heep that sometimes graze in these hills. LYTLE CREEK AREA Tu rn North on Siertii Avenue from the San Bern a rdi no Freeway , and go straight ah e ad to Lytle Cree k Canyon. Go North un t il the blacktop en ds . About fifty miles of dirt fire roads are ope n to motorcycles. Ve ry little car traffic except four -whee l-drive vehicles. St ay on the road and you will not ha ve t o have spark ar resters . You can go a ll the way to the to p of the Mount Baldy Ski Are a from the back s ide of the Mountain. Map of the ar e a can be obtained from the Ranger Stati on located halfway up on the Canyon on the blacktop road . - ContilwiAg the adventures of our young heroes , Jim Nicbolson, Marty M acDonald and Jim Asbmore as they continue tbeir travels Apr il 12 , 1963 - F riday MEET A FAN-AND SOME FRIENDS W got up about 11:00. Jim and I had e wal ked about five miles last night, downto a drive-in. I met a guy tha t works in a Ford place as a salesman. He tol d me how to get to a track about thirty mile s away. Later we drove around most of the bike shops in town as king about work. but we didn't find any. We later went to a show, and a kid that worked there was acting as a carparker. W talked to him a while , and e J im Ashmore was in one of his better moods and doing all kinds of funny things. The kid said he act e d like Mickey Rooney , and M and I told him ark that J im was his son (just for kic ks). Boy. did this kid go nut s! He also (the Voice of Califo rnia) 1185 Eas 19th S....., . Long, C.liforni. 90806 or: Box 498 , Long Bueh. Calif . Phono s: LA. Toll-froo: 775-1967 9 ' .m. 10 5 p.m. (213) 591-6 113 24 hOUr< (213) 59 1-2088 Published weekly except the first and last week of the calenda r year by G& S Publishing Company, P.O. Box 498, Long Beach. California. Cbarles Clayton Editor Sharon Clayton Business M ger ana M aureen Lee Assistant Editor Gil Brown. .• . . . .Advertising M anager Jack Byrd •• •• • •• • •Stafr Photograpber CONTRIBUTORS: Carl Bartlett, Dale Boller, W Cooley, Mike Crowley, es Bob Ebelin g, Robert O. Fee . Dennis Greene , LlUTY Haley , Bob Krips , Joe Lopez, Walt M ahony, Roxy Rockwood, John Ramos , Earl Roeseler. Published 50 weeks a year in Long Beach, California. Entered a. 3rd class mail at Long Beach Post Office . Any part of this newspaper may be used without permission a' long as credit is given. Editorial contributions, cartoons, photos will be paid for upon publication. Self-addressed, stamped envelope assures return. Si nlt le Copy Peic e S u boerip t ion.: On" Y"a r 3rd class maiI... ISe $5.00 Advertif' int[ r a le8 will be sen t o n reque 81. worked inside the show selling candy. He bought us a bunch of pop-corn and offered to buy us dinner. It was really funny. kinda dirty pool, but real funny. He sai d he would do anythin g we asked, so " we as ked him if he could get us dates with some girls . He s aid he would. W took him down to Blxlers , a popular e drive-in and I think he was the proudes t guy who ever lived. W took him home e and he gave us his phone number and made us promis e we would come and see him. After we l eft him, we drove to another drive-in and met a guy who used to race big time bikes . He and his wife wanted to take us out, but all the places were closed as it was 3:00. He invited US over to his bous e for the night. so we drove over and s at tal king about races and s tuff. Then went to bed. After breakfas t we went to a drugsto re, bought Easter cards and sent them to our friends and relatives . We trie d to get downtown but got los t , and just a b o u t every road we turned on to was either a dead end or would detour us onto a dirt road. and we would all cuss it because it made the truck sound li ke it was falling apar t. When we hi t a real bi g bump we looked to see how the bikes were doing. My hike fell over on Mark ' s so we stopped to re-tie it. April 13, 1963 - Saturday WHITEWASHING W cooked eggs and bacon for breake fast , which Jim and Mark bought at the sto re. After that we worked on the bikes . Jimmy , the guy whose place we' re now at , paint ed our trail er white . W plan to go ridin g tomorrow at a e track in the town of M oor. That is , if Mark can get a set of mag pic kups for his sc ooter. Both of his old ones burnt up, and he doesn 't know why yet . Before this happened, Jim rode his bike around the block (Mark's bike) and s aw a s tream of gas s quirt out of one of the rocke r boxes . But we don' t know what caused that, ei ther. I had trouble with my bike. " It wouldn't spark right , but I thi nk it works alright now. We also had s upper and root-beer tonight. The two meals we ate today were the bes t we have had since we left California" (Conti nued next week)

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