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VOLUME III NUMBER 14 HILLTOPPERS 2nd NATIONAL HARE 'n HOUND .. MUCH BETTER THIS TIME AROUND By L arry Hal ey F or th e second ti me , the Hilltoppers l aun ch ed their Nati on al Har e and Hound . At 10:00 a.m, Palm Sunday , 30 5 rid ers we nt tearing ou t ac ros s th e Lu c ern e Valley to the smoke bomb wher e th e ove rl and course , mark ed with lim e, be gan . Mil Green , T riumph- mount ed, led th e pack a t the bomb . but soon gave way to L ar ry Ber gquist . Th e fir s t lo op (48 mil es) was la id ou t with the little trail bik es and side -hacks in mind , and al s o to s pread out th e rider s . It was fast 4th- gear all the way . . P ri or to the ra c e , Jean Carter , P re s iden t of th e 37th Distric t Spo rts Committee , rode the first loop to see how it was li med and dange r mark ed. He found a few di s crepancie s whi ch the p r o mot i n g club quickly re ct ifi ed. ' Mr. Ca rter t old CYC LE NEWS that in the futur e all Na tio n a l events wi ll be test ridden pri or to the event by one of the Commit t ee to be s ur e the c ourse is in order. When the le ad er s howe d ove r th e hill le adin g into the pits . it was BSA-mount e d Lar ry Ber gquis t and he had a lead over the ot hers tha t was tre mendous . It loo ked like a c inc h for Larry to wi n, ba rring mec hanical diffi cu ltie s . As luc k or fat e would ha ve it, Ber gquist had a flat ti re on the s e cond loop but still manag ed to come in 5th ove ra ll. T he second loop was 62 mil e s lon g an d had a few rock y pl aces in it... about 40 mile s or so . .. an d anybody who knew the de s ert could have cheated li ke si n and fin ish e d the second loop in abo ut 30 minu te s instead of th e hour and 50 minut e s it took t he win oers to ride. (Conti nued on page 10) IMPERIAL FAIRGROUNDS STEEPLECHASE THRILLS Photos and report by Carl Bartlett On Sunday, April 3rd , motorcy cle rac in g came for the second time to the Mid-Winter Fairgrounds a t Imperial, Calif. P romot ed by the Impe ri al Valley Motor cycle Club, Inc. the sport sman T T event brought out 2500 ve ry a ppreci a t ive s pectato rs to nearly fill th e gran dstands . Th e fa ns he ar tily cheere d eve ry winn er from th e trailbikes on up. stayed for the ent i re pro gram, inc ludin g troph y presentations. a tick et dr awin g for a trail bike , and a wheelie co ntest a t s unset. A field of 115 entries co mpe te d on the hard-packe d , fast 'h- mil e c ours e which included t wo S turns . a lon g s tra ig htaway , and a ju mp co mplete with distan ce markers . Th e s un- bake d adobe t rack stayed dust free all day und er the careof a hard workin g maintenanc e c rew , an d was well liked by the rid er s . I. V.M.C .'s first even t here was las t October, and they plan anoth er one (Continued on page 8) AROUND (AND INTO) THE LAKE TAPE REPORT (Recorded on the scene by John Ramos) MODESTO RESERVO IR SCRAMBLES By. the Modesto Motorcycle Club of Modesto LONG BEACH INDOOR SH ORT TRACK: MULDER MAKES IT FOUR Anxi ous Eddi e Mulder was co n-tent to wait most of the e vening i n the 4th runn in g of the indoor s hort trac k rac es a t Long Beach Arena las t Sa turday night. A re cord 124 riders wer e on han d Tr affi c Jam In the desert as hounds choose a path .ound stalled rider In forecround. LARGER QUARTERS FOR CYCLE NEWS This week Cycl e New s will move its offices into a new. larger buildin g at 6477 N. Lon g Be a ch Bl vd . • Lon g Bea ch . Incre a s e d business and a growi ng staff necessitated th e move. says bus iness manager Sharon Clayt on. " In the six mont hs sinc e we bought the pap er, it ha s grown fro m a one -man ope r ation to a staff of four, an d dozen s of parttime co ntributors . Circulation ha s tripled an d so ha ve all th e problems that we ha ve t o keep up wit h. W ne eded more s pace sinc e De cemb er." e Editor Chu c k Cl ay ton sees the move as sy mboli c of tbe upward growth of s port s motorcycl in g. " T he new Cycle New s buildin g will s ta nd for eve ryUtin g that is prou d in motor cycling." says Chuc k. " It stands alon e on t he wid e , quiet boulevard which will soon be ihte rrupte d by Ute new Art esia fre e way . The on an d off ramps will be be s id e our pa rk in g lo t . Our fa vorite pl aygrou nd . the Domingue z Hill s, i s two mile s away. And on quie t · nights you can hear the s ounds of Ascot and L ion s Dra g s t rip. " Th e only staff member not e lated ove r th e move is T .C. the office cat. Bec aus e he do esn ' t know about it . .•yet. Jack Simmon won thi s si x foot t all tr ophy, Harvey, for the dash. for the c onc re te action by th e se a and another l arge crowd was th er e to se e the boys s li de . cr a sh and win . Simmons was the bi g gun e a rly in the eve ning when he set a new s i x l ap semi re c ord and also pos t ed the fas test he at rac e time of th e ni ght. Ha aby came back l a ter to break the ne w ma rk by Simmons in the s emi mai n e vents . All t he s hoes e xce pt Mulder lin ed up in th e ba ck row for the " A" fe atur e . Eddie was posted on the outs ide front row and that wa s all he need ed to s hoot to the front. Mer t Lawwill .wa.s the e arly chal(Contmued on page 9) Th i s is a beautiful 8 mil e track s urr ound ed on two sides by water . Th e track c ons is ts of a kidn ey s hap e wit h a co up le of bend s in it. Th e re 's a straight up th e hill and back down the hill to th e fin ish line. 137 ri ders with s pe cta tors in th e number of about 12.000 and th ey are still coming in . T his is pre tty good considering we are in rode o count ry and ther e is a lar ge rode o going on j us t a few miles from us . STA RT OF THE 60c c MAIN First off the lin e and co ming up the hill All en Noaks follo wed by J ohn Aphillipi. And it looks like th e fi rst plac e man will be the winner unl ess he falls off.. .That's how th e race went all th e way. 100c c MAIN First out of the pac k an d into th e turn, maki n g th e bottom "s" turn and starting up th e hill now. 106e Louis F ende r was first out off the turn, fi rst over the hill and first back to th e line . 24e was gi ving him a run for hi s money and he lit ri ght in th e lake. wet as a fis h co uld be . He is one wet boy , ri ght ou t in the midd le of it. On the l as t lap F end er was passed up, Bob Knudsen i s first pl ac e. 125c c MAIN NOVICE . First out of the turn ove r the hill and back to the start is Terry Ha wley, Don Hi ckman is se cond. It looks like Don will ta ke firs t place. Th ey a re going up the hill neck in ne ck and he re they c ome . Don took him up th e hi ll and going back down he has about a half-bl oc k le ad . Beau tiful (Continued on page 13) TANNER AGAIN LEADS ASCOT GAVOTTE Jus t two wee ks old and a lready the Ascot 1/ 2 mil e ra cin g season looks like it's going to be a wild one. Friday ni ght April 7th fo und ne w winners in a ll c lass e s except . of co urse . the expert . Sammy T an ner move d hi s winning s t reak up th ree more pl ac e s by ta ki ng the ex pe rt heat ra c e , the trophy dash an d the mai n event . In the th ree lap dash. T an ner and the BSA cha rge d from fourth plac e to fi rst to win it. He was followe d by Dan Ha a by and Me rt L a wwell. F irst time e xpe rt J im Nic ho lson was fourth. T he expe rt main e ve nt was a l(Continued on page 6) One good tum deserves another, John Carter takes the Ascot high groove.

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