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l "FORlOweOST HIGH FUll MOTORING • L e n to rleht-Dan DOJle , RaJ Hodee. , Dick 1I0rean, Chuck Fondren, Lucho r - .. iii. ._ . . II """"III 1I0ra le. , Coco Campbell , SandJ Thomas , JIm Weaver. Gordon Grel.on Meet The People at r ...... o ~ ..... .. .. ..01 S cond time in competiti... on tile startling new 44lcc BSA Victtr single, Chuck Minert again runs away witll first place in tile 500cc EXDert Class at tile Prospectors M.C. TT-scranbles, Perris Recreatlln Park, Sunday, 21, 1966. THAT'5 TWICE ... THE VICTOR from the exciting world ;rllIiA Wilmington Honda Pictured ne arby are Dan Doyle and the employees of Honda of Wilmington Th is is the pro gre s s ive motorcycl e sales and service agency in the Harbo r area that believ e s in the mot to, "Large enough to serve yo u. but s mal l enough to kno w yo u. " Apparenlly they are doi ng j ust tha t. In business only since May 1965, they satisfied 800 new Honda-owners last year, and ar e a imi ng toward 1500 happy new bik e rid ers t his ye ar. by continuing to follow their program of service and friendly s elling. Honda of W ilmin gton stresses s uc h services as teaching new bik e owne rs how to ride safely. "" ou'd be surprised how many people buy a motorcycle with· out knowin g how to rid e one,," s ay s Dan. "Or, better y et , how many would buy one if some qualified person would teach them to operate it and not just s end them off wobblin g down the block with one foot draggin g." Dan doesn't intend that thi s expe rie nce s hould happen to a customer of his , not only Is it dan gerous , it's a dis-servic e to a c lient and Honda of Wilmington wan ts their customers not only to get home s a fely on their new Honda , but to come back if ever they need anything else . All the staff are friendly and courtous, and a re never too busy to an sw er a question or try to s olve even the smallest problem, As Doyle often remarks, "what may be a small matter to us as ex pe rienced people in the field , may he a big worry to a customer with perhaps his firs t motorcycle . Especially If that same customer Is also wondering if anyone Is going to both er wit h him now that he ' s pald his money and bought his machine ." Well, Honda of Wilmington bothers . Dan Doyl e promis e s his customers woo't be put down, before and after a s al e. "So hop 011 the Harbor fre eway and come to the port", says Honda of Wilmington'S crew. They'll be lookin g lor you! Loca ted down whe re the sea breezes blow , the shop Is a pl easant ride from anywh er e. Dan employs a few racers there who can give you som e real help if it ' s s pe e d your after or some tuning on y our compI etition Honda. But if you do all your riding on the road, they'll s t ill give your machine superior attention, even if it wears a headlight instead of a number plate . Racin g experience can often be of use on a street motorcycle . Doyl e hims elf sponso rs a car dragster that is an a bsolut e bear-cat, being amon g the fastest six rail-Jobs in the country. It 's a Chrys l er- powered double A gas Job that can turn 210 m.p.h. in 7.55. "Dondas come in a ll flavors the s e days" Dan po ints out. " From 450' s all the way down . And by the way ," he hin ts , "we could us e a few trade- Ins right now. Our used bikes are going fast." Does that mean bi gger trade-in al lowances ? "Ye s !" (Adve rti sement) far til. name ..d address of tile dialer yo., contlCt BSA MOTORCYCLES - WESTERN 3814 BrtadWIY, Oakl..~ Calif.

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