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ACA ROAD RACES - Calsllad R....,. All ACA c1asse. IIId" ' 1 lIIe Jllkc c1 . . AI.. .lW . race. for lIIe prodactIoa clans. PrKtlce be&las It t:30 - . Eetrl.s cl_ It 11:30 LID. Races stat It 12: 00 p.lll. MOTa-CROSS SCRAMBLES ACA op..... It Naw Irwin Park CoWSL Naar Santa ADa CaoYOII APRlll, 1966 Rd. 10 ..i1.s 01 Cllrona. Grass, sand, _... Kaobllies FLAT TRACK - Start of 1966 .-co_dad. Fill rul.s, lull ni 1111 half-ali I. seaSOll at Ascot lut"'s ,.~ired. EIltrles clGSe Pn, 1J9llI and V _ i. Ga'daaa. at 10:30. All IIc.lISes ok. No pi. plat. 1Il.....s. TT SCRAMBLES-HI Boots M.C. at From 1~1 Soulll take H..,. au East tIIroalll EJ Caj.... Get off F..,. on 2nd Street cainc South to Jamatha St. FollowincSincinc Hills sips past country club to DeIIasa IN.. Follow Into llarbiSOll Canyon. Lim. starts at Dellasa. SATURDAY, APRll2BII, TT STEEPLECHASE-Ascot Park , SCRAMBLES-Falrflald EaCI.slLe. at Dlxoa. Dlst. 36. 1I9tII and Vermont in G.... a. Slats at 7 p.... SCRAMP'c..\\·~: ~tanislaus ....t.~• . ,st 36. SUllDAY, APRIL 3RD ILC. at MOIEY SCRAMBLES Bay . . . track.. Limed from V...tura Fry & ItwJ 34 offr_, near Caman 110. HILLTOPPERS NATIONAL HARE & HOUNDS RESCHE· DULE. Limad Irom Y al LucarDa, and also Irom Barslow. 10 a.m. Sharp. Souvanlr ·and flnlshars p in. A.A points run. FUN FIELD IIEET -Prospectors ILC. at EI IIlraca Dry Laka, 15 ..i1as _sIal AdalaGto. All v1sltDrs . .IClIm•• Fa, further Inlo call 323-7933. SCRAMBLES-Imp..ial ValllIJ 1Le. ."Calil.MId-wlnl.. Falrcr-ds i. lmp8rial. Practica9:00 a.m. FIrst raca 1:08 p.... CIass C Traction. No _ .. or childr.. In pits. Dlst 37-A points. SCRAMBLES- 11111 Capitol II.C. at DIllOn CI" SCRAMBLES - IIodasto •• C. at IIodesto Raservo lr DIs!. 36. Taka H.., 132 from lIndasto to Waterford Limed from Wat .lord. . HILLCUlIB - SportSllao Class Hillcll .... at Ospltal Caoyon.. DIs!. 36. SUNDAY, APRil 24tll, HARE SCRAMBLES - Natloaal Cbamplaasllip bJ SImi ValllIJ ••e. DI st. 37 points. 10:00 a.nL start. Entry $4.25 includlac _bal-.e. lea. 1Ia11 In aslac ualforll entry blank, doslaC date April 10lIl. Post ..try will be 55.25. Trail blll.s aod sidHacks walCOllled. Wmed from Caillomla CI". LT. WEIGHTS. - Wcbtwellllt Flat Track at Antlocll bJ Wanderlust •• C. ROAD RUI-Poker RIlIL Navy Ci" ILC. at Vallajo. Dlst. 36. Sica-up 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Bett... court's Me SbIlP, 420 .arin St., Vallejo. FRIDAY, APRilS, 1966 IIDOOR SHORT-TRACKllamorlai CoilHWII, Portland, Or.. N.R.A. FIrst race 8:00 p.... SATURDAY, APRIl9tll, HARE SCRAMBLES-Am..lcll!' FlI" Assoc. IV an I lor trail bikes. TWII cI as s as, 55cc and 1OOcc:. 10:30 a.... start. Wmed frllOl ilia !lip 01 Cajon Pass at Summil Inn. ENDURO-125 1111. State Championship bJ Polka DaIs ••C. at Aubam. ROAD RUN - East.. ED Huot bJ CIlann.1 Riders. Cali (213) 3362182 lor Inlo. IIDOOR SItORT-TRACK A.••A. sanctl.ed Class "A". FIrst rac. al 8:00 P.lll. LcmC Beath Arona SUNDAY, APRlllDtb, SUNDAY, APRlllltll, HARE SCRAMBLES - bJ Sidellack Assoc. $3.25 entry Includlnc amiiiilane. I•• On. loop lor trail bikas. Starts at 10:00 a.m. Pick up markers fro.....v1l1uonH..,.l38. Appro,," 24.9 mil.s Eo 01 H..,. 99. 22.3 ..1I.s W. of H..,. 6. SCRAMBLES -Oilers •• e. Benefit Race lor the Boys Clab_ N.w track.. LI. .d from H..,. 101 aod Imperial Blath Tumoff. Well-watered aod craded course. TT SCRAMBLE5-Los Padres 1Le. Walch lor data l Is. TT SCRAMBLES - 13 R.bels 1Le. Watch lor details. TT SCRAMBLES-Tacson, at EastPOKER RUI-Road Ramblers. Call sid. Cycl. Park aear TucSOll. Cali- (213) 865-3655. fornians invited. Practice 9:00 to 12:00 a.m. H..,. au to Tucson. Go TItAIL .KE FUI RUII - FlrSl III North on Wilmot to Eastsida Cycle _001 _ t s to _ • lIIe :In s.u, III .ad1 ..a tIlroa&Il Dac. Park. 10:. - . pall.. _, LlIO PoL neld POKER RUN - Part Stockton •• e. . . . . 10 . . . ceatasts. Lob III " , I u wIUI s,edal ...... lor run Is cancelled. ,...S1ers aed .MI.s. Free Bultae POKER RUN -Della Falcons •• e. will be .alled to h~IDt rldar 01 pras...t 3rd AnllUal Easter 'Paker lIIe 1Ia&I_ dlsplac-.t Is Run.Slen-up 9:00.10 11:00 a.m.lrom 125ee: and all .acII1_s IIIIIst haw Honda Shop on Hwy. 4 In OaklllJ. . .filers and IIC1l1se plates. Entry Entry lae $1.00. Lim. d cours•• Is $2. E_t will be caltlIlled 10 Spacial trap", lor Best Decoratad case 01 r.... Location is limed IroeI Hlways 395 aod 66 (""elao Road). Easter Helmat. VERSE OF CALIFORNIA (Canadian division) 2fiO unde, unsettled skies Snow covered paths wrapping up a decade This oew one is proportioned and of fine design Almost everything has been worked out Good things man! A feather touch and a firm seat unclutte red movement standing still in motion So congratulations. cheers. and thanks to you Charles & if you had to do it ove r.. • WM .GEORGETrE Canada OPEN lETTER TO MELVIN BELLI Dear ~Ir . BeU i: W come to th e " L e t's Publicize the el Hell's An gels Club. " It is a fast growing club. co mpris ed of Walter Cronkite, th ~ "Run F or Your Life" program. TRUE magazine. THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, and numerous othe r es teemed members of our mass media. Th e assumpti',n ', f th is club seems to be that th e Am ~r i (; C1n pf:opl ~ ar e e xtre mely inter ested ,.a. in the worst elements oC their society. There is, of course , some validity in this thinking. It is the same kin d of thin king that mad e CONFIDENTIAL magazine apr 0 fi tab 1 e business. and keeps the tabloids in our larger cities in bus in e s s. The fact that the HeU 's Angels constitute only a fraction of 1% of the motor cycling public is ir relevent . An analogy might be made to a minister who shoots his wife. He would be front page news, while the tents of thousands of Godfearing ministers are never mentioned in the press. It is true that I was invited to attend your show wben you interviewed Bob Grant on the Hell's Angels, but Ihe way the show was handled was completely without direction as far as I saw it. I cut a fine Sunday afternoon ride short so that I could appear , thinking that ...I would have a chance to represent the other side of the coin to you r audience .!... was told to join a large group of people and applaud when yo u rode in in your "Hell's Angels " garb. I was under the impression that I would be invited to participate in some form of panel discussion. As the show progressed, and Mr. Grant defended the Angels. I began to reali ze th at this was not going to take place and that if I wanted to speak for the motorcycling public , I 'd better hurry UP and do it . About th at time it was announced that this was the en d of this segment of you r show, and the re would be a bri ef intermission . I introduced my s elf to members of your staff and as ked why I ha dn 't been give n an oppo rtu nity to speak, and they said that that was what the question period was all about and that I should hav e spoken up at that time. It appeared to me that they were arbitrarily selecting people at random from the audience. with no effort at all to have any of the industry 's spokesmen in the group speak. One lady in the audien ce asked why the Hell's Ang els s eemed to be thriving and growing. The answer is very sil1lPle: they thrive on the notoriety that s ho ws like yours and Walter Cronkite' s, and "Run For Your Life's " recent epis ode giv e th em. I realize that yo ur show is based on cont rove rsy . and there is very little co ntroversy about the av erage moto .... APRil ItIS E.- 1_ _ ~ SCRAMBLE5-Sprockats LC. AnTri-Slata 5 c ram b la s in Bakersfl.ld. SCRAMBLES - Palo Alto ILC. at Fr.... ant. Dist. 36. POKER RUNAnaual "H idden Destlaatlon" .:v_t. Trophi.s and awards cal....! Starts at 1:00 to 10:00 a.m. at Sao Famando Valley H-D SIIop, 16113 Sharman War, Van lujs. Post entry , $1.75. Mail antr l.s no lat.. til. April 17th, to VallllJ_ .C. " Harkleroad, 675 Watson, SImi , Calif. lIaIl ..try $1.50. APRil 28-38, MAY 1,1966 CYCLE WORLD .OTORCYCLE SHOW - Los AnC.I.s Sports Arona. APRll3l-MAY 1st, 1966 ROAD RUN-29 Pal ..s Sprlnc Tour. Call .y number listed at a roael run eflftt IOf Inlo. MONDAY, Aprill,1966984321 END OF WORLD - - Hopa you It ! cyclist. Still, I would be grateful t o yo u if you might s u gges t a place or a vehicle for airing th e other sid e of the s to ry. With millions of people now accepting sportcycling as a Part of their llves , s urely an interesting story co uld be told about whe re they do, what they do, what it is about moto rcycling that captures their fancy, why people spend hundreds of dollars to buy these bikes , and the many face ts of competition involved in motorcycling: Le. , hill climbs, scrambles, hare 'n hounds , roa d races , flat track races , etc . DON GATELY Yamaha IntI. EDITOR~"r. Gately's re buttal to Grant's de fen se of th e H.A .'s will air on Los Angel es T V ch an ne l KTTV at 11 p .m. Wedne sday , April 6. After looking over the issues that I have received so far I notice that there are hardly any photo's of fuU-dress machines in the papers. Being a road rider primarily I would like to see at least ~ of a page out of 16 pages devoted to us road riders even though we may be in the minority group. You ha ve a fine paper and the articles are very interesting but when almost every bike yo u look at is either stripped or of the racing type i t sort of gets to yo u afte r a while if you hap pen to be the type th at likes to see a full-d ress machine whatever th e bran d so how abo u t th rowing a few bones ou r way occasionally . O.K. Ha Ha. Thanks for yo ur ti me . ~1LLI AM E. S\'i EENE Y " Cape Vincent , N.Y . EDI TOR - F or thos e kind word s , here's a photo j ust for you. EDITIO (the Voice of CAliforniA) or: lIlai SCRAMBLES - 16tl1 Lodi M.e. at Lodl Cycla Bewl. Practlca starts at 9:00 a.m. Admission $1.. ride or wateb.. Dlst. 36 . FOllY _, CaIhnoia_ ~ ...... Calf. - - . , LA. T ~ 7750-1967 9 L" 5 p.. . (213) 591-61t3 24 I2t3) 591. . . Boss •••••••• ••••••••• Chuck Clayton Asst. Boss. _•••• _•••• Sharon Clayton Fluaky••••••• _••• •Gayl.... Thomascm Complaint Dept. •••••• ••• Man..... L.. AtrocI " Edltor_•• _•••••••••J ack Byrd Go-Ier••••• •••••••• ••••••• Gil Bra. . Art Dlractor••••••••••Ornetta DOD't BI_ Tbe CONTRIBUTORS: Cad Bartlett, Dale Boller. Wes Cooley . lltike Crowley, Bob EbeUnC. Robert O. Fee, Dennis Greene. Larry Haley, Bob Krips, Joe ~z. Walt MaboDy . RollY Rockwood. JoJm Ramos . E....I Roeseler. Advertlslnc ratas aod sal.sman will be Oft sent Published 50 weeks a year in Lon!: Beach, California. Entered a< 3rd cIa...< mail al LonR: Beach Post Any part of th is DeW

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