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lJ ----------------------------- FOR ADULTS ONL Y The Horstman SUPER-CYCLE ._---------------------------. SPEciAL HODAKA w ith rigid rear suspension w ith Sw inging arm suspension...S315. Our Want Ads are open to anyone - Private parties, dealers, manufacturers, organizations, etc. CYCLE NEWS reserves the right to refund payment ana reject ads which we find objectionable. To insert a Want Ad in this newspaper. simply write in 25 words or so what you want your ad to say, and mail it with $2 to: WANT ADS, Want Ads received b y Monday will Box 498, Long Be ach , California appear in that Thursday's editi on. SALE '65 '65 '65 175 Hodak a 90cc En e ••••••· •••••$l39 .50 Mounting Kit to fit Rupp cyc les •••••• •••554.95 HORSTMAN MFG. CO. 1301 S. Shamrock, Mon rov ia , Calif. 359-2578 Competition Riden Always Welcome SALE SALE aUL.Te:lCQ GREEVES H O NDA We Service All Makes 794 Los AnC)eles St. Simi. Ca lifor nia 526-9955 '65 BULTACO . 250CC TORQUER, 3 gal. ' t ank, approx. 250 miles. bought Dec. ' 65, Phone: (213) 799-4685. '56 Dot, 200cc, good condilion 5150. CHROME-Candy App le Red-Excellent Condltlon-$275.00. See to Appreciate. Call 323-1401 or 295-7818 H A R L E V- DAV IDSON 1964 GREEVES IRON BARREL - W ith "Challenger P isto n" " tune d exhaus t" spar e parts Inc lud. lire , sprockets, plugs, new condensor, ..ce llorator & clutch cab les, sk id plate, 5400.00. Call: 466-4822. SALESMEN & MECHANICS NEEDED for three loc ati ons In Los Angeles & Orange county. Lots of hard work, good conditions aid benefits, paid vacati on, hospi t ali zati on etc. Must be e xperienced mechani cs - all around, familiar with almost all makes of motorcycles. Drop by Norm Reeves, 15745 Lakewood Blvd. , Paramount , and apply. MUST be Bondable M models . .. ore more performance more adventure MlC MECHANIC NEEDED - SALARY Commensurate to exper ience-write or ca ll 3 Star Sport Cycles, 1525 S. La Clenega Blvd. , LA. 35-0 L 5-5101 - 0 L 2·1885OL 5-8766. ' DARRELL "Dutch" F IELDER wlslle s to thank all his friends and customers for their past and future bus ine ss and loyally. He has now moved to Crenshaw Honda at 4132 Crenshaw Blvd. , Los Angele s where you may still recei ve the exce llent ser~l ce you have recei ved In the past. If you re In the area drop In and say " HI." 61 MATCHLESS CSR, 650cc good cond o le ss than 5000 miles. Make offer. Phone (213) 284-1561 DAVIDSON comi orl plI~1I San Fernando Valley Harley - aVldson Sales 16113 Sherma n Way , Van N uys METALWORK TANKS t FENDERS PAINTING S T R ;4 lc; H T E N I N G • STEEL & ALLOY WELDING • 126W. 4th St. Lorge stock of Indi o n Porls , f rom 1930 fa 19 6 1 - Scout. Ch ief & Wor rio r (No " 4" Ports,). Bargain pr ices. Moil orders p romptly f illed OPPORTUNITY GALORE! Join America's largest volume Honda - BSA dealer! Sammy Pierce Indian BSA Sales 933 San Gab riel 81 San Gab riel. Cal. .. 40 • I I I I I I I I I I I City..................... . TE .2-6124 KE-N MAELY the shoeman '-'. Route 2, Box 75B, Corona, Calif. -l I rlc t Ilt ",~It wit, tueer « 'IfI! $22 .50 - COMPLIES WITH CAIJfOMIA FlIWICW. IESl'IJII_1U1T LAW Rates Apply To Both Male _ Female, All Ales. Married or Sincle, lIir1tary PelSOIIlleI, ek. HOUR WEEK ASK FOR OR .---------------------------, - -- e Send boot or MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE paid vacations, paid hospitalization Contact Don Spargur, Manager, at Main Store· 5105 Atlantic BlV d, LOlIg Beaell HOlIda GOING TO SPAIN, MUST SELL my 65 Bultaco Sherpa 200. Less than 8 hours on the machine. Perfect condition. Contact C. Rodgers In Santa Ana - $550. Phone (714) 545-2165• i::::. SAN P~R~~ c.r d ~ rd cutout. EXPERIENCED MECHANICS Ideal working conditions, top pay based on experience, SET-BACK RIGID MOUNT TOP LUG 63-66 Trl; Factory upswept ex. pipes 63-66 Trl 650; 2 M.C.M. Megaphones 1\7'~; New 65 Trl Cub head-lite; 19" wm-2 Stee l rim; 325x 19 Dunlop III ij good conl!; Smith's throno. Speedo. Phone 714-983-1678 after 7:00 p.m. WRITE AD HERE ENCLOSE CURRENCY tON'V MOTOR CYCLES WH AT THEY JJl • WE SERVICE SELL OLD INDIANS NEVER DIE 1964 B.S.A. CYCLONE SCRAMBLER-Ex· ce llent condition . Custo m t ank, seat and paint Job. 1965 Yamaha flat tracker. Frame modified for be"er handling. Engine Just complete ly gone through. Both machines reasonab le. Consider trade for street bike. Phone (714) 887-1178 San Bernardino, Calif. Wi lliam Fraley, 3717 June Street. 1966 FOR button el«1nc startmE. 1200 t.C. F RAME BULTACO 200cc. SHERPA Scrambler '65 , exce llent conditio n, 15 running hours , Phone GL 4-9707 HARLEY- EUCTRA WOE - power. WANTED - PASSENGERS FDR TRIP to AMA DAYTONA RACES, 230 mph, 6 place two engine, Beecherat t (luxury plane) wit h airline e quipment. Flight Instr uct or pilot. Here is a chance to see Daytona behind the scenes. Approx. cost: Maximum $250. Call J ohn Buckner, (213) 330-2902 or 331·993 1. . SACRIFICE, FACTORY SPECIAL Eastern Irack H·D KR, light frame. all the late st engine goodie s , many ext ras, $650. Part s for KR, Tohatsu, Gold Star. New Gold Star rod ass embly, Gold Star dirt tra cker $550. Spool Iront wheels , 18" road raci ng front tire, 19" rear. You na me It! I I T~~pp , 1964 YAMAHA-YGTlUllcc) CUSTOM- • 9 horsepower, 70 Ibs. 'TIL THEY'RE GONE Diablo Scramblers, Demo Etc. Diablo Racers, Omo's, Keeter's, Gurney's and Ginther's 175cc Impala Sports-Demos Enduros, Demos. COME IN AND MAKE A DEAL - WE ARE CLOSING TO RETAIL SALES SHORTLY. MUST CLEAR USED BIKES. 3657 W. Beverly Blvd ., Los Angeles, Calif., Phone 663·8258 .. $295. CUSTOM HODAKA Headline in BOLD TYPE $1 extra. picture $3 extra - ~ :---- - Store $ I I 2! WANT ADS. Box 498, I Long Beach, Calif. I I I I I I I I I I ._--------- ----- ---- ---- ----~ YOUR MOTORCYCLE DEALER ONE OF OUR APPLICATIONS WRITE DIRECT TO. CalIf. . . Motarqde »-len A • e iTIU. Box 43262, Los Angeles, California 90043 Bodil, Injury u ch penon. $20,000 ~iICh ae:ctdrftt. ~, DarNIt "'.000 u et- xc.i. *'«It $500.00 Deduct ible. D~ 10 ee, ...... u_ Up.66 ee, $19 67 • 180 ee, 29 181 • 321 cc. 39 0- 328 cc. 49

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