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2 FRIDAY, MARCH 4. 196& BLOOD FOR VIET NAM, F I,· Inc Wheels M /C Dodcer Stadium at ChavlZ Ravine. 5 Red Cross mobile unlls will be available, Free refruhm ents. Marine & Nav, Bands. SATURDAY, MARDf 5r 196& TT STEEPLECHASE-NovICu Onl" on new short course. 1 star $300 purse. Pruented b, J. c. Acajan lan at Ascot Park, 189th and Vermont In Gardena. P it catu open at noon , close 1;30 PM. Rac lnc · beclns at 2 PM with fastut 20 transferrlnc 10 the Sunda, procram for the Nov ice fina l. Admission: $2.50 adu lls, k ids 8·12 51, under elCht, free. SUNDAY, MARat &, 1966 POKER RUN - b, Southwut Chapparels MC. Call (2 13) 838·9829. Starls from Laldlaws H·D Sa les, So. San Gabriel. Mall entrlu $1.25, Posl en' tri es $1.50 , M a ll deadline March 1. MARCH OF DIMES ENDURO Sunland Shamrocks MC. Slart 17 mli es North of Mojave on Hw, 14, at CIN CO She ll Gas. F lrsl rider leaves 8:01 a.m. Mall enlr, $3 , post entr, $5. Dist. 37 r iders must have DIS!. 37 Duerl Plates , or have ap· plied for them , or bu, Ihem at slcn up. All proceeds 10 March of Dimes. MONEY EUROPEAN SCRAM· BLES , presented b, Don Wat· klns. This & ever, open Sun· da, In '.66. New course ever, li me . L imed from Hw,s 395 & 66 ( Bars t ow). No Sanction po lnls o r Iroph lu , j us t cash. Min of $25.00 for fi rs t In each c lass. All deserl rules & rider c las s ification adhered 10 . Starls promptl, at 8:30 a.m , NATIONAL DRAGS , Formosa Drac slrlp near Bakersfield, Take Formosa 'culoff on Hw, 99 10 drac strip. noon. SCRAMBLES - b, Hawlhorne Gophers at Ba, Mare Track. Little blku practice at 8:30, heavywelcht Expert and Amateur al 11:30. Nov ice Heav,· welchls slarl at 2:30. From 1000 Oaks (Ve nl u; a Fw,) take Hw, 23 North 10 Hw, 118. Left on 118 across RR Irack, rlChl on racetrack road aboul \2 mile paS! tracks. TT STEEPLECHASE-IOO Lap GRAND PRIX . Pruenled b, Acajan lan at Ascot Park, 189th and Vermonl In Gardena. Pit cales open at 10:30 a.m. close at 12:30 a.m. T ime tr ials becln at 12:30. Raclnc starts at 2 p.m . Admission : $3.50 Adults kids 8-12 51, under elChl , free. HARE SCRAMBLES-Sandblas· lers M , AMA sanctioned Two /C separate coursu. Hlld at RldC" crest, Ca llfl Limed from Inler· section of RldClcrul & China Lake Blvd. Entry fe e $3.25 In· cludlnc 25¢ for stand b, ambul anc e . Troph ies for all c lasses. Starts at 10:00 a .m. ACA ROAD RACE , held at Willow Sprlncs In conjunction with Gold Pannlnc Cenllnlal In Antelope Valley. All ACA Classes, beclns at 9:30 entries close at 11:30 , First race at WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9,196& POKER RUN -Napa MC, hOSls their 6th Annua l at Napa. CYCLE MOVIES- Santa Monica C ivic Auditorium. noors open 7 p.m. First Show 8 p.m. SCRAMBLES - b, Stan ls lavs MC. In Modesto Area . SATURDAY, MARDf 12, 196& PROFESSIONAL TT-at Altamonl Speedwa, (Nort hern Calif. ) SHORT TRACK-AMA Class C· Profess lon ~llYenls at Montere, fair cround s at dark . SUNDAY, MARCH 31,196& SUNDAY ,MARDf 13,196& TT SCRAMBLES-Oilers MC. at Dehesa Track near San Dleco. TT SCRAMBLES-b, Grlpslers MC at Prado Park. 0 lSI. 37 po ints event. Small bikes at noon. $1.2S donallon , $1 entr, fee. Take Riverside Fw, to' ward Riverside to Hw, 71. Turn off 71 on Euclid loward Onlar lo, Co approx. 1 8/10ths miles 10 P ine, turn rlCht and Co to cro· car, store at fo rk In road , turn rlCht and continue out pasl Woo mens Stale Prl son 10 Irack. PRO FESSIONAL TT , San Jose Speedwa, , Dl s i. 36 . POKER RUN, 3rd. Wander lust M , at Pleasanl Hili. /C SCRAMBLES, lsi Foothil l Scrambles al Oakdale. S C RAM B L E S, lUh. Salinas Ramblers M /C at Salinas. FIVE CLUBS POKER RUN, 2nd Annual b, Oxnard M /C Clubs. Starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp , at Disco Park lnc 101 Vlne,ard and Hwy 101, Oxnard. Fo r more Informallon contacl Ben Sironc· man, 4020 So. "J ", Oxnard. Phone (80S) 483·7600. illS East 191h 5.._ SUNDAY, MARat ll ,196& POKER RUN , lsi. T rac, M /C at T rac,. SCRAMBLES, So. Count, M /C at Uvas Dam. Disi. 36 SUNDAY, APRlL3RD ACA ROAD RACES - Ca r lsbad Raclway. Watch for details. (the Voice of California) HILLTOPPERS NAT ION A L HARE & HOUNDS RESCHE· DULE . Limed from Y at Lucerne, and also from Barslow. 10 a.m. Sharp. Souvln lr and fln l shers p in. AMA po ln ls run. SCRAMBLES - Hawthorne Go· phers MC at Ba, Mare. L lltle bikes practlci al 8:30, heav,· weicht Expert and Amaleur at 11:30. Novice heav,welchls start al 2:30 . From 1000 0 ak s (Venlura Fwy .) take Hwy . 23' . Norlh to Hw,. 118. Left on 118 across RR track , rlcht on rac.. Irack road about \2 mil e pasl tracks. Long, C.&fomi. 90806 0<: Bo. 491 , tong C.Iif. Phon." LA. Toll·',..: 775-1967 9 •. m. '" 5 p.m. (213) 591-6113 24 houn (213) 591.2088 Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by C& S Publish ing Company, P.O. Box 498, Lo ng Beach. California. Ch ari.. Clar1o n Edilor S haron Cl a yton. . B u sin e88 Manarcer Gil Brown.__ Adverti.8in~ Man.Jeer Sandie- Brown Ci r cu la t io n Manalter Juk B,...d Sla f f Pholo!P"'pher CO NTR IBUT ORS: Carl Bartlett, Dale Boller. Wes Cooley, Mike Crowley, Bob Ebe ling, Robert O. Fee, Dennis Greene, Larry Haley, Bob Krip s, Joe Lopez. Maur een Lee, Wall Mahony, RoX)" Hcckwood . Earl Roeseler, Gor don South. Published 50 weeks a year in Long Bea ch, California . Entered as 3rd class mail at Long Beach Post Office , Any part of th is newspaper may be used withou t permission as lonl( as credit is given. Edi torial contri butions, cartoons, photos will be paid for upon publ ication. Self-addressed, stamped envelope assures return. Sin"l e lA>pr I'r;.,.. 15" HARE SCRAMBLES - Losl An· cels MC. Dist 37 po ints. SCRAMBLES , Richmond Ram· biers M.C . at Richmond. S u ~ri ption~: Ad "ert i."in -=: on - TIte of Iwo I/otmg _ (1oter third) who foumerJed from Califomi,J to the &161, growinB up along the UI/JfI, r:imIinua. We refoin our I/otmg dory foined btl II heroe8, still in Ari:t:ona • • • BII Jim NichoUan, Manv (M/JI'k ) MeDono1d tmd Jim Alhmore MaTch 29, 1963 - Friday HELL I got up at 5 :30 in the morning and worked to 2: 30 it was easy and I ate more good food than I had for weeks. Soon as I finish writting this I am going to tell them I quit! You may now think I am nuts but let me fiB you in on this "mad Ranch". I just found ou t that half of the hired hands on his ranch are Queens, les· bians, every type of homosexua ls Id ever believed imaginable. I found out tha t the guy [ work with, the other 'd ish washer on my shift, is a Queer as can be. It didn't dawn on me till I realized this guy abou t 50 years old started being unwelcomely friendly. Such as, "why don't I come and stay in his room," etc. Now I finally real. ized why the chief has asl..,d me if I like girls and do I .take them out, while inter· viewing me for the job. This guy im telling you about named Scotty is really a nice guy, Yah, he11 even let you eat crackers in bed with him. He hasn't any teeth which now I know why. He probly ate them for dinner one nistht when he go t a little too fresh. I asked my two room mates about him and they told me he was one of four o r five known Homos on the ranch. and to tell you the truth I feel sorry for those guys, because I know they were born that way . T ha t is why I am lea ving this joint in a hurry, not because I am afraid of these queers but bet-ause of the fact that I hate no one more. Right now I feel so low and hateful towar d them tha t I can't stand to even have them in my presence. For one lives and sleeps on each side of our room . U one touches me I know I will basn the hell out of him. I really donot or can not believe there is such people. Jim Ashmore said that at the bus depot one sat next to him, grabbed his leg and made a pass at him, he knoked him and got the hell out of there. Last night Jerry, one of the Homo's, a quiet heavy set guy I:ave me a scientific book (I didn't know he was homo then ) which states one out of every sixth man in the U. S. is homosexua l. I am leaving right now hoping I won't run into one on the way. ~'fy suitcases are packed and I just gave one of the pin up I:irls over my roomates bed a goodbye kiss. .\faTch3D, 1963 - Saturday BACK TO CIVILIZATION Jim Ashmore Writes I stayed ,,~th a friend last night. He brought me down to the place where Mark and Jim were staying. They were surprised to see me I told them why I qui t my job and they both said !bey would have done the same thing. I noticed that one of the rear windows were missin~~ I found out that they had Jeft the truck at a gas sta· tion and when they came back, and saw that window was missing they thought that someone had broken into the truck . Later they found out that a ciga r ash had caught a blanket on fire and someo ne broke in the window and put ou t the fire with water. \ Ve were very fortunate that someone had noticed it. We

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