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2 C~liforni~) 1185 En' 191h 5,,_ Loftg hach, c.rrforni. 90106 or: lox 498, Long, Calif . (the Voice of Pho n..: L.A. Toll-fr••: 775-1967 9 • .m. 10 5 p.m . (213) 591-6113 24 hours (213) 591-2088 Published week ly except the first and last week of the calenda r year by G& S Publishing Company, P.O. Box 498, Long Beach. California. Charln Clayton Editor Sharon Clay.on. Buoinese!!er Gil Brown. .Ad verti in!! M.n.ger Sandie Brown Ci rcu la ti o n Manal'er J.ek Byrd s••rr Pho.or;rapher CO . 'TR IBUT ORS: Carl Bartlett, Dale Boller, Wes Cooley. ~ike Crowley, Bob Ebel ing, Robe rt O. Fee, Dennis C reene, Larry Haley, Bob Krips, Joe Lopez. Maureen Lee, Walt Mahony, Roxy Rockwood . Earl Roeseler, Gordon South. Pu blished 50 weeks a year in Lon g Beach, Californ ia. Entered as 3rd class mail at Long Beach Post Office. Any part of this newspaper may be used without perm ission as long as credi t is given . Editorial contributions, cartoons, photos will be paid for upo n publi cation. Self-addressed , stamped envelope assures return. Sin"le Co py Price _ l ;;., Sub8crip.ion : One Ye.r 3rd class maiL $5.00 Ad ve r t iMi n llt rale8 will be sent on request. our whereabou ts, found out we were headed for Tu cson, he th umbed a couple of rid es to Tu cson and one chance out of a million he saw our truck, and here he is. I got a job today as a dishwasher on a dude ranch. I we nt up tonight and got situated in my room. I was sharing a room with two guys abou t my age, They're pretty zood guys to but they stayed up to 4 o' clock in the morning readi ng books with their radio blasting in their and my ears. I don't think I slept a winle that night. I guess one reason was because I drank six cups of coffee before going to bed. Continued next week} - I W e interrupt your train at thought to present a story of adventure. This is the tale of three lads who forsook the comforts at California to emb ark On an expedition where adversity would be jun and the common denom inator. coast to coast, was motorcycling. The trio were Jim Nicholson, Marty McDonald and, making a brief appearance, Jim Ashmore. The "Journal of 1963" is the daily account of the expedition, serialized here for the delight of our discerning readers. In an attemp t to presertlC the free-wheeling style of the writing, certain grammatical liberties, mis-spellings and uncommon words are /eft iust as the authors wrote them. Be sure to read every thrilling, hilarious episode, each week in CYCLE N EW S. "Anyone rea ding this here log of our wild, exciting adventure over the United Stat es might !,:et the impression tha t we are lazy, sex minded alcoholics, an d they are wron g. We are only normal American teen agers from well cultured famili es that like to get the most and finest things out of life, and that is in my opinion exactly what we a re doinJ:;t now ." (Continued from last week) The next th ing I knew they were having us empty our pockets checking all our I.D . and asking dozens of questions such as Where were you last nigh t at 5:00 o'clock? Where are you from . have you ever owned a shot gun? etc. Then they checked our truck. and I mean they checked our truck. They liked to have tom everything in the thinf!, apart, they even had us take off our shoes, in doing so one of the sheriffs made a commen t like - "yup they ma tch all rlzht", I thought to myself "match Wh at?" Next thing I knew we were in the squad ca r l'oing for a little joy ride or sorneth mg of that sort. Th e car belonged to the wise plainclothe d cop Dick Tracy himself. He said, Dick that is, they were going to hold everything we said avainst us. I said "so wha t." ( to myseH that was). I really said - oh yah? any way we fina lly came to the conclusion th at we was about to be hu ng by our toes, (at lea- t they thought so) for a robbery that had taken place at 5 p .m , Tuesday night. A lady phoned the cops and accused us of committing it. She said she receznlzed our truck. She spotted us at the Roberts market Wed . mornin!,: when we bought a newspaper. The cops knew more about what we did in the last 24 hours than we did. Even more ! Well, l'ettin!': back to our joy ride we found out that we were "oing to the Pick Quik Market ( the one that got held up ) to be identified, but we weren't scared at least I wasn't. ( ha}. We finall y got there the cop wen t in the store to get the wop that got held up . I ain 't got nothing against Italians but anyone that refused to give up a couple 01 hundred dollars with a sawed off shot gu n pointing him in the eyes deserves to be called a wop. Anyway he came out to look us over. W hile old Dick was following him with an expression liJ.:e tha t you see on Ellio tt Ness when he's abou t to wrap up a case . We got looked at like we were AI Capone and Billy the Kid. Then he said nope "Ain't them". We then cellibrated the occasion and bought a couple of root beers and were on our way back up to Sabino Can yon in another cop car. I guess Ole Dick was kind of dlsg rassed cuz he didn't get his man. We got to our tru ck which ' looked like it was hit by a her d of wild bushmen . I went back to my rock turned on the rad io and bega n to read that nasty book, while th ink ing, not a cou ple of hou rs ago .we were complaini ng abo ut how bormg It was. Th e news came on the radio we heard tha t this morning the two thugs tha t held up the Pick Quick Market were reported seen in the Robe rts Market this morning. We both laughed, Mark went back to sleep and I went for a dip in the Creek. March 28, 1963 - Th ursday THE VISITOR \ Ve laid around the house cleaned it up a little. Mark went to town for something or ano the r came back with some letters, an d a Motorcycle News, and Jim Ashm ore, Yah , thats what I said, elbows himself, I tho ught I was see ing things, but there it was sitt ing in the back of the tru ck. He said he dinn 't like his job. Gave or let my da d keep his bike for him, hopped a Greyhound or two and headed for Phoenix , there he inquired at a bike shop abou t I; Please send sam ple cop y of your paper advertised in Cycle Wo rld. If pos SIble the one that car ried the story of the dea th of the Hells Angels. REED GA LE. a~ Vienna. V a. ED ITO R-We're loo king for ward issue ourselves. 10 that After reading your article of Feb . 2nd, 1966. " Distributor Raps D.M.V. Goof." it made my blood boil. just as it must have done to Mr. McCormack ·s. My feelings were. why couldn't everyo ne read this article. instead of just motorcycle riders who subsc ribe to CYC LE N EWS? Of co urse I think ever yone should have CYCLE N EWS whethe r a horseback rider or bike rider, it might improve their train of thought. Well it struck me why not take your article to the Star Free Press, Ve ntura newspaper. This I did and then I went to see all the cycle dealers in the area to stir them up to call the Star Free Press and put in a word or two. After spending the day talk ing to de a lers and a very fine sports wri ter. Mr. Smalle y of the Sta r Free Press, I am enclosi ng the results of these efforts. that came into pr int a few days later. Why not (Continued to page 4) • ..

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