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-- -------=-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 • CALENDAR OF EVENTS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1966 Thank you for the punch at the "hardnosed dunderheads" wh o organize road riding events for themselves, and sometimes welcome us 250-350 owners as a second thonght. You can be sure that sooner or later some gro up will organize a smaD ( 25(). 350) road riders' committee. When this happens certain 'hog' owners are going to find themselves being mubbed and excluded from events. My wife and I ride every chance we get. When we meet a couple on a II-D alone we sometimes receive a wave of a hand in return to our own . But when we run into a group of H-D riders we get blaolc stares. As for the 650cc owners, well they are pretty good at welcoming us as long as they are in couples. Which is the only riding my wife and I are interested in. If yon have any couples wanting someone to ride with them, please give them our address. D. R. PARADIS . 731 Maple Street, Apt. 20 La Habra, Calif. . OUTRIDERS COMPLAIN Are "you about tired of financing RRC activities? What has the Outrider to look forward to at the end of the year for his or her participation in events all the year? Yon put thousands of miles on your speedometer and spend a lot of money, but you don't even get a note of thanks. At least 70s are Outriders at aD events, yet we can't have a representative at the RRC meeting. It was suggested that one or two be installed in the RRC, but without eve n a vote it was "thumbs down". It is our understanding that some of the "Big Shots" want everything their way and not the way that the majority wants it, and issues are yelled down, not voted down. An AMA membership only qualities you to spend your money. Why can't AMA or District 37 do something for us? Why can't we do something about it? Why can't we put on our own runs , both charitable and sociable, and get some recognition, "not glory", ourselves? If the RRC doesn't want us, why can't we do it on our own? We could have the largest association on the West Coast. All those interested can contact: SHORTY SPRAGUE Santa Ana DOC WRIGHT Pomona JIM COLLINS Whittier LEARNER LOTS? I believe one way to improve the motorcycle safety record is to provide a place where people can go to learn to ride. A large vacant lot would be perfect. There are very few places left where a new rider can go to learn to ride with relative safety to himself and machine. Putting a new rider on the street where a small error can be fatal is the first thing to be ..voided. I would also suggest (and I can hear howls of protest) a special driver's test for motorcycles. This way at least someone would know that they can ride safely. Part of the proceeds of the test could be used to maintain or improve the lots mentioned above. Movies and proper maintenance are great and should be used. However, movies of competition riding are not going to do much for the street rider. Movies should be of situations commonly faced by every rider, such as Mr. Vila pointed out. Whatever the answer is I hope someone finds it soon. j , WATRAUS, Paramount. p.s. to Mr. "Breezefinder". Amen-you couldn't have expressed my feelings any better, so keep talking. There's a lot of people on your side. EDITOR: There Is merit in your suggmion, but u;e wouldn't dlsmin the imporlance of mooles of. few examp le, Grand Prix road racing, being worthless to a student in Freeway traffic suroivaL SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1966 DRAG CHAMPIONSHIPS. First of 3-day A.H.R.A. Winter National. Records to set in eve ry class. Irwindale Raceway near Foothill in Azusa. ROAD RACING. AMA Gra nd Prix, Sportsman, Carl sbad . All classes, 50cc to 10COec. Pro. license not required. Ga tes open 8:00 a.m. First race 12:30. Coast Hwy . to Palomar Road off ramp. East past ai rpo rt to Raceway . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1966 INDOOR SHORT TRACK - long Be ach Are na . AMA sanctioned . Races sta rt at 8 p .m. $2 ad ults, $ 1.50 kids . At Rainbo w Pier in l on g Beach. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1966 ROAD RACES An nual A.C.A. Chall enger e ve nts at Willow Springs course. (See Cooley's Column.) NATIONAL CHAMP" HARE & HOUNDS, by Hilltoppers MC. limed fro m Y in lucerne, and also fr om Barsto w . 10: 00 a.m. sha rp . So uve nir and Finisher pins . AMA point ru n. SPORTSMAN HILL CLIMB - Bakersfiel d Revelers M.C. e vent at O utlaw Ca nyo n, limed from Hart Park, Ba ke rsf ie ld . Ad miss ion $ 1. Pract ice starts 9:00 a.m. First e ve nt at noon. SMALL BIKES, 75 miles race . 8y Hi-J inx FMC. under 10Occ. Dry lake bed at Calico Ghost Town. limed. Trials at 9:00 a.m. Race 10:0 0 a.m . No points, trophies and lap pri zes. TT SCRAMBLES, Tucso n, Arizona. At Eastsid e Cycle Park . 2nd Sunday every month. All classes, half mile track. No radical Knobbys. Class "C" equipment. Practice 9 :0 0 a.m. Races 12:00 noo n. Hwy. 80 to Wilmo t Rd. , turn North a nd follow signs. VALENTINE POKER RUN. By Jewel City Diamo nds.. AMA, RRC Point Run. Gate open 9:30 to 11:30 a.m . Start at Chubbuck's Harley , 13 16 E. Walnut Ave ., Pasad e na . Finish at Hopetown, Correga nville . PROfESSIONAL TT RACES . Rain date. Ascot Park 2 p .m. J. C. Agaja nian promotion . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1966 DRAG MEET. $ 1000 purse for all classes. li on's Associated Drag Strip in long Beach. Near San Diego Freeway and Alameda. OTHER BUSINESS As an avid motorcycle fan and rider. and also as a full-time employee of the Calif. Div. of Forestry here in Riverside Co.• I would liIre to say a few words about the fine sport of off-the-road motorcycling. I've ridden cycles for thirteen years both on and off the highway, and I've found by experience that I enjoy myself much more as a straight DIRT rider. I've ridden many track and desert events in the past, but have never been a consistent winner. I would like to mention though, that I entered aD events for the sheer pleasure of riding in dirt competition, not for the glory and trophies I might win. As a Forestry employee, my days off are sometimes very irregular. causing me to miss a great many Sunday cycle events. However, I've never let that fact deter me from riding in the dirt. Many. many times I've had to go boon-docking and cowtrailing in the desert on a weekday just to hold my interest in the sport of motorcycling. I now have week-ends off, and am lookin!: forward to a full year of endures, trials, and hare & hounds. Also, as a Forestry employee I must set a decent example for the public as a cycle rider; I refer to the use of spark arresters, use of fire trails. etc. If you ever see a '66 Triumph SOO with desert plate No. 432 out beatin' the brush, please stop and say bello to me . I wish aD my fellow riders a very profitable new year and the best of luck. T. A. Cla rk ( Tony) Cherry VaDey ENDURO. 16th an nual Hi-mo untain event by the Calif . Poly Pengu ins MC. Spark arresters required. Mail entries close Feb . 15th. $3.00. Address: ASI Box I l l . Sa n luis Obispo. • TT SCRAMBLES by So. Cal. MC. AMA · District 37 points event. Wa tch fo r details. TT SCRAMBLES by Calif. Gophers. AMA • District 37 points event at Prado Park. Watch fo r details. HARE SCRAMBLES. Four Aces 16th An nual Moose Run. Dist. 37 Point Run. limed 9 miles N. of Ad e la nto on Hwy . 395. All classes. Sidehacks. 3x30 mile loops. $3.00 entry. 25 ce nt Amb. ENDURO. Sponsored by City Cycle . No fee. limed Hwy 14 at lancaster to Rosemond. Two classes, up to 100 cc, 9:00 a.m. Fun run with trophies. ENGLISH TRIALS, In little Rock area . O vern ight camp Sat urd ay nite. Trials start 10:00 a.m . Sund ay. Call 3 70-849 1 for more information . l ocat ion will be at 77th Street, little Rock. HARE SCRAMBLES, by Far West MC, of Eureko rNear your rain gearl) FEBRUARY 26 and 27, 1966 3rd Annu.1 Colorado River Run, by Motor Ma ids. Call (714) 629-3843 for informatio n. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1966 ROAD RACE - By San Francisco Chapter of AFM. First race. National points . Cotati Raceway, just north of San Fra ncisco on Hwy . 10 1. All classes, p lus p roduct ion . Entries open 8:00 a.m ., close 12 :30. First event 12:30. TT SCRAMBlES, Perris. By Rive rsid e Bombers MC. lig htweig hts o nly. All classe s, 0-1 75, entries open 8:00 a.m. 176-250, Entries open 9:30 a.m. Donation $1.00. Entry fee $1. 00 plus 25 cents amb ulance . Po int run, Reg. plates req uired. (the Voice of C.lifomi.) c 1185 East 19th_ I.odg ....h. CeIif.N. _ or. lox _ _ . 1<>,.. _ , Celif. : LA. TolI-fNe: 77So1967 9 L '" 10 5 p..... (213 ) 591-6113 24 houn (213) 591._ • Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by C& S Publishing Company, P.O. Box 498. Long Beach, California. Editor Charles Clayton. Sharon Claytoti. Business Manager David Greenfield Managing Editor Gil Brown..._ _ .Advertising Manager Sandie Brown Circulation Manager CONTRIBUT ORS: Carl Bartle tt , Dale Boller, Wes Cooley. Mike Crowley , Bob Ebeling, Robert O. Fee, Dennis Greene, Larry Haley, Bob Krfps, Joe Lopez, Maureen Lee, walt Maho ny. Roxy Rockwood, Earl Boeseler , Cordon South. • Published 50 weeks a year in Long Beach, Califo rnia. Entered as 3rd class mail at Lon g Beach Post Office. Any part of th is newspaper may be used without permission as long as credit is given. Editorial contributions. cartoons, ph otos will be paid for upon pu blication. Self-addressed, stamped envelope assures return. SINGLE CO PY PRICE, ... I5c SUBSCRIPTIONS: year 3rd class mail. _ _ ..$5.00 One year air mail $20.00 (first class and air mail prices are for u.s. addresses only). .. because we thought that he might be able to run us down to the gas station so as we could charge our "Flat" battery. The guy had come down to bring us a whole box of meat he had gotten for us. He says he can't eat it anyway so he thought we could use it. He was right we hadn't had any meat since we had left. He drove me down to his home and gave me an ice cooler for which to store the meat in and also drove me down to the store to get some ice and gro- • _~~~~fi TIte .IWrV of two JII'I'ftg ( later ioiMd "" .. third) who ~ from CtJi/orJriG to tIte Elm, grotDing up along the .....,. rontWaua. We rejoin our IfOUIIg heroa• .m in Ari:

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