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VOLUME III, NUMBER 5 • • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 10 THROUGH FEBRUARY 16, 1966 cation of TUns so as to avo id heavy liming • • • • ~ Iost important subject at last Thursday's meeting of the District 37 Sports Committee was the proposed separation of desert and enduro points. The Competition Committee had recommended tha t if the change came, it should be held off until 1967 so as not to penalize clubs who had already ap plied for sanctions. However, the motion finally voted on was for the change to go into effect as of February 1, 1966. T wo votes were take n, the second bei ng a roll-call and it was passed with one vote making the decision. Also, there will be no other desert-type even t allowed on a Sund ay when an enduro is 'running. Many desert riders were opposed to licensing and muffling their machines for enduros, as is now almost universally required. Othe r subject passed was that the first Sunday in each month and Easter Sunday are to be Open Sund ays with no point runs allowed. Also, from now on posters are to grve complete direction s to the 10- • • • • on the main highways. The law authorities do not like this and have issued repeated warnings to this effect, so now lime ",; 11 be confined as much as possible ' to turnoffs an d County roads. Marking cards shall always be on gas tanks from now on and riders will be disqualified if they carry them anywhere else. Voted down was a proposed change in marking road - crossings. Signa l will continue to be the six lines of lime. Another subject was Ivan Oden's disqualification from a recent Elsinore scram. bles - for riding a Ihditweight in a heavyweight race. President jean Car ter said that this sort of thing has to stop and that from now on some clubs had be tter start controlling this, or it could result in loss of sanction. New business included the permission gra nted to the Pasadena M.C. to charge $7 mail en try. and $9 post entry for their 400 mile National Enduro. ' A lett er pertaining to a na tional ma il vote was read and explained by Ea rl Flanders rega rding the ruling on allowing Class C Amateur-Expert riders to compe te in Sportsman class events. This was discussed thoroughly and pu t to a vote, the result being that Dist. 37 wished to continu e the way they always have, allowing professional riders to compete for trophies when the y wished. SNOWDIGGER S AT ADELANTO. Snow was fresh on the ground jan. 30th three minute lead over Mike Patrick must as over two hundred 'snow bunnies' p;ot have felt the same. CHAINS IN DESERT You ca n't keep a desert en thusias t awa y, not even with snow. At the foot of the Cajon Pass the Highway Patrol were stopping all traffic without chains because of the danger from six inches of the white stuff. I watched these California 'hothouse' types all turning back, not qui tting - going bac k to ren t some chains! As high as $25.00 a set some of the guys paid. away on the 80 miles even t sponsored by the Dirtd lggers MC. This was just abou t the choppiest, flattest course this reporter has ridden for some time . A real kidney buster in fact. To quote some of the winners' opinions. it was just 'nothing'. W hen the snow started to melt we had some genuine Yu rropeen-style riding, mud- dy and slushy. W ith a 2 1 inc~ froot wheel there was no complain t from yours truly. And Ron Nelson boomi ng home with a ( Pho tos on page 6) (Results on page 12) INDOORS OPENER. Oval racing came to the beautiful Long Beach Aren a last Saturday nigh t in a flourish of showmanship. Eddie Mulder top ped 61 competitors in the progressive events. Most of them, including Eddie, we re rid ing on a concrete, 116 mile tra ck for th e first time. Led by the one-hundred and ninety piece Long Beach Jr. Concert Band and greeted by visitin g show-biz celebrities, the mixed ba g of expert, amateur and novice riders, some of them competing in their first pr ofessional ra ce, thrilled 4,000 cheering fans in an evening dotted with spills and upsets . After ta king the trophy dash with his Du rin g practice it became appa rent that it could be any body 's chance to beat the champions. Some of the novices were ad apting better to the tricky surface tech . niq ue than experts . UPSETS All classes raced together in a progressIve program smoothly conducted by Referee Burt Brundage and his AMA regulars. Th e th ird heat race of the evening pr ovided the first up set when Hodaka-mounted amateur Larry Heint zelm an out slicked expe rt D ick Hamme r, on a 200cc machine, for the win. Several ha'rd-sliding stars overdid it an d skitte red like shuffleboards into the hay. bales wh ich lined the walls of the concrete saucer. Ed die Hammond misjudged while attempting to pass j ack Simmons in their heat and both riders slid out. Simmons came back to win the C main on the Long Beach Honda . ~ Doug ShowIer powered smoothl y to the B Main win on a Triumph cub. A second surp nse heat winner, hardcharging novice j im Conley ( Montesa) placed third in the A main beh ind expe rts Mulder and Bob Bailey. fast and tense Montesa racing style, Dewayne Keeter lost it and his chance at the A win wh ile lead ing the final, but got up to continue and place four th. STARS M ISSED Sammy Tanner and Dan Haaby, who missed the opener because thei r new competition licenses had not arri ved. are expected to make the final show this Saturdny. 'e ithe r ' has race d recently on a concrete flat track and it should be exciting to see if they can overcome this disadvantage in time to win some money. Trojan Enterprises will present the closer to the indoor season th is Saturday nigh t same time, same place, 19 blocks south of CYCLE NEWS at Rainbow Pier in Lon g Beach. After what may be the short est racin g season on record, the pro moters mayor may not be back next year with a weekly Saturday night program . . The cycles' noise and fum es were not objection able as some had fear ed they would be. Spectators complained mildly of eye irritation only after an exhibition kart race polluted the amosphere. ':: (Results on page 12)

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