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3 • • • • posed th at 40:1: of the ga te be paid to riders at all nati onal dirt track events. and these proposals have been rejected by th e Nation al Competition Comm ittee on each occasion. As a result of th ese circumstances, it is necessary to impl ement an organi zing drive for new members and by the sta rt of next season we hope to represent th e ma jority of Formula "C" riders, owner s and mech anics throughout th e nat ion. The Offi cers of th e Motorcycle Racers Incorporated a rc : Neil Keen, President; Jerry Crivello , Secretary; Sam T anner, Board Mem ber; Ralph White, Soard Member ; Denn is " Rlackie" Bru ce, Board Mem ber; Herb Litch, Board Member. If· you are interes ted in be coming a member, and have a voice and play an important part in th e things th at effect motorcycle raci ng, please write: MOTORCYCL E RACERS , I NC . Box 90221 Airport St ation Los Ange les, Califo rnia 90009 'A MOTORCYCLE JOURNAL The story of two youn g racers (late r ;oined by a third ) who ;ourneyed from California ' to the East, growing up along the way, continues. We reioin our young heroes, stiU in Arizona • • . By Jim Nicholson, Marty (Mark) McDonald and Jim Ashmoie OLD MAN AND HIS DOG • th e creek qu ite ofte n . La te r we had su p pe r and talked wit h the ole rrnv can't reme mber his name

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