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12 . RATES: $SO per y. ar (SO issues) for any sing le business listing. Take your business wh ere it is appreciated and wanted. For the finest new and used motorcycles, scooters , funbikes, part s, repa irs, services a nd cusrorn wor k, patron ize the local businesses listed here. • TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN CYCLE NEWS BIG CITY SALES, 714 W. Florence. Los Ange les 752-6723 . New ... Used ~I/Cs. Comp lete mac hine shop. Small large cylinder boring. M/C Parts Accessories. HARLEY·DAVIDSO. ' IN LOS A GELES ( Rich Budelier ce. ) 2531 S. Main Street, L.A. RI 9-6235. "Largest H-D serv ice and parts hea dquarters in U.S.A:' Call for pickup or delivery service. CoB MOTORS- Bultaco sales. We service a ll makes. ViUiers spares. Trail, street or sports, we fill the bill . Charlie Hackie ... Bill Thor waldson. 1149 W. E I Segundo Blvd., Gardena. ( 2 13) 756-1669. CI TY CYCLE CENTER- 8421 -23 Rosem ea d Blvd., Pica-Ri vera, ph. 86 1-4139. Trium ph an d Yama ha sa les and super service. Skip Clark, -propri etor, HONDA OF GLENDAL E. · Where ART ESIA CYCL E CENTER:- Yayou meet the nicest people:' Lar ge mah a, Hod aka ~ales.-Serv,ce ~II stock of parts. Fi nest mech an ics JO H N1'<'Y GIBSON MO TORCYCL ES makes, spee d tU'!1I1g, 192 10 S. PIOand cou rteous personnel . Sure neer Blvd•• ArteSIa ( 2 13) 865-1152. I NC. 901 W. Wh ittier Blvd. , L a wou ld like to meet you at 905 E. Habra, phone 69 1-2661. Competent D ALE BROW N MOTORCYCL ES, Colorad o St. in Glendale, just asales and pa rts. Service for all 244 1 Long Beach Blvd., Long cross from Bob 's Big Boy. 246-2461. makes. Triumph, Yamaha, Bultaco. Beach. 427·8941. Duca ti, Norto n, Bultaco ... M ustang. Compl et e parts KOLBE CYCLE SHO P, 22420 Del 6: service. Ask about ou r di scount Valle, Woodland Hil ls. DI 8-7865 . E D KRETZ ... SONS CYCL E SHOP, club. Your friendly neig hbo rhood dealer 417 E. Garvey Ave•• Mont erey -------- - - -- -:'-'7"'" Park. AT 0-8244. Triumph, Honda, G ILERA-LONG BEACH. Dealer for for BSA, Honda and Bultaco. ComBMW and Suzuki. Complete parts plete parts'" service dept. Suzuki - Roval Enfield - Gilera. =,""",~~==;;-:;=;;:-=;-;,;"':7: an d serv ice. Expert tuning and meCustom racing mac hi nes built to MASON MO TORS . TRIUMPH-Y:\.\Ichanical work. specs. Very competitive prices . Del AHA. Complete Ins urance program ' O rto carbs our specialty. 43 1 W. for all makes a nd mo dels. Complete Pacific Coas t Hwy. , Lo ng Beach. sales-parts-service. Open 9-6, Tues , LE BARD '" UNDERWOOD, 2~1 E. ( 213) 591-23 21. Imperial Hwy., La Habra, phone Wed., Thurs., and Sat .-9-9 Fri ., 714 /879-6252 or 213 /691-3104. JAMES D1STRIBUTOR-BN Supply, 3360 E. Colorado Blvd. , Pas adena, "Service is our middle name." BSA, ( 2 13) 795-0267 . Box ,651, La Mesa . Calif. Villiers Honda. BMW. parts, Custom made parts &: acces, Exclusive jumes dealersh ips open Jl,ULNE BROS. INC. - 1941 E. Colonow. rado St. , Pasadena, Specialists in MACKLIN'S MOTORCYCLE SERVaccessories for BM:W - Yamaha . ICE- 11675 E. Firestone, Nor- LONG BEACH TRIUMPH SALES, BSA - Puch. Parts for all makes. walk. 864-7468. Hodaka sales and 624 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Distributor for Beck acc essories serv ice. Long Beach . 436-0 158. " Best serand importer of Puch motorcycles. vice av ail able, specializing in tune793-5153. up s." Triumph, Yamaha , Ducati. NO R. I RE EVES-DO WNEY, 9536 \ E. Fire stone Blvd. 869-0600 . Dow - SO UTH BAY HONDA, 1212 S. PaciS. E. CH UBBUCK H-D SALES ney are a's only BMW dealer. Comfic Coast Hwy. , Redondo Beach. Home of the Road Riders. "We plet e parts and service dept. Specialize in Personalized Serv ice:' SELF-SER VIC E PARTS DEPART1361 E. Walnut St., Pasadena. ME. 'T, bank financing. Open 9-9 . ',''.''" ,' . d s a u'eek Phone 37 8-9257 ( 2 13) SY 2-1300. JACK BALDWIN ~IOTORCYCLE SALES " We stock the Parts an d servi ce what we Sell." 2705 Pico Blvd., Santa ~I onica. Phone EX 47365 . Matchless, Hodaka, BSA, SPORTS LIFE ( Roehr Bros. ) 341 N. Glen oaks Blvd ., Burbank. 842-4847 Due, Greeve s, Royal Enfield, Nort. or 849-4921. U.S. Distributor for NORM REEVES-PARAMOUNT, Van Tech motorcycles. Ducati, No r15745 Lakewood .Blvd. ME 0-4313. BUENA PARK YAMAHA, 6871 Beach ton , Matchless. Hodaka, Royal EnCROWELL CYCLE SHOP, 10427 Los Anfeles area s BIGGEST dealBlvd., in Buena Par k, naturally. field , James, Vel., Yamah a, OSSA, Prairie Ave.• Inglewood. OR 3-9573. er, Mad order part s dept., huge 522-8036. " We service what we Montesa. Open 7 da ys a week 9-9. Matchless, Hodaka , Bultaco. Comsell." Yamaha, Hodaka, Os a. Comservice dept. plete parts ... Service for all makes. plete welding and rep air shop. SPORTS ~IOTOR SALES- 420 So. Open 6 days a week 9-7. Speed tuning. Brand Blvd., Glcndalc. 243-1704. S.I.S. Motorcycles-wholesale- reHERB FRIEDLAND E R IM PORTS , tail-riding and racing accessories. Orangc County's lar gest Honda dealer. We service what we sell. TELL THEM YOU SAW IT 13750 Beach Blvd. , Westminster. CASEY'S CYCLE REPAIR- BSA873-7566 or 430-4448. IN CYCLE NEWS Bultaco. Service for most ma kes. Complete machine shop. Ope n RO BERT ~f. LAW M IC SALES ... Tues. thru Sat. 9-6. 10249 San FerSE RVI CE , 239 N. Anaheim Blvd . (formerly Los Angeles St. ) Ananando Rd., P acoima. 896-1046.. MIS SION H IL LS MOTORCYCLE heim. ( 714) 533-1309. "We speeSALES ... SERVICE - 8730 Sepulia lize in after-sales service." T riveda. BSA ... Ducati, " We stock the BUD EKINS ~IOTORCYCLES in umph, Yamaha, Creeves. spare parts for what we sell." See A. J. LEWIS- 400 S. Atlantic Blvd., Sherman Oaks. 14460 Ventura East Los Angeles. 264-0544. Comour new sto re. 785-4289. Blvd., telephone 872· 2110 . "Buy NOR.\f REEVES-ANAHEIM, 224 plete machine shop. "If you wa nt from Bud:' Triump h & Ho nda . N. Ana heim Blvd. 535-3647. Ora nge it special, we make it special:' County's biggest Honda·BSA dealer. ONE STOP CYCLE SHO PPINGTriumph and Yamaha. Co mplete part s and serv ice dept. Aut horized dealers for Hond a. TriI NT ERNATI O NAL MO TOR CYCLE umph and Creeves. Sales, service, BELLFLOWER ~IOTORCYCLE COMPA1'<'Y. 7233 Canoga Ave., ROY'S MOTO RCYCLE SHOP, 1246 1 parts &: insurance. Canoga Park. Phone 346-3700, open SHOP INC. 9135 E. Compton Blvd. Westminster, Sa nta Ana. "Orange Bill Krause Honda-Triumph, 1257 7 days a week. 1000 's of used ( 2 blocks East of La kewood ), BellCou nty's oldest esta blished Hon da So. La Brea Blvd., Inglewood. 678Yamaha parts . Cyli nde r rebo ring . flower, 925-5093 . "We emphasize dealer." Honda, Triumph, Mon5035. Yamah a, Hodaka.... Triumph, tesa. Telephone ( 714 ) 531-0742. service." Triumph , Yamah a, Rabbit. SKIP FORDYCE MOTORCYCL E CE NTER. "We' ve been told its America's most complete a nd mode m motorcycle center : ' Honda, H arle y-Davidson ... Triumph. Main at 14th Sis. in Riverside. O V 4-4747. BARNES CYCL E SE RVICE - HoDAKA . We service all makes of motorcycles. 1535 L a Cadena D r., Riversid e. ( 714 ) 684-883 0. GreQ Feeney Jack D'ake Harold 3. 4. RESULTS FOOTHILL HAW TT SCRAMBLES KS Pem. Recr~t1onal Park Sunday Jan . 30 . 1966 O=IOOAm Ma tn 1. Keith Ma shbur n 2. ~ny Sulk!n 3. 4. Hon Hon Rick She rer Hon MUte Chamber J.4 1n Yam 0=100 Ex Moto CroS! 1. DBvld Ham 2. Don Alfred 3. Dave Smith 4 . Norm Elledge S. Keith xrceer 200 Noy Moto Cr 0 n 1. Ron UttlefJeld 2. Chris Hartman Hod Hon Hon Brt Van Hon 3. John Howley Orne Mon 4. S. Steve Stricken John Colombero Hon Bul 200 Am . & Ex 250 Noy . Ma in 1. Bud Jlnke ns 2. Ron For ehn 3. Ed9ar GUmoce 4 . Ron Moore 5. J1m Lomas 250 Am Moto CIo!! I . S111 Cody 2 . Ed Appleoate Mon Dot Su! GH Bu! Bul Under l20cc C IlI" I. -Lucky· Tre t hew ey Hon Hon Hon Hon 2. 3. 4. 250 Ex . Moto eroaa 1. Lee St ump he nh.!ll u8 Gre 2. Devid Ham Bul 3 . 1erry Geisel Gre 4. Fred aceaenccn Dot 5: tbhard Zimmerman Bul Jaek OllIe loui. Vosa Don W l ta k er Herschel Sparlock Wayne Sumner GUY URQUH ART - T riumph, Yamaha sales. Triumph, Yamaha , Indian, Arie l & Cushman parts-l da y mail order service. 1041 Col umbia Street. 5. 6. Am. Nov. Nov. Hon Hod xcv, Ex. 1. 2. 3. Jon Gleeaon Mike Posey Harold HollacUlY Garry Rodqer s Robert Effll1Qer 4. 5. - 500 - OP!!n Am St e ve Bronaon Stanley Conrod Lar ry Morrow 350 - 500 - Open Ex 1 . Bob Balley Gary Burke Jack Johnson Ed Homer Open Nov, 1. Fred WIlUlImson 2. P. S . Nowakowski Bu1 Men ~ 1. za ne Prather 2, Niles Ussery 3. Den Finan Hon 3. 4. S. Jo h n Lar s en Pa t DDI. Trl BSA Monte DarllnQ Bul H- D Gr e Bul Hon Mon Mon CAIJ F. TRAIlS ASSOC . Jim Fraser BuJ Bob Grove 3. BSA Trl Jim WUson Gre Ttl Mo n 4. Dan Carlton 5. 6. 7. Jac k KaYllinaUQ h Ralph Moore Denis Murphy ExP!'rts I. Paul Coberly 2. Danny Heckle 3. Bob Kulek. Sr. Trl Trl Hen 4. 4. 5. Hon 6. rRESNO PATHrIN DERS HARE SCRAMBLES ntree Rocks - Jan. 16. 1966 1. 2. 3. " 4. 'A 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Denny Thompson Robert Hansen Tri Trl Jim McCrack en Leemlln Robbins Ray Huff Bob Herberg Lennie Mayes Cuybom Holland B111 Gro. . l Bob Ha ';jer TrIO. . Ex. TrIO. . Ex. BSA 350 Ex. Gte 250 Am. Ttl Trl 8SA Ore 650 Nov , Sweepstakes Cp . Am. 500 650 650 250 Nov. Am. Am. Am. • Masters 'n"t Bul • t121 tl73 Dennia SUnson Carl Steven 1. 2. Moto John Rice Tri • En;Ush trial. Results Wllmlnqton - Jan 16. 1966 Bul Ughtwelght Dc . I. Dan McCarley Huaq. 2. 8111Silverthorn Mon 3. Lany S!auQhter(Am •!luI Tri 'Irl Gre 3rd OP . Ex. 4th OP . Ex. 5th 250 Ex. 5th Cp . Ex . 6th 250 Ex. 6th oe, Ex. • Hon Ughtwelght Nov , 1. Sam MOI"Q'an 2. Mike Harne.. 3. Bob Nicholson Hon 'n'1 Trl Ttl Ole 5. 6. Hon Hon 3. BSA PRECISIO N BORING, all sizes 35mm to 90mm (1 1i:" to 3"" ) valves, seats and special lathe jobs. After 5 :30 p.m. All day Saturday. 9252 Cla ymore St., Pica-Ri vera. Phone 695-3101. 3. Mot o J50 1. 2. J. MOTO RCYCLE SE RVICE CE ·T E R. BULTA CO·HOD AKA. We Service ALL motorcyclcs. Complete machine shop for custom work. 220 E. H unti ngton Dr .• Monrovia. Open 6 days, 8-6. (2 13 ) 357·2274. so. 1. 500 Open Nov Moto OY811 1. Pete Shepherd BSA 2. Gary Brand BSA 3 . Louis Reyls 'Itl 4. Ken Schmidt Ttl S. Jan Bandrlnqa 8SA HERB LlTCH, 5105 Atlantic Blvd .• Long Beach. GA 3-1433. Complete machining facilities. Borin g, sleeving, valve & seat grinding. Valve seats an d parts mad e to order. 4. trail Bikes 2. .. I OVc c Tra il B1kes I . Jac k MOfQan 2. Jaek Froeltch DISTRICT 37-A IMP&R1AL VAI.LEY MlC CLUB Har e Scrambles - Sun. Jan 30. 1966 Hon Hon BSA Hon jewe • • BARNEY'S MACHINE SHOP. 15745 Lakewood Blvd., Paramount. 6343545. Cylinder boring. any size. We make anything. Lowest prices. Valves, manifolds; fork b races, Alloy cro wns, Skid plates. 10. AI ROQers II. Gary Preston 12 . Lynn Cole 13 . Bob St effan 14. lJoyd Unqelblach 15 . Mll Greene Am. J 5D Noy. Moto Cro.!! 2. MOl" · h - - Ke-tt+Jo. t, 31 b 2 . Dave Smith 3 • Jim Berry 4. Dan Allen 5. DeWeyne Jones • see .tory Tor.. • HARRISON RENO- Bank financing, low-cost insurance. H01\'I)A. BMW, LAl\fB RETfA sa les and service, parts ... accessories. 208 E. Base Line. San Bernar d ino. T U 9-0504. l~m9i• •l iw 11111I111111 1 5. . JACKRABBITS MlC HARE SCRAMSW Mojave - Sundey Jan 23. 196 6 1. EddIe Mu lder 2. Ron Nebon Gary Co nrad 3. 4. 6. 7. 8. Bob Belt Cher tie Hockle John Nicholson Mike Surk e Jim Ves ley 9. Howard Jac k son 5. Trl 'n'1 Gre Cre Sul Ore Trl Trl Trl ts t oe, 1st 500 Ex. Ex. Ex. Ex. Ex. Ex. 1st 250 2nd 250 3rd 250 4th 250 lat Op . Am. 2nd Cp . Am. 2n:i Op, Ex. Jim Ca meron (Ue) Nerman Devereux D1ck Murray O;)n MCW'I;Ian • Gre Dot Bul Hon Hod Gre Mon Bul 8SA Mat Amate ur Ltw! 1. Ted Atkins 2. Fra nc i . St ewa rd SuI F.B . l. 4. Char lte Hatc h Gre Mon Amateur Ultra Uwt 1. Dick Holmes 2. laITY Powell 3. E. W . Ruben 4. Jim Younq • Hod Hod Suz Yam Cha r l e s Blo.Ueld •

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