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2 . CALENDAR OF EVENTS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1966 CONTROVERSY DEAR "BREEZEFINDER" Would like to call your attention to the feelings of the lowly free-lance riders, of which you seem aware of already. All of the poin t runs, calendar runs, offcalendar runs an d the installation dance for the past two years have been made up of no less than 751 free-lance riders, including the overwhelming crowd at Death Valley. The RRC was approached by free-lance riders as well as members of different clubs, asking for the electi on of a representative for the free-lance riders. The answer was no . Hund reds of riders ( not club membe rs ) make all the runs , and have put thous ands of miles on their bikes, but for what? Th ey don' t even get honorabl e mention, no points, or a thank-you for making the events a success. You have to be a club mem ber for that. The RRC does not realize that they have to ha ve both, because if they only had club members they could not survive. A great number of free -lance riders have put on more miles and contributed more to the ideals of better motorcycling than many of the club members, so why the prejudice, the d iscrimination and the unsporting atti tude? We are all members of AMA, in good standing. Is the RRC a committee or an exclusive club in which eve n other clubs are discriminated against? Do th

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