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- - - - -- - - - • THURSDAY, JANUARY 20 to JANUARY 27, 1966 VOLUME III , NUMBER 2 On The Inside A.M.A. ROAD RACE ~llnda y\ road races a t C:1TIsha c1 racew ay lu-rnkled ' the re-turn of Al\IA spor tsma n CONTROVERSY ROAD * DIRT.. TEETHING TROUBLES AT THE NEW ELSINORE TRACK road ra d n ~ to Californi a . Alt hou gh threa tt'ninj.!; wea the r hel d do wn the number of witnesses to the come- back, the day's wet, coo l brel' Zt'S on ly seemed to fan the heat of co m pe titi on among California's pavem en t ratOCTS. Leadin g the para de of open class road sters was San Dieuo's Ca l Rayborn. on abou t th e hottest side -valve Harley-D avid- son this side of Milwaukee. Not that Cal For their January 9t h promot ion at this new scrambles course the Jack Rabbits MC were blessed with a hot, sunny da y. Wit h close on 300 en tries, two-thirds of them Iightwe ights, the sun-bas king spec tators sa w a n exc iti ng day's racing. Among the officials and ride rs, there were divid ed " op inions about the track, rangtng from highly cr itica l to great en- th usiasm. Th is was only the second time that there had been compe tition on it, and in the latter half of the program the first comer ou t of the start was wid ened by severa l feet. General opinion, as sum med up by our i5i!;lf:'t :;;?~~ I LL RILEY " B' LAST SUNDAY'S ELS INORE CHAMPION. correspondent there, was th at desert types and Iil(htweil(hts do well on this type of surface . Th at ace -stylist Ron Nelson certainl y gave weight to part of this theory with his superb display in the SOOcc Expert Main. At the end of the first lap he was trailing number six in the field . But two laps later he had bounced his way into a hundred-y ard lead, and for the rest of the race the pack only saw a plume of dust from him. ( Result s on page 12 ) needed all those horses. He see me d to have the win well in hand on ridin ~ ahility a lone, dcspitl' t he unrelentinu challe nge of Tom Holt. Travis Pett on fell hac k. misfiring, afte r holding second for half the te n HSTAG E FRIGHT" , AS AGNEW SCOTT CALLS HIS DOUBLE TRIUMPH. W ILL TRY AGA IN FOR THE 160 MP H AT LION S $1000 MEET FEBRUAR 19, WITH PRINESS PERRY AT THE CONTROlS. Y LIONS $1000 PURSE DRAG MEET Th ere ar e one thousand and one reasons wh y you should be at Lion's Drag Strip on Saturday, February 19th. Th e one reason will be th e privilege of viewing machines traveling more than 150 mph in the qu arter mile in Tires spi nning with such speed that th e ru bber less than 10 seconds Motorcycles from the East Coast to our local ac tua lly burns in flames West . .. Twin-engined Triumphs and Harley-Davidsons .. . A new bike from So. Calif. by Rich Vesco powered with a 90 cub ic inch Offenh auser . . . Th ere are man y others to add to ' this one big reason but you'll have to see th em for yourse lf. Th e other one thousand reasons are dollars. Yes, all pro vided for th e winn ers in three divisions. Street, Gas and Fu el. H ere is the way it is divided : Three displacement divisions: A-751cc and open, B-551cc to 750cc, C-O to 551cc. Each winner in th e Fu el class will receive $100.00 (one hundr ed ) dollar s and th en the three will race for an additional $200.00 ( two hundred ) dollars top Fu el bike money. In Street and Gas, eac h class is for $50.00 ( fifty ) dollars and then a race for $100.00 (one hundred ) dollars top bike aw ard. SUNDAY'S ACTION Sunday at Fontan a, all that was playing was "Cone with the W ind:' Not liking such a featu re, most of the bikes came to Lion 's. Th e l(reatest att ract ions were Darry Moriarty , Dan Newman and Brick Pr ice , Darry took the spotlig ht an d set a B stree t bike record wh ich may never be erased from the book. His fine-tun ed Tri umph turned an elapsed time of 11.83 and a spee d of 110.59. Th at E.T. was backed up by an exact duplicate t ime, fantastic and fast! .Dan made his con trib ution by dro p(Co ntinued on page 3 ) lap fina l. Afte r un loadinu in the first turn, and vet ting b ack on to win his first heat , Dic k Ham mer annexed tilt, 451 -649cc main event in fine style ubonrd his Danny Maciastuned Davtona Trium ph. Once he learned the short ' way th rou gh tum one nobod y could touch him. Inchulinu Don Vesco and Bruce Holland. Ralph Wh ite fur ther proved himself a road racer of ren ow n by winning, th e 250Cl' class against charge r Ch uck lones. Th e lead in this event changed fifteen times between Whi te and Jones, and given another tum th e outcome migh t have been reversed. Always a th reat on his Ascot Velocet te, Jo nes seems to have found th e horse -po wer to ma tch his pavemen t ta len t in Ne il Kee n's po ten t Yamaha . Le t's hope he g,etl\ as good. a ride for Daytona. T he IOO-200ce race wa s ano the r performance imp rovised to a le-ncl-swn pp ing theme. Bob Ledford's beautifully [aired orun ce Honda was d ialled on tight to outlast Ken Clark who finished 2nd overa ll am i l st - 175 on a hare Ossa. And in the co mbi ned O-IOOce races littl e Y. Itoh snaked his ump teen-speed Suzuki th rough traffic like a bro ken field run ner (Cont inued on page 7 ) PATRICK WINS O.C.M.C. DESERT FRAME BREAKER Phot os and Report by LaTTIJ Haley With their first desert run of 1966 th e Orange County club .gave 284 entran ts a hard, but enjoyable start on th e new yea r's competition. According to rid ers' reports ; the 4 loop x 27 mile course saw quite a few machines Leading at th e smoke bomb was ,Bill Fri ant, ridin g a fast Montesa, that's desert riding, you tak e the bad with th e good . scattered along th e trail, with broken fram es among other things. Still, with Dic k Vick and Ken Knudsen on big bik es . filling second and third spots. Comin g into th e pits at th e end of th e first loop the order change d, wi th Vick leading Bobb y Ferro and Mike Patrick. And , get this, Novice J. N. Roberts on a 350 Hond a in eighth place. Second loop saw further changes in leadership. Friant had taken over at number one check, with Viek and Patrick still trailing at second and third. And watch J. N. Roberts' progressI Now he is ru nning in third place and Ferro has dropped to sixth. T hese were fast loops, averaging 31 minutes each. Loop three saw a further reshuffl e, Pat rick in the lead and Friant second. Bergquist had 'taken third place after lying back like a sleeper. But as he starte d to make his big effort at th is mome nt, he suffe red a rear flat tire. T his agai n alte red the lower pl acin gs and we had Ferro 3rd , Vick 4th, and Robe rts 5t h. At the finish it was that Bell Town Boomer, Mike Patrick first overall on the snortin' 750cc Norton, followed home by Bob Ferro , with novice (?) J. N. Roberts a very cred itable th ird . ( Results on page 12 ) WHITE LEADS JONES DOWN CARLSBAD'S LONG STRAIGHT, TO THE CHECKERED FLAG. LIVELY SPORTS COMMITTEE MEETING ' F irst item di scussed at the me eting was the mandatory ambulance service at desert events. Sponsoring clubs will collect 25c from each rider for this to be paid into the Dist . 37 treasury within one week from the da te of the event. Ne glecting this may cost the sponsoring club the righ t to hold an y more events in Di t. 37. KEETER OKAYED Va riou s letters wer e read and co mme nted on a nd th e nine Hopet aw n suspensions wer e d iscu ssed . Ou t of th e nin e , Fou r have been removed from the list and have been so notifi ed, includ ing De Wa yne Keete r. On the new rulin g of eng-ine di sp lace ment. it has been amend ed to exclude the Open Class. You may not bring up a 650cc mac hine to 1000ct·. For 1966 all Enduro riders must have Iicc nse p lates nnd mufflers , and it 's up to the sponsoring du b to enforce t he ru le, of ci t y or co u nt y roa d is bound to be touched and the law may coopera te more_. if the officer s see at least mufflers and license pla tes . SEPARATE DESERT AND ENDURO POINTS There followed a request from the floor, followed by a motion, to separate Enduro and deser t poin ts. It was pointed out th at at one time th e re were no E ndu ro points given and rid ers still ride with-a one-day plate, But de sert riders tryin u for a number one plat e must ~o out and rid e eve ry E n- duro whether they wan t to or not to keep up their points. Failur e to do this has cost mor e than on e rider a low number th e follow ing- year. Di scussion on th is w as lengthy and Jean Carter finally tabl ed the motion to be d iscussed by the Compe tition Co mm ittee an d brough t up next mee ting, first thingunder 'old bu siness. alt hough Commi tteemen will be at most The Compe tition Comm ittee will also be eve n to; to chec k on this. Discussion fol- rul ing as to wher e the check card is to be ca rrie d . Arguments for an d against ca rry ing lowed, and President Jean Car ter said he knew th is rule wou ld hurt, hut a start had NOVI CE (1) ROBERTS M OV ING STEADILY THROUGH THE FIELD tu be ma de som ewhere to try and co mp ly with the law . In mos t En dures, some type it on the helment or the tank were heard, and a decision will be mad e . ( 1965 Dist. 37 point standings on page 12) - - -

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